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Develop Gift Card system and ecommerce website - Develop Develop GPS Navigation Software - Develop Hadoop Email System - repost Develop Hapticality application to simplify user input of Windows tablets - Develop High Quality Game Apps W/ In App Purchases develop high quality photoshop images from rough fashion sketches and photos - Develop house Plans & 3D Rendering Photo realistic images develop house Plans & 3D Rendering Photo realistic images - DEVELOP HTML RESPONSIVE QUESTIONAIR Develop HTML shopping cart, admin. interface and order checkout system offering paypal, google and merchant account (credit cards) as payment options - develop Hybrid game application in unity Develop hybrid mobile app - Develop Image Enhancement Algorithm for X-Ray Data C/C++ Develop Image Processing Module for Android App - Develop Infinite Scroll for Wordpress Theme Develop InfoBip USSD Platform/App - Develop interactive event calendar with PHP/filters Develop interactive info-point with c++ - Develop Interview Questions to Ask Athletes when they Relocate or Get traded Develop Interview Questions to Ask Athletes when they Relocate or Get traded(repost) - Develop iOS (Unity) physics Develop iOS + Android App - Develop iOS and Android Application for Event Develop IOS and Android Applications - Develop iOS app for iPhone and iPad Develop IOS app for me - Develop iOS for Historical Places Develop iOS Game - Develop iOS/Android library to read a proprietary barcode format Develop IOS/ANDROID mobile application - Develop iPhone & Android Application Develop iPhone & Android application - Develop iPhone and Android mobile application (end-to-end) Develop iPhone and Android, móvil and tablets - Develop iPhone app - Finder+Directory+Calendar develop iPhone app - open to bidding - Develop IPhone Application Develop Iphone Application - Develop Iphone Facebook Only Login/Sign in Sample App Develop iPhone Font Scanning App - Develop Iphone, Ipad and Androide Game. - repost Develop IPhone/Android app - develop Jaegers Tabs application Develop java algorithm for accurate page orientation determination - Develop Java web services Develop Java web services - Develop Joomla 2.5 Template Develop Joomla 2.5/vituamart website - Develop jquery integration with Zoho recruiting api Develop jquery mockup ui for bed availability based on json - develop landing page Develop landing page for web site - Develop library for intercepting Java calls on Android (Android NDK work) Develop LifeRay theme From PSD - DEVELOP LIVE WEBSITE, SEARCH AND SHOPPING CART Develop LMS ( Learning Management Solution ) Portal - Develop Logo and Hangtags Develop Logo and Name for our Company- Product UAV - Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 4 Develop low level prototype(s) that would run on desktops, tablets and mobiles -- 5 - Develop Mac Application - mini enterprise solution that incorporates acoustic fingerprinting Develop Mac Cleanner - Develop Magento Front End Template develop magento module - Develop Makeup Training Manual Develop Management software and payment processing tool for barbers - Develop Marketplace Ecommerce Services Site Develop marketplace website - Develop MCDST Online Content develop MCQ's - Develop Mega File Hosting Script Develop Member Website with Email/RETS/Database - Develop method of formatting excel file without excel installed Develop method to extract client name and contact info from online CRM for law firm into XML hotdocs file - Develop MMS connector with MM7+ protocol and SOAP Develop MMS SMS AT command control of device software program - Develop Mobile App (Web, Android and BlackBerry) Develop Mobile App - Capture Field info - Develop mobile app For Salesboard Develop mobile app for viewing UAV / Drone maps and imagery - Develop mobile application Develop mobile application - Develop Mobile apps Android and IOS develop mobile apps android and ios - Develop mobile portal for WordPress site Develop mobile rich media ads that can be converted into Celtra templates - develop module Develop module "Catalogue of products / services" - Develop Moodle 2.8+ block Develop Moodle Theme - Develop MS-Project Plan Develop MS-Word Template and rework tech bulletins - Develop music download site Develop music player for magento store - Develop my database application Develop my database further - Develop my Multi Level Market force Develop my new mobile app - Develop my Web app and Data entry DTP Develop my web platform - Develop My Website Look on Mobile Phones and Tablets Develop my website using joomla - Develop Native Iphone, iPad App Develop Native Mobile App for Online Newspaper - develop new corporate identity, logo and stationary develop new corporate identity, logo and stationary - repost to include list of items required - Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: .NET, MySql, CMS, HTML Develop New Highly Dynamic Website: AJAX, PHP, MySql, Linux, - develop new online shopping website using magento Develop new or modify existing Wordpress plugin - Develop new Ticketing app using C#, MVC, entity framework & SQL Azure Develop New Tracking System from ASP to ASP.NET - Develop new website using the some of the concepts from an existing website Develop new website with affiliates and Adsense - Develop Noom like application for Andorid Develop notification tool for third party website - Develop of internet cafe Develop of mock service / object to test web payment processes (invoice, purse and payout). - Develop one filter content Develop One Flash Toy - Develop one Toolbar for IE and one for Firefox Develop one very simple HTML web page - Develop Online E-eommerce portal in PHP Develop Online Employment Form Submission w/ Digital Signature - Develop online Playing card game app for Android Develop online Poker Game - Develop Online Stores with Magento CE Develop Online Student Reading Assessment - Develop OpenCart Module Develop Opencart module to connect to Teapplix - Develop or customize gallery plugin Develop or Implement a Tinder Clone iOS Script for mobile dating app - Develop our similar to Develop our app using a web based template - no coding required - Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website in 2 days Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website today - Develop Page for Video On-Demand Develop page/db caching of the existing web site. - Develop Payment Gateway Plugins For AppThemes - Jobsroller Theme - [Wordpress] Develop payment gateway software with all required approvals and certifications - develop pedometer app using accelerometer that can interact with another app using bluetooth Develop Pen Tool like Photoshop - Develop PhoneGap application iOS / Android OS - repost Develop PhoneGap application to support iOS, Android, Windows backed by PHP API. - Develop PHP application and provide additional functionalities
Develop PHP application and provide additional functionalities(repost) - DEVELOP PHP SCRIPT FOR WEBSCRAPING (24h/30EUR) Develop php script to compress photo - Develop pinterest bot Develop Pinterest Pin It Button - Develop Plugin for Oxwall Develop plugin for word, photoshop and indesign - develop poker game software,like pokerstars develop poker game software,like pokerstars please check - Develop Predictive Model Develop premium link generator - Develop price comparison website using Kaon s/w Develop Price File Manipulator Application - Develop professional ideas/brand for computer engineer (project manager) Develop Professional Image and Competence to Achieve Personal Career Goals - develop program that scrapes data from ecommerce and imports to opencart -- 2 Develop program to identify strongest correlation between historic stock prices - Develop prototype for new word/spelling game app for iOS Develop prototype of computer game - Develop Python program to download, analyze and visualize data Develop Python Script - develop Quick Checkout open cart Develop QuickBooks Online App - Develop Razer Keyboard Application - repost Develop Razer Keyboard Application - URGENT - Develop recruitment international website Develop recruitment platform - Develop Report Writer Software Develop reporting engine - Develop responsive landing page Develop responsive layout of a website in bootstrap based on the layout i made - Develop RESTful APIs with Java Develop RESTful Web Service in PHP - Develop Roku Channel--Basic Video--No Live Streaming Develop Roku Package for Channel - develop sales lead database via linkedin -- 2 Develop Sales Leads & Quotations Website - develop schematics Develop school management software - Develop script for identifying site visitor's age, sex... Develop Script for NS2 based on topology - Develop Search in my existing website develop search option on home page - Develop SEO stategy - for new Web Site Platform Develop SEO strategies - Develop several simple websites Develop several small features on a Drupal6 based site - Develop Shopify Payment App / Plugin Develop Shopify product page - develop simple .AVI file of race track Develop simple 3 screens app (camera) - Develop simple application based on freelancer API. Develop simple application for my website - Develop simple game Develop simple game using 3D Unity FrameWork - Develop Simple JAVAScript Based Games Develop simple javaScript Game - Develop simple PHP/MYSQL expense submission tool Develop simple Plug-In for Audacity - Automatic labelling - Develop simple UI - integrate API (exchange cryptocurrencies) Develop simple user directory application on EC2 and S3 - Develop single custom page for Webmin (Perl/PHP) develop Single page Bucket List or movie database web application using Python with Flask Framework - Develop site like linkedin but modified with added features Develop site like linkedin but modified with added features - Develop small app in 2.0 Develop small application in Mozilla/Firefox environment - Develop smart Data scraping script that feeds data to excel Develop Smart Watch Application - Develop Social Commerce Website (.net) Develop Social Healthcare Website - Develop social networking site develop social networking site - Develop software develop software - Develop Software for a Financial Program Develop software for a keyless entry system - Develop software for restaurant (Sales and Inventory) develop software for smart health card - Develop Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for App Development Develop Software Similar to CustomInk - Develop Software To Read Currency Note Number And Year Develop software to remove folders - Develop some flash for our website Develop some forms in Java Strut..forms - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop some software Develop some software - Develop Space rental Platform with Java Struts Develop Span Charts for solid verified timber in the New Zealand market - Develop SQL database and integrate with website -- 2 Develop SQL Query - Develop Steam Gambling Website Develop Steam Gambling Website - Develop sub routine using vbasic - open to bidding Develop Sub Site for Client Login - Develop symptom checker and integrate with our app Develop system (Activity Sheet) (WEB + Mobile) - Develop Targeted AD Engine for us Develop Task Management System - Develop template for ebay auctions Develop template for ecommerce site (HTML5 ,CSS3, JQuery) - Develop Text For Websites Develop textbased game using the MEAN stack - Develop the business Develop the business - open to bidding - Develop the function to outsource captcha server Develop the Functional and Technical Spec for our New Website - Develop the's Anypic app for Android Develop the pedagogy for small buisness - Develop the web portal Develop the web site in HTML and Web development also - Develop this demo into a Full Site - repost Develop this demo into a Full Site - repost 2 - Develop Tracking application with Google Develop tracking extension similar to Google Analytics - Develop Tree Trader - vb.NET application Develop treeview using Kendo and SQL Server - Develop two chart components develop two complementary programs, a client and a server, that implement the TELNET Protocol - Develop Uber Clone for On Demand Service - Similiar to Uber for Cleaner Develop Uber-Like Android and IOS Applications with Backend Site & CRM - Develop Unity 2D game Develop Unity 3D game - Develop V2 of App Develop V2V adaptive cruise control - Develop video capture and saving functions - open to bidding Develop Video chat using Flex/AS3/red5 - Develop video player for NodeJs/Electron app Develop video player using FFMpeg - Develop VOIP call recording apps Develop VoIP iOS App - Develop Web & Mobile App-1 Develop Web & Mobile Platform - Develop web application ( business dashboard ) Develop web application -- 2 - Develop Web Based Freight Load Board Develop Web Based Freight Load Board -- 2 - Develop Web Crawlers (Please read full project details) Develop web front end for - develop web service on C# web app Develop web service that geocodes locations, converts time zones, and connects with another service (Using MongoDB and NEO4J) - Develop web site portal and mobile apps to cater My Community Freelance Jobs Develop web site so4net - Develop web using technologies required.