Explication of a Poem

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Poetry is the oldest form of literature known to humanity. It started with the time when humans discovered the words to express their feelings and emotions. Poetry is a distinctive type of text that characterizes a specific rhythm and organization. No other genre of literature has presence of meter in its text and in organization of text. Poets write couplets keeping in view the certain rhyme scheme and sometimes they innovate their own rhyme scheme. Every piece of poetry invokes a certain kind of theme by poet. In most cases, these themes are the personal reflections of poet in creative way and in other cases; these themes are about nature and life around which a poet is living. Like all other genres of literature, poetry is a form of communication. Poet uses the medium of poetry to communicate his life, his emotions and his ideologies to people. It is a valid form of communication in a sense that it resonates the same emotional experience in the reader as the poet himself has exp

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