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Create a AWS (Amazon) request and grab the xml response from - Create a Backend script for URL Shortener Create a backend service in .NET to process Stripe payments - Create a Backlink Generation Tool That Automatically Adds A Link to My Site If That Site Creates A Backlink To My Site Create A Backlink Indexer Script I have visual for you - Create a bank statement for proof of income Create a bank statement for proof of income - Create a banner (code) for \'Type 2 Translate\' Create a Banner (Easy Project) - Create a banner for existing website create a banner for facebook ------- in arabic - create a banner, very simple Create a banner/"ribbon" watermark - Create a basic animated GIF for a blog header Create a basic animated GIF, based off my story! :) - Create a Basic Form which Stores Name, Address and other Personal Details by using MEAN Stack Create a basic framework for an application UI - Create a Basic OpenSSL Build Script -- 2 Create a basic OS with VC++ - Create a basic web script Create a basic web site - Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce Create a batch inventory adjustment tool for osCommerce -- 2 - Create a beautiful mascot in 5 variation (for KUBOGRAPHICS) Create a Beautiful Peacock Themed Wedding Invitation. - Create a bespoke CMS platform. Create a bespoke complex web form application - Create a bibliography APA reference style Create a bibliography from a list of website articles - Create a Billiards (snookers) IOS, Android and Facebook game App. Create A Billing Software - Create a bitcoin ponzi website Create a bitcoin ponzi website - Create a blocking access software with panel Create a Blog - create a blog - repost Create a blog - wordpress - Create a Blog for our Website powered by WordPress create a blog for us - create a blog page for my website create a blog page for my websitesshnnu - Create a Blog website Create a blog whic will be self hosted - Create a Blogger Template Create a blogger Template - Create A BooCover Create A BooCover - open to bidding - create a book, all text provided Create a booking adventure website, using two model of templates that I have. -- 2 - Create a Boonex Template Create a boot animation for Android - Create a bootstrap template with an elegant design Create a Bootstrap Theme - Create a bot for actions on create a bot for an android imulator - Create a bot that automatically posts classified ads online Create a Bot that Logs into Our Site - Easy - Create a Bottle Design Create a bottle flip game (Under Cproductions Company Name) - Create a brand and define colors, typography and design Create a Brand And Logo - Create a Brand name for Leather Jackets mainly for motorcycle riders and fashionable youngsters Create a brand name for nail salon - Create a breezing form with some features Create a Brickwall Image - Create a brochure design Create a brochure for a baby shop brochure for christmas - need ideas - Create a browser extension that collects URLs visited Create a browser extension to hide browser info - Create a build for Kodi Create A Build-Your-Own Slot Machine WooCommerce Plugin - Create a Business and marketing Plan Create A Business and Marketing Plan For HVAC Company - Create a business card for choclate strawberry company Create A Business Card for My Audio/Music Services - Create a BUSINESS LinkedIn profile for us Create a business List for Ireland for csv import to CRM - Create a Business Plan Create a Business Plan - Create a business website Create a Business Website - Create A Buttons To Move & Copy Data In Excel Sheet create a buy and sell website - Create a C# Command Line Project to Insert Order into Salesforce via API Create a C# Console Application to read some SQL Table and generates an XML text file - Create a C++ program to call iPerf3 program to run on Mac and Windows Create a C++ project that convert english into euro-english - Create a CakePHP site (Twitter bootstrap) from this PSD frontpage + 2 user screens Create a calander - Create a caller id finder IOS APP Create a caller id finder IOS APP -- 2 - Create a car configurator Create a car cover on a car. 3D - Create a Caricature of my Friend Create a caricature/cartoon from a photo - Create a cartoon character and side kick dog Create a cartoon character by Flash - Create a Cartoon Music Video Create a Cartoon of an Electrical Switchboard - Create a cartridge for freeradius. Create a Cartvisit - create a catalog template Create a catalog with prices... - Create a CD from a link Create a CD label in photoshop - Create a Character Create a Character - create a chart in c# Create a Chart of accounts for general retail business - Create a chat web app Create a chat webpage - Create a Chess game for android devices Create a Chess game for android devices - Create a Child Theme | A) Chat Features like Freelancer site + Canonical B) create mobile version - repost Create a Child Theme | A) Chat Features like Freelancer site + Canonical B) create mobile version - repost 2 - Create a Chrome & Safari Extension using Angular JS Create a Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Edge extension using Angular - Create a Chrome Extension with HTML that I provide Create a chrome pluggin - create a cj for adsense Create a Claim Code Slot Machine for a Shopify Website - Create a Class method in Objective C i need this done ASAP Create a class named Date that stores date values and prints out the date in either a pure numeric format or a name and number format - Create a classified website with user suggestion and statistics Create a classified website, like Fiverr but with some changes - Create a clean vector file from raster file (.PNG) Create a clean version of a song - Create a Clickbank Ready to Sell Website Create A ClickBank Sales Page - Create a clone of a lead generation website create a clone of a neural network - Create a clone of using Amazon AWS Create a Clone of - Create a CMS Create a CMS - Create a CMS website for podcast Create a CMS website for podcast(repost) - Create a Code that will upload Google Feed Daily on Volusion Create a code to control finances using unity3d - Create a collection of wedding images create a collections website - Create a Coming Soon launch Page Create a Coming Soon Page - Create a commercial for our product Create a commercial On Microsoft Powerpoint. - Create a company and product logo Create a Company and Website name - Create a company logo Create a company logo - Create a company page on Wikipedia
Create a company Pinterest board - Create a Company website - Repost Create a company website - Repost - Create a Competition Website with a great design! Create a compiled biography for Le Ho - Create a complete website- Server side Create a complete Wordpress Theme for Pets - Create a Composite/ SuperEngine From existing Search Engine(from lars101010) on 7/19/2009 2:45:15 AM Create a comprehensive excel database of business contacts. - Create a conclusion certificate template Create a Concrete5 Block (jQuery) - Create a Construction Cost Calculator using XHTML, jQuery & jQuery-UI Create a Construction Cost Calculator using XHTML, jQuery & jQuery-UI - Create a contact form with PHP on html/java site Create a Contact List - Create a content for a new web page project Create a Content for Homepage of a website - create a controller in sdn architecture to achieve energy efficient and save energy Create a conversion for my website - Create a cool shell for claw tank bot -- 2 Create a cool slideshow for me... - Create a copy of facebook chat client software ( see example ) Create a copy of Instadigi - create a copy trader program Create a copy trader program which can trade multiple Binary Option user accounts simultaneously- 1 - Create a corporate calendar PDF Create a Corporate Cartoon to explain business - Create a Corporate Presentation Video Create a Corporate Product Animation - Create a Costom WordPress Website Create a costume design out of character's element in many pictures in many version - Create a coupon database for my Joomla website Create a coupon for a particular bank card holders in woocommerce - Create a cover for a scientific journal Create a Cover for a Western Novel - Create a Craigslist Bot CREATE A CRAIGSLIST FLAGGING TOOL - create a creative, elegant website background picture - 04/01/2017 05:57 EST create a creative, elegant website background pictures for IT company Webiste - Create A Cron JOB For me Create a Cron Job Script to Pull Data from FTP and Publish on WP - Create a cross-compile build environment for Subversion for Mipsel Create a Cross-Platform App Builder - Create a crowdfunding WP platform Create a Crowdsource WordPress Template for IGNITIONDECK PLATFORM - Experienced Programmers Only - Create a CSGO Coin Flip Betting Site Create a CSGO Coin Flip Betting Site - Create a CSGO Trade Bot Website Create a CSGO trading website - skins for cash - Create a CSS Template for an ASP.NET Aplication Create a CSS template for directory listing for existing wordpress plugin - Create a CSV-import-file for Mangento Create a Cu3er slideshow for website - Create a custom Android Firmware Create a custom Android homescreen.... sort of... (read the description) - Create a custom blog and admin script using my site template create a custom Blog in PHP - Create a Custom component in Swift Create a custom contact form for Wordpress site - Create a custom Drupal group chat module Create a Custom Drupal Template using existing HTML template - create a custom feed + import post + posts in page Wordpress Create a custom feed on wordpress site - Create a custom frontend site for WHMCS Create a custom function for wordpress - create a custom invoice template Create a custom invoice theme for Kashflow accounting software package - Create a custom made brochure for a new company Create a custom made chatwebsite - Create a custom navigation menu bar link button Create a custom navigation wheel menu for a joomla 2.5 website - Create a Custom Payment Method in OpenCart create a custom payment module (Magento) - Create a custom post template to easily enter product info. Create a custom post type for my wordpress - Create a custom RSVP plugin (can be based on exiting plugin) Create a Custom Script - Create a custom stock status [Opencart] Create a custom stock status [Opencart] - $25 - Create a custom UICollectionViewLayout (grid Style, horizontally AND vertically scrolling enabled) Create a custom UIImageView class that slowly scans over the image - Create a custom woo commerce plugin Create a Custom WooCommerce Email Template - Create a custom wordpress plugin Create a custom wordpress plugin - Create a Custom Wordpress Template based on Design Create a Custom Wordpress Template from an existing site - Create a custom WordPress website Create a custom wordpress website - Create a customer database via social/online platforms -- 2 Create a customer e-mailing list on excel & going through messages + comments to remove certain people from list - Create a customised pluggin with s3bubble and integrate with buddpress to REPLACE videowhisper pluggin on wordpress website Create a customised Powerpoint template to be used for business presentations - Create a customized jewelry design Create a customized Joomla website including virtuemart. - Create a customized WP Wine Club Page Create a Customizer of Elevator Cabin - Create a DaaS for estate agents Create a dabatase with companies information of some cities. - Create a dashboard for admins to add virtual stamps for customer Create a dashboard for admins to add virtual stamps for customers - Create a Data Entry Program for My company create a data entry solution for integrating excel into word - Create a database Create a database - create a database and website login for vpn create a database and write queries - Create a Database from 22 Data Sources Create a database from an MS Excel pivot table - Create a database of clues and hints that are related to one specific word Create a Database of Coaches - create a database on my server Create a Database or provide one designed with the Functionality needed - Create a Database-Research and populate a spreadsheet Create a Database. - Create a Dating Script Create a dating site - Create a DB for a manufacturing facility. Create a DB for tracking equipment availabilty by shift - Create a delayed email delivery system for Wordpress site Create a delete action for ansible - Create a demo site Create a demo using Turbo demo - Create a design Create a design (s) for a t-shirt and baseball cap - Create a design for a toothpaste (tube and package) create a design for a tshirt - Create a design report for systems implementation -- 2 Create a design site for a baby shop site - Wordpress - create a desktop application Create a Desktop Application for a Scrolling Web Banner - Create a Desktop software similar to Iphone app Create A Desktop Wallpaper - Create a Developer Google Play Account Create a Developer Google Play Account . - Create a Die Line for Printer create a dieline - Create a digital logo from a hand drawing (image included) Create A Digital Marketing Agency Website - Create a DINA4-Flyer for Mineral MakeUp Foundation - repost Create a DINA4-Flyer for Mineral MakeUp Shimmer - Create A Directory Website Create a directory website - Create a django app for the mezzanine framework Create a Django app on Amazon that accepts POST requests and returns JSON - no front end - Create a DNS server for a server that will host VPSes Create a DNS unblocking similar to Unotelly UnBlock-US - Create a document of computer