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Create and install web site - Create and Integrate Mailchimp Campaign Create and Integrate marketing automation strategy for an Application - Create and link roles in Drupal + Moodle using openid Create and link roles in Drupal + Moodle using openid(repost) - Create and make 5 second animation of text logo in flash Create and manage (clients, PR & strategic partnership) for my new service - Create and Manage a PPC Campaign Create and Manage a PPC Campaign (GOOGLE ADWORD) - Create and Manage Employee Payroll system Create and Manage Facebook Ad Campaign - Create and manage PPC campaign Create and Manage PPC Campaign - open to bidding - create and modify a wordpress site Create And Modify Codeigniter Template Engine "Urgent Project" - create and personalize 3D characters online -- 2 create and personalize 3D characters online -- 3 - Create and produce 30-60 second product feature/benefit videos for use on You Tube and Web Create and Program an Android/iOS Game - Create and publish a Wikipedia page Create and Publish an Android and iOS application from Sex Life wordpress site - Create and rig a Judoka character Create and rig a simple 3d character to be animated in c4d - Create and set shipment module on MAGENTO Create and Set Up 3 Tumblr Blogs - Create and style a jquery slider calculator for WordPress Create and style a table in a Joomla site - Create and test Django models for migration from Drupal website create and track all quotation - create and upload an online shop create and upload an online shop - repost - Create and write a business plan. Create and write a Wikipedia Article - create Android & iphone Application Create Android & iPhone Application - Create Android and Iphone Apps -- 2 Create Android and Iphone apps similar to ScanVid - Create android app Create android app - Create Android app and desktop application in Java. Create Android APP based on an existing website - create android app like badoo or skout create android app like this - Create Android Application Create Android Application - Create android application functionality from sites created Create Android Application Like Champcash - Create android chess game based on our requirement Create android class that assigns ringtone to a contact - Create android gaming application create android google map with update function - Create android mp3 downloader source code Create android mp3 downloader source code - Create Android version of my App - iOS App already Live Create Android version of my ios App - Create Android/Iphone Application Create Android/iPhone application - create animated 30 second flv file Create animated 3D character Model fully rigged for animations - Create animated chars PLEASE READ Create animated circle/menu system for wordpress site - Create Animated GIFs Create animated gifs - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 37 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 38 - Create animated logo Create animated logo - Create Animated Subtitles for a Singalong Feature Film Create Animated Text Gif - Create animated video in 3d Create Animated Video in Flash - Create animation create animation - Create animation atlas/sprite file for use in mobile apps Create Animation Based on Pixity Land Template Pack. - Create animation for promoting website Create Animation for School Teaching Purpose - Create animation of a complex 3D of a wind turbine device with special features. Create animation of building being constructed (3DS Max Vray) + 3D photo realistic images of 5 building designs from CAD drawings - Create Animation Video Create animation video - Create Animation Videos for me - ongoing basis Create Animation Videos of company solution - Create animations of 2 women using Blender 3d create animations similar to ESPN U for college - Create another book app iphone and android Create Another Brand Name - Create ANSI 5010 EDI Message Create answers on different Java exercises - Create API Create API - Create API for Android Application Create API for Android Application - Create API Integration for my SMM Panel -- 3 Create API integration for Register, Login, Forgot and Improve UI - Create Apk from my sourcecode Create Apk of my Website. - Create App 11 and 12 Create app a single action app on Zapier to integrate our API. - create app for facebook ads for the new audience network Create App for Full-Text Searchable PDFs and Images using Tesseract and Solr - Create app for multiple platforms create app for my website - Create App Icons for Apple Store Submission - Rehire Create App icons for Mobile app - Create App Similar To Instagram Create App Similar to publish Advertisement - Create app using cross platform Cocos2d-x for iOS, Android and Windows Phone Create app using drag and drop software - Create Apple Pages template from PDF Create Apple Passbook in 3 days - Create application from scratch in C#, C++ or Java. Create Application Icon Files From Example - create application used at multiple locations via online Create application using Facile Forms - Joomla - Create APPs to work with Vtiger - open to bidding
Create Apps which store url - Create architectural drawings of furniture products Create architectural drawings of shade sails showing shaded area at different times of day/year - create around 30 icons in adobe illustrator Create around 360-380 products in Magento from XLS - Create article directory website Create article for front page - Create articles from various sources v2 Create articles in Joomla - Create artwork for an outdoor A-Frame sign Create Artwork for Banner - Create ASP or PHP version of Perl Script Based on Vendor Specs Create asp pages for client portals - Create ASP.NET Web Application Master page Template Create ASP.NET Web Forms - Create ATC programme for Supreme to run online via server Create ATEC score sheet - Create Attribute Groups on WooCommerce Create attributes for configurable products - Create Audio Clips for Music Calendar 2009-03-11 Create audio clips for Music Calendar 2009-03-15 - Create Audioboooks of 5 mins for different topic Create Audios from Transcript - Create Auto Ad Poster on Gumtree Create Auto Attendant Simple IVR - Create auto Push notification GCM on my APP Create Auto Refresh Service Management Software - create autocad drawing Create AutoCAD drawing from jpeg/vector file - Create Automated Amazon Mechanical Process and Setup Hosting Create Automated Annotated Summary Sheet from Access Database - Create Automated Trading Feature/App (Stock Markets) Create Automated VPS Servers for Game Server Hosting - Create automation process in "Sauce Labs" Create Automation Script for my web application - Create avatar for social network group Create Avatars - Create awesome checkout page woocommerce Create awesome content for an Anti-Smoking Brochure - Create axure widget library of kendo ui widgets Create axure wireframes - create back links for website using our SEO tool Create back links on blogs related to swimming pools, swimming, water sports or water. - Create backend for Profile Directory Website Create Backend for Storefront on Blog - Create background music for a mobile game Create backgrounds for 2D side scrolling game - Create backlinks for casino website - repost 10 Create backlinks for casino website - repost 2 - Create backlinks to youtube videos Create backlinks to youtube videos - Create bank links using roboform and visiting sites Create Bank Routing Function - Create Bank Statement Template Create Bank Statement Template - ongoing work - Create Banner Ad Placements in WordPress Create Banner AD's, Product Images - Create Banner For a web site Create Banner for a website Homepage - Create Banner Image Ads for website create banner image for adult toy store - create banners create banners - Create Banners for Google Ad Displays Create Banners for Homepage Slideshow - Create Barcode equipment tracking software Create barcode in LibreOffice Calc (OpenOffice) - Create basic android app a form with up to 30 fields checkbox yes or no, and have data sent to a webserver via gprs and entered into a sql database Create basic Android app for baggage registration and receipt printing - Create basic GeoLocation service that links to Payment providers Create basic GUI on Java Swing/AWT - Create Basic Member Profiles Create Basic Member Profiless - Create basic webpage to allow user to create custom video like Facebook Year in Review videos create basic website - Create Batch Images from Text list create batch operating system - Create Beautiful Product Packaging Create Beautiful Splash Page/Templage! Very specific Instruction EASY Job! FULL WORDPRESS SITE! - Create better front-end of Google App Engine application Create better looking registration form for website and implement it - Create Bilingual WordPress Website from provided PSD Create Bill of Details and Network Diagrams for an office LAN - create Birthday Club page for each of the list of retailers create birthday invitation and thank you card - Create black and white outline activity worksheets create black and white video - Create Blog Create blog (reference) - Create Blog for website in PHP Create Blog From Avada Theme - Create Blog Posts For Startup Resources/Tools Create blog posts for students - Create Blog with Wordpress and Populate with Original Content and Autoblog (repost) Create blog wordpress - Create Blogspot Template Create blogspot template - Create Book Covers Create Book Covers - Create Booking Website for Start Taxi Up Company - repost 2 create bookingsystem - Create Bootstrap Menu Create Bootstrap Mobile Friendly HTML/CSS from existing site - Create Bot to Auto Submit Files in Webform Create Bot to automate process - Create box in Adobe Illistrator to be made into sample Create box in Adobe Illistrator to be made into sample - Create Brand Label - Repost Create Brand Label - Repost - open to bidding - Create Branding Designs for presentations Create Branding For a Car Wrap 3 cars - create brochure create brochure - Create Brochure website Create brochure, business website - Create Buddypress custom profile tab Create Buddypress Plugin - Create Bulk SMS Excel Plugin Create Bulk SMS Marketing Software - Create business card create business card + 3 flyers - Create Business Cards & Letterheads for Accountants Create business cards 2 - Create Business Intro Video create business intro video (top and tails) - Create business plan for kinderdarden Create business plan for my company - create button create button - Create buttons/image files for website navigation Create Buy Words Script - (links) - Create c# function that logs in to betting website and places bet Create C# image list user control - Create c++ directory(Add c++ links)(repost)(repost) Create C++ DLL for MetaTrader With Prompt and Return - Create CAD drawing of belt buckle product -- 3 Create CAD drawing of belt buckle product -- 4 - Create Cailee Rae "Symbol, Logo" create cakephp login script - Create call screens identical to stock Android for SIP application create call to action and fix magento newsletter mailchimp - Create Capability Studies - AUSTRALIANS AND NEW ZEALANDERS ONLY Create CAPM model for UK property investment in excel - Create card designs Create card game to be played on Play Station / Xbox and WII - Create Cartoon Animated Commercial For Toy Product! Create cartoon animation for comedy drivers education website. - Create cartoon characters from a real persons