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Create Twitter Tool - ongoing work Create Twitter Web App that unretweets all tweets Create Twitter, Facebook and Youtube BOTs Create twitter, facebook, pinterest, and googleplus accounts/pages Create Twitter.com accounts create twitter/facebook retrieving module create twitter/facebook retrieving module Create two (2) designs for patches Create two (2) order forms before proceeding to checkout Create two 10 second explainer videos in 2D. Create two 100x100 ads and minimize the size of the attached image Create two 100x100 ads and minimize the size of the attached image(repost) Create TWO 1mn 30 s motion graphic, one in french and one in english Create two 2 page flyers Create two 2D Animations Create two 2D Animations - Chibi style Create Two 2D Cartoon Sprite Sheet
Create two 30 second and three 15 second videos Create two 30 second videos create two 301 directions + check on wordpress mail settings Create two 3D Animation Create two 3D CAD objects from pictures. Google Sketchup Create two 3D characters | only professional! Create two 3d objects in Maya/Max for use in AE cs5 Create two 3d plane carriers Create two 45 second video animation about tracking mobile phone for my website Create two 8 x 10 posters, ready for print create two access databases Create two additional forms in Virtuemart products create two AddressBook objects, one to hold BusinessContact objects, one to hold PersonalContact objects. I want them on java Create two admin reports for Oscommerce Create Two Ads Create two adverts create two adwords campaign