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Please read and understand this specification and confirm any queries you have before submitting your detailed solutions, total price and time schedule.

We wish to build a fully automated online order ecommerce site that will serve customers with engraved personalised products. Site will have up to 250 products across 30 categories to be with a full and detailed easily editable content management system and will take credit card payment integrated into world pay or similar. The site must be made fully compatible with all major search engines

We will populate the products ourselves however for the main and thumbnail images we will need a script that will automatically size uploaded images into the size required to fit each image size.

This site must be very intuitive, fast and easy for all clients to use and navigate. Clients will need to search by product type, product category, by occasion (i.e. Wedding) and price. Have a site map and A to Z index.

Each page/product needs to be search engine optimised, as part of the price we will need key words to be researched and the site to be marketed to and kept at top positions to UK and Ireland search engines for the first 12 months. A list of key words to be supplied for goggles add words both positive and negative

We will provide a logo and colour scheme but we require this to be converted to dynamic animated flash 3d feature when the site loads, this must load fast, further modern and innovative design for home page and page layouts will be required. The design, functionality and layout is not to be copied off any sites we provide you for reference. Very careful consideration needs to be applied to the function and options required below for the page layout, and home pay layout so we can add future products and categories

We will also require a Microsoft word template of a letter head created, this will be supplied to you as an eps file. We will also need you to supply a fully embedded letterhead to use with Microsoft outlook to show when emailing clients

We further need to be able to produce a page flipping brochure of all or selected products that can either be emailed or burnt on to a cd for sending out to clients.

We need an ezine facility with an opt in or out when the client registers to receive details of offers promotions and special offers and new products and newsletters. We would like to built these documents for emailing from well designed templates you will uniquely create for us within the site or add text and images from outside the site, we need to be able to select all clients or select the clients we choose to email, we need to be able to throttle down output to about 300 per hour.

We require the following functions.

1. Content management its is imperative that we are to be able to manage every aspect of the site ourselves and add, edit and delete every function and drop down box

2. The site must have a special offers page

3. The site must have a latest products page

4. The site should be able to show the top sellers (edited by us).

5. Clearance items.

6. An area for testimonials.

7. Recently viewed items.

8. Automatic password reminder system if someone forgets the password, to eb sent to original address only.

9. discount coupon code implementation for offering discount to certain customers

All of the above only to show when populated.

You must provide best provide website security to best industry standard, and tell us how you propose to do this.

An end user client who wants to purchase one item individually engraved from a range of standard fonts. on a credit card basis only.

The client must be able to log in and create an account so they can see the quotes requested, previous orders placed and outstanding current orders.

We have two stock options, one is for items we keep in stock, and the other is a non stock item which we order when we receive an for a product order on the site.

For non stock products which will be designated at the time of populating the database. From a sales transaction and using the cost prices and the supplier details on the cost sheet we would like to raise an purchase order to the supplier, along with our delivery note so the supplier can put in with he consignment when the goods are dispatched directly by them

With both these documents we need to send a supplier dispatch document so suppliers can email or fax to us to inform us that the goods have been dispatched. All three documents need to be emailed from the site and all documents to be given an automatically generated number. From the delivery date on the purchase order we would like the database to remind us to chase the suppliers a number of days before the goods are due to ensure prompt delivery. We will provide layout guides for all the forms

For products we stock we will need to be able to print an invoice/delivery note with our logo and address details onto a sheet with an integrated address label and Gift card, this card will b printed with a message typed by for Customer when ordering the goods we will provide layouts for some gifts card designs that client should be able to choose See([url removed, login to view]

We would also like an option that an automatic email sent saying the goods have been dispatched when a stock item dispatch/invoice is printed.

The site needs to have a stock control options when goods are not I stock the item does not show on these web site or states product is out of stock we will need to get reports on stock usage and the amount of sales each product has and the peaks times for this.

Pricing & Personalising Solution

We will need a solution recommendation, on how prices will be calculated.

We would prefer for each product a cost sheet that is set up when a new product is added to the product database, this will contain all costs linking freight from a matrix based on the freight criteria below packaging charges.

The markets we are selling to are.

UK mainland

Northern Ireland

Southern Ireland/Eire

The prices for freight will be based on kilo weight for each delivery area. This shouls show as included or free on the site.

We will have a surcharge for an express production service (we will need to be able to define this on the site as working days) and can be charges as either a percentage or a money value.

We purchase the goods form our suppliers in Sterling, Euros, and US Dollars, when adding a product we will need to be able to set a currency and a conversion rate to get the cost price in sterling which will be our main selling currency.

The client when buying from us, must have two currency options to buy goods in. Again we will need to be able to set a rate a sterling and euro price after the mark up is applied

Other options that should be included on the costing sheet are miscellaneous charges and Gift packaging (although this can be added a number if chosen at the final purchasing stage. if chosen when ordering (only to be shown if we select in admin section when adding a product.

Also to be added to prices is a credit card surcharge as a percentage.

So to recap once converted to sterling we have the plain price for the product, next you have the standard engraving charge, for up to 100 letters, after this the site will need to start calculating at a cost set by us on the admin screen. The delivery charge and express production % charge if express delivery is chosen, n any other cost added in before a mark up/profit margin will be applied.

Personalisation & Pricing for same

When ordering the client, needs to be able to choose from a range of standard engraving fonts, which will be supplied to you (on the admin section we should be able to add more fonts when required) Each product has a different engraving size; we should be able to pre set the size and how many letters can be engraved per line this information will be applied when we populate the product into the database.

When the client is ordering their personalised product, they should be able to choose their font and this font should be show on a metallic silver colour panel in the actual font style (again in admin we should be able to choose the colour the panel should be i.e. black, gold.) the size of the pre defined engraving and input the maximum number of letters allowed as entered in the admin section for that product. When populating the database we need a section named normal engraving area i.e. bottom left, then on the panel this is where the engraving will show.

See website as a reference. [url removed, login to view]

We will offer up to a maximum of 100 letters which will be a standard engraving charge added to the plain price of the goods on the cost sheet, of the client need more than 100 letter then the site will need to able to calculate the cost for the extra letters which will be charged at a rate determined by us and which can be changed for a specific product on the admin screen.

see web site examples


[url removed, login to view]

The client should be able to choose to have the text all centred, left aligned, or right aligned. All these choices should be shown visually so the client can see the design clearly but the design must look like engraving font.

We would also like to build up a library of clip art that could be engraved on selected products these products and options to be selected when adding products to the database. These clip art design will all be charge extra at a fixed price when the client chooses this option.

Customer can confirm it's suitable and order

We need an option for all Clients to supply plain items only with no engraving added.

We will offer a free gift card that will be inserted with the gifts We have a selection of designs depending on the occasion Birthday, Anniversary etc to be chosen from a drop down box we should have the facility to add/upload new card designs in the admin section as we design them to a template this will have a three line message which they must be able to type in from a pre defined selection of fonts to a pre defined number of letter per line, and view it before choosing. This card will be printed in black out along with an address label on an integrated label and card on the invoice/delivery note ( we will provide a layout template for this.

We need the facility of a reminder email to be sent a customer at a date say three weeks before their before the anniversary of their previous order.

We will need the following sections; frequently asked questions, Terms and conditions, Privacy & security policies, customer services policy, ethical policy, and links page. Contact us with the usual details plus a drop down editable box asking how they found our web site. Email to a friend, Bookmark this page, Print page, Testimonials, shopping basket (with all the usual attributes of a shopping basket) Customers should when browsing the site add products with a wish list.

The client to be able to log in and create an account so they can see the quotes requested, previous order placed and current orders.

We would like to be able raise a sales order form/order acknowledgement to the client when the order is placed and Sales invoices/delivery note when the order is dispatched. From the sales transaction using the cost prices in the database we would like to raise an purchase order to the supplier and delivery notes to be included with the consignment when the goods are dispatched, a supplier dispatch document is required so suppliers can email or fax to us to inform us that the goods have been dispatched. From the delivery date on the purchase order we would like the database to remind us to chase the suppliers a number of days before the goods are due to ensure prompt delivery. We will provide layout guides for all the forms.

A final reference site is [url removed, login to view]

Please Read Below carefully Before Submitting Your Bids

The better you address the project criteria the more chance you have of being the successful bidder, projects certainly wont be awarded to a bid saying we can do it lets start. Only members with good REP should offer their services. Only those prepared to submit a detailed understanding and submission should submit. We will need to see projects you have successfully completed these will need to be verifiable as your work, We require, your geographical location, to consider you as due to our time zone it can be difficult liaising with opposed time zones. Please list your own website and portfolio so we can peruse your skills and past work.

All scripting and programming provided to us as a whole or as part of a pre-existing system must be your own work, unless otherwise discussed and agreed to in advance.

Payment will be made through the Scriptlance system once the project has been completed we will put only $100 dollars in escrow and the full payment will be made only when the scripts have been installed and running on our isp's server for two full weeks successfully to our satisfaction, scripting should have a lifetime warranty

When we pay a programmer to write scripting for us, it must be recognized that we own the copyright of the scripting, code, system. Prior to starting we will require a signed statement assigning all rights to our company for the scripting / system developed. Please remember that the writing of a script while a critical aspect is just one aspect of many in the creation of a system / product. You will be required to sign a confidentially agreement

By placing a bid on one of our projects you are agreeing to our project terms and conditions, if you disagree with these conditions please do not bid on this project.

Do not attempt to mislead us about the size of your operation we are only interested in the quality of work and your ability to complete the project to agreed specifications and time lines. We have many ongoing projects and successfully completed projects delivered on time could lead to more work. We will need a separate email address for each person who works on the project.

Scriptlance state the number one cause of problems and issues between Webmasters and programmers is lack of communication, so you must keep the communication flowing and outcomes high. You are required to have a phone number I can reach you at during your normal business hours. I will call you to verify before accepting your bid.

Please only bid if you are dedicated to following exact instructions, and answering email/phone questions Good English communications skills essential.

Do not put a quote in for the job if all of the above is not acceptable to you.

Habilidades: Adobe Flash, Vale Tudo, CMS, MySQL, PHP, SQL

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