The Billing Agreement

When you make a deposit or verify a payment source – PayPal, Skrill, or credit card – a billing agreement is created. With this, you no longer have to manually deposit funds to your account.

Whether you are upgrading your membership plan, taking an exam, or paying a project fee, your account will automatically draw funds from your verified payment source due to the active billing agreement. This makes life much easier and hassle-free. You don't even need to worry about negative balances anymore as you can be assured that any fees you incur will be duly paid for.  

If you deposit funds to your account, you will be notified that you’ll be entering a billing agreement. 

Aside from making a deposit, verifying a payment method will also activate a billing agreement.  

For this example, the notification for the billing agreement stipulates that future payments will be taken from the credit card being verified. The same authorization note will apply correspondingly for verifying a different payment method such as a PayPal or Skrill account.

You can actually have more than one billing agreement activated by verifying or depositing funds using more than one payment source.  

We highly recommend the billing agreement for its practicality and convenience, but if at any time you want to cancel it, you may do so from the Payment & Financials page. Just remember that the next time you make a deposit, a new billing agreement will be activated.

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