Snips and Samples

por otiamaria12
Snips and Samples
Snips and Samples

Please come back soon to see more of my work. At the moment I only have access to two photos. (Don't you hate having your cell phone and laptop give up the ghost on the same day??) ;) More examples of my work will be added over the course of the next few days. Thank you for your patience!

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Whether you have a photo that's just a PINCH from perfect, or a pic that really needs some punching up, l will get the job done RIGHT! An avid user of Post-It's, (!) I listen carefully to my clients. No detail goes forgotten, and every concern is given the validation it is due and fixed to your satisfaction. No long waiting time with disappointing results! I will take you step by step through the creation process. As I enhance your photos, I can show you previews! Some clientele love this, as it allows them to be a part of the process, as well as an opportunity to point out additional ideas as they occur to them. We can also skip the previews entirely, if you're the spontaneous type who lives for happy surprises! My other passions in life are writing, and dogs. I began documenting my life to paper from the moment I could write. Some days would find me in a coffee shop where I would swiftly produce page after page of observations, both funny and serious. At the moment, my past sits stacked in a garage, awaiting the day that someone blows away the dust of time and opens its covers. A adore pets! I have a Shih Tzu/Lhasa mix, Coco Latte', and my little boy is a Shih Tzu: Chewie. I know the fear and confusion that occurs when our dear pets become ill. For several years now, I have assisted owners in compiling internet related search results that speak specifically to their pets ailments. I have never charged so much as a penny for this, and I never will. Thank you for your consideration! Warmest Regards, Paula

$20 USD/h