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. Data API in μC/OS

The current μC/OS-III is task-centric instead of data oriented. Design and implement a datacentric

programming interface, where users don't need to know how to create and execute

tasks on RTOS (a layer of abstraction). Users only provide metadata (information) of their

data, such as data source, data type (and range), data format, data arrival rate (or device

sampling rate) ... and some functions, such as data pre-processing, post-processing and data

analysis and operations. Your interface/lib will create periodic tasks to process user data.

 Define data structures for the meta-data and callbacks, and implement functions to

connect/disconnect input/output data streams (which creates and manages the

execution of tasks to process user data).

 Rewrite the three tasks in Homework 1 (Question 1) by using your data-centric

programming interface.

Submit your program, a short description of your approach and the data structures used, and

the analysis of implementation and performance.  

Habilidades: Programação C#

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