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Develop Microsoft Access Database - repost - Develop Mobile APP Develop Mobile App - Develop Mobile App for Android and iOS Develop mobile app for Android and iOS - Develop mobile app similar to Uber Develop mobile app that will run on Lumia 525 under Windows 8.1 - Develop Mobile Application and Accompanying Website Develop mobile application and website - Develop mobile food ordering APP Develop mobile food ordering APP - repost - Develop mobile version of pre-existing landing page Develop mobile versions of landing page with proper browser / platform sniffers to spec - Develop module for prestashop Develop module for PrestaShop (carousel banners) - Develop Movement algorithms, Decision Making, and Product Development in C++ Develop Movement algorithms, Decision Making, and Product Development in C++ - Develop Multi Level Marketing module on OpenCart Develop Multi Site in Magento - develop my forum web site Develop my VirtaCoin exchange place like BitCoin - develop my designs into Big Commerce platform develop my domain - partners only - Develop my phpprobid site develop my private MMORPG server. - Develop my Website Develop my website - Develop my Wordpress photoagency site Develop my wordpress site - Develop Network Marketing Suite in PHP/MYSql [MLM script] Develop Network Video Recorder Module - develop new easy CMS develop new ecommerce android app - Develop New Information Website Develop new information website - develop new products like chargers and accessories for phones and tablets - open to bidding develop new products like chargers and accessories for phones and tablets - open to bidding -- 2 - develop new web based service website usng PHP/MYSQL Develop New Web site - Develop new WordPress website with API service to let other websites get registered members information. Develop new WP homepages on the Story WP theme for three existing websites - Develop October CMS extension. Develop Odds Matching software - Develop ois app application and submit in app shop after completion Develop on existing JQuery DIV carousel - Develop one package design for toy set - (5 set plush toys) Develop one page by design on wordpress CMS - Develop online and mobile Road Map application on USHAHIDI platform Develop online Android application for shopping of handcrafts - Develop online game in HTML5 (or Flash) Develop online game using HTML/CSS/javascript - Develop Online Selling Website Module Develop Online Service that Disguises Sites as Word Document - Develop Online World using Multiverse Platform Develop Online/Mobile Database function + Label Printing Software - Develop OpenERP module Develop Opennebula Sunstone extension for custom VM scheduling - Develop Order form with Stripe gateway Develop Order processing module for our website. We need the procedure of checkout, with payment option and shipping module. using Angular JS , .NET Web API , C#, SQL , Bootstrap. - Develop Our E-Commerce Web Site Develop our e-commerce web site and generate traffic to it - Develop Outlook 2010 Forms Develop Outlook Addin/Plugin - Develop Parser for Custom Software Develop part of a website using Highcharts and Highmaps (or similar) - Develop payroll module for Dolibarr 4.0.3 Develop payroll using access database - develop personal website - Personal Marketing - repost develop personal website - Personal Marketing - repost 2 - Develop Photography Website, Blog Develop Photoshop CS5 action for Andy Warhol Filter - Develop PHP Forms - No Design Develop PHP Framework for Existing Online Music Learning Site - Develop PHP-based Reports for a PHP Website Develop PHP/MYSQL sales dashboard using Amazon MWS API - Develop Plug Ins for Jomres in Joomla 2.5 Develop plug-in for IM Clients (Trillian, Adium, Pidgin, AIM, MSN, etc) - Develop plugins for Joomla and WordPress amd Drupal Develop plugins for wordpress/appointment+ - Develop PowerPoint presentation from hand drawn charts Develop PowerPoint slides as marketing collateral for property development projects - develop prestashop module Develop Prestashop module - Develop Product Data Feed CSV Import Script Develop Product Descriptions for my Accounting and Business Plan products - Develop Program Code Develop program for MCU Renesas SH7216 (servo motor control) - develop proper video conferencing system develop proposal - Develop push notification Plugin for Openfire Chat Server Develop Python Backend of Iphone App - Develop quality template for nopcommerce, and to install and build site using nopcommerce Develop quality flash player to our video site - Develop rapid craigslis poster Develop rapidleech download plugins - Develop RealTimeEvent using zkemkeeper.dll for multi thread IP Develop RealTimeEvent using zkemkeeper.dll for multi thread IP - Develop Rental Properties Website Develop replica of an existing website - - Develop responsive application in Angular JS, bootstrap etc Develop responsive applications and interface in HTML - Develop REST API in Java Develop REST API Integration between SharePoint and external system - Develop robust iPhone application Develop rocket chat custom windows application with electron - Develop SaaS website (4 pages to implement) develop SACD on Marvell 3010 - Develop SAP MS Proj integration software Develop SAP Product costing and Material ledger Videos - Develop Script Develop script and go with team to the field to produce a short film on poverty issue among ethnic minority children in Vietnam - Develop SDN network controller Develop Search categories within site - develop SEO for my website Develop SEO friendly Word Press blogs with SEO support - Develop sets of terms and conditions for general use. Develop setup file from Visual studio Project - Develop sharepoint workflow Develop sharepoint workflows - develop similar website develop similar website - Develop simple App Develop simple app for Androind and IOs - repost - Develop simple features Develop simple Firefox extension. - develop simple iphone children app Develop Simple iPhone Game - Develop simple offline Calendar app for Android. Develop Simple Online Database or help setup in existing eg zoho - Develop simple skill for Amazon Echo (Alexa) Develop Simple Slot Machine Game and Race App in android and Iphone - develop simple wordpress website. I will not accept revised quotes. Develop simple, custom WordPress plugin for attention box in header - Develop Site cargo. Russian speaker developer Develop site content - develop skynet file develop skype equivalent - develop small static informational website(10 pages) develop small website - Develop Snapchat Friend Adding Software Develop snapchat like IOS and Andriod like app for China - develop social network chat app develop social network chat app - repost - Develop Software Develop Software - develop software and java Develop Software and Webapp - Develop software for generate numbers Develop software for IPTV set top box - Develop software in Java
develop software in Java - develop software to bring work to our website Develop software to connect an app interface to an external API - develop softwares Develop softwares and apps - Develop some reports on servicedesk systems Develop some reports on servicedesk systems - Develop some software Develop some software - DEVELOP SOUNDCLOUD PLAYER FOR WEBSITE -- 2 develop soundproof 100percent - Develop sport planner/organizer app, design will be provided Develop Sports Betting Software - Develop static html page with responsive design constructs Develop static portion of website for - develop student information portal mobile app Develop student management system - Develop Survey System with Dynamic Questions / Answers Form Develop Survival-Sandbox Game In Unity3D - Develop table for website Develop Table Layout module of Restaurant POS - Develop Technology Platform for Remote Education Services Develop telemarketing scripts to be used by telemarketing professionals to generate sales from an existing pipeline (active, non-active) - Develop Texas holdem poker develop Texas holdem software,like pokerstars - Develop the backoffice of our website in wordpress Develop the base for a 2D - Develop the first stage of a project to put in production in 2 WEEKS develop the FreeRADIUS module and OpenLDAP / LDAP support for LinOTP 2.4.3 Community Edition - Develop the next iteration of our web app Develop the Noventus Strategic Plan - Develop the tutorial for a Ajax/JQuery based Online Game Develop the Urine Application - Develop Theme for Mahara Develop theme for Mozilla Thunderbird - Develop tool to analyze 3D object data produced by PC games Develop Tool to Monitor Web Page for Updates - Develop Tranzila module for OpenCart. Develop Travel Itinerary and Costing - Develop twitter presence strategy - monthly engagement Develop Twitter Software - Develop two vtiger modules Develop two-way communication service between Twilio and using PHP/Laravel - Develop Unique Selling Point for Education Business + Fill Website Content Develop Unique Social Networking Website from Existing Source Code Template - Develop Userform for Excel Develop USMLE Step 2 CK MCQS - Develop Very Simple SDK for banner Mobile Application Develop Very Simple SDK for showing promotional banners and videos in Application - Develop video live stream capture and playback application for iPhone develop Video Messaging App - Develop visualizations for iPython Develop voice and vedio chat program using Delphi language - Develop War Card Game in C# using existing GUI Develop Watermark Plugin for Wordpress - Develop Web app for school application submissions Develop web app pages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript - Develop web application using .net Develop web application using .Net technlogy - Develop web based POS system Develop web based software - Develop web scraping software develop web Scraping with outwit or webharvy - Develop Web Site Content(repost) Develop Web Site Content(repost)(repost) - Develop web-based software to read email log files and produce different actions (pop up windows, email alerts, etc) Develop web-based table to (neatly) display data from a database - Develop webscraping program for flash sites. Develop Webservice Client in gsoap - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - develop website develop website - Develop Website - Project for DevWorkShop Develop Website - repost - Develop Website based on yootheme unity Template Develop Website Based Solution - Develop Website for IT Recruitment Co Develop website for magazine - Develop website form mockup you created Develop website fpformació: Project for Aphroecs - Develop Website Land Page Develop website like, but with sexual content. - Develop website like Develop website like - develop website repost Develop website scraping code - Develop Website using CMS (Joomla. Wordpress etc.) Develop website using codeigniter - Develop Website with Bigrock Develop website with database capabilities - Develop webstats from existing api. Develop Wedding membership website - Develop Widnows desktop data search program Develop Wikipedia Page - Develop Windows program that creates iPad/iPhone app Develop Windows Scripting Host Code to Automate IE/Excel/Access Task - Develop woocommerce plugin Develop WooCommerce plugin - repost - Develop wordpress Landing Page Develop Wordpress Landing Page and Integrate with SugarCRM. - Develop Wordpress plugin Develop Wordpress plugin - Develop WordPress Plugin to scrape single target webpage. Develop Wordpress plugin to stream video from Google Drive/Youtube - Develop wordpress site - expert needed Develop WordPress Site for Clinical Psychologist - Develop Wordpress theme Develop Wordpress theme - Develop wordpress website Develop wordpress Website - Develop Working Prototype for Product Website Develop working Windows 7 driver or solution for older hardware - Develop WPML compatibility for a Wordpress premium theme Develop Wrist size freediving computer - Develop Youtube Software Develop Youtube videos - six of them - Develop, test and document a integration between AgileCRM and WooCommerce in JSON Develop, update and Create new Features for our PHP websites - Develop/Design forgot password function and reset function - set in our design and our flow Develop/Design forgot password function and reset function - set in our design and our flow -- 2 - Develop/Modify Property Search Component in Joomla Develop/program an online calendar assessment tool - Develope a brand (company name) and logo Develope a brand name for my products - Develope a course structure for social media and fashion Develope a CRM in vtiger - Develope a knowledge share platform with in Office365, Teamsite Develope a landing for my wordpress site - Develope a Platform up social media site Develope a plug-in for data convertion on Cadence Schmatic/PCB Platfrom. - Develope a simple mobile social app develope a simple mobile version of my adult website - Develope a Very Simple & Small Desktop SEO Software Coded in Adobe Air to Work on Both Mac and PC Computers Develope a video hosting website - Develope a website - repost develope a website 1 - Develope a wordpress based website Develope a Wordpress Plugin for a WooCommerce site - develope an application develope an application - Develope an iPhone App develope an iphone app that takes processing payments - develope and fix some change of my app (android and iphone) develope and SEO 10 websites - Develope Basic Mobile App -- 2 Develope BI application - Develope code to draw pictures in vb6 using ewdraw