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Create 150 Profiles. - create and alipay 支付宝 accounts Create 17 API Facebook Functions - create 1K accounts on aliexpress Create 1k accounts on Kickstarter - Create 2 additonal pages for an excisting website for receiving quotes Create 2 addons using existing code, VB.Net/SQL Server/Outlook - Create 2 articles and post them into Wikipedia Create 2 attributes that will remove the “Add to cart” button, and add a “Request a Quote” to the product page - Create 2 C++ String Mod Functions Create 2 C++ String Mod Functions(repost) - Create 2 custom JPlayer HTML 5 audio controls Create 2 custom pages - Create 2 explainer videos ( preferably whiteboard animation) create 2 explainer videos for 2 mobile apps - Create 2 Forms with css Create 2 Forms with PDF generation on submit - Create 2 HTML pages from sample site Create 2 HTML Pages with JS and CSS - Create 2 Joomla Based Forms create 2 joomla components from scratch - Create 2 logos Create 2 logos - Create 2 minute YouTube video Create 2 Minutes Book Ad ( Real People needed ) - Create 2 or 3 business graphics for a report and corresponding powerpoint Create 2 original songs, A job for a Musician/ Producer - Create 2 pages with DIV/CSS/XHTML(repost) Create 2 pamphlets in InDesign - Create 2 product collages Create 2 product images - Create 2 short intro after effects videos (using template) Create 2 Short Social Media GIF Animations - Create 2 simple reusable controls for ios Create 2 simple ScreenCast Video. No animation required . - Create 2 survey forms on a Wordpress site, send the results to an admin with PGP Create 2 SVG images based on existing images - Create 2 videos - explainer videos - 30 seconds each Create 2 Videos 15 Seconds Each - Create 2 Website landing pages Create 2 Website Landing Pages for WordPress Site (Theme Already Coded) - Create 2 WordPress Plugin Create 2 wordpress responsive design templates - Create 2 x Marketing Postcards - repost Create 2 x SEGGER JLink JFlash RAMCode for ARM9 with external NAND Flash - Create 2-page PDF 'Advert' for brochure Create 2-pager/Marketing Summary for a Construction Company - Create 20 comic books based on educational children's book series create 20 contact pages with diffrent fields - just for testing - Create 20 personas with real names and emails -- 2 Create 20 Health Articles - Create 20 product listings for online woocommerce online store. Create 20 product reviews for website - Australian Buisness! - Create 20 Videos for YouTube - Repost Create 20 Videos for YouTube - Repost - open to bidding - Create 200 design pages on prestashop Create 200 e mail addresses - Create 200 Short Internet Videos - Stock Videos and Examples Provided Create 200 skype accounts - create 20000 gmail mail 20000 yahoo mail Create 200k Facebook accounts that look real and are verified. - Create 240 google alerts Create 240 google alerts - Repost - Create 25 webs Create 25 website accounts + 1 Gmail Account - Create 28 landing pages for financial services products Create 28 logo (same style) - Create 2d animation for mobile game Create 2D Animation from my existing normal video - Create 2D City Artwork for Website Create 2D Design files from a Sketchup Design - Create 2D Sprite Images in photoshop Create 2D Sprite Sheets - Create 3 Reference Letters in English for an Agronomist-Agricultural Scientist Create 3 Reference Letters in English for an Agronomist-Agricultural Scientist - Create 3 APPs to connect with my customized Vtiger program - open to bidding create 3 articles - Create 3 column Site using external css and teach me with Nvu Create 3 column Wordpress footer + add shortcode button to header - Create 3 Employee Biographies (based on their CV's) Create 3 Entertaining Videos from Scratch - Create 3 Google Adwords Campaigns Create 3 Google Adwords Campaigns - ongoing work - create 3 job descriptions for to employ personnel to an eCommerce company Create 3 Joomla Forms - Create 3 minute sales video Create 3 minute video for our product - Create 3 Packaging Design Boxes for Luxury Tour Guide Website Create 3 Packaging design concept evolutions for an FMCG extruded snack product - CREATE 3 PRESS KITS IDEAS FOR A BEAUTY BRAND create 3 previo - Create 3 short animated corporate promo videos for website Create 3 short press releases - Create 3 step form Create 3 step form - repost - Create 3 Videos for YouTube Create 3 videos from videohive (AFTER EFFECTS) projects (Files provided with tutorials) - Create 3 Wordpress Plug-ins based on example existing plug-ins Create 3 Wordpress site - Create 3-5 different Real Estate Template Ads in JPEGS Create 3-5 minute videos about League of Legends (youtube as source) - Create 30 Email and 30 Account Create 30 English lessons for ESL - Create 30 PowerPoint slides in network Create 30 Profiles for our Office - Create 30 Unique Images/Illustrations with Inspirational Quotes Create 30 unique names for my Farm/Pet Supplies Business (Ebay Business) - Create 300 Free Wordpress Blog Hosting Accounts Create 300 Gmail Accounts - Create 301 redirect and solve logo link issue Create 301 Redirect code - bbPress to Xenforo - Create 35 Accounts Video Directory Sites Create 35 Google Accounts and Signup 350 Google Maps API Keys - Create 3D animated GIF of Rotating Logo Create 3d animated short film - Create 3D Animation Video Create 3D animation video - Create 3D Animation With Sound FX Create 3D animation. - Create 3d boxes from my 2d layouts Create 3D brasil flag fluttering on the wind - Create 3d characters static jpegs as well as animation CREATE 3D CONFIGURATOR TOOLS - Create 3D file from 2D pdf sketch. create 3d file from 2d pic - Create 3D graphic of e-book cover Create 3D Graphics - Create 3D iPhone 5 Case using CAD Create 3d iphone video advert - Create 3d model Create 3D model (including Skeletal Rigging/Animation) - Create 3d model in 3dmax Create 3D model in Archicad from drawings - Create 3D model of furniture Create 3D model of furniture - Create 3D Model of watch by pictures? Create 3D model of Wrist Band for Smart Tracker SAFER ( Unisex ) - Create 3D models from an image create 3d models from dwg - Create 3D objects: girl and guy Create 3D of a product to insert into after effects template - Create 3d render/animation - repost Create 3d Rendered Images from floorplan and colour chart - Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images - Create 3D Videos for Home Automation System Create 3D view from DWG Plan File - Create 3x Unity2D Sprites
Create 4 2013 office Word Tables From Excel Data - Create 4 Business Process for Bitrix24 CRM Create 4 Business Process for Bitrix24 CRM - Create 4 Facebook Fan Pages and 4 Twitter Page Designs Create 4 Featured Images for 4 Blog articles - create 4 images Create 4 images for a Social Network profile, using existing ones / b4d00 - Create 4 new buttons/icons Create 4 new Images based on Samples - Create 4 Print Designs -- 2 Create 4 product images of Woocommerce and enter it - create 4 small banners for web ads: max file size: 10kb Create 4 spreadsheets from 4 tables in a .pdf - Create 4 Wordpress 3.5 templates + 1 interactive page Create 4 Wordpress Blogs - Create 40 adult dot-to-dot designs ranging from 250 - 900 dots Create 40 Android advacned level questions - Create 40 Posts at a wordpress site with exsting content - Repost - open to bidding Create 40 pregnancy greeting card messages - Create 400 Free Accounts on a website. Create 400 Joomla Articles (No writing necessary) - Create 45-60 second looping video for medical aid group website Create 45-60 second video for customer education - Create 5 Animoto videos in different styles based on same set of 20 images Create 5 article sites - Create 5 design styles (.css) / themes to mock up our application status page in multiple ways. Create 5 different 500 words articles and distribute - Create 5 header images for 5 websites(repost) Create 5 high converting Squeeze Pages - create 5 inserts for dvd-boxes Create 5 Iphone Apps from 1 Exisiting Iphone App - create 5 page content based web page with up-loadable image Create 5 page html website - Create 5 PPC Campaigns Create 5 Premium CSS templates based on a custom built Platform - Create 5 simple AVI Create 5 simple banners - Create 5 themed variations of a graphic create 5 things for an open source chess server written in php - Create 5 Wet Paint pages a week, 1 day using our content(repost) create 5 whiteboard videos - Create 5-page Web Design (shr) Create 5-second Animation intro for movie - Create 50 email acounts (no alias) Create 50 email for me - Create 50 HTML page: for OKIDOKZ only Create 50 icons in Microsoft Blend - Create 50 profiles for adult dating site Create 50 profiles on a dating site - Create 50 Websites on Direct Admin / Upload files Create 50 Wiki Articles - Create 500 Daily Create 500 e-mail addresses for mystery shopper use - create 500 pages for a wordpress site and copy paste the content. create 500 piratebay accounts - Create 5000 Instagram Account Create 5000 links to 1000 different pages - Create 6 banners and logo according to new site design Create 6 Banners for Website Slider - Create 6 images create 6 images - Create 6 sets of Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers (each cover in 2 versions) Create 6 Short Tutorial/Demo Videos for Website - Create 6-page Z-fold leaflet Create 6.5-Minute Swine Flu Video (open to IMTHEZORRO only) - Create 60 to 90 second animated "how to" video Create 60 Web 2.0 on my WordPress multisites - Create 7 base character animation in After Effect (rigged already using duik) Create 7 basic info-graphics - Create 7-slide Slider with Revolution Slider or FlexSlider for WordPress Site Homepage Create 7-steps (7 stages) graphic - Create 8 Forms in BreezingForms for Joomla Create 8 illustrations(AI) from photos - Create 8 x single page pdfs, using an existing pdf and matching its theme Create 8-10 Page Website with Lead Capture Pages for Marketing Funnel - Create 86 banner ads. All the same dimensions. Create 86 Profiles For Online Dating Site - create 9 x 700 - 800 original articles Create 9 x High Definition Photos for Marketing Purpose - Create \'front end\' of online stores with Magento Create a - Create a Custom Wordpress Theme Create a database and a script in ASP and PHP to write and read from the database - Create a JAVA program using Netbeans that has a GUI that calculates earnings and tutoring time. create a Joomla Template - Create a Prezi create a product label and a packaging design - Create a vector image based on a low res jpg Create a Video - Create a "calculator" website from a Google Sheet Create a "Campaign Monitor" responsive email template from supplied PDF - Create a "mobile-friendly" version & app of existing website Create a "Music Equalizer" app for Android - Create a "Top 10 Coundtown Animations" for youtube top 10 videos transitions Create a "Top 10 Coundtown Animations" for youtube top 10 videos transitions -- 2 - Create a 'coaching' workbook - content provided.. Create a 'creative' Excel dashboard using data in spreadsheet - create a .apk file in rhomobile development environment. Create a .BMP graphic for a wizard - create a .net report ( .rdlc ) Create a .NET script to check PageRank - Create a 0Days exploit Create a 0Days exploit -- 2 - Create a 1 minute 2D video Create a 1 minute 30 second Animation - create a 1 page add-in for my Joomla site Create a 1 Page Bootstrap Template of an Existing Website - Create a 1 to 2 minutes Video for my company Create a 1 Year Project Management Training Programme - create a 10 minutes movie - a review of my website on Create a 10 page basic website - Create a 10 seconds video of people collapse in your region Create a 10 seconds video of people collapse in your region - Create a 14 page Drupal website, I will provide the content as to word and images and I have purchased the Drupal theme Create a 14-letter 3-D logo for my site - Create a 15 second video x 25 Create a 15 seconds video - create a 1minute attractive you tube video for an online store Create a 1minute dubstep track - Create a 2 minute short promotional video of a startup Create a 2 minute video - Create a 2 Step Opt-In Form At My Homepage Create a 2 way SSL Connection in C# - Create a 20 second advert video(Graphics) Create a 20 second animated video using drawing, paiting or 2d art - create a 2d animated explainer video Create a 2d animated explainer video approximately 1 minute in length - Create a 2D Animation Explainer Cartoon Video Create a 2D Animation Explainer Video - Create a 2D Animation/Motion Graphics Video Create a 2D App Like EyeMove2 (Ball moving side to side) - Create a 2D image Create a 2D iPhone Game - Create a 2min video for promotion of a project and 12 teasers of 10seconds taken from it Create a 2nd level drop down main menu for a shopify site - Create a 3 minutes 3D animation Video Create a 3 Mobile Website - Create a 3-minute promo video Create a 3-minutes video (MP4) with existing voice over (MP3) and presentation in Spanish - create a 30 second mpeg-4 file Create a 30 second promotional video for a new dynamic web product - Create a 30-second animated video Create a 30-second Video - Create a 3d 3 tiered countertop display with our graphics and products on. Create a 3D active HTML/CSS/JS object - Create a 3D animated Newsroom Animation -- 2