Fiction is the creation of stories, usually with the aim of entertaining the readers. It often incorporates imaginative events and settings based on real-world elements, as seen in novels, short stories, movies, video games and other forms of media. A Fiction Writer specializes in creating original works of fiction that can captivate a reader’s imagination with new worlds and characters. Whether they want to write stories set in a modern world or an alternate one, our Fiction Writers have many skills and experiences that can help to bring their clients’ ideas to life.

Here's some projects that our expert Fiction Writer made real:

  • Engaging stories for podcasts and audiobooks
  • Unique storylines for books and graphic novels
  • Diverse characters for video games and film scripts
  • Exciting plots for television episodes

Clients who are looking for incredible stories of any type or media can count on our expert Fiction Writers to craft amazing pieces for them on For a unique Fiction Writing project, post your project today and hire an experienced professional from our talented pool of freelancers.

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    I'm in need of a professional to create a compelling pitch deck for my horror screenplay. The primary purpose of this pitch deck is to present it to production companies with the hope of sparking their interest in my project. This particular screenplay falls within the horror genre and is less than 90 pages long. You'd be ideal for this project if you possess the following skills and experience: - Proven track record in writing pitch decks specifically tailored to production companies - Deep understanding and passion for the horror genre - Ability to work within tight deadlines without compromising on quality If this sounds like a project you could crush, please bid for the job.

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    I'm in need of a skilled ghostwriter who can enthrall me with their craftsmanship in writing fiction. - Genre: The book should fall under the fiction category. It will be based on true events with embellishments here and there. - Target Audience: The book should cater to an adult audience. It should resonate with their experiences, dilemmas and the intricacies of adult life. - Setting: The narrative of the story should be set back 20 or so years Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in ghostwriting, particularly in the fiction genre. - Excellent storytelling ability, with a knack for creating relatable characters and engaging plots. Sense of humor is necessary. - Ability to work within a deadline. If you can strike the right chord with your words, then you might...

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    I am looking into having a piece of fiction written for children that primarily focuses on teaching moral lessons. Stunning storytelling skills are essential, and previous experience writing children's fiction would be highly beneficial. The ideal freelancer: - Has experience in writing fiction specifically tailored to children - Can weave moral lessons engagingly into a narrative - Has a unique and captivating storytelling style The aim is to create a story that not only entertains but also educates. Looking forward to seeing your creative proposals.

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    I'm looking for a talented writer to create a light-hearted and humorous mystery novella. The story should be approximately 10,000 - 40,000 words in length. Key points: - Genre: Mystery - Length: Novella (10,000 - 40,000 words) - Tone: Light-hearted and humorous Ideal freelancer for this job should: - Have a strong grip on the mystery genre - Be able to infuse humor and light-heartedness in the story - Maintain a good pace and engaging plot for a novella - Deliver a unique and compelling mystery narrative I'm excited to see how you bring this light-hearted mystery to life!

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    I'm looking for an engaging drama radio play script with a focus on teenagers (13-19 years) in mind. Key requirements: - Genre: Drama - Target Audience: Teenagers - Setting: (Not specified, open to your creative interpretation) This is a project that requires a writer who can create emotionally impactful, relatable, and gripping content for young adults. Your experience in drama writing, particularly for this age group, will be essential. Your ability to create deep, realistic characters and engaging plotlines is pivotal. If you have a good understanding of radio playwriting, that would be an added advantage. Please share any relevant samples of your work when applying.

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    I am in need of an experienced ghostwriter to help me create a practical self-help ebook for Amazon. I am looking for a freelance writer who can write about potential jobs for generation z and alpha generation. I would like the book to help prepare teachers, homeschools, and students with the knowledge to prepare for their future that is quickly approaching. Specifically, we would have a small section on some jobs in each, agriculture, entertain, etc. - Maybe with the job description and how to prepare to get that particular job. Key Points: - The content of the ebook will be focused on self-help. - The tone of the content should be practical and actionable. - The ideal candidate should be proficient in ghostwriting, particularly in the self-help genre. - Experience in ...

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    I'm looking for a passionate and inspired playwright to help create a romance-centric theater musical. Here's what you need to know: - Genre: Our musical will thrive in the realm of romance. Your ability to craft complex relationships and weave intricate romantic narratives will be crucial. - Characters: This will be an ensemble piece: we're expecting to have more than 5 main characters. Experience in handling multiple interfaces and crafting distinct voices for a diverse character group will be key. - Setting: The musical will be set in the present day. Proficiency in spotting and leveraging current societal trends to ground and drive our narrative in reality is desirable. The ideal collaborator is an experienced playwright with a portfolio in orchestrating romance in m...

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    I'm in need of an experienced creative scriptwriter to help bring my ideas to life. The project involves working on scriptwriting for a specific genre. The ideal candidate will have a good understanding of scriptwriting techniques and excellent creativity to produce engaging content. Key Skills: - Proven experience in scriptwriting - Strong understanding of storytelling - Excellent creative writing skills - Ability to adapt tone and style - Knowledge of scriptwriting techniques I'm looking for someone who is passionate about writing and able to deliver compelling scripts that capture the essence of the intended genre.

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    I am in need of an experienced ghostwriter who can vividly bring to life an adventure-themed fiction targeted at young adults. It requires creating a captivating plot as well as dynamic characters. Ideal skills and experience should include: - Proven experience writing in the young adult genre, preferably with examples of previous work. - Strong storytelling ability and creative imagination. - Excellent command of English and grammar. - Familiarity with young adult literature and current trends is important. - An eye for detail and a knack for creating suspense and intrigue. Familiarity with adventure-based narratives and a passion for young adult literature will be beneficial for successful delivery of this project. This is an excellent opportunity to cater to a broad audience of young...

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    I'm seeking a skilled narrator to bring my 12,000-word audiobook to life. - GENRE: The audiobook is a radio fiction. - WORD COUNT: The project is a short one, with a total word count of 10,632 words. - NARRATION STYLE: I'm looking for a casual/calm/ relaxed tone for this project. It should be engaging and easy to listen to. The ideal candidate should have experience in audiobook narration, specifically in the fiction genre. Please provide samples of your past work in your bid. Split chapters The retail audio sample included Mixing & mastering I have included an exemption from the author's note that you can narrate and give a sample

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    I'm searching for a skilled copywriter who can bring my ideas to life for short, engaging romantic fantasy stories. Each story needs to be under 1000 words, but packed full of excitement and emotion. Ideal Skills: - Previous experience with romance and fantasy copywriting - Ability to write engaging, concise content - Ability to create compelling narratives and characters in under 1000 words Please provide examples of your previous work in these genres.

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of an experienced scriptwriter, ideally with a knack for comedy, to help me create a script for a film or TV series. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in scriptwriting, specifically for comedy - Capable of writing for film or TV - A good understanding of the visual and structural aspects of screenwriting - Strong creativity and the ability to execute unique and engaging concepts - A keen interest in the comedy genre I'm looking for someone who can bring originality and humor to the script, as well as deliver a compelling storyline that will resonate with audiences. Your contribution will be pivotal in bringing this project to life. Please share samples of your previous work, particularly any comedy scripts you have written, when applying.

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    I have a mostly complete science fiction book that needs some finishing touches. I'm looking for a skilled writer who can assist in proofreading and editing, character development, plot enhancement, and guiding me through the publishing process.I will show my work in my inbox Key requirements: - Proven experience in writing and editing science fiction literature - Ability to develop engaging and relatable characters - Expertise in enhancing and refining complex plotlines - Knowledge of the publishing industry and the process of getting a book published

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    I am seeking a talented writer to help bring my inspirational journey to life. This is not just an account of my life, but a story of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals that I hope will resonate with the general public who are interested in inspiring tales. The tone of the writing should be casual and conversational; I want my readers to feel like they are sitting down and having a chat with me about my life journey. The final manuscript should not only be engaging and uplifting, but also authentic and relatable. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven autobiography/memoir writing experience - Excellent storytelling abilities - Ability to weave in themes of inspiration and motivation throughout - Ability to write in a conversational tone - Experience in tailoring content to a wide a...

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    I'm looking for a skilled ghostwriter in Spanish to help me write a fiction novel. Once the novel is completed, I would need the same person to also act as the Beta Reader and Editor for the book. Key responsibilities include: - Writing a compelling Spanish fiction novel. - Conducting a thorough read-through as a Beta Reader. - Editing the novel, focusing on plot holes, consistency and general readability. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience as a ghostwriter, preferably in fiction. - Strong writing skills in Spanish. - Previous experience as a Beta Reader/Editor. - Knowledge of the fiction genre. - Excellent attention to detail and grammar.

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    I wish to have a well-written, humorous 5-10 lines to insert into a script for a pantomime. Need it to be hilarious for UK audience, to lift an otherwise boring scene! - Specifics: The essential narrative component includes a character called "Father" who needs to find some lettuce immediately. He talks to "James" his butler and asks if there is any lettuce in the pantry. There isn't. This seemingly mundane quest should be portrayed humorously and filled with a great punchline and comedy, - Ideally, the freelancer should possess a background in comedy writing, playwriting or scriptwriting, and have an understanding of the elements of pantomime. - A comprehensive understanding of a modern pantomime. Your creative skills will certainly help in portraying a stor...

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    I am interested in an accomplished writer with a particular flair for crafting compelling memoirs. The main focus of the memoir should create a balanced view of my personal experiences, professional achievements, and family history. The narrative needs to cover all stages of my life, encompassing my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The product should not just be factual; I envisage an engrossing memoir that reveals the essence of my life, emphasizing themes of resilience and overcoming challenges, growth and self-discovery, and the depth and dimension of my relationships and connections. For this project, you should ideally: - Have experience in memoir writing - Display excellent narrative and storytelling skills - Be able to identify and write around key themes effectively - Be a...

    €514 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an accomplished writer to help me craft a memoir. It isn't a personal memoir but represents an amalgam of real-life events that are both inspiring and hopeful, targeted at the young adult audience. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Exceptional writing capabilities in crafting memoirs - Creating inspiring, hopeful, and engaging narratives - Ability to connect and resonate with young adults - A strong understanding of the current young adult literary market Key Requirements: 1. Genre: The book must fall under the memoir genre, with a personal narrative style. 2. Style: The tone of the book should be inspirational. It should cultivate hope and encourage young adults. 3. Audience: Purposefully written for young adults - the style, tone, complexity, and vocabulary sho...

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    I'm seeking a skilled content writer to craft an engaging mystery short story. It should be up to 7,500 words and based on the mystery genre. Key requirements: - Storytelling: Ability to craft a compelling narrative that keeps the reader engaged and intrigued. - Mystery Genre Understanding: A strong knowledge of creating suspense, plot twists, and engaging mystery elements. - Word Limit Adherence: The final story should not exceed 7,500 words. Ideal freelancer: - Experienced in creative writing and particularly in the mystery genre. - Able to deliver original, high-quality content within the specified word limit. - Attention to detail and commitment to meeting deadlines. If you're passionate about storytelling, enjoy crafting mysteries, and can deliver engaging content, I�...

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    33 ofertas

    Title: "Shadows of Isolation" --- **INT. Deserted Stockroom - NIGHT** *Obscurity shrouds the tremendous vacancy of the distribution center. A solitary figure, JASON (30s), clusters in a corner, enveloped by worn out blankets.* **JASON:** (murmurs to himself) One more evening, another corner. --- **EXT. CITY Roads - DAWN** *Jason rises out of the shadows, his breath noticeable in the crisp morning air. He walks down the abandoned roads, eyes downcast.* **JASON:** (voiceover) Each step repeats 1,000 second thoughts. --- **INT. SOUP KITCHEN - DAY** *Jason remains in line, encompassed by other fatigued faces. He grips a battered plate, his yearning scarcely concealed.* **JASON:** (mumbling to himself) Is this the cost of pride? --- **EXT. PARK Seat - AFTERNOON** *Under...

    €9 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of an imaginative writer who can craft a captivating children's story in the style of a fairytale with an adventurous tone for a radio audience. Key Skills: - Proficient in storytelling in the genre of fiction, specifically fairy tales - Understanding of children's portrayal in literature - Ability to create a sense of adventure and excitement in the narrative The ideal candidate should be able to maintain a balance between entertainment and age-appropriate content. Experience in writing scripts for radio or audio productions is a plus. Please keep in mind that the intended audience for this project is children, so the ability to engage younger listeners through storytelling is crucial.

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €19 / hr Média
    40 ofertas

    I'm seeking a highly talented and experienced ghost writer to assist in the creation of a non-fiction, autobiography featuring the life story of an everyday person. This project requires someone who can narratively weave ordinary life events into an engaging, relatable and inspiring story. Key Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in writing non-fiction, specifically autobiographies - Exceptional ability to delve into the nuances of an everyday life, and portray it in an extraordinary way - Proven track record in creating engaging and fluid narratives - Excellent English and grammar skills Responsibilities: - Develop a compelling non-fiction narrative based on the details provided - Regularly communicate with me for clarifications and feedback - Revise and make improvements...

    €2087 (Avg Bid)
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    I am seeking a talented writer to pen my memoir about life with a severe heart condition. This is a deeply personal project with the aim of touching general audiences and transforming my life experiences into an inspirational story. Ideal skills & experience: - Exceptional storytelling capabilities - Experience in writing memoirs or personal narratives - Demonstrable ability to write inspiring and motivational content - Familiarity with health or medical topics is a bonus but not necessary. Your task will be to help me chronicle my journey, focusing predominantly on my own feelings and experiences rather than presenting detailed medical information. Please ensure that the narrative maintains an inspiring tone throughout.

    €1147 (Avg Bid)
    €1147 Média
    20 ofertas

    I am in need of a dedicated and exceptionally talented ghostwriter, with adeptness in the creation of ideas and building on them for a comprehensive storyline. Lifelike representation of characters, especially in the LGBT community, is an essential part of the story. The desirable qualifications include: - A highly imaginative brain with a knack for creating fantasy themes. - Strong proficiency in English. Being a degree holder is mandatory. - Substantial experience or impressive portfolio in writing fantasy novels with a sprinkle of LGBT elements. - Capability to produce riveting narratives revolving around a heroic and bold main protagonist. - Expertise in churning out an engaging 100,000-word novel from scratch. - Experience in writing redemption arks and cliffhangers. - Some experi...

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €19 / hr Média
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    I'm seeking a talented ghostwriter with proven proficiency in fiction, specifically for the Young Adult audience. The project entails creating unique and engaging content within a month. Key Requirements: - Specializes in Young Adult Fiction - Exceptional storytelling and creative writing skills - Able to deliver high-quality work within the given timeline - Previous experience in ghostwriting is an advantage. Your responsibilities will include: - Developing a captivating storyline that resonates with young adult readers - Ensuring the narrative is engaging and keeps the audience’s attention - Delivering the complete project within the stipulated time frame Ideal candidates should be passionate about writing and have a portfolio that demonstrates their ability to write enga...

    €28 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €28 / hr Média
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    I am looking for a talented LITRPG writer with a strong understanding of character development and the fantasy genre. The ideal candidate should be skilled in interactive storytelling, game design, and educational technology. The writing style should be rich in narrative and thematic elements, with an interactive and engaging nature similar to games. The ultimate goal is to create immersive experiences that entertain, educate, and inspire players. We aim to develop a captivating narrative that seamlessly blends epic battles and character progression through levelling up. Key Responsibilities: - Create a compelling LITRPG plot with a focus on character development. - Integrate epic battles and character progression through levelling up. - Adhere to the aesthetic and thematic guidelines of ...

    €87 (Avg Bid)
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    I have a less than 50,000 word, satirical fiction book that needs editing. I require someone who: - Is experienced in editing fiction, specifically satire - Understands the delicate balance of humor and gravity in satirical works - Can perform line edits, proofreading, and provide feedback on overall story structure and character development - Has a strong attention to detail to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout Please include examples of previous fiction editing work in your bid. Knowledge of the satire genre is highly desirable.

    €46 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of an experienced and creative scriptwriter to help draft a short film story that will pull at the heartstrings of viewers. * The film is of the drama genre, so I'm looking for someone who can deftly tap into powerful emotions and narrate a touching story. * It should focus on the theme of inner struggle, particularly of a male character who is homeless. There is a desire to portray this personal battle and the harsh realities of homelessness in a sensitive, authentic manner. * The main characters for this film are a homeless man, iterating through his daily struggles, and an aged woman whose kindness changes the trajectory of his life, before she passes away. * I need someone with great proficiency in writing dialogue that's emotionally impactful and character in...

    €390 (Avg Bid)
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    41 ofertas

    I am in search of an experienced ghostwriter to craft an emotional, dramatic werewolf romance novel for adults, staged in an urban environment. Key Requirements: • Ghostwriting expertise, especially in romance genre • Ability to portray intense emotions and drama through characters and plot • Strong understanding and knowledge of adult audience preferences in romance novels • Excellent world-building skills in an urban setting The ideal freelancer will have: • Proven experience in ghostwriting • Excellent writing skills in the romance genre, notably werewolf romance • A knack for creating compelling characters and dramatic storylines • A keen understanding and fulfilment of adult audience expectations A background in writing adult urban fantasy...

    €398 (Avg Bid)
    €398 Média
    50 ofertas

    I am searching for an experienced manga artist with a talent for the Seinen genre. Specific tasks include: - Crafting a 20 to 50 page Seinen manga. - Assisting in creating a compelling, coherent storyboard. Ideal applicants should have a strong portfolio in Seinen manga, a good understanding of story progression, and a knack for character development. Being communicative and detail-oriented is highly beneficial, as the project encompasses both creation and collaboration in the storyboard process.

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We are seeking a talented and creative Video Editor to join our team and support a prominent fitness influencer/coach. The ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail, a passion for fitness content, and the ability to enhance audio and video quality. You will be responsible for editing Instagram Reels and YouTube videos, incorporating engaging FX sounds, and ensuring the final content is of the highest standard. Responsibilities: Edit Instagram Reels and YouTube videos in both Hindi and English. Enhance the audio and video quality of all content. Add appropriate FX sounds and music to enhance the viewing experience. Collaborate with the influencer/coach to understand their vision and requirements for each video. Ensure timely delivery of edited videos. Stay up-to-date with current tre...

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for a talented writer to help create a captivating picture book for children aged 4-6. The theme of the book should revolve around an exciting adventure, ensuring to engage and entertain this age group. Key requirements include: - Expertise in writing for children, particularly in the picture book genre, is essential. - Understanding of child psychology and the ability to create a narrative that both educates and entertains. - Proven experience in crafting stories with an adventure theme is a significant advantage. - Creativity and a vivid imagination to develop an original and engaging story. If you have a passion for children's literature and can deliver a high-quality, adventure-filled picture book, I'd love to hear from you.

    €446 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a talented and creative writer to craft a series of inspirational poems that will captivate a general audience. The ideal candidate will be able to: - Write engaging poetry: You should be able to create poems that are thought-provoking and emotionally resonant, while still being accessible to a wide audience. - Understand the radio format: As this poetry will be read out loud, you should be able to write in a way that is conducive to being spoken and heard on air. - Maintain a consistent inspirational tone: The poems should be uplifting and motivational throughout. If you have experience writing poetry for a radio audience, that would be a big plus. Please provide some samples of your previous work in your proposal.

    €17 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    40 ofertas

    I've written a 200-page historical narrative novel with roughly 47K words, and am seeking professional assistance to convert it into a screenplay. The person I am looking for should have the following qualifications: * Expertise in screenplay conversion, preferably with action novels * Capacity to include all events from the novel in the screenplay without losing the essence of the historical narrative Understanding of narrative pacing and structure, as well as showing reverence for the source material are crucial. Deadline and other project details can be further discussed upon engagement. I am excited to potentially work with you to bring my story to a new format. I need someone to convert my novel to a screenplay. Or screenplays. I'm having trouble finding someone to do tha...

    €694 - €1388
    €694 - €1388
    48 ofertas

    I am looking for a brilliant writer who can help bring my passions and creativity to life in a motivational fiction novel. This book is aimed at engaging both young adults and adults, therefore it requires a balanced finesse in style and tone. Key Role Requirements: - Exceptional storytelling ability in crafting motivational narratives - Prior experience in ghostwriting particularly in the genre of motivational fiction - Strong understanding of young adult and adult demographics to resonate with the target audience - Ability to collaborate, absorb feedback and fine-tune content based on suggestions This project represents concrete personal passion and creative expression. Therefore, adherence to the core theme and presentation style is critical. Bring passion, creativity, and your uni...

    €406 (Avg Bid)
    €406 Média
    65 ofertas

    I need a talented writer to transform an outline into a 5k+ words science fiction story. The story should have a dark and suspenseful tone. Skills/Experience Required: - Proven experience in writing science fiction stories - Ability to write in third person limited perspective - Strong grasp of suspenseful storytelling

    €78 (Avg Bid)
    €78 Média
    31 ofertas

    I'm seeking a skilled writer to embark on a journey voyaging through the ocean of my life, from beginning to present, and put it into words. Your skills and expertise will play a crucial role in capturing every moment, conversation and event, giving a comprehensive and detailed account that is both engaging and emotionally appealing. Ideal skills: - Exceptionally articulate with excellent writing skills - Proven experience in biography / memoir writing - Empathy to understand and properly express the human experiences of another - Creativity with factual storytelling - Diligence for thorough research and fact-checking Together we will create an authentic, compelling biography that truly embodies my life and experiences. A notable emphasis will be placed on candidness, capturing n...

    €7460 (Avg Bid)
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    Romance Fiction Writer Needed 12 horas left

    I'm seeking a skilled romance fiction writer for a project. Please apply your expertise to create a compelling piece of work.

    €12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a talented writer to create a screenplay for a short film in the romance genre. This project is predominantly for an adult audience, so the tone should resonate with that demographic. Key Requirements: - Emphasis on character development to ensure relatable and engaging characters Ideal Skills And Experience: - Demonstrated experience in scriptwriting, specifically in romance - Knowledge and understanding of adult audience preferences - Proven track record of creating compelling character development The pivotal aspect of this project is character development. We need our audience to connect and empathize with the characters. The script should be structured for a short film format and adhere to the romance narrative and tone. Your portfolio demonstrating r...

    €19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    42 ofertas

    As an astrology enthusiast, I'm in dire need of a professional script writer for a 30-second radio ad. My goal is to boost brand awareness and intrigue listeners with the wonders of astrology in a fun and engaging manner. The ideal candidate should have: - Prior experience in crafting ad scripts, especially for radio - A good understanding of the astrology niche - The ability to write in a fun and playful tone, yet keeping it informative - A quick turnaround time, as I need this project completed ASAP This is a great opportunity for a creative and experienced scriptwriter to work on a project that is both unique and time-sensitive. I look forward to your bids.

    €78 (Avg Bid)
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    28 ofertas

    I'm seeking a skilled book editor and proofreader to refine my 125,000-word werewolf romance novel. The primary objectives are: - Correcting grammar and punctuation: Ensure the manuscript adheres to proper grammar and punctuation rules. - Improving sentence structure and readability: Enhance the flow and readability of sentences to captivate the reader. - Ensuring consistency in tone and style: Maintain a coherent tone and style throughout the book. Specific areas that require attention include character development and dialogue. A deep understanding of romance and fantasy genres, especially werewolf lore, is a plus. The ideal candidate should have experience with editing and proofreading novels, particularly in romance and fantasy genres. Experience with werewolf stories is highly ...

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    77 ofertas

    I need an experienced Wikipedia editor with a solid understanding of its rules and standard of notability to help create a content-rich, well referenced and interesting page for Johnny Dennis. This is not an urgent project, quality is the key focus. Primary contents of the page should be: - Extensive biography and full discography - Detailed record of Johnny's influence on popular music -Including: -a Swedish number 1 (I’m Gay). -a musical for Malmö Opera -numerous song for Tomoyo Harada -lead singer and songwriter partner along with producer Tore Johansson (as Divine Dennis) Ideal candidate would have: - Strong research skills and a knack for weaving engaging biographical content - Previous experience with creating music-related Wikipedia pages - Deep understanding of ...

    €476 (Avg Bid)
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    41 ofertas
    Cozy Mystery Writer needed 6 horas left

    We are seeking a talented and experienced ghostwriter to bring our cozy mystery novel to life. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in writing mystery novels, preferably with experience in the cozy mystery subgenre, and be capable of crafting a compelling 60,000+ word story. Responsibilities: with the client to refine and improve the provided story outline, chapters, and character descriptions a captivating 60k+ word cozy mystery novel based on the outline open communication throughout the project and provide progress updates every 5,000 words the novel within 20-30 days Requirements: experience in writing mystery novels, preferably in the cozy mystery subgenre understanding of mystery plot structures, character development, and pacing writing skills and the...

    €576 (Avg Bid)
    €576 Média
    40 ofertas

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