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creat an online booking calander - Creat Application Android Creat application similar to Waze - creat cad drawings creat cad image - Creat Custom Social Engine Group Feed Page Creat Custom Social Engine Group Feed Page - Creat Financial projectsions for a new Internet Company Creat five text PowerPoint Slides according to template - Creat Google Analytics API reporting functionality - open to bidding Creat Google Shopping XML Feed for 10 Products - Creat like website & add all data Creat links to web site in top social bookmark sites - creat marketing video in German CREAT ME A WEBSITE - Creat Odoo Issue Form creat OMR page with C# - creat ride booking script Creat RTD server quotes Paid 50 usd - Creat some Math exercices and exams (Regression) with Matlab Creat some Matlab animation (Machine Learning) - Creat various and different charts with amchart javascript and Metronic Template Creat various and different charts with amchart javascript and Metronic Template -- 2 - Creat Website for Cafe creat website for fashion - Creata a jobs board creata access data base - create 2-3 minute slide show videos I have all the material Create 200 Videos and Upload them on YT - Create A buying BitCoin Website Create a C# Desktop Application - create a logo for a website create a logo for a website - Create a Website Create a website - Create android app m-POS system GUI create Android application - Create Designs Create direct download link for youtube video - Create Joomla website Create Karaoke - Create Packaging Design Create Packaging Design & Logo for Video Door Phone - Create simple popup for my website Create site students can solve puzzles and teacher can download puzzles - Create Website For Call Center solutions CREATE WEBSITE LIKE www.travelocity.co.in - Create "Flip Charts" with quotes to be added as Pictures to WebSite Create "Google Frienmdly" Facebook Images - Create "vBulletin 5 Connect" theme based on exsisting html5 design (html, css and images will be provided) Create $200 a day adsense website - Create & Design our Corporate eChristmas & New Year card (static or interactive) Create & Design Plumber Referral Website - Create & Install Simple 3 Page Wordpress Website Create & Integrate "Availabilty/ Booking Calendar" into admin panel - Create & promotion FB fanpage - need 100k+ fans - repost Create & publish AMP version of my website blog - Create & manage a database on LAMP Create & manage a database - Create "Skull" Vector Pattern Create "Upload File" ability in Shopify storefront - Create 'Edit product' link on ASP.NET site Create 'Everything Adoption' ios and Android application - Create (3) 1-page Graphical Landing Pages… Create (3) 1-page Graphical Landing Pages… - Create (Put Your Design Here layer) for existing Tshirt mock-ups Create (redo) existing web site - Create - Modify Joomla Template for IE6 Create - St. Patrick's Day Animation with our logo - Create .dst file for embroidery Create .dst file for embroidery - Repost - Create .htaccess file to reduce # of Bot Hits CREATE .htaccess rule to redirect links - Create .NET application named “Automated AP” Create .net application to FTP files - Create .pdf catalog of career colleges (content provided) Create .pdf for Invoices - Create / Convert VMware vSphere (ESXi) Driver Create / Copy Website - Similar To - Details Inside - Create / Edit Wikipedia profile Page Create / finish off webdesign 4 webdesign company - Create / Modify Stored Procedure that Filter words and limit characters before inserting Create / modify, forms, crud, db, validation and bug fixes - Create 1 Banner 900 X 319 Create 1 banner for website.. - Create 1 high res busts base off photos_3 Create 1 high res busts base off photos_4 - Create 1 landing page/template using free graphics... Create 1 Line App - Create 1 nanonillion text files containing numbers, each one sequential from the last file Create 1 new page using current layout/platform - Create 1 Page Site to sell a Cellphone (Landing page) create 1 page site. - Create 1 Time Management Application Create 1 to 1.5 min long Explainer videos - Create 1,000 Gmail or Hotmail accounts with forwarding Create 1,000 PR4+ links - create 10 gmail account.. Create 10 presentations - Create 10 Banner Ads (300x250) create 10 Banners - Create 10 election technology articles for Skado.com Create 10 email accounts and 10 accounts on Trustpilot - Create 10 images with my product on it Create 10 inspirational Designs for T-Shirts - Create 10 orignial Articles--Must be high quality Create 10 page ebook on how to stop drinking - Create 10 second animation video Create 10 second video into with my logo - create 10 tier 2 backlinks Create 10 to 15 Second Video - Create 10 Yahoo Email addresses [Bid Now] Create 10 youtube channels - Create 100 Animated Video with basic animation n cool design & color Create 100 Article Directory Acc's - Post 2 Articles on Each - Create 100 Facebook accounts Create 100 Facebook accounts - create 100 Gmail accounts Create 100 Gmail Accounts (Verified accounts) - Create 100 one way links to my web site Create 100 oneway backlinks for 40 URLs over 4 weeks - Create 100 Screensavers Create 100 SEO Targeted Link Baiting List Style Articles - Create 100 Unique Author Resource Boxes Create 100 unique images for articles - Create 100 webpages with any kind of funny content Create 100 Yahoo! Email, 100 Gmail, 100 MSN Email Accounts - Create 1000 email addresses on hotmail Create 1000 email addresses on hotmail - Create 1000 Mail.com Emails -- 2 Create 1000 mails and forward to a single address(repost) - Create 100s of seeders and leechers on a torrent Create 1024x1024 kids icon - Create 11,000 product descriptions Create 110 Document. Same as template. Three variable fields. - Create 12 Power Point slides from PDF (layout and editable text boxes for new subject matter) Create 12 print quality illustrations / diagrams - Create 125*125 Animated gif banner Create 1250 Email ids - Create 140 Zentangle Images for adult coloring create 146 invoices - Create 15 second Video Ad for App Word Star ( Just make a video ) https://goo.gl/5EvgE4 Create 15 second video content - Create 150 coupon in my website backend Create 150 coupon in my website backend - Repost - create 16 banners style Create 16 Excel Word templates - Create 19 new accounts on these websites Create 190 logins on different bookmark sites - create 2 - 5 logo every month for graphic design firm
Create 2 3-fold brochure - Create 2 animated flash banners Create 2 animated GIFF from FLASH files - Create 2 Basic Internet Marketing Training Videos For Me Create 2 basic landing pages - Create 2 contact forms in magento Create 2 cpaddon scripts - Create 2 dynamic stamps for Adobe Acrobat create 2 dynamically prepopulated selects - Create 2 floor plans in Visio - repost Create 2 Flyers - Create 2 hour amateur video Create 2 hour amateur video - Repost - Create 2 images...(repost) Create 2 in depth and functional wireframes - Create 2 layered PSD files for new website Create 2 Layouts for Government Annual Report and High School Yearbook - Create 2 Mens Shirt styles for a contemporary linen collection Create 2 Micro Sites With Articles and Forum For Adsense - CREATE 2 NEW LABEL TO CHEESE 2 CREATE 2 NEW LABEL TO CHEESE 3 - Create 2 pages from designs create 2 pages in joomla - Create 2 PHP-Webpages with Google Charts and mysql-Data Create 2 Pictures to go on Ebay - Create 2 responsive wordpress pages Create 2 responsive wordpress webpages - Create 2 simple database driven websites Create 2 Simple HTML Forms - Create 2 simple, but professional, figure sketches using my HTML5 Canvas script Create 2 single scene cartoons (examples included) - Create 2 vector logos from existing designs Create 2 very good quality exterior 3D images ( Don't bid if not very good quality) - Create 2 web pages to send and receive data through CGI - repost CREATE 2 WEB PAGES. COMPATIBILITY WITH ALL WEB-BROWSERS - Create 2 websites using by wordpress. Create 2 websites via Wordpress templates and modifications - Create 2 x 1000 Word Articles in 24 Hours (new) create 2 x 20 food icon sets for smartphone apps - Create 2,5 D (3D) Game Design (Pirate Game) -- 2 Create 2,500 Posts In WordPress (Data Entry) - create 20 aol accounts from usa proxies Create 20 article web pages from content - Create 20 emails addresses - batch 4 Create 20 emails addresses - batch 5 - Create 20 Inbound Links Create 20 Jpeg Coupons 362 X 87pixels - Create 20 short (60 second) 3d/2d animation videos. Create 20 Silhouette Backgrounds for App Game - Create 200 'hotmail' accounts for me(simple task!)... Create 200 'hotmail' accounts for me(simple task!).... - Create 200 inspirational quote PSDs using a provided template and sources - repost Create 200 link in french directory - Create 2000 accounts with email Create 2000 articles. No writing, just link from YouTube. - Create 22 Video Profiles Create 220 Recipe PDFs from existing online Recipes - Create 25 Free blogs - Linkwheels Create 25 High Quality Animated Flash Banner Ads - Create 250 social media profiles - repost 2 Create 250 word descriptions for tutorial videos. - Create 2D Animated Images Create 2D animated sprites to be used in an iOS/Android game - Create 2D Background Art for Mobile Game App Create 2D Barcode in GIF format - Create 2d games. Create 2D GUI level map - Create 2x professional slide shows created and publish as a video to YouTube Create 2x two page website with AJAX (java) - Create 3 Animation Videos Create 3 Animations - Create 3 cartoon character/icons Create 3 cartoon characters from pictures - Create 3 ebooks from transcriptions and movie files Create 3 editable pdf files from word documents. - create 3 functions with delphi Create 3 game APPs (Arabic Content) Unique games - Create 3 Infographics in 1 Day Create 3 internet-marketing articles - Create 3 minigames using Unity3D create 3 minisite, landing page - create 3 nice forms create 3 nice logos - create 3 png files of simple logo Create 3 Poster ( Chinese and English ) - Create 3 screens Create 3 separate but similar Videos - Create 3 SPSS Table and Figures and Diagrams APA 6th edition Create 3 SQL tables from different html-code - Create 3 VERY SIMPLE Low Poly STAR WARS 3D models in 3DS Max in 24hrs Create 3 Very Simple Product Videos - Create 3 websites mockup + 3 images mockups Create 3 Websites Monetized with Google Adsense - Create 3,200 unique product images, by layering 200 different designs on to 16 different product images Create 3-4 3d fantasy Landscapes, 4 dungeons, and 2 PVP areas - Mobile Game - Create 30 composite images in Photoshop from single images Create 30 Crystal Reports - Create 30 morphing flash banners Create 30 Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for a CSS3 Quiz - Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver - Repost Create 30 tests using Selenium WebDriver - repost - create 300 external links to web site Create 300 facebook pages - Create 300x250 Flash banner from ready-made PSD template Create 300x300 px version of my logo - Create 33 Product Descriptions for Tyres Create 34 accounts - Create 385 Wordpress Posts From Soundcloud Tracks Create 3D (canvas wrapped) high-res images - Create 3D Animation using rigged 3D max Create 3D Animation Video - Create 3D animation videos Create 3D animation walt disney pixar quality - Create 3D bottles *imagebos Create 3D bottles of products - Create 3D characters - repost Create 3D Characters For A Game - Create 3D Face Model With Picture Create 3D faces from a single image - Create 3D Geological Profile using the given BoreHole data Create 3D graphic - Create 3D iPhone 5 Case using CAD Create 3d iphone video advert - Create 3d model Create 3D model (including Skeletal Rigging/Animation) - Create 3d Model From Pic Create 3D model from supplement label. - Create 3D Model of fragrance bottle Create 3D model of furniture - Create 3D model of town Create 3D model of town - Create 3D models from an image create 3d models from dwg - Create 3D objects of dental instruments Create 3D objects: girl and guy - Create 3d render/animation - repost Create 3d Rendered Images from floorplan and colour chart - Create 3D step file from 2D dwg. Create 3D stl file of a Man with long beard ..... - Create 3D Visualisation Tool Create 3d visualizations of Kitchens - Create 4 3D Backgrounds Create 4 3d Models and One Cut-away Model - Create 4 concepts for rear windows Create 4 contact forms on website and mask 5 existing email addresses. - Create 4 Graphics - Web Ads CREATE 4 GRAPHICS / CHARTS FOR WEBSITE - Create 4 Images