Amazon to eBay drop shipping repricing automation software - 24/05/2018 03:51 EDT

I need Software required for Drop shipping from [login to view URL] marketplace to [login to view URL] marketplace. ( Optimal [login to view URL] to [login to view URL] as well).

I want the software to function similar to Priceyak, Trackazon, Jaballe, Price Spectre etc.

These are main functions that mandatory need to be.

1. The "lister". That function actually take details of product from Amazon by ASIN.

- Title ( with warning message of longer than 80 characters title) + option to change the title if needed

- Category suggestion (by matchig amazon categories and Ebay categories)

- Option to Schedjule listing time

- Item Spesifics

- Photos ( with option to add / delete photos)

- Option to choose an HTML template (with option to edit the temaplate if needed within signle listing)

- The option to save this listing as "draft"

- The option to list this listing imideatly

- Bulk upload

2. The "monitor". The monitor is a actually a scanner that keep all active product in column and makes the scan every some time ( 60 minutes mandatory or faster).

- Make a scan at least one in every 60 minutes

- Have an user freindly dashboard view with one picture, title, amazon sourse ASIN (clickable), Ebay product item (clickable), Ebay price (with ability to change the price without entering inside the product), Ebay quantoty, profit %, profit $, braek even, views, watch, sold, data created, status of item (stock or not in stock - for non stock items option to count how many days item is not active).

- The monitor should have an option automatically reprice ebay listing based on supply and availability on Amazon according the pricing format.

- The monitor should have an option to put Ebay item to out of stock (without an ending the lising) if the amazon ASIN is also went to out of stock. It should have ability to return item back to stock when amazon asin is coming back to stock as well.

- Bulk editing

3. Orders. This function will show all sold products in some type of user frendly dashboard / table.

- Title

- Amazon Asin number with price of Amazon ( clickable with new page redirection to Amazon product listing)

- Ebay item number ( clickable with new page redirection to Ebay listing)

- Price paid on Ebay

- Estomate profit

- Name, address and when it was sold ( full date).

4. Main general settings. These setting apply "by default" on all new items that "lister" take an list on Ebay. As said in part 1 eash product should have an option to edit it one by one. But in case I don't need to edit, so main general settings should apply automatically

- Paypal address whish should go to listing as paypal for buyers.

- Profit in % or in $

- Break Even in % ( this % should automatically increase the price before even the profit)

- Returns and shipping options.

- Handling time

- Locaton.

- Templates ( the option to create HTML template with user frenldy edition). The option to save templtes by names and also option to choose tempalte as main one ( mean this template will be "by default)

5. I'm not looking for commertial use, mean I don't need all these functions to sell the product like plans, blocks and orher.

However I need some type of option of simple registration because I have several Ebay accounts. I don't want to mix these accounts. So for each Ebay account should be an option to create an alone login. If I login to account A the information from account B or C should be NOT visible and not mixing. Also very important to make an option to accept FBA / Prime products only or third party sellers.

7. Some time of main dashboard when I see sold items in last 1 / 7/ 15 / 30 days with estimate profit. Ebay limit left, monitored items quantity and estimate profit.

8. I need a developer who stays in business, so if need to make changes, updates the developer will be available to contact.

I would like to work with developer that already made similar or closer to similar projects, know about Amazon API / Ebay API.

Habilidades: Amazon Web Services, Gestão de Estoques, PHP, Arquitetura de software, Captura de dados na web

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