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Change one word to another - Change OpenCV-2 dependency to OpenCV-3 in a image processing code Change openGTS view and add some fields to the vehicle registration - Change order of related portfolio posts on Wordpress to random Change order of tasks in VB - change our company brochure and create a folder layout. Change our Crowdfunding Script - Change our website from Wordpress to Typo 3 Change our website's grid structure (width) and theme files - Change Package Design Change Package Name & certificate without source code . want to upload in playstore. - change page title and meta description change page title to item:slug - Change password in config file of website and integrate a new style sheet Change password in config file of website and integrate a new style sheet - ongoing work - Change Payment Integration Currency Change payment links and few text corrections on pages - Change PCM Limit on GM ECU Change PDF - Change pdf to excel - 20/12/2016 00:18 EST Change PDF to Excel Spreadsheet - Change perspective in Illustrator logo change perspective of an image and add another picture on top of image. plus some shadow - Change phone numbers on pages change phone numbers on two wordpress sites - Change photos in my site Change Photos in my Web Gallery Template - change PHP flash weather widget to 2.0 change PHP flash weather widget to 2.0 - try again - Change PHP Script to work with SEO-Urls Change PHP script URGENT - Change phpBB3 Prosilver Colors Change PHPfox authentication method - change pictures Change Pictures &amp; Redo Ebay HTML ads for Eyrieteck Only - Change PNG image into a scaleable vector Change png images color (orange to green) in some icons - Change Powerpoint Presentation look Change PPM to % on Serial Monitor - change prices on excel file Change prices on items - rounded up - magento shop - Change Product Description Change Product Detail Slide Down To Lightbox On Collection PAge - Change profile layout in Pligg [PHP/CSS] change profile page of website. - Change Purchasing System From Instant Delivery To Cronjob Controllled Change pure CSS design to tables with CSS styles - Change red color of hose in video to black Change Red Colour To White in 2 Photos - Change Registry Permissions (VB.NET only) Change Regular in a function - Change Residual Styling of WooCommerce Addons Plugin Change resolution of banner design - Change rpg site Change RSS Feed for wordpress blog - Change script from on click to onload... Change script from PHPFox to Dolphin. - Change search frame and format design Change search frame and format design -- 2 - Change server for a magento website Change Server for my website - Change shop from Opencart to Magneto.. Change shop pages - Change simple HTML page for drag navigation and resizing Change simple HTML site in to Joomla site - Change Site Domain & Do a 301 re-direct from the old domain to the new site Change Site Domain & Do a 301 re-direct from the old domain to the new site(repost) - Change site template without changing the archived post links Change Site theme & set up new theme in wordpress - Change Size of Embedded Video Change size of existing graphic - Change skin tones on hands to match face Change skin tones on hands to match face - Change small font issue in CSS Change small images to big format - long term job - Change Solus VM template Change solution of logo picture to 500 pixel x 285pixel, max. Filesize 1000kb - Change some colors of menu and background on a joomla template Change some colors of menu and links on a Joomla website - change some details in a website Change some details in an image - change some images change some images - Change some PHP and jquery code Change some php and mysql code - Change some sutff on this this templatmatic page -- 2 Change some sutff on this this templatmatic theme - Change some values in some drop down boxes Change some views files - Change Sort Order of Content Types In Drupal Change sort order of items in existing asp application - Change static html site into php mySQL dbase site Change Static Product menu to dynamically show all products in catalog - Change Structure database Mysql change structure of my code - to producer/consumer structure - change styling of the plugin on my site Change styling, fonts etc on single web form. - Change table to CSS layout Change Table to HTML - Change template and layout of existing Wordpress website CHANGE TEMPLATE ASAP - change template of script Change Template of existing Website Zen Cart - change template to wordpress change template width to 1024 pixel - Change text color at Wordpress theme Change text color for FB like box - Change text in flash animated header Change text in Flash object on Website - Change text in PSD file for logo Change text in SWF file - Change text on each product on website Change Text on Existing Design - Urgent - Change text on webiste Change text on website - change the <title> in my wordpress website Change the access of functions in AS3 Starling Project - Change the background in passport type .png photo to white. - Repost - open to bidding Change the background of 10,000 Images - Change the background to white in 17 images Change the background to white in 17 images -- 2 - Change the charset of my website to display umlauts (German) change the chinese word into solid color - Change the color of my logo change the color of my logo - Change the colour of company logo Change The Colour of Images - Change the CSS/HTML for 1 page so it looks like another site Change the curency in JS mortgage calculator - change the design navigation and some functionality of the fiverscript site change the design of a poster ------------ - Change the design of our website into the new design stated below Change the Design of our Woocommerce Product Page - Fully Responsive - Change The Email Confirmation for my website Change The Email Confirmation for my website - Change the form to send the letter change the format of 200 questions on my site - change the header color and delte the search icon change the header of my magento site thats on bootstrap - Change the images for my game Change the images on my Visual Studio project - Change the layout of a certificate (project for zedworks) Change the layout of a logo - change the logo Change the Logo and Terms and Conditions on an Application Form - change the look of a poster made in powerpoint Change the look of an existing PHP web app. - Change the magento theme
change the magento theme from windows server to Linux Server - Change the name of my LOGO Change the name of my LOGO - open to bidding - Change the Payment Gateaway on Website to Skrill (money booker) Change the payment gateway of a laravel script - Change the Product and Category Page of a Magento Store Change the product release date on our website RIGHT NOW! - change the shape of scroll bars(repost) Change the shopsystem of to new shopsystem eshop2 - Change the sql server Database to postgres Change the sql server Database to postgres - Change the Template to my websites Change the template/interface (Flex) - change the them language , Wordpress a Website change the theme - Change the top menu in mobile device 2 change the top upper widget to our new phone number along with all other numbers that are the same as the top widget - Change the way People Route Change the way product availability is checked on modified oscommerce b2b shop - Change the Zen cart home page footer layout Change Theme - change theme fot Yii - open to bidding Change Theme from "Items" to "Listings" - Change theme on basic website to suit new branding. Change Theme on Existing PHP Website - Change this bus into another bus change this C# to write to excel via arrays now its too slow - Change timing on this Flash file Change Title &amp;amp; Get Links Page to Appear Again - change to a different database on a .asp property website change to a Flash template - change to cvs to make correct size and file to upload change to cvs to make correct size and file to upload - repost - Change to Gallery Style change to gateway CPALEAD.COM - Change to Moodle LMS sign up page, User Role and user desktop Change to MT4 indicator - Change to Project Management System(repost) Change to quotation calculation for website calculator - CHANGE TO THE IMAGE Change to the logo name (not design) - Change To Wordpress Plugin Change to Wordpress plugin "UltimateMember" to change user role based on customer upgrading to a premium membership - Change twitter bootsrap3 theme to another TB3 theme Change twitter Bootstrap theme to religious template for Blogger - Change UI of Android application + minor functionalities Change UI of an Android application - Change Url without Page Load in MVC RAZOR Change URL button - quantity field - Change url's from numeric pages to titles change url's in 1350 profiles - Change values in ASP Change values in MySQL for prestashop at ID products - change vector works logo Change verbiage in a vector image - Change Video Resoultion Change Video Scene with After Effects - Change Voiceover for a youtube video Change voices of a brief recorded audio conversation - Change web page link Change Web Page to Have Tabs and Tree View (HTML / Jquery / Kendo ) - change website change website - Change Website design Change Website design - Change Website from Joomla to Drupal Change website from Joomla To Wordpress - Change website layout (php,yii,css) change website layout - Repost - Change website page Change website page - Change Website theme Change website theme - Change Website's background, header &amp; footer Change Website's Header - change width template(repost) Change width of div (not in css , change in the file hardcoe) - Change Woocommerce Cart for specific product Change Woocommerce email - Change Word Press Theme Change Word Press theme - Change wordpress blog title and description Change Wordpress Breadcrumb - Change wordpress hosting services theme Change wordpress IP to domain anme - Change wordpress plugin to allow browse upload Change Wordpress Plugin to show date in a different format - Change Wordpress template Change Wordpress template - Change wordpress theme Change wordpress theme - change Wordpress theme on my site to Geotheme Change WordPress Theme on Pre-Existing Site and Create Alterations to Design Elements - Change Wordpress Woocommerce Product Catalog Display Change Wordpress Wootheme Definition - Change WP Theme Layout - repost Change wp theme on - Change Xp and Vista Display picture component Change XSLT file to add one more XML Order line to XML output - Change, polish font -- 2 Change, Repair a Current WORDPRESS SITE. - Change/Enhance Website Encryption Change/fix bugs on wordpress site - Changed in our compiler Changed ISP, can't send email through MS Exchange 2003 - Changements in ecommerce Changements on build Shopify Theme - Changes & Fixes to Code on Website Changes & improvements to wordpress/woocommerce site - changes and additions on an existing website changes and additions to an existing website. - Changes and improvements to our website Changes and improvements to our website - repost - Changes and updates to Form and Wordpress auto posting Changes and updates to joomla Sponsoship site - Changes browser Start Page and Default Search Provider changes by a contact form - Changes for Copenhagen Beta incl videochat and Facebook Apps Changes For Data/Process Cube System and Quicken Converter - Changes for Tracey Gritz Changes for Travis - Changes in a .net project Changes in a a wordpress website.(CSS also) - Changes in a web for a Funerary Services and little script Changes in a web site expert needed. - changes in an existing site Changes in an existing site - Changes in brochure Changes in Business Card 10 mins work - Changes in Death Management Practices Changes in design and colors of our label - Changes in existing ASP.Net Project Changes in existing Cargocollective website template with CSS and HTML - Changes in existing website Changes in existing website with admin panel - Changes in HTML Website Changes in html/css - Changes in JS Changes in K2 and Joomla - CHANGES IN MAGNETO THEME Changes in Management/Leadership - changes in my script changes in my site - Changes in Open Source MT4 indicator changes in opencart checkout page - Changes in OsCommerce website