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Develop an Apple Serial Number # Decoder & Give Values For Devices - Develop an Application Develop an Application - Develop an application for Android and iOS Develop an application for android and iOS - develop an application form using php/mysql Develop an Application from Scratch - Develop an Application to be used in a similar way to uber with less detail required develop an application to collect and set up customer records for racket re-stringing - DEVELOP AN APPRAISAL SYSTEM Develop an approval application, a test plan for developers. (iPhone, IPad, Watch) - Develop an Auction/Buy&Sell Website (with video) Develop an audio musical - Develop An Chatting App like Whatsapp Develop An Chatting App like Whatsapp - Develop an e-commerce website Develop an E-commerce Website - develop an easy website- easy money Develop an eBay App to implement Feedback into listings - Develop an Educational Android App Develop an educational app - develop an electronic toy that makes sounds and lights up DEVELOP AN ELEVEN-FRAMES, LARGE-SIZED FLASH ANIMATION SWF FILE for My Dating Site - Develop an English Test Develop an Enterprise Data Storage Transformation Strategy Report - Develop An Excel Database List - Create Database Develop an excel file to solve scheduling problem using branch and bound method - Develop an existing online store in Magento Develop an existing paper - develop an ftp client-server application based on the UDP protoco Develop an FTP data backup app. Java or other cross platform technology - Develop an Identity (Name, Icon) for a Macintosh Application Develop an Identity for a web application - Develop an infographic for superhero films repost Develop an infographic for superhero films repost -- 2 - Develop an integration with WHMCS Develop an intelligent Python-based API - develop an interactive t-shirt Develop an interactive visualization tool - Develop an intrusion detection system develop an inventory management app for convenience store. The app needs to be devlope for iPad and android - Develop an IOS and Android app Develop an iOS and Android App - Develop an IOS APP for Restaurants Develop an iOS App for a start-up (equity pay) - Develop an ios application Develop an IOS Application - Develop an IOS application with voice chat between users Develop an iOS Core Motion / GPS tracking, recording and social application - develop an iOS, Android and website Develop an IOS, Android, Ipad, mobile application with admin cpanel - Develop an iPad application Develop an iPad application - Develop an iPhone /Android application Develop an iphone 4s+ client and partner apps - Develop an Iphone App Develop an Iphone App - develop an iphone app develop an iphone app - Develop an iPhone Application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iPhone application Develop an iPhone application - Develop an iPhone client for OwnCloud Develop an iphone Flashlight Application. - Develop an iPhone/android application for take away food. Develop an iPhone/iPad App - develop an mobile app Develop an Mobile App & Link to website to manage it. - Develop an offline application form Develop an offline application form1 - develop an online classified website like quikr develop an online classified website like quikr - Develop an Online Food Ordering system Develop an online Form -Registration - Develop an online SEO Video Course - Powerpoint/Transcript/Ebook Develop an online service - Develop an online trading web application Develop an online trading web application -- 2 - Develop an order form with online payment option Develop an order page and pricing table - Develop an SaaS project management based on codeigniter framework Develop an SAP App - Develop an student app for iOS and Android (Apache Cordova would be ok!) Develop an student login system - Develop and Add Content to Fitness Website Develop and add new content into current website - Develop and app for the iPhone and Andriod phone Develop and App of the android and iphone market - Develop and complete website Develop and Configure Kamailio SIP Server - Develop and Design a Eportal / Website Develop and design a HR website ( mvc) - Develop and Design an app Develop and design an app for iOS and the web - Develop and design my website just like its demo Develop and Design New Website - Develop and ER Diagram - MYSQL Expert Develop and establish a drop ship business on my shopify account. - Develop and Host Mobile app for Android AND iPhone Develop and Implement a Backup Strategy - Develop and Install a Google Chrome App - repost Develop and install a social network into a Magento website - Develop and iOS app for mobile pattern lock game Develop and iPhone & Android Application - Develop and maintain website - FOR SKORDS Develop and maintain Website in Umbraco - Develop and Online Store Develop and Online Store with Custom Theme - Develop and Sell Something for me. Develop and SEO Lead Generation Website - Develop and WRITE a course workbook for learning English as a second language. Develop and Write a Recruitment Questionnaire for Hiring of Virtual Assistants - DEVELOP ANDROID AND MAC APPLICATION - open to bidding Develop Android and Blackberry Mobile Application - Develop Android and IOS mobile Appl Develop Android and iOS Retail App - Develop Android App Develop Android App - Develop Android App based on my already developed iPhone APP Develop Android App downloader bot - develop android app fronend by Xamarin Develop android app same as below reference link - Develop Android App: turn children book into Android App +++ Please read carefully before sending your offer +++ Develop Android Application - Develop Android Application - BLUE LED LIGHT with Functions Develop android application . - develop android apps Develop Android Apps for existing zencart website - Develop Android Health and Fitness App Develop Android Iphone App - Develop Android version of existing iOS app Develop Android version of existing iOS app - Develop Angular frontEnd with provided theme Develop Angular Web App - Develop API based on node.js, Express and AWS SDK - Batch 2 Develop API Code for Lottery Numbers - Develop APIs for mobile application backend in PHP Develop apis in node.js - Develop app for both IOS and Android Develop app for both IOS and Android -- 2 - Develop APP for Develop APP for Healthcare Industry - USA - Develop App for Smartphones develop app for student information portal - Develop App to bulk search for phone numbers & email address Develop App to Check Content of Web Page - Develop apple/android graphic app.
Develop Apple/iPhone Application for online newspaper - Develop Application for Smartphones - Miayuco Develop application for Udoo (like this - Develop applications on fitness (design + programming) Develop applications on fitness (design + programming). - Develop Arabic children's book (illustrations and text are ready) Develop Arabic Version of Website - Develop C# CRM System, Schedule of Deliverables Phase I Develop ASP.NET Code That Will 1.)Change the Rendering of a Single Quote and Also 2.) To Create Rollover Effects on an ASP.NET Image Button Control - Develop Audio Downlaodable Product Develop Audio Player - Develop Automatic-Checkout for a Store Using HTTP Requests in C# Develop Automation Software - Develop backend and API for mobile app on Ruby on Rails Develop Backend Dashboard & API's for Python/Django - Develop Bar Code scanning application with JSON interface to Drupal Develop barter website in Python hosted on Google AppEngine - DEVELOP BB 10 PROJECT Develop beer rating system for restaurant web-site - Develop blackberry app from an existing iPhone and Androida App Develop blackberry radio application - Develop brand board concepts Develop Brand Book - Develop Browser Extension (Safari, Chrome, Ffox, IE) Develop browser extension plugin video live - Develop Business in Spain Develop Business Logic in SAP HANA - Develop business Website like Gumtree/Rightmove Develop businesses - Develop c# wrapper for unmanaged c, c++, dll Develop C++ API for PC and Mac from C#application functions - Develop CallShop Stand-Aloan windows application - repost Develop capability document - Develop Category Icons Develop Category Images for the Hospital Industry - Develop chat session in IE7/8 XSS Develop chat work with wordpress and WooCommerce - develop chrome extension of existing firefox addon Develop Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer extension/plugin/ActiveX respectively for video-chat service - Develop clone of that works well on mobile devices Develop Cloud Based CRM portal - Develop code of virtual tour on unity 3D Develop code templates - Develop Common User Profile System and Web Service, XML, ASP.NET, JQuery UI- Develop Communication Service and DLL - Develop complete capital Budgeting for a potenital business Develop complete e-commerce system with website and mobile application - Develop concepts for presentations Develop concepts for and design all collateral material, including direct mail, ads ,postcards, newsletters flyers, invitations,website,posters, brochures,etc. Creative Thinking and mobile application development - Develop Content for new business Website Develop content for web site - Develop Corporate identity develop corporate identity - Develop Coupon Management System - PHP (Codeigniter) Web Application Develop Coupons Website - Develop Cron to copy and sync K2 article databases and image directories to share articles across sites -- 2 Develop Cross platform Android / iOs App - Develop Cubecart v5 skin Develop cucinachef store - Develop Custom CMS website based on Php/MySQL (Fun Project) Develop custom code for Fundify! - Develop custom Java plugins Develop Custom MAC Software - Develop Custom Real Estate Admin Panel (CMS) And Front End Site Develop custom registration component+module for Joomla 1.5+ - Develop Custom Video Player to play video to sync with server time (emulate streaming) Wordpress Develop Custom Website - Develop Customer Database for Organization in Lotus Domino Develop customer module - Develop Data Flow Diagrams Develop data mining/web scraping software for google images - develop database type software for a new company Develop Database Website (Php Framework) - Develop Delphi IMAP Email client Develop Delphi IMAP Email engine (without UI) - Develop desktop and mobile webcam community Develop desktop and mobile webcam community site - Develop digital and Print brochure Develop Digital Pinball Software - Develop Dot Net Nuke Website - DNN Developer develop DotNetNuke module with WCF, C sharp, Jquery, Ajax - Develop Drupal Site Develop Drupal site using views, taxamony - Develop E Learning portal Develop e-books in HTML5 - Develop E-Mails LIsts Develop E-Mails Lists - Develop Ebay Application using api to upload items through tags Develop Ebay Listing Template - Develop eCommerce site in joomla Develop ecommerce site in OPENCART - Develop Educational Website Using Joomla Develop Effects from Various Particles Engines and Physics Engine on My Website - Develop Email List for dance business Develop Email List for my business - Develop embedded Linux software for alarm system Develop Embedded Mobile Linux - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop English test Develop English test -- 2 - Develop Escorts APP For ANDROID AND Iphone Develop ethernet communication code using C to go in TI's MSP430F5638 processor with SPI to Ethernet controller ENC28J60T-I/SS - Develop Excel Web Part Develop Excel-Based Software Wireframes - Develop existing software Develop existing t-shirt arts - Develop Expert Advisor in MQL4 or MQL5 EA Develop Expert Advisor in MQL4 or MQL5 EA - Repost - Develop FaceBook & Twitter Feed using API Develop Facebook Activation in PHP - Develop facebook canvas application Develop Facebook Chrome Extension - Develop Facial Recognition Software Develop Facial Recognition Software Package - Develop features in Opensource Project to build Android Applications Faster Develop features of a website - Develop Finance software Develop Finance software - repost - Develop Fit App Develop fitness app (design + programming) - Develop flash game develop flash game - Develop flash-xml software to show slide lectures using a video IPOD develop flash/HTML5 animation for poker game - Develop Forex Trading Website/Forum Develop Form & autoresponder for website - Develop framework for differential path construction and chosen-prefix collisions for MD5 based on Marc Stevens whitepaper Develop framework for differential path construction and chosen-prefix collisions for MD5 based on Marc Stevens whitepaper - repost - Develop front end site clone theme for my website from another website Develop Front end theme for price comparison/ cashback website - Develop full website (+php development) Develop full-featured HTML5 Android App - Develop Game Develop game - Develop game server system *Chance of 1 Year Part Time Job* Develop game similar to surf subway - Develop Geolocation based App for IOS 7 Develop geolocation project (clone) - Develop Google Scrapping Tool Develop Google Scripts to call various APIs - Develop GUI for android App develop GUI for existing test cases - Develop Heart Rate Variability Algorithm develop heat map and Radgrid using .Net Technology - Develop HMI(Human Machine Interface) for Water Distribution System.