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This project is for the development of a new Live Chat Software website that will allow business owners to easily use the WEB BASED live chat software on their own site. The live chat software will need to be a SaaS web based application (users shouldn't have to download anything) and operate similar to WebsiteAlive.com.

The ideal candidate for this project should have extensive experience with live chat software, SaaS and Paypal merchant account integration. The web developer we are looking for must be able to make recommendations on what type of hosting should be used (dedicated server, Linux vs Windows, etc), programming language, site security measures, etc.

We have a graphic designer that will be handling the majority of the cosmetic design for the homepage / inner pages, so all candidates should submit bids for ONLY the Programming / Coding work for the development of this website. Please type “Primarily Programming” in the Private Message board to confirm you have read the ENTIRE project scope, otherwise you will not be considered.

While the majority of the design work will be handled by our graphic designer, the winning bidder will be responsible for some light design work (that will be modeled after our existing design from our graphic designer).

Key Features that need to be implemented:

1. Merchant Account Integration – When users sign up for a monthly subscription plan, the web developer must be able to integrate our Merchant Account to process the payments (we will be using PayPal).

2. Free Trial – The payment system needs to be set up so that Users get a 10 day free trial before their credit card or Paypal account is actually charged and should be applied for all packages.

3. Automatic Email Notifications – We need automatic email notifications to be sent out every time a customer signs up for the first time, makes certain changes to their account, monthly subscription payment is due, etc. In addition, when someone fills out the Contact Us form or a new user signs up, we need an automatic email notification sent to our administrator email account.

4. Backend Administration – As site administrators, we need the developer to create a simple to user back end that allows us to manage customer accounts including:

- View Customers' accounts / complete account activity / payment activity / IP addresses (we should be able to click on a User's ID and see everything they are doing with the service)

- Suspend / Delete / Upgrade / Create Customer Accounts

- Site Statistics reporting the total # of live chats, total # of customers

- Payment System needs to be tied into the Backend so that we can see / manage customer's payment history and keep track of all payments.

5. Site Security – In previous projects we have had issues with our sites being infected with Malware because of security holes in the coding. The programmer for this job should have a detailed plan for building in site security and ensuring the site is protected from malware infections that result in Google warnings. Quality coding with security built in is a MUST.

The Front End of the website will consist of the following pages:



Sign Up


How it Works


Contact Us

About Us

Account Login / Admin for Customers

Again, the graphic designer we have hired we be handling the majority of the cosmetic design for the site. The programmer for this job will be expected to do some light design work for the actual live chat SaaS software, but it will be modeled off the overall front end design of our site.

The bid for this project should primarily be for the programming / coding as we have already paid a graphic designer for most of the cosmetic design.

SaaS Web Based Live Chat Features:

Agent / Live Chat Features:

1. Supervise chats held by other operators

2. “Whisper” to other agents to help them with sales process – While an operator is in an active session with a customer, allow private IM's between the operator and another operator/admin. The private IM should only be visible to the operator and not the actual customer.

3. Pop-Up Sender – Allow operators to send chat pop-up invitations to visitors browsing the site.

4. Auto Pop-Up Sender – Create filters that automatically send Pop-Up Invitations to visitors on the website based on what page they are on, number of pages viewed, and length of time on the website (should allow Operator to customize the settings / filter).

5. Allow users to search for a past chat history with a customer

6. SSL Secure Chat ensuring chats are encrypted

7. Typing Indicator – Shows when customers / agents are typing, i.e. “user is typing”

8. Common Response Messages – Allow chat operators to select from a drop down menu in the chat window of “auto responses” for commonly asked questions (users should be able to customize / add / delete the list of canned responses)

9. Auto-Greetings Option – When live chat sessions begin, Operators should have the option of an Auto Greeting to automatically be sent.

10. Return Visitor Indicator – If a return user's IP address is recognized, the chat window should automatically alert the Operator that it is a return user and allow him to easily access previous chat histories.

11. Operator to Operator Chat – Operators should be able to chat privately on IM, even if an Operator is talking with a customer on the live chat window (similar to how the Buddy List works on Aol Instant Messenger).

12. Away Mode – Users can leave the Chat system on, but have an away mode that will prevent users from chatting with the operator.

13. Offline Mode – Allow users to leave a message when all agents are offline … The message should be automatically emailed to an email address specified by the Operator.

14. Transfer Chats – Allow Operators to transfer a customer to another chat operator

15. Organize Chats – Allow operators to invite other operators to participate in a chat with a customer

16. Get notifications about incoming chat requests… Option for email notifications or playing a sound

17. Easy access to GeoLocation (described in Visitor Monitoring) when Operators are chatting with customers.

18. Chat with Unlimited customers at one time (i.e. Operator can have multiple chats at once).

19. Allow Operators to sort through the Customer Chat Queue

20. Ban IP address for abusive customers

21. Automatic Spell Check in real time (just like in Microsoft Word)… Some browsers already have spell check enabled like Firefox

22. Surveys – Create custom surveys for visitors to complete at the end of a chat… results should be recorded / accessible through Reporting features described below.

23. Information Capture – Create customizable questionnaire in which customers can answer before chat session begins… i.e. Customer Name, What's Your Question, etc.

24. Multiple Departments – Create different departments (Support, Billing, etc) and assign each Operator to handle requests from that paticular department.

25. Chat Queue – Customers are queued on a First Come First Serve basis and transferred when Operators are available. Chats need to be routed to the Operator in that Department with the least chat volume to balance the amount of chats each operator receives.

26. Save / Email / Print Chat Logs and Chat Histories

27. Allow Users to Upgrade their account from the Admin section once logged in (only if they don't have the most expensive plans). Users should be able to either upgrade to a larger package or add an additional operator and automatically be billed with their saved billing info.


1. Visitor Chat Window – Needs to be 100% customizable similar to ([url removed, login to view]) to allow users to:

- Brand Chat Window with user's company logo

- Adjust Custom Color Themes Generator

- Select from Gallery of Chat Buttons / Standard Chat Invite Pop-Ups

- Upload 100% Custom Chat Buttons / Standard Chat Invite Pop-Ups

- Easily customize Pre-Chat / Post-Chat customer surveys

- Configure Chat Window Text, Greeting Messages, Offline Email Forms

- Allow users to create unique Chat Window Designs for multiple different websites

- Allow users to change Font types, font colors and font sizes on customizable forms

Visitor Monitoring / Analytics

1. Monitor website traffic / visitors in Real-Time

2. User's IP Address

3. Geolocation that shows on Google Maps where user is from by using IP, similar to [url removed, login to view]

4. Browser Type, Language, View Accepted / Refused live chat invites

5. Track User's Visitor Footprint – See every page that users have visited for their session / duration of their visit, how much time they spent on each page, etc.

6. Track Visitor Origin – Show what URL the user came from / search engine keywords they searched for to find the site

7. Allow users to install Site Monitoring html code on unlimited # of websites

8. Show user's previous chat sessions (that should be easily accessible from the chat window when the system recognizes the user has chatted with customer support before with IP address).

Live Chat Reporting Features

1. Allow access as Administrator with the power to “grant” access to chat operators for reporting.

2. Track Each Chat Operator Performance to report Average Chat time, Average speed of Chat Answer, Average Queue Waiting time, Average number of chats taken with customizable date ranges.

3. Chat Pop-Up Invite Report – see the Reject, Accept and Abandonment Rates

4. Average Concurrent Chats – Report showing how many live chats were happening at the same time to gauge if the business is under / overstaffed.

5. Chat Trends – report how many chat requests per. hour and return user's who have chatted more than once.

6. Dashboard – The reporting section should look similar to how Google Analytics / [url removed, login to view] is set up in regards to graphs, charts, etc.

User Manual:

The programmer will be required to create a basic User's Manual similar to:

[url removed, login to view]

The user manual should cover the same topics and include screen shots.

Mobile Version of the Live Chat Service:

1. Users need to be able to login / chat with customers using their BlackBerry or iPhone… A “watered” down version of the site so that users can chat from their smart phone - [url removed, login to view] - Will discuss with programmer for his recommendations on whether it should be a mobile site or like a mobile application. The “mobile” version should NOT have all the features as the website, but primarily just allowing Operators to handle chats from their smart phone.

There will be 3 different subscription plans and the programmer should be able to Limit certain features for the different levels of premium membership… I.e. A Basic user will not have access to the reporting features.

The programmer cannot use the site in their portfolio, but we will provide feedback and act as a reference if needed in the future.

The programmer will need to host the site on their Test Server until everything is ready for beta testing at which point everything will need to be moved to our Dedicated Server.

I will provide account logins for Website Alive and Live Chat Inc in case you need to see anything on their backend for customers.

The programmer will face a one-time 10% project penalty if the agreed deadline is not met.

Only bidders with sufficient feedback will be considered. We are looking for someone who will make this a top priority and can start right away.

The project budget is $500 - $1000 so please bid accordingly and be sure to include details on the project time frame.

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