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First of all newbies are welcome to this project. Your reviews hardly matters. If you know correct english and correct grammar then you are perect for this Job.

Let me tell you little about the project. It’s the long term project. And we Pay 100 Rs per 1000 words for now. If we find your edits, skills, and quality up to mark, then you may even get paid more. Price will be reconsidered after 7000 to 8000 words will be edited by you, so that we can see your work of style and quality.

What we expect from you.

It’s a story that should be error free in all aspects if you are working on it. That is it, simply error free.

We want you to work on:

1. Punctuation

2. Grammar

3. Spelling

4. Reading flow

5. Improved sentence structure

6. Incorrect word usage

7. Tenses

8. Maintain the tone and language of original writing style!


We have over one lakh words to edits, and that we want to give only one person. We don’t want patchy work done by many people; if you understand the work it is better you continue it till to the end.

You have to do a sample for us to show you skills, if that will be liked you will be given the work. We don’t expect from you to be an expert of editing or proofreading. But if you know the correct English and correct usage of grammar, that would work for us, as we said error free. But also don’t take it light too, if we don't like your quality, we have the right to take back the project any moment.

Plus you are free to make any edits in it. You have the freedom to use your own creativity in this project. You can re-write, re-phrase anything if you feel so, but beware it should not lose its originality.

If we like your work, then we can consider you to pay, 150 per thousand words, and if you are exceptional, and we can even pay you double, but price will be considered after every 7 to 8 thousands of words that you have edited. We are doing it because you should not lose your motivation while working on this project, as we said, it’s a very long project and you may get bore and give us low quality work.

If you agree on the terms you may contact us. You will be paid weekly or once you reach the amount of Rs 500, and you will be paid for every single word that you work on with us, after we select you.

This project is worth of around 25,000 INR


Habilidades: Redação Literária , Redação Criativa, Edição, Gramática Língua Inglesa, Revisão

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