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Create art for animation based on sketches - Create Articles Create articles - Create artistic decorations, graphics for mugs, cups Create artistic decorations, graphics for mugs, cups -- 2 - Create AS3 code frame for a facebook application create AS3 flipbook viewer - Create asp.net mvc project Create ASP.NET MVC Razor Layout from a single PSD File - create association site create asterisk bootable usb - Create attractive homepage (dating website) Create attractive html flyer from attached content - Create auctions using Turbo Lister for eBay Create Auctions webbsite on Joomla - Create audio podcasts from a text that I provide (male candidates only) Create Audio Production Sound Kits - Create Australian version of US site Using Wordpress/woocommerce Create auth (on js for client side) for our Proxy Server - create auto function in existing program(repost)(repost) Create Auto Generate PHP XML Sitemap - Create Auto-Blogs Create Auto-Confirmed User Account at wikipedia.org - Create AutoCAD of PDF Plans Create AutoCAD of very simple mounting bracket - Create automated report from LimeSurvey Create automated reporting from Live chat INC platform - URGENT - Create automatic push notifications when my rss feed is updated CREATE AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION FOR APP LIKE WHATSAPP - Create Autoresponder for Inbound emails Create Autoresponder Optin Page/Text - CREATE AWARD WINNING RESPONSIVE WEBSITE - NEW RETAIL STORE - ANIMATION + CREATIVE -- 2 CREATE AWARD WINNING WEBSITE - NEW RETAIL STORE - ANIMATION + CREATIVE - Create AWS CF Template to monitor CloudWatch alarms for EC2 Create AWS CF Template to monitor CloudWatch alarms for EC2 (Reposted) - Create B2B logo in Illustrator Create b2b portal - Similiar to Alibaba.com - create backend (DRM) Create Backend and Frontend of a Quiz Website - Create Background Image ... Urgent Task Need Urgent Create background image and sliders for website - create backlinks Create Backlinks - Create backlinks for website Create backlinks for website - repost - Create backup system for real server MYSQL , FTP Create Backup System for Web Server - create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo - Create banner Create banner - create banner and changes to av-chat Create Banner and insert into Opencart Store - Create banner for the top of a wordpress site Create banner for web - Create Banners Create Banners - Create Banners and slideshow for Volusion Website Create banners flash/jpg - Create banners in flash with GIF version Create Banners in HTML5 (Design Provided) - create bash script - repost Create bashscript for Centos KVM - Create Basic E-book Windows Phone via web service Create Basic Educational Tutorial Training Videos on Variety of IT Subjects (for personal use) - Create Basic Laravel Crud Admin Panel using our Theme Create basic layout on business card (simple job) - Create Basic Template Frontpage Compatible Create Basic Text Animation in Video - Create Basketball Highlight Videos Create basketball PHPNuke theme - Create beautiful game assets for a game app Create beautiful graphics based on Excel and JPG images (5 total) - create best video Create best Video Game ever - create bigbluebutton api in php with forms Create Bigcommerce CSV Import file data formatting, scraping and configuring - Create bing ads. create bingo village banner - create Bitmap object (System.Drawing) from Surface object (SharpDX) create Bitmap object (System.Drawing) from Surface object (SharpDX) - Create block at website and email us forms CREATE BLOCKCHAIN BITCOIN ADDRESS - Create Blog Design in PSD Format for Sanjay2004 Create Blog Earning $10 to $20 USD per day with Google Adsense - Create Blog Posts Create Blog Posts - Create Blog Widget in CSS/HTML from existing design Create BLOG with *back-dated* posts - CREATE BLOGS FOLLOWING A SYSTEM Create Blogs for My Product - Create Book Cover Create Book Cover - Create Booking Management Plugin For WORDPRESS Admin Create Booking Platform - Create Bootstrap 3.x Theme Create Bootstrap 3.x Theme -- 2 - Create bot for Facebook Messenger that helps user order pizza Create bot for google and Bing - Create Box Art ! Create Box Billing theme for website - Create brand design guideline pack Create brand for a medical simulation retailer - Create brandable domain name for my website Create branded document template - Create Bridge between to subnets on 2008r2 Create brief articles summarising several other related articles - Create Brochure from bought Template Create brochure generator - Create Browser Search Widget for Firefox/Chrome Create Browser toolbar (Firefox) - Create bulk 301 redirects in Magento CREATE BULK ACTION SCRIPT IN PHOTOSHOP - Create business ! New freelancers welcome Create BUSINESS (not personal) Social Media Profiles for me - Create Business Card with logo Create Business Card+Logo - Create Business Ethics dialogue script Create business Facebook - Create Business Name Create Business Name - Create Business templates in word Create Business Video Presentation - Create buttons for iphone game Create buttons for my website - Create C# application for Revenue.com Create C# Application to Perform Perspective Transformation of User Defined Coordinates - Create C# wrapper classes for a C++ SDK Create C# wrapper from C++ source - create cache system for bulk php mail system: create cache system for bulk php mail system:(repost) - Create CAD layouts for construction from SketchUp model - repost Create CAD of Product and manufacture - create calendar in php or javascript Create Calendar JS Snippet - Create CAN lib for STM32Fxx to read OBD-2 data Create Canadian escort email / phone list - Create car model from 3D scan in SolidWorks Create car rental website - Create Carousel Cards For Facebook Ad Campaign Create carousel jquery slider with hover effect - Create cartoon characters from a real persons Create cartoon characters out of real persons - Create cartoons create cartoons - Create Catalog Flie Create Catalog for online use - Create Categories as in another site and create icons for these using http://fontawesome.io/icons/ - Most icons are already done
Create categories in BigCommerce - Create CD / Video Menus, Autostart, Add Music & More create CD album cover and graphics - Create Ceramic Tile Catalog Create Certificate - new certificate for club - Create character from photo Create Character game - Create chart in illustator from PDF sample create chart of website - firmness info graph - create chat flooder Create chat funtion to exsisting app - Create checkout website, design provided -- 2 create checkout with amazon payment option - create childcare management software Create Children educational Stop Motion - 3D Animation - Create Chrome extension Create chrome extension - Create chronological index Create CHrooted SSH enviornment for PHP 5.6 and magento 2.1 site on plesk server - Create class diagram for a given business logic Create Class Enrollment and Event Attendance Live Shopping Cart. - Create Classipress Child Theme -- 2 Create Classroom Management WPF application (use C#) - Create clickable demo with Sketch and Invision create clickable email signature - Create clients and websites on a plesk server Create clients, email, ftp accounts on a plesk 10 server - Create Clone site of www.break.com: Funny Videos, Funny Clips & Funny Pictures Create Clone Subscription Shopping Cart - Create Cluster server create CM to existing site in ASP with accessDB - Create CMS website Create CMS website & content to import from external sources - Create code in php to get realtime data Create code in VB.NET for ASP.NET Pages - Create CodeIgniter Functions in Model Create codeigniter landing pages - Create Color Palette and Some Logo Customization create color palette from logo and update my wordpress from cpanel - Create combined file Create combo items in SAASU accounting software. - Create common crawl script Create communication between wordpress and a customized checkout script. - Create company Letterhead create company letterhead - Create company logo - technology background Create company logo and business cards - Create company portal website/ Creare website portal de firme Create Company Posters- You need to be creative. - Create Company video Create Company video - open to bidding - Create Compelling Sales Powerpoint Presentation Design Create competition page on wordpress website - Create completelly new brand for luxury curtains service, catalogs, logo, all work materials as portfolio, pricelists, contract designs, usb flash cards or designs, video for web production plans with detailed shots description, website design and text wr Create Complety Website (for Nycky) - Create comprehensive tuition jobs agency website and tutor database Create compressed self-extracting exe - Create conditional formatting for excel file Create conditional formatting for excel file - Create Constant Contact Marketing Emails - Repost Create Constant Contact Opt-In Form - Create contact form for website create Contact Form from PSD - Create Contact List on Excel - repost Create Contact List on Excel - repost - Create content and build wordpress site Create content and design a brochure - Create content for my website Create content for my website - create content management system Create Content Match AdGroups in Yahoo - Create contract and invoice template file (editable .pdf) Create contract and invoice template file (editable .pdf) - CREATE COOL DJ VOICE OVER WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS CREATE COOL DJ VOICE OVER WITH SPECIAL EFFECTS TRANSITION - Create Copy Website & App Create Copy/Text for brief 1 page marketing brochure - Create corporate Internet marketing website Create Corporate INTRANET - Create costumazed google forms (in English and Spanish) Create Costume Shop YouTube Video & Uploads Required - Create course material from files /data I will supply Create course material from files /data I will supply(repost) - Create coversheets for CV's Create CPAGrip Addon for EvolutionScript - Create crawling script Create Crazy Product Videos - Create CRM in Code Igniter create crm system - Create Cross Platform App - Cloud, Web & Mobile Create Cross Platform App Using Ionic - create cryptocurrency create cryptocurrency -- 2 - Create css and template for Wordpress Create CSS and template from design - Create CSS from design Create CSS from existing design and markup - Create CSS StyleSheet and Blogger Template for Site Create CSS styling for my website - Create CSS/HTML for Table (beehive) Create CSS/HTML for Wordpress Template - Create CSV file from word doc contacts Create csv file from XML files downloaded from soap web service - Create CSV Reader to import data into MySQL DB Create CSV Template for Shopify Import - Create Custom Ad Widget in WP Create Custom Adobe Muse Mobile Menu - Create custom background music for healthcare videos. Create custom bigcommerce template, configure site, and more. - Create Custom CiviCRM Reports Create custom ckEditor plug-ins - Create Custom Data Analysis Report from Excel Data Create custom database and invoicing software - Create Custom Excel Spreadsheet Create Custom Excel Spreadsheet - Create custom FLEXGET config for me. Create Custom Flynax Template - Create Custom google analytics reports Create custom Google Analytics tracking code - Create Custom Icons create custom icons - Create custom JIRA reporting Create Custom JIRA Workflows - Create Custom Login Section for Joomla from another site Create custom logo - Create Custom Modification Tab for Open Cart Create custom modifications for the Chevereto image hosting script. - Create custom Order Status messages in Magento: Better Order Management by Amasty Create Custom OS / Android ROM - (read description) - create custom php page Create custom PHP poll/voting module for existing website - Create Custom Post Type in Wordpress using Genesis Create Custom Post Type Template for our WordPress Website - Create custom report from moodle database Create Custom Reporting VBScript - Create Custom Search for Website PHP Create custom search form in WP - Create Custom Slider - Wordpress Plugin Create Custom Snapchat QR Code Design - Create custom theme and integrate with new ebay store. Create custom theme for Blackberry using BlackBerry Theme Studio. - Create Custom Voiceover for 2 Minute Video Create custom VOIP Software for iphone - Create custom WooCommerce account login form Create custom Woocommerce admin page, design product - Create Custom Wordpress Plugin Create Custom Wordpress Plugin - Create Custom Wordpress Template