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Develop engines for data gathering. - Develop Escorts APP For ANDROID AND Iphone Develop Escorts APP For ANDROID AND Iphone - Develop Excel User Form Develop Excel VBA add-in to connect to Xero API - Develop Existing Saas Application Develop existing software - Develop Expert Advisor in MQL4 or MQL5 EA Develop Expert Advisor in MQL4 or MQL5 EA - Repost - Develop Facebook Activation in PHP Develop Facebook App - Develop Facebook Connect Add-On for Gravity Forms Develop Facebook Contest App - Develop Family Tree Develop Fantasy Cricket league site - Develop few mobile Application for Android and Iphone Develop few pages on WordPress using Visual Composer - Develop financial organizational application Develop Financial Solutions - Develop fitness training platform w/ calendar and payment Develop five songs and music for Youtube video - Develop Flash Game, with multiplier sessions Develop Flash Games - develop flowchart and Activity Cycle Diagrams with detailed explanations Develop Flyer/Print ads - Develop form with Mollie payment gateway Develop form with signature capabilities - develop free sms messaging app Develop Free Standing SMS App - Develop front-end for web and mobile Develop front-end of web application - develop fully functional wordpress theme Develop Fully Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Website - develop game develop game according to the code given - develop games Develop Games , graphic design3D Unity and 2D - and website development - Develop global shopping cart in php develop Gmail addon for mail merge and schedule Google Sheet - Develop GPS Tracker Develop GPS Tracking Protocol for Android and iOS - Develop Gym Management CRM Develop Hadoop Email System - Develop Hidden Screenshot Capture Application Develop HIGH END front end website only (No back end), CLEAN AND PROFESSIONAL! HTML5. - Develop Hosting Website on WHMCS Platform (PSD Included) Develop hotel booking function using GTA xml API - Develop HTML apps - G21 Develop HTML emailer template - develop HTML5 and CSS3 website -- 2 develop HTML5 and CSS3 website -- 3 - Develop hypothesis and design test CRO Develop Hyprid Mobile Application for survey forms - develop imessage id filter for mac. use applescript or java Develop implementation of an XML difference engine in C# from a white-paper - Develop Initial custom interface design Develop initial website - Develop interactive training software/dvd- with Macromedia Director/Captivate/Articulate or etc Develop Interactive Voice Response (IVR) using Asterisk on Amazon EC2 - Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js Develop Invoice Automation Application using Spring MVC and History.js -- 2 - Develop ios , andriod & web app Develop IOS / Android app ((Reward Chart)) - Develop iOS and Android Application for Event Develop IOS and Android Applications - Develop iOS app - repost Develop iOS app based on Android app - Develop iOS application - Safe browser Develop IOS application -- 2 - Develop ios Nearby app Develop iOS new app - Develop iPad document viewer (scroll) Develop ipad restaurant menu - Develop iPhone and Android application Develop iPhone and Android Application -- 2 - Develop iPhone App Develop iPhone App - Develop iPhone App for iPad Develop iPhone app for Loan Calculations - Develop iPhone application Develop Iphone Application - MicroBlog ( i.e twitter etc ) with Geolocation/ mouse over dropdown with minimum/no clicks and additional feature - Develop iphone game.. Develop iPhone IOS mobile application (end-to-end) - Develop iPhone/iPad app game Develop IPHONE/IPAD Apps for existing zencart website - Develop Java Application develop java application - Develop JavaScript code to inject in browser extension Develop javascript pinch zoom - Develop Joomla based PHP allowing Visa and Mastercard payment -- 2 Develop Joomla based PHP allowing Visa and Mastercard payment -- 3 - Develop JQuery based Calender Booking System Develop jQuery Component - "Search List View" - Develop Landing Page develop landing page - develop lessonschool dot com GREAT POTENTIAL WEB FOR QUICK LESSONS STREAMING from zero concept similar to younow dot com Develop Let It Ride game - develop little sms server to integrate Goip ( Hyberton Device ) Develop LIVE CHAT software. - Develop logo Develop LOGO & Corporate Identity - Develop Logo; Build a Website w/ an Online Store; Product Brochure Develop look alike Figure1 System - Develop LPDS on CC3200 Develop LV special program - Develop Magento Category Upload Extension Develop Magento Comm Website - Develop Magento Theme Develop magento theme - Develop Marketing Materials Develop Marketing Materials - Develop Math Questions for Grade 1-12 using Excel Develop mathematical puzzles - Develop me a website plugin. Please read below. Urgent Develop me a website plugin.Please read below. Urget - Develop Messaging App for Android and IOS Develop messaging app for iOS and Android - Develop Microsoft SharePoint Online – Intranet sites, workflows & Document Management System develop microworker site from scratch - Develop Mobile App Develop Mobile App - Develop Mobile App for Android and iOS Develop mobile app for Android and iOS - Develop Mobile App MVP + Full Development Develop mobile app similar to Uber - Develop mobile application Develop mobile application - Develop mobile applications for iOS Develop Mobile Apps - Develop Mobile Phone Site from existing Magento Store Develop Mobile phone testing app - Develop Moble Apps using REACT NATIVE Develop mock prescription editor android pages - Develop module Mangopay Develop Modules CMS - Develop Mq4 DLL & GEO bug fix - repost Develop Mq4 DLL & GEO bug fix - repost 2 - Develop multi-region WordPress site based on existing designs Develop multi-social hotspot system to my router - Develop MVP iPhone application using 3rd party oAuth (Facebook & Google Drive or Dropbox) and Firebase or Parse Develop MVP Marketing Software - Develop my database further Develop my database further - Develop my newsletter in 30 minutes Develop my online brand and sites - Develop my Web app and Data entry DTP Develop my web platform - Develop my website ecommerce develop my website further - Develop Native Android and IOS App
Develop Native Android Application (Urgent) - Develop new app and website incl gps, login etc develop new aspx page - Develop new features for existing SAAS Codeigniter application Develop new features for our node.js Web application - Develop New Job Portal and Community site (ideally using a CMS platform like WordPress or Joomla) Develop new Joomla component - Develop new section for custom PHP site Develop New Shopping Cart System with Post Sale reports - Develop new website Develop new website - Develop News Application Develop News Posting System - Develop October CMS extension. Develop Odds Matching software - Develop OHS Training Package Develop ois app application and submit in app shop after completion - Develop one or many ecommerce templates within the Direct-Choice CMS Develop one or many templates within the Direct-Choice CMS - develop one website like www.mirchifunapps.com Develop onemap with arcgis api functions using javascript and c#.Net - Develop Online Employment Form Submission w/ Digital Signature Develop online exam - Develop online Poker Game Develop online Price Quote Software For Website - Develop Online Test Prep Course Develop Online Tool for Project Management - Develop Opencart Plugin - Onix Format Develop Opencart Shipping module for Allied Express - Develop or install a ONLINE CHAT tool for me to chat with browsers Develop or install basic email list server - Develop our angtraining.com similar to lynda.com Develop our app using a web based template - no coding required - develop our own website Develop our presentation for a conference - Develop P2P Website/template + plugins Develop PAAS with Mobile App - Develop Payment Gateway Develop Payment Gateway "HDFC and CITRUS NET Banking" in MAGENTO Framework - Develop payroll module for Dolibarr 4.0.3 Develop payroll using access database - Develop personal development app for iOS Develop personal development app for iOS - open to bidding - Develop Photo Edition Tools/Module Develop Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad - Develop PHP Blesta Module develop php code to upload&update .xls file into mysql database - Develop PHP search system and add into wordpress website Develop php shopping cart - Develop Plagiarism checker Plugin Develop plan for software application ( desktop - PDA ) - Develop plugin for word, photoshop and indesign DEVELOP PLUGIN FOR WORDPRESS - develop poker game software,like pokerstars develop poker game software,like pokerstars please check www.pokerstars.com - Develop PPT's, activities and case stdies on given topic for management students DEVELOP PR PLAN FOR STARTUP - Develop Prestashop Module for attributes Develop prestashop site - Develop Product Data Feed CSV Import Script Develop Product Descriptions for my Accounting and Business Plan products - Develop program for MCU Renesas SH7216 (servo motor control) Develop program for Motorola RFID handheld scanner - develop proposal Develop proposal for a research project - Develop push notification Plugin for Openfire Chat Server Develop Python Backend of Iphone App - Develop Qlikview Extension Develop QPython to APK solution - Develop Quoting System on our existing WordPress Wordpress - repost Develop Ramayana game - Develop Realcopy website Develop Realestate Software - Develop Remote Access Sofware Develop remote connection software - Develop reports in ZuckerReports in SugarCRM Develop reports in ZuckerReports in SugarCRM(repost) - Develop Responsive Website Template Develop responsive website using using current framework - Develop Retro-Space, Adventure, Survival Video Games Develop reusable Flex 3 dialog - Develop Roulette Game In WPF -- 2 Develop router / firewall software - DEVELOP SALES TRANSACTION APP Develop Sales/Marketing Strategy - Develop Scanning Software That Counts Scanned Images Develop Scheduling and Membership Website and App - Develop script and go with team to the field to produce a short film on poverty issue among ethnic minority children in Vietnam Develop Script and/or Download Data on Internet Site - Develop Scrum/Kanban Board using Redmine Rest API Develop SDK/Library for OfferWall Advetisement company for Android Developer - Develop SEO Develop seo - Develop Service like truphone.com Develop services for an AppWrite some software - Develop Sharepoint Migration Project Plan Develop Sharepoint Online template - develop shopping website Develop Short Code Application - develop simple affiliate program functionality for recently launched web application in php (yii framework) Develop Simple and quality Android App - Develop Simple C# Class to Compare Workbooks in Excel Develop simple card games for Windows 8 + graphics - Develop Simple HTML Website Develop Simple HTML5 Game - Develop simple LightSwitch 2013 HTML web application Develop simple LingPipe 'Significant Phrases'' Demo - Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling only - Develop Simple Social Mobile App Develop Simple Software - develop simple wordpress website. I will not accept revised quotes. Develop simple, custom WordPress plugin for attention box in header - develop site (code only) from framework based on requirements (yii/zend/CodeIgnitr/Django/Symfony/etc) develop site + web design - Develop Sitemap for website Develop six videos on Youtube - Develop small parser to collect data from text Develop small parser to collect data from text - Develop SMS App IPhone that look like Whatsapp Develop SMS Application - Develop social media art work Develop social media brand resources for existing company - develop social networking site on wordpress with database Develop Social Networking Sites - develop software develop software - Develop software for CD labelling I would like this software to be developed for Windows Develop software for classifieds posting - Develop Software for Social Networking Develop Software for Social Networking - repost - develop software solution Develop software solution for a quick service restaurant - Develop software to set multiple images in single layout Develop software to spam check domains - Develop some content for Website related to science develop some custom software - Develop some sales websites Develop some screen in "ANGULAR 2" - Develop some software Develop some software - develop soundproof 100percent Develop source code for an app (iOS and Android-compatible) that can display tile overlays downladed from wms servers on top of native maps - Develop Sport Betting Backend With Yii2 and few Develop FrontEnd Develop Sport Betting Backend With Yii2 and few Develop FrontEnd -- 2 - Develop startup webpages, analytic tools and freelance projects Develop Static DNS Application for Android - develop story line for a documentaru