Milestone Payment for Employers

What is the Milestone Payment System? offers a special feature called Milestone Payments to ensure that payments to projects are securely made within the site. These can be set up by the employer who has a project awarded to a freelancer. This shows the employer’s willingness to pay the freelancer, which in turn encourages the freelancer to do the job well.

When a Milestone Payment is created, the money will not be released to the freelancer yet. The funds will be put on hold in their account until such time as when the employer is satisfied with the job done by the freelancer. Employers are advised to release the Milestone Payment only when all the assigned tasks have been accomplished and/or all deliverables have been submitted and are up-to-standard.


Can I make an advance payment to a freelancer?

While it is not unusual for freelancers to request an advance payment, particularly on large-scale projects, employers are under no obligation to provide one and should only consider this option with well-trusted freelancers. assumes no responsibility for any loss of funds due to advance payments.

If an advance payment is agreed upon, we highly recommend using our Milestone Payment System to transfer funds to the freelancer. In addition to providing more security for both parties, this system allows the use of's Dispute Resolution Service if problems arise.


How do I create a Milestone Payment?

To send money to your freelancer using Milestone Payments, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Mouse over your account balance (money in specific currency) located at the top right section of your Dashboard, and select Finances.

  3. Click Create Milestone Payment.

  4. Enter and select the name of the project or freelancer on the Select Project or Freelancer field.

  5. Specify the details of the Milestone Payment. Indicate the payment amount and task to be completed for the payment. 

  6. Click Create Milestone.

  7. When a popup appears, click the Confirm Payment button to authorise the payment.

You will be notified as to where the funds for the Milestone Payment will be deducted - your available funds or your verified payment source, whichever has sufficient funds. You can see and review all your Milestone Payments for all your projects on the Financial Dashboard.

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How do I release a Milestone Payment?

To release a Milestone Payment, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Mouse over your account balance (money in specific currency) located at the top right section of your Dashboard, and select Finances.

  3. From your list of outgoing Milestone Payments, find the Milestone Payment that you want to release, and click Release.

  4. You will be asked to reconfirm the amount. You may enter another amount if you wish to release only a partial amount. Click Release to transfer the payment.

  5. Read the confirmation popup screen carefully before clicking Yes, I want to release funds.

Once the Milestone Payment is released, we will be unable to recover the funds without your freelancer's consent. Make sure that the project has been completed and you are satisfied with the results before releasing your pending Milestone Payment.

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How do I divide a Milestone Payment into parts?

You can release a partial amount of the Milestone Payment to the freelancer with these steps:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Go to your project's page. 

  3. Click Create Milestone

  4. On the given fields, enter the amount and description for the Milestone. The amount can be a percentage of the full project amount, and the description could be the task you specify your freelancer to finish. This way, the freelancer can accomplish the tasks one at a time and get paid incrementally until the whole project is done.

  5. Click Create.

  6. Do the same steps above. Create additional itemized Milestone Payments with particular tasks.

Do not release the payment if you are not 100% happy with the agreed deliverables or not satisfied with the development of the project.


How do I cancel a Milestone Payment?

For the protection of freelancers, a Milestone Payment cannot be cancelled by the employer. Only the awarded freelancer, for which the Milestone Payment was created, can cancel a Milestone Payment.

If you create a Milestone Payment and the project is not yet accepted by the awarded freelancer, you will have the option to cancel the Milestone Payment. Once it is accepted, only the freelancer will be able to cancel it.

If an agreement cannot be reached, please consider using's Dispute Resolution Service.


I already released my Milestone Payment. Is there a way for me to get my money back?

Employers are asked for confirmation twice and informed that released Milestone Payments cannot be recovered before they can release a Milestone Payment. Thus, for issues with released payments, we suggest that you work it out with the freelancer to resolve the situation. If you need further assistance, just click on the Chat Now! button below to chat with our Support Team. 


Why should I create a Milestone Payment immediately after awarding my project?

Creating one Milestone Payment or more after awarding makes your project start faster as the awarded freelancer will be assured that you are willing to pay on the project. Freelancers can start work immediately knowing they'll get paid once you're happy with their work.

You can cancel a Milestone Payment before your project is accepted but we don't recommend this because it may delay your project's start date. Once the project is accepted, however, only your freelancer will have the option to cancel the pending Milestone Payment.


Why use a Milestone Payment?
  • It is very risky for employers to pay outside of

  • offers Dispute Resolution Service if something goes wrong.

  • This will help build the employer’s reputation and the only way to do this is to pay using our Milestone Payment System. A higher reputation will entice more freelancers to bid on your projects.

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