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Consult on Google+ Consult on how to block unwanted referral traffic Consult on how to get certain site pages to not appear on search engine results Consult on IE7/8 Protected Mode Consult on intranet project Consult on iPad app Consult on new Homepage Design Consult on normal statistical distribution of prices & how to define outliers (errors) Consult on Novel Outline Consult on Oracle iProcurement Integration (Punchout cXML Model 2b) Consult on PCB design Consult on reporting tools consult on sbs 2008 to server 2012 r2 essentials Consult on some open source frameworks Consult on the design of a custom, low pressure, high flow, hydraulic cylinder. Consult on Transitioning Website From Google Cloud to Amazon AWS Hosting Consult on VOIP.ms, Ring Central for calling Philippines to Canada
Consult on why Access database wont work in runtime (immediate work) Consult on Wordpress site, help make changes, Do graphic design consult project management dissertation consult re: program to read streaming feed: stock charts Consult selecting a linear motor (magnetic track and forcer) setup Consult small company to start business online Consult to design Consult to design Consult w/ clients, write press releases, distribute Consult w/1 Edit on WordPress Avada so I can make changes Consult w/Me to Create Knoppix Distribution Disk Consult webcam Consult with HMTL and CSS to help make landing pages function Consult with me on best ways to implement web integration functions for my application still in development Consult with me on designing email split testing campaigns Consult with me on SEO and Fix my Webmaster Tools Consult with me on SEO website optimisation