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create 20 illustrations similar to one that was done earlier - Create 20 schemes of varying styles with the digital decorator online tool Create 20 second introduction video for my business - Create 20-30 more high quality 5-color color schemes for lan Create 20-40 Second Facebook Video Ad - Create 200 Emails Create 200 Facebook Accounts (non PVA) - Create 200 Youtube Accounts create 200 youtube accounts - Create 21 Original Articles On Marine Aquariums Create 21 small videos of PLR ebook - Create 25 blogs/websites with UNIQUE content Create 25 Clickbank Ready to Sell Sites - Create 250 "professional" look ebay listings Create 250 Bookmarking Accounts - Create 2:30 Animation Music Video of Stick Figures. Create 2D / 3D animation - Create 2D animation using Adobe Animate for young children Create 2D Animation video - Create 2D drawings with Dimensions from 3D Models - Repost - open to bidding Create 2D duplex building plans in Sketchup Layout. - Create 2min Video with photos Create 2mm sphere wall with holes - Create 3 Additional Magento Stores Create 3 Ads for college - create 3 banners (just imagea) Create 3 Banners and photo shop 2 photos - Create 3 CSS scrolling animation from material design guidelines Create 3 CSS/HML webpages from photoshop layout design - Create 3 facebook Ads for my App Create 3 facebook banners - Create 3 high quality levels for a Unity3D Adventure Game Create 3 High Quality Photorealistic Renderings from Sketchup and Provided Information - Create 3 Kinetic Videos for sales funnel Create 3 Landing Pages for Retail Website - Create 3 Mobile Pages that work offline Create 3 mock action movie posters for a 'bond' type film - Create 3 page flier for small marketing project Create 3 Page Joomla website - create 3 printable high res vector files with outlines form low res jpeg originals Create 3 Product Demo videos - Create 3 similar flash website Create 3 Simple Adult Toys in 3D - Create 3 Storylines Create 3 survey forms using a CRUD plug-in for Code Igniter. - Create 3 Videos from VideoHive templates Create 3 videos ready for youtube - Create 3 Wordpress site Create 3 Wordpress sites. - Create 3-5 different Real Estate Template Ads in JPEGS Create 3-5 minute videos about League of Legends (youtube as source) - Create 30 email addresses Create 30 Email and 30 Account - Create 30 screencasts in English Create 30 sec Video for Website Launch - Create 30 unique trellis style fabric patterns Create 30 variations of a mascot - Create 300 Google Accounts. Create 300 images with quotes or facts - Create 301 Redirect for Wordpress migration Create 301 Redirect in Htaccess (entire site) - Create 35 MS Word templates Create 35 online calculators from an existing .html file - Create 3d animated short film Create 3D Animated Size Estimator Software for Joomla Website - Create 3D Animation video Create 3D Animation video -- 2 - Create 3D animation. Create 3d animation/flash house module - Create 3d boxes from my 2d layouts Create 3D brasil flag fluttering on the wind - CREATE 3D CONFIGURATOR TOOLS Create 3D cube with the letters EQ and make a video of it. - Create 3D file from 2D pdf sketch. create 3d file from 2d pic - Create 3D graphic of airport terminal in Unreal Development environment. Create 3D graphic of e-book cover - Create 3d kfood kiosk Create 3D Layout of a Gym, based on an existing 2D Layout - Create 3d model - открыт для заявок Create 3d Model and 2 exterior renders - Create 3D model in Archicad from drawings Create 3D Model in Autodesk Revit from 2D Autocad DWG and PDFs - Create 3D model of furniture Create 3D model of furniture - Create 3D Model of watch by pictures? Create 3D model of Wrist Band for Smart Tracker SAFER ( Unisex ) - Create 3D models from an image create 3d models from dwg - Create 3D objects of dental instruments Create 3D objects: girl and guy - Create 3D Render of Jumper Create 3d render/animation - Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images - Create 3D video of a Condo project Create 3D Videos for Home Automation System - Create 3x round pie chart graphs from MYSQL data Create 3x Unity2D Sprites - Create 4 Business Process for Bitrix24 CRM Create 4 Business Process for Bitrix24 CRM - Create 4 Facebook Fan Pages and 4 Twitter Page Designs Create 4 Featured Images for 4 Blog articles - Create 4 images for a Social Network profile, using existing ones / b4d00 Create 4 images for the home age... - Create 4 new buttons/icons Create 4 new Images based on Samples - Create 4 Print Designs -- 2 Create 4 product images of Woocommerce and enter it - create 4 small banners for web ads: max file size: 10kb Create 4 spreadsheets from 4 tables in a .pdf - Create 4 Wordpress Blogs Create 4 Wordpress Child Themes - Create 40 adult dot-to-dot designs ranging from 250 - 900 dots Create 40 Android advacned level questions - Create 40 Posts at a wordpress site with exsting content - Repost - open to bidding Create 40 pregnancy greeting card messages - Create 400 Facebook Account Create 400 Free Accounts on a website. - Create 45 second promo video Create 45 seconds industrial 3D modeling animation - Create 5 animated Sketch Pro videos with professional US accent Voice Overs. Create 5 Animated Videos Funny and creatives - Create 5 Custom Wallpapers create 5 deisgns for app - create 5 gorgeous vector patterns create 5 gorgeous vector patterns - repost - Create 5 images to be used in Facebook ads campaign Create 5 images to go in corporate gallery - Text over Picutres - CREATE 5 One Page Site Create 5 Online Portfolio HTML Templates - Create 5 Photoshop Pages Create 5 PHP pages - Create 5 short videos at Animoto Create 5 Short Videos! - Create 5 Stickers - similar to existing design Create 5 Stickers - similar to existing design -- 2 - Create 5 Web site landing pages for my web development company *Read Description* Create 5 webmail accounts within my VPS - Create 5-10s simple cartoon animation in black and white Create 5-15 second animation of digital Dog with our company logo - Create 50 Company Articles (Open Bid) Create 50 CSS Templates - Create 50 Gmail accounts Create 50 gmail accounts - Create 50 New Links to Website - Logistics\Delivery Niche Create 50 One-Page Blog Accounts - Create 50 UK BASED Google+ accounts Create 50 unique eBay Listings in HTML format - create 500 + new email accounts
Create 500 account - Create 500 google accounts create 500 google Docs - Create 500+ Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook connections CREATE 500-1000 GMAIL ACCOUNTS - create 5sec intro video animating an existing logo Create 5videos to tell people how to play iphone Minesweeper - Create 6 fearless animal characters Create 6 feeds in Joomla obGrabber - create 6 pages in HTML/BOOTSTRAP Create 6 pages in our admin panel from scratch with PHP 5.5 + New database and 1 x frontend page - Create 6 voice files that go with the video Create 6 Web 2.0 Properties - Create 60 sec video Create 60 sec Video for school fundraising site - Create 60min 3d animation movie Create 60min 3d animation movie -- 2 - Create 7 page PDF editable Application From from Word File Create 7 page website in wordpress - Create 76 links Create 79 unique images PNG with premade design (idraw or ai) - Create 8 pages for a project management application theme Create 8 pages for project management - Create 80 SQL Queries out of a ERP for Compiling Data to a KPI System create 80/20 spreadsheet - Create 9 icons Create 9 Illustrations for Website - Create 900 listings (adverts) on our new website Create 900 Listings in Ebay - Create a 60 second video quick simple job Create a 60s Whiteboard Animation - Most of the illustrations will be provided - create a facebook poster------------------------------------------------ CREATE A FANTASY ART WORK IN VECTOR - create a petition with 100 signatures create a php script to read text file , sort folder and zip up - Create a search box to WordPress create a short cartoon comercial - create a website create a website for Package Forwarding service - Create a "coupon maximum order" field for zencart gift certificate Create a "customer care" page - Create a "Platform" or "app" for our company Create a "Pool your own swimming pool" program - Create a "Watchlist" or "favorites" Create a "Wavy" Spreadsheet from images provided - Create a 'matched betting calculator' to embed into my wordpress website Create a 'Matching Deals' on RStudio between 2 Excel files - create a .csv file with data from websites (fixed) Create a .csv or .txt list of ZIP code divide by zones - Create a .p12 certificate for use in Flash with our Apple Developer account Create a .pdf business proposal form - Create a 0Days exploit -- 6 Create a 0Days exploit -- 7 - Create a 1 minute animated video Create a 1 minute animated video (whiteboard/animation) - Create a 1 page form website compatible with iphone/ipad Create a 1 page horizontal scrolling responsive Wordpress Template. - Create a 1-2 minute Animation Create a 1-2 minute Educational Video - Create A 10 page Report About Prosperity And Abundance create a 10 page website ( will not award project without seeing a mockup first) - Create a 10-15 mins 2D animations Create a 10-15 mins slideshow for presentation purpose - Create a 15 and 30 second commercial spot for my website. Create a 15 minute Animation - Create a 15'' Video Animation Create a 15-20 second video introduction - create a 2 colur, and or 2 syle MA in metatrader Create a 2 D animiated company introduction Video - Create a 2 minute video from a blog content Create a 2 minute Video on Software Launch - Create a 2 x Interactive PDF form Create a 2"30' video RSA animation - Create a 20 second promotional vide Create a 20 second trailer - Create a 2D Animated Video Create a 2D animated Video - Create a 2D animation for 3 minute Video Create a 2D animation for a name - Create a 2D bathroom designer Create a 2D Cad drawing from a 3D prototype - Create a 2d MAP in Adobe Illustrator AI format Create a 2D MMORPG flash based game - Create a 2nd level drop down main menu for a shopify site -- 2 Create a 2nd version of my dating sim game - Create a 3 Mobile Website create a 3 page aesthetic static website - Create a 3-minutes video (MP4) with existing voice over (MP3) and presentation in Spanish Create a 3-page Wordpress Website - create a 30 second mpeg-4 file Create a 30 second promotional video for a new dynamic web product - Create a 30-second 3D Video Create a 30-second animated video - Create a 3D "monster" mascot/character for my website Create a 3D / 2D music video Animation - CREATE A 3D ANIMATION Create a 3D Animation - Create a 3d animation video for TV ad Create a 3D animation video in full hd - Create a 3D character with animations Create a 3D clipart of an officer - Create a 3D Forensic Animation Create a 3D Fracking Video - Create a 3d logo create a 3d logo - Create a 3D Model Animation to present an Architectural Project CREATE A 3D MODEL BASED ON 2D PLANS AND PICTURES - Create a 3D model of a chair Create a 3D model of a character - Create a 3d model to sell on create a 3D model/picture - Create a 3D Prototype of our Footwear. Create a 3D pyramid logo for Hologramm Technik - Create a 3D simulation game/app using Unity Create a 3D Slideshow - Create a 3d video -- 2 Create a 3D video 1 to 2 min in length - Create a 3min video Create a 3rd Partition on Raspberi Pi 8GB SD Card running openWRT - Create a 404 error page for my electronic cigarette website and upload it to my 3dcart Create a 404 error page for my electronic cigarette website and upload it to my 3dcart -- 2 - Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template Create a 5 page basic Wordpress template - Create a 5-7 mins Video Create a 5-7 minute music video montage with my pictures and video clips - Create a 6 sec. 3D Video Graphics Intro for logo Create a 6 step registration page - Create a 60-90 sec animation explaining our referral program Create a 60-sec promo video in flat design for a mobile app - Create a 8 Videos about diffrent services Create a 8-10 Page Mobile Website - Create a “BPM Check” section Create a “Safe” cPanel public demo account with WHMCS - create a access interface that will auto populate and then create an alterable pdf Create a Account Activation Form + Button On Shopify Frontend - Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes - Create a Advanced Wordpress Functionalilty Create a Advanced Sneaker Bot Program - Create a agency pitch template Create a ahort sales letter/advertorial ~200 words and autoresponder series - Create a an APP to measure Create a an exe installer for browser extensions - Create a Android App to connect to BLE chip and program the chip CC2541 or other to get information from analog input and digital input Create a Android App with Firebase As backend - Create a Animated Explainer Video Create a animated explainer video - Create a animated video