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    Trophy icon Create a simple cartoon strip Encerrado left

    ...brother-in-law for much needed help for the assembly" Graphics/layout/etc: Backdrop is in a garage 4. Text: "Step 3: Do not listen to the suggestions of your brother-in-law and do it your way." Graphics/layout/etc: Backdrop is in a garage, Jeff is not listening and doing this his own way 5. Text: "Step 4: After assembly is complete, disassemble the gift and

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    ...trans will be conventional for beyond the specs we are going for. This work will involve oversizing bearings, caps, re-bore on trans casing, cooling modifications to rotating assembly and valvetrain, etc. We'll be following other builds for this part. If you can get access locally to take measurements on the vehicle, that's ideal. If not, when the project

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    ...computer analysis to develop, evaluate, or modify the design, according to customers engineering requirements. - Prepare documentation to support the manufacturing team in the assembly, installation and engineering work. - Design experimental tests for aircraft prototypes, aerospace systems, and equipment. - Develop design criteria for aerospace components

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    Concept tray design Encerrado left

    Seeking drafting professional to transform my Google Sketchup design into full fabrication/manufacturing drawin...to have my design built in CAD/Solidworks or similar and ensure overall design works, then require that to be broken down into drawings suitable for fabrication, welding & Assembly. This project has no urgency however accuracy is critical.

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    I'm looking to use an ESP32 to control two LED ceiling panels that both use 0-10v dimming. There is more info below - but basically there is a separate low voltage dimmin...XQTM4M Two channel 10k digital pot: [fazer login para ver a URL] Looking for someone to do the software - I'll handle assembly.

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    Develop a .Net assembly (dll) that will be used for licensing and called from Matlab R2015b script. The .Net assembly will reference and an existing (provided for development of project) 3rd party licensing dll - so no licensing code will need to be developed with this project. The main deliverable of this project is a .Net dll developed in C# that

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    Trophy icon Logo design for a machine Encerrado left

    ...have a machine with industrial robots. There are two robots so the machine name is "Agen Duo". If there are three robots, then it will be "Agen Trio". Agen is coming from "Assembly Generator". It produces assemblies. Now we want to design logo for "Agen Duo" We don't want robot figures in the logo. Our company logo is in the attachment. Our...

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    You are required to develop an embedded real-time control system for a parts sorting facility on a factory assembly line. The sorting facility consists of two conveyors that operate concurrently. The computing platform used for the controller is an embedded PC104 single board computer, running the VxWorks real-time operating system. The controller

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    Need a small macro to do the following: Export the orientations of all the components in an assembly into an excel file along with component names, using VBscript. Orientation of component means angle about X,Y,Z axes.

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    i want to ...want to fix the coding issue on the server for website on nopcommerce [fazer login para ver a URL] startup exception: [fazer login para ver a URL]: Plugin 'SMS Messaging'. Could not load file or assembly 'Autofac, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=17863af14b0044da'. The system cannot find the file specified. Could not load type its on asp.net

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    ...initial sketches into 3D models using the NX CAD software, and providing an NX virtual assembly of all parts being implemented within the project. (Presentation is to include 2-dimensional engineering drawings of individual parts (pdf files), exploded view of the assembly, exploded view video, and individual part models). and who's hire for this work I'll

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    Write an 80x86 assembly program suitable for TASM that reads from memory an integer (less than 20) and adds all positive integers up to and including that number. Store the sum in memory For example: mynum DB 10 totall DB 0 The program should add 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 = 55 At the end of the program 55 should be stored in totall.

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    ...geometric parts with some approximate dimensions; I need you to make the parts as close as possible and I can later update the dimensions. I will also need that you create the assembly for it. Which should be very easy. 6 Total Parts: (See attachment for Pictures and Dimensions) (1) Part No. 1 (See Attachment) (1) Part No. 2 (See Attachment) (1) Part No

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    Assembly using Linux Encerrado left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Assembly language

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    I am looking for someone who has first hand experience in Popcorn Machine design and manufacturing. I would need th...for someone who has first hand experience in Popcorn Machine design and manufacturing. I would need the complete design with Bill of Materials and Component drawings and assembly drawings so that I can manufacture the machine myself.

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    ...source code here [fazer login para ver a URL] Is The latest is v34 I don't know how to code, I bought this off of someone a few months ago and it needs an update. (It's coded in assembly) This chip is used on a Dual Nand chip for a Xbox 360. A dual Nand is 2 nands in 1 Xbox for retail/Modded play. This chip switches between both nands. How this chip works

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    Berlin: we need for an upcoming project a qualified draftsman who has experience in 2D pressure Parts detail design (boilers). Assembly And general design of pressure parts with AutoCAD The Draftsman will be working in our office in Berlin for 2 month at least (as long as project goes) 3000€/month

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    Assembly Language Encerrado left

    Write an assembly language program in a file that will calculate the Fibonacci series :0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13,….(Each number is the sum of the preceding two numbers.) Set limit for 10 iterations. Initialize first two memory locations to a value of 0 and 1. Store all results of iterations in memory. I have attached [fazer login para ver a URL] file where code needs to

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    Using Appendix A, translate each of the following pseudocode expressions into efficient MIPS assembly language. You may, optionally choose to test assemble your code using MIPSym. (a) t9 = t1 + t2 - t3; (b) s3 = s1 - s2 / s3; (c) sp = sp - 32; (d) s1 = s1 * a0; (e) cin >> t3; (f) a1 = &array; (g) for (t0 = 'm'; t0 <= 'x'; t0++) *a0++ = t0; (h)...

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    Trophy icon Design a Product Encerrado left

    ...I want the user to be able to divide their clothing drawer into different areas to keep things organized. The dividers should be clean, modern looking and require minimal assembly. The product should be made with two parts. A female end and a male end. The male end will slide into the female end which will allow the divider to be adjusted to the

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    I have an assembly that I need to have built in solidworks that will use varying dimensions and options from a Visual Basic Form that will take the input from the form and create the assembly with the variables that were entered. The overall goal is to expedite drawings for permitting purposes. thee assembly built would be similar to the PDF drawing

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    I need someone well versed in board development and prototyping to develop a temperature monitoring d...project bid. -This project is not a high-volume project at this stage with maximum projected devices being around 50 units. Therefore, the design should be focused on user assembly rather than mass production. FULL PROJECT SPECS IN ATTACHED DOCUMENT

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    .net assembly analysiss..net assembly analysiss

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    Assembly language Encerrado left

    All 4 projects are mentioned. Need a combined quote

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    I have 3 different assignment to be done. Its all inside one zip file so i can get a combine quote.

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    I need help with Assembly language code I attached the program description

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    Based on an existing assembly done for a circular shape, the job consist to create the same assembly for a rectangular shape. The assembly is composed of 3 parts done in PVC using thermoforming (vaccum forming). All wall must have a draft of 2°. At any point in the assembly the water flow must reach 700mm² as per the image brief. The job will be assigned

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    I want to find assembly code in my process and then print address at message box . Simple code to search = fsub dword ptr [ebp+38] then show address in messagebox. the code in c++ and dll project. the file include here. For more detail please chat.

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    I have Visual Studio 10 project, and got an error when I open "Form Designer". Warning 2 The designer coul...classes within it can be designed. The designer inspected the following classes in the file: XXX --- The base class '[fazer login para ver a URL]' could not be loaded. Ensure the assembly has been referenced and that all projects have been built. 0 0

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    ...FPGA. -This Project is divided to two parts:- [fazer login para ver a URL] and implement a 32 bit architecture pipelined CPU with a single bus for a MIPS computer. Found in figure 1 is a top level view of a single core single bus MIPS CPU. Use Quartus to design the list of components found below in Verilog HDL. 1- Register File (16x 32) 2- ALU 3- Instruction Register

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    I need someone with expertise in computer organization/architecture and assembly language. Pipelining and load time calculations. Deadline 1 day. Thanks

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    I want to find address of assembly code in my process and print or show at message box . Simple code to search = fsub dword ptr [ebp+38] then show address of function. the code in c++ and dll project. For more detail please chat.

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    .net assembly analysis(with reflexill analyzer)

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    ARM Assembly expert Encerrado left

    Hey, I need help with ARM Assembly expert urgently

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    Hey, I need help with ARM Assembly expert urgently.

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    I need help with ARM Assembly expert who can help me with ARM assmebly codes. I need help of someone urgently..

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    We need customers in Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland... and countries of EU) for buying our products. We produce jigs and fixtures for measuring, welding, inspection, assembly and etc. Please quote only if you have experience in this field. Regards.

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    5 assembly files using a lot structs, pointers, dynamic memory allocation, resizing arrays, string operations due in three hours. It shouldnt be bad because its only college entry Assembly

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    3d rendering Encerrado left

    I need rendering 3d modeling with the parts moving for an exercise scooter ( no design required) I will provide SolidWorks assembly files Please note: The scooter must be animated with the pedals and wheels moving as if it was being ridden!

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    Editable Template Encerrado left

    ...which we can adjust to show the width of the door required to gain access E.G 900mm Below this icon there will be space for an editable template for text -Tools Required for Assembly - This section will have a series of boxes probably 10 each with it's own layer featuring an icon of the following tools with a label of what the tool is and an editable size

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    Hello everyone, we have developed...two-tents-scenic-lakeside-campsite-dusk -cheery. This video should show the campsite with and without ropescout clips. How exactly do I leave you? In the second part, the assembly, displacement on the rope, close-up, light duration and life span are to be represented by an animation. There are 3D data from the clip.

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    I need someone with expertise in computer organization/architecture and assembly language. Pipelining and load time calculations. Q1. Part b and c. Well explained detailed typed solution. Deadline 2 days. Thanks

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    ...bid on my project unless you are 100% sure you can properly complete my project and have it function they way I need it to work. Find the correct inexpensive parts. Make assembly instructions and show how to properly assemble and wire these to make the system work. You will provide me the USA part names, prices, and supplier sources of where to buy

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    I have had some large and long cracks 10-15ft develop in the vaulted ceiling of a assembly room that has 140 person capacity. We are also getting cracks in some walls. The roof over this portion of my building also has developed a couple of small leaks with the recent rain. Before repairing the roof, I wanted to get a report on the structural integrity

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    Video Editing Encerrado left

    Edit existing video for sound and voice over; The file forma...sound and voice over; The file format is MP4. This is a 7 min instructional video on how to fly drones; want to split the technical specifications, from instructions and assembly instructions into separate videos. Current voice over has non native English speaker need to redo voice over.

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    i need to build a Gaussian elimination by MIPS

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    Its a solidworks assembly. I will give you the parts to model and you have to model the parts in solidworks. Then you have to modify those parts according to assimibality, optimization according to Lucas [fazer login para ver a URL] I need the justificable reasons for you to modify the [fazer login para ver a URL] can ignore the material costs but optimisation has to be very good. So

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    ...final product and the product itself (+1). There are 8 (7 + 1) assemblies available in Solidworks and each assembly consists of 3 parts. I would like to have short presentation videos (about 5-8 sec.) to the assembly: e.g. Exploded view, assembly, camera rotation, etc. Everything from the same distance, so you can compare the size of the prototype with

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    ...video sequence of how it is assembled. This is an example of the type of video sequence we are looking for: [fazer login para ver a URL] This is an example of how the "assembly" process will look like: [fazer login para ver a URL] (without hands obviously) I will send you the product, drawn in solid works, as .STEP

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