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Create 3D animation video around 40 sc. - Create a CAD Drawing for a stainless steel trolley and also a 3D model of the trolley. Create a campaign on Google Adwords for our website. - Create A Logo For Online Departmental Store create a marketplace - Create a Website Create a website - create and integrate a new template for my website Create and integrate responsive theme - Create Comercial Tv Video Ad Film Create CREA DDF® plugin for existing PHP custom website - create httaccess file Create illustrations+ wordpress web design to describe main features of a Application. - Create online banner & logo & icons Create Package Designs - create real US trafic for facebook page - open to bidding - repost Create realestate website based on given example and moqups - Create video - Boostpak iPhone Battery Case Create Video Articulating the Code That I provide - Create "Apple itunes" and "Android Google Play App" for my website. Create "as seen in" banner - Create "real" campaigns for new crowdfunding website Create "repeat song" button and shuffle button and fix minor bug in my website player - Create & customize new website based on WordPresse Theme Create & Customize WooCommerce Customer Emails - Create & Execute VB Code At Runtime Create & Fill a Spreadsheet with presented Data - Create & Manage a PPC Campaign for online clothing store Create & Manage a PPC Campaign on Google Adwords - Create & set up a Coming soon page from available themes Create & Set up Facebook Pixel for My Woocommerce - Create & optimize DVD file from video files Create & Rebuild Database Daily - create ''Auto-Run'' program for Vista & 7 For Program Create ''Ball Pool'' app/game for Android - Create 'Marryoke' Software Create 'Marryoke' Software -- 2 - Create (accurate) C# IE History (Index.dat) parser Create (add) a journal using OJS ( Open Journal Systems) - Create *APPLE MAIL* and *iOS* Signatures (already designed and coded)! Create *APPLE MAIL* and *iOS* Signatures (already designed and coded)! -- 2 - Create .ai vector images from .png files Create .ANE from tesseract (or other OCR engine) for AS3 (AIR; Android & iOS) - Create .dxf/.dwg file from .pdf Create .edu or .gov backlinks - Create .ipa file for an ipad app Create .ipa file for an ipad app - Repost - Create .Net DLL and/or Matrices converting Mortgage Bond Prices to Yield (interest rate) Create .Net installer - Create .stl files from corporate logo images Create .SVG from .PNG - Create / Customize a Wordpress Template Create / Customize a Wordpress Template Quick Start - Create / Improve a current 3D Rendering of a Building Create / Improve existing e-learning site - Create / produce a news video Create / program an Unreal Engine Plugin for the ANT+ wireless communication standard - Create 1 Bootrap HTML page, with slider Create 1 Camtasia/Movie Maker Video & Upload through TubeMogul - create 1 home page create 1 home page design, elegant and clear - create 1 long pdf from given text and images W/Snapshot version Create 1 main Logo and 3 sublogos for recruitment company - Create 1 nanonillion text files containing numbers, each one sequential from the last file Create 1 new page using current layout/platform - Create 1 page PSD to HTML & CSS / Convert a Template to a Website Create 1 page responsive HTML - Create 1 Site Earning $20-$50 p/day using google adsense Create 1 slide for xmas and nyes ( must be animated) - Create 1 x 500 Word Article in 24 Hours (B) Create 1 x 500 Word Article in 24 Hours (B) - repost - Create 1-Minute Video of My Online Store Create 1-page .html file with very good SEO - create 10 articles (300words each), Create 10 articles of 750 words each - Create 10 different gift wrap designs in High Resolution create 10 different logo ideas for our 2 website - Create 10 Images in 3D Create 10 Images in 3D - open to bidding - Create 10 new listings in SuperPages (SuperMedia.com)(repost) Create 10 newsletter templates based on design specification and Mailchimp Blueprint - Create 10 resume samples Create 10 Screencam videos - Create 10 Step by Step Tech Doc integration Articles Create 10 subdomains using my cPanel, then use my auto-site builder software to create a site on each subdomain - Create 10 Wordpress Plugins for Existing Membership Site Create 10 Wordpress Sites using Wordpress MU - Create 100 Amazon.com accounts (email/password) Create 100 Android apps with my easy methods - Create 100 facebook accounts Create 100 facebook likes - Create 100 Gmail accounts -- 2 Create 100 Gmail accounts -- 2 - Create 100 posts on hockey forum Create 100 pR3+ permanent links - Create 100 Spanish sites on page backlinks over pr2 Create 100 Specific Twitter Accounts with Feed content - Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding Create 100 user profiles on my website - Repost - open to bidding - create 1000 different emails from googlemail.com, hotmail Create 1000 Accounts For Social Bookmarking! - Create 1000 Legitimate GMAIL or Hotmail accounts Create 1000 listings (adverts) on our new website - Create 10000 facebook likes Create 1000s of Blogspot Blogs - Create 11 website images banners Create 11 x 3D rendering of diving boards - Create 12 new pages for an existing site using HTML/CSS [merit-energy] Create 12 pages in html - Create 124 Photoshop masks for images Create 124 YouTube thumbnails - Create 14 Regional Landing Pages For Mortgage Advisors Create 14 Web 2.0 Blogs - Create 15 Minutes Relaxation Video Clip Using My Audio Track Create 15 Minutes Relaxation Video Using My Audio Track - create 15-30 sec animated video Create 15-30 second viral videos for 5 days - Create 1500+ Amazon UK Listings Create 15000 medium quality and stable DoFollow Backlinks with max 300 loss within 3 months - Create 18 caricatures - project for Nextgenexperts Create 18 Flash Videos - Create 2 (TWO) Explainer Videos 2D Motion Graphic Create 2 *.cur (cursor) images - only if you know how to deal with small cursor images / icons: 30 min job - Create 2 Alternative Layouts (US Trade and US Letter) from original Indesign document Create 2 amazing UNBOUNCE landing pages for wedding planner in SPANISH - Create 2 Banners and website logo Create 2 banners for bridal website - Create 2 comparison charts Create 2 Complete websites with ongoing SEO and Management - Create 2 Diecut for Display; optional 3D mockup / Cynax - laufende Arbeit create 2 dielines - Create 2 fill-in-sheets (PDF) Create 2 flash animations - Create 2 Graphic Designs Create 2 Graphic Images with SmartDraw - Create 2 Image Processing Filters Create 2 Images - Create 2 Landing Pages and 2 small Banners Create 2 landing pages for 2 PPC adverts - Create 2 Lyric Videos for my band Create 2 macros in Excel 2010 - create 2 modules to send data to OAP Create 2 more images - create 2 page document from powerpoint brief Create 2 page layouts and produce 20 documents - Create 2 Payslips Create 2 PDF documents - create 2 programs for Akhter
Create 2 Promotional Intro Videos about website services - Create 2 Sided Cards in InDesign from XML feed Create 2 sided christmas flyer for a family cycle business - Create 2 Simple Single-Page Websites from Template Create 2 simple sound files - Create 2 SVG images based on existing images Create 2 SVG images based on existing images -- 2 - Create 2 Videos 15 Seconds Each Create 2 Videos @ 30 FPS Using Existing Audio and Image File - Create 2 Website landing pages Create 2 Website Landing Pages for WordPress Site (Theme Already Coded) - Create 2 WordPress Plugin Create 2 wordpress responsive design templates - Create 2 x Marketing Postcards Create 2 x Marketing Postcards - repost - Create 2-page fillable pdf form Create 2-page PDF 'Advert' for brochure - Create 20 color ways of sunglasses & Export 3 views of each color and OBJ files Create 20 comic books based on educational children's book series - Create 20 Health Topic Articles Create 20 High Quality Pictures Related to Bowling - Create 20 PVAs create 20 sample tagline for consulting startup company - Create 20 WebSite Create 20 Website Accounts and 1 GMail Account - Create 200 Emails Create 200 emoji for my App - Create 2000 - 3000 Article in Fitness Niche -- 2 Create 2000 - 3000 Article in Fitness Niche -- 3 - Create 22 files with logo of existing services for website Create 22 icons - Create 25 Free blogs - Linkwheels Create 25 High Quality Animated Flash Banner Ads - Create 250 word descriptions for tutorial videos. Create 250 youtube titles, descriptions and tags 2 - Create 2D Animated Images Create 2D animated sprites to be used in an iOS/Android game - Create 2D Animations for unity3d game Create 2D Animations, Background Cleanup and Background retouching for Digital Childrens Book - Create 2d Explainer video Create 2D explainer video - 60 seconds - Create 2mm sphere wall with holes create 2nd "blog page" within Wordpress - Create 3 Adsense Websites $20 daily each Create 3 adsense websites generating 25-30$ per day each - Create 3 Banners and photo shop 2 photos Create 3 banners for a slideshow - Create 3 CSS scrolling animation from material design guidelines Create 3 CSS/HML webpages from photoshop layout design - Create 3 facebook Ads for my App Create 3 facebook banners - Create 3 High Quality Photorealistic Renderings from Sketchup and Provided Information Create 3 High Quality Photorealistic Renderings from Sketchup and Provided Information -- 2 - Create 3 Kickass Childthemes for Wordpress Create 3 Kinetic Videos for sales funnel - Create 3 Mobile Pages that work offline Create 3 mock action movie posters for a 'bond' type film - Create 3 Page Joomla website Create 3 Page Mobile Webiste - create 3 product design in Tekla Create 3 Product Images - Create 3 short Videos, which will be a guide for customers to find our branches from nearest train station Create 3 similar flash website - Create 3 Storylines Create 3 survey forms using a CRUD plug-in for Code Igniter. - Create 3 videos ready for youtube Create 3 Videos. Real life acting - Create 3 WordPress templates Create 3 WordPress templates - Create 3-5 minutes wedding video Trailer Create 3-5 page brochure for Real Estate + Mortgage presentation - Create 30 facebook pages Create 30 Facebook posts - Create 30 sayings onto cute cartoon style images Create 30 screencasts in English - Create 30 variations of a mascot Create 30 Variations on a logo utilising new colours - Create 300 images with quotes or facts Create 300 link web 2.0 linkwheel. - Create 301 Redirect in Htaccess (entire site) Create 301 Redirect in Htaccess (entire site) - repost - Create 35 Accounts Video Directory Sites Create 35 Google Accounts and Signup 350 Google Maps API Keys - Create 3D animated GIF of Rotating Logo Create 3d animated short film - Create 3D Animation Video Create 3D Animation Video - Create 3D Animation With Sound FX Create 3D animation. - Create 3D Box Art, Image only Create 3d boxes from my 2d layouts - Create 3D characters for a war game Create 3D characters in three different versions based on reference images. - Create 3D Face Model With Picture Create 3D faces from a single image - Create 3D Gaming Dice Create 3D Geological Profile using the given BoreHole data - Create 3D images of air cargo containers from drawings and photos. Create 3D images of Home interior Living room - 9 pictures needed - Create 3d Mock Up Print and Packaging Designs for Bottle Label create 3d mockup exactly like this from different angle - Create 3D model from a 2D cartoon drawing Create 3D Model from AI or EPS file. - Create 3D Model Of An Apartment & Render Stereoscopic 360 Images. Create 3D Model of an existing house - Create 3D Model of Room - Repost - open to bidding Create 3D Model of Room - Repost - open to bidding - Create 3D models create 3d models -action adventure game - Create 3D models using "Poser" program (or any other program) Create 3d models using CAD software for 3 attached drawings - Create 3D product box in GIMP based on 2D logos and text Create 3D Product Image - Create 3D renders from 2D CAD drawings Create 3D replicas of 6 types of hydro towers from supplied hi-resolution imagery and xyz point clouds for measurement of structure height and width accuracy. - Create 3d Titles to Custom Specifications Create 3D Touch Features for my IOS Game - Create 3D, 2D Game Animation Create 3D, 2D or real photo of a tablet with gift - Create 4 Android Apps from Existing Android App Create 4 animated explainer video - Create 4 Designs (drawings) create 4 Different businesses logos - Create 4 High Quality Images Create 4 High res Images from logos I already have. - Create 4 Linkedin Accounts Create 4 logos - 2 are edits to .AI files - Create 4 page flyer in Adobe Design -- 2 Create 4 Page HTML/CSS Website Portfolio From PSD\'s - Create 4 second logo intro for product (Similar to GoPro Intro) Create 4 Sex Animations For Unity 3d - Create 4 variations of my landing page using Instapage Create 4 versions of simple logo layout for box design - Create 4 x IOS & Android eCommerce Mobile Applications Create 4 x Unique, Funny, Engaging, Original YouTube Videos for 4 x Different Canadian Website Businesses - about 2 minutes long each - Create 40 forum profiles backlinks - easy 10 $ Create 40 funny birthday greeting card messages - Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages TO HUSBAND FROM WIFE Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages TO WIFE FROM HUSBAND - Create 43 new original icons Create 43 spreadsheet calculators - Create 5 300x250 Banners ($20 Budget) Create 5 301-Redirection pages - Create 5 blogging sites. Create 5 Blogs & 5 Wordpress About a person - Create 5 explainer videos (about 90 seconds each) Create 5 Facebook Accounts and Add 5,000 Friends To Each - Create 5 Facebook covers for skincare products