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Creating 5 pages of HTML pages with CSS from PNG Creating 5 sets of IQ worksheets using PowerPoint Creating 5 Video Tutorials using an emulator for electric engineers (calculator) Creating 5- minutes video blogs creating 50 display ads Creating 50 pages in word Creating 50 posters and 50 Documents creating 5000 accounts on Myspace Creating 54 blogs Creating 6 different Website without any CMS tool Creating 6 mock up designs Creating 6 symbols for website Creating 60 back links and 1 SEO “Wheel” Creating 60 collages to illustrate different jobs/careers Creating 7 banners Creating 7 new videos from one m4v formatted video Creating 8 Avatars Creating 8 HTML/CSS pages with 2 submit forms. Very Simple. Its already 50% Complete
Creating 9 empty blogs on Wordpress MU Creating 9 images for a website Creating 9 subdomains according to our project on our website Creating 90 sec project promo video using ready after-affect Creating 90 sec promo video using ready after-affect Creating “ 2 Minutes ANIMATION VIDEO” including “VOICE-OVER for 2 Minutes” Creating “2 minutes animation” and “voice over for 2 minute” Creating \"Backorder\" in opencart. creating \'deals\" and ccavenue integration Creating a Demo for you tube and web site creating a music track Creating a proposal Creating a simple Photo editing App Creating a "how to" brochure Creating a "Turtle" to Draw Different Colored Lines Based Off User Input via JOptionPane Creating a #C program for windows embedded systems or windows IOT core Creating a "fake" server