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Creating a simple SQL Page retrive results from a database with quiz engine - Creating a Single-Site-Broswer using Microsoft Visual Basic's WebBrowser Control Creating a site :) - creating a Social Media Marketing Proposal Creating a Social Network - Creating a Splash Page with pixel pass through capabilities - repost Creating a sports brand logo, company logo and the logo for the Web site. - Creating a Strategy with EasyLanguage for Tradestation Creating a streaming media player on the browsers - Creating a team for website and web app UI/UX implementation in Egypt Creating a Team to Develop - Creating a theme from a website design Creating a theme plus implementing some existing functions - Creating A Trip Wire Creating a tutorial for building Android apps. - Creating a vector file in Adobe Illustrator from a picture Creating a vector icon - creating a video clip creating a Video clip from my footage - Creating a Videogame - Join the Team! Creating a View for Django - Creating a web cartoon Creating a web dashboard and app prototype using Firebase - creating a Web site Creating a Web site and its service - Creating a Website Creating a Website - Creating a Website Creating a website - Creating a website for catering business Creating a website for coupons of online stores and local shops. - Creating a website from a dynamic template2 Creating a Website from a old one. - Creating a website using a themeforest.net template Creating a Website Using Bootstrap Project - Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... URGENT -- !!!! !!! Creating a Website. Contact me for more details. Need to be done before Thursday Evening... URGENT -- 2 - Creating a Wikipedia Page - Experienced Users Needed Creating a wikipedia page for my company - Creating a Wordpress Plugin Related to tags and header image change Creating a wordpress plugin to enable hiding information on - creating a working paypal express checkout button for rest api Creating A Worksheet / Powerpoint Template - Creating Academic Assessment Resources creating accepted non hosted adsense account - creating activities in android project Creating ad sense accounts - Creating Adwords Campaigns Creating AdWords display ads - Creating an Account Section creating an acrylic number plaque,We need an .ai file on a 5x7inch. For the numbers 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50 - Creating an algorithm for puzzle game. Creating an algorithm in Matlab based on data in MySQL that determines when to ship a product to a certain customer - Creating an animated/illustrated video Creating an Animation - Creating an app for iOS and Android Creating An App for iPhone and Android in Native Language - Creating an Audio Unit app using xcode. Creating an audio visualizer - Creating an ecommerce site Creating an eCommerce site - open to bidding - Creating an Excel List Creating an Excel list based on a online forum - Creating an IG/Photoshop filter similar to .. Creating an illusration for a book cover - Creating an interactive shopping assistant Creating an interactive swf format Flash chart with Laszlo (069) - Creating an iPhone Game Creating an Iridescent Look on a Product Bottle in Photoshop - Creating an online quotation system. Creating an online retail and wholesale shop for clothing - e-commerce - - Creating an private server for an online browser based game creating an Rakuten Store - Creating and cataloging an Etsy seller site -- 2 Creating and Changing Product Pictures - Creating and Hosting a Social Network Website Creating and HTML email signature template - creating and markting a new app creating and markting a new app - open to bidding - Creating Android app as replica of existing iPhone app Creating Android app for our social network website. - Creating animation video Creating Animation Video - repost - Creating Application Augmented Reality creating application user in 12c - Creating artwork using Photoshop for 1:1 representation Creating artworks for a poster or a logo - Creating Avatars for our website Creating Aviation Related Textbook - creating badges Creating Band Website - Creating Better Design Creating betting slip - Creating brand awareness via food/travel blogs Creating brand characters in a cartoon format - Creating C# windows application that scrap torrent website and post the data and file in website Creating C# wrapper for C++ DLL Exporting 20 C++ classes - Creating CBV or PGN File Creating CCK extension with advanced search - CREATING CLICKBANK LINK SECURITY SCRIPT FOR MY WEBSITE(repost) Creating clickTAG for flash banners - Trade Tracker Affiliate program - Creating company databases Creating Company Identity, a Perfect Image, Brand and Web Designing - Creating content and modification in Joomla site Creating content and rewriting content for our company website - Creating coupon wordpress theme Creating Coupons - Creating CURL based program - only for VIETNAMESE PROGRAMMER Creating Cusotmer Dokumentation System and Connect to Windows Filesystem - Creating Custom Wordpress Lists creating customer dashboard, worker dashboard, admin dashboard system - Creating Database Creating database - Creating design + HTML for an Online ERP Website Creating design + HTML for an Online ERP Website - repost - creating dmg from visual ruby project Creating DNN Skin - Creating Dynamic CSS Creating Dynamic Forms and presenting to client. - Creating Ebay Listings Creating eBay listings - Creating emailers and microsites on wordpress for our marketing campaigns Creating emails - Creating Excel database Creating Excel database, data entry - Creating Facebook 7 Albums with the link to the product page Creating facebook account - Creating Fantasy Esports website Creating Fantasy Sports Site - creating five links in premade flash template Creating Five Tumblr Themes - Creating Footware order system CREATING FOREX MT4 EXPERT ADVISOR - Creating Forum Profiles Creating forums website in html5 - Creating further Banner Creating FusionChart like library - creating good quality youtube accounts creating google ad gadget - Creating HDFC payment gateway for Open Cart Creating header menu to WordPress child theme - Creating HTML eMail Template with Proper Design Creating HTML image banner and implementation of script/codes for a wordpress site - Creating ideas - idea generation Creating idle moment animations for virtual pets - Creating import CSV file for magento, with data you collected on suppliers' websites
Creating import CSV file for magento, with data you collected on suppliers' websites - Creating Instructional Videos Creating Instrumental Versions - Creating Iphone app container for ready html files Creating iPhone APP in Titanium - Creating Joomla Website Creating Joomla Website! - Creating landing pages for exisitng website Creating Landing Pages For Website - Creating links in Flash template Creating Linode and moving sites - Creating Logo Creating Logo - Creating low budget animation movie Creating low poly character for mobile Game - Creating Main Pages of a Website creating malayalam images - Creating Mass Web Pages on my site via Excel creating massage website - Creating message log service(assignment) Creating Messasing App - Creating mobile games in unity Creating mobile lander - Creating more optimize SQL Query creating Motion background for 50sec. intro - Creating Multiple Sections inside one panel dynamically - repost 2 Creating multiple short videos - Creating New Forum creating new accounts in whm - Creating new module of PHP framework Seagull Creating new module.. and redesign website - Creating Nintex Workflow Creating Nintex Workflow for a blog site - Creating of Leads Creating of Leads - Creating One Time Download Links Creating one wordpress template from existing theme - Creating Original Art Collage Creating original Electropop track from lyric to mastering - creating parts of a website stocklist creating parts of a website stocklist - repost - creating perfect WebSite 2.0 Creating Perfect White Borders - Creating Picture Stacks Creating pictures for baby game - creating postings in the new forum Creating posts and adding them on social sites - Creating Prestashop Template based on Screendesigns - repost creating prestashop theme - Creating products for BigCommerce Creating products for BigCommerce - Creating Promotional Cartoon Video Creating Promotional Code Module - Creating questions for QA assessment Creating questions on generic topics - creating reports---Changes Creating Reservation and Announcement Function in my website - creating RTL for an existing web site creating RTL for an existing web site - creating SDK for android Creating Seamless Textures - Creating shopping cart for downloadable products on wp Creating Shopping Cart for Website - Creating simple Dial Pad mockup in flash. Creating Simple Envelope Icon - Creating simple WP site based on Image Creating simulation code, generate data and analyzing data - Creating small and professional templates for websites Creating small application with ActiveX MozBrowser - Creating some additional features to a PHP upload script. Creating some basic level Computer Graphics like Applying some changes to a 3D house and applying some transformations - creating spread sheets using macros vba Creating spreadsheet with complex charts - Creating Sticker for Cat character Creating Sticker for Ninjya and lion character - Creating submenu for wordpress3.0 theme not supported Creating SUBMIT button to PDF which send the formular - Creating TecDoc module for Open Cart Creating TecDoc module for Open Cart or Magento - Creating the brand new interactive Apps to sell products (Absolutely new era of sales marketing) Creating the concept and Functional Description of the Joud wa Soud mobile application - Creating Theme for Moodle Creating Theme for Moodle 2.3 - creating training videos of a saas solution Creating trapezoid image calling from Python - Creating txt via ASP to feed Generator Listboxes Creating typography with my own quotes - Creating users in peer to peer networking using ACL for fine grained access to folders Creating users on forum and putting relevant posts & answers - Creating video animation creating video animation - Creating Videos for Facebook with Adobe Premier/ Adobe After Effects (Possible Longterm Work) Creating Videos for free online games - Creating Web Admin in PHP or Rails Creating Web Admin in PHP or Rails (1075476) - Creating web similar to agoda.com (www.agoda.com) Creating web similar to agoda.com (www.agoda.com) - Creating website Creating website - Creating website for selling shoes creating website from a free templates - Creating Websites creating websites - Creating Word Press Theme Creating word templates - Creating Wordpress Theme from Template Creating wordpress themes with Advanced custom fields - Creating Youtube Videos (2 Videos, Gaming niche) Creating Zapier Webhook for Bexio API - creating/programming an app creating/saving html files on the fly (asp.net) - Creation 3 header images for site template Creation 3 pages html website - Creation and distribution of surveys for feedback on website, related experience required(repost) Creation and Editing of Audio CD - creation and synchronization from multivendor magento of webkul, towards, new magento stores -- 2 creation animation video you tube - creation d'un logo de société Creation d'un Logo et d'une banniere - creation d'une application uber like Creation d'une fonction ajax (des francais uniquement !!!) - Creation de texte - Repost Creation Denims - Magento site - Creation Home page2 Creation Identidad de Marca - Creation moteur SEO wordpress Creation motion infographic from existing image file - Creation of 100 Craigslist phone verified accounts Creation of 100 Craigslist phone verified accounts - Creation of 2 functions for a Library Website Creation of 2 icon images - Creation of 2D vector graphics Creation of 2D video - Creation of 3d points Creation of 3d points in AutoCAD - Creation of 50 high quality links from German websites Creation of 50 high quality links from German websites - repost - Creation of a 3d MAx Model from Cad File Creation of a 3D Model - Project dedicated to vikashkumar - Creation of a CD Collection using Java (JTree) creation of a certificate of currency - Creation of a cryptocurrency Creation of a csgo gambling site based around coinflips - Creation of a Facebook Application Creation of a Facebook fan page and a page added to my wordpress website that will list my pricing for services and where I can be locat - Creation of a Golf betting application. Software conversion.