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Create Sleigh and Cutter Website Template - Create slides for techincal training on Scala language Create slides for two pages on website - create slogans Create Slogans & Mottos - Create small artist website using template Create small ASP.NET web application (one page only) - Create small Drupal site with 1 content type and details pag Create Small eBay Store - Create small keylogger for windows and RS232 sniffer COM PORt Create small lms project for logicscreators - Create Small Size Database From Static HTML Pages Create small snipet example to connect to Soap - Create small WP Widget or best solution Create small, simple CRM - Create SMF (Simple Machine Forum) Theme from Existing Website Create SMF 2.0.4 mod which enables to position attachments post body. - Create Snapchat accounts manually Create Snapchat Filter for my Town - Create Social Bookmarking Accounts Create Social Bookmarking Accounts With BookmarkingDemon - Create Social Media Accounts and sources new leads Create social media accounts for 7 websites. - Create social media monitoring and analysis platform Create Social Media Node for SPSS Modeler - Create Social Media Website for F&B Create Social Media Websites - Create Social Networking Profiles Create Social Networking SITE - Create socmed account / email account Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms - Create software / GUI for a idea of mine. Create Software 1 - Create Software for Nutritionist create software for online shop management - Create Software Program - Windows based - Fix Error Code 646 create software program and accompanying mobile web based app - Create Software to Generate Custom cCmments on Social Media Create Software to Generate Leads - Create software/script (Mac OS X) Create SoftwareTool to automate listings on My classified website - - Create solution for IP ban Create Solution for S3FlowShield Issue with Popovers - Create some abstract around the logo Create some account for me - Create some banner ads for Adwords create some banner for a website - Create some changes in my joola website create some changes in wp theme - Create some dashboard using tableau -- 2 create some demo pages of specific json scripts - Create some form with Admin & client interface Create some forms & views for a WHMCS addon (read careful please) - Create some Highcharts grafics with Mysql Create some Highcharts grafics with Mysql -- 2 - Create some images for a website Create some images for an invite - Create some Logo Create some logos and pictures for a blog about Thailand - Create some pages on existing website. Create some pages on existing website. -- 2 - Create some Professional Icon Designs Create some professional light leak and flare files in full HD - Create some shapes(really basic) create some shell script backup scripts for linux - create some specialty spreadsheets Create some Specification Sheets for Sportswear - Create some Website banners based on the corporate ID Create some website content for a teachers website - create sort / search algorithm Create Sort Logic, Search Logic - Create soundalike/karaoke/instrumental tracks of popular music Create sounds and background music for mobile game - Create spec sheets from web pages, for antenna cables create special .ttf font - Create spin ready article Create spin tags to my articles - Create Sports Database Create Sports Drills in Flash Animation - create spreadsheet for masonry column design to Eurocode 6 create spreadsheet for RC retaining wall design to British Standard - Create spreadsheet using information in resumes Create spreadsheet using SOME of the data from a PDF - Create SQL 2008 .dstx to Import XML records via a web service Create SQL 2008 .dstx to Import XML records via a web service -- 2 - Create SQL Server Audio / Video Training Material Create SQL Server db with VB and export / import to / from access - Create Squidoo and HubPages Create Squidoo and HubPages with original or translated content - Create stacked column graph with data (EXCEL) Create Staff Listing in Excel using Linkedin - Create Start-up Presentation Create Starter web site for Anti-Aging/Beauty product - Create static PDF (three) to fillable form PDF Create static professional HTML website - no frills - Create stciky notes work-alike useing blog as db c#### easy Create Steam API Key - Create STM32F code project specification. - open to bidding Create STM32F code project specification. - open to bidding - repost - create store procedure1 create store procedure1 - Create street scene illustration of disaster in line drawing style - artists required Create streetmap from google map - Create style and design for Engineering Website Create style and design for Engineering Website - repost - Create Sub-Categories create sub-categories for existing main categories - Create Subdomains With Keywords(repost)(repost) Create submenu style in magento - Create subtitles in JSON format Create subtitles in WebVTT format for videos - create superadmin user for joomla 3 Create Superfish/DHTML Menus for Drupal Site - create survey response database Create Survey Template - Create Swedish restaurant website, content written Create Sweethome 3D Model from 2D PDF - Create system architecture document for the given system Create system CRM online - Create tab on Facebook that redirects to my website Create Tab Text Box For Review Site - create table in Joomla article create table in myphpadmin - Create Tables from Data Create tables from ER Diagram using query in Oracle Developer Days - Create tag page based on archive.php in wordpress custom theme Create Tag Price template - Create taxi app Create Taxi App for iOS \ Android and WEB platform - Create technical content -- 2 Create technical documentation for a portal - Create Template and forms to integrate in my website. Create Template and Generate images on server using template - Create Template For eBAy Create template for email marketing - Create template for Volusion from existing site Create template for web links - Create template similar to Elance Create Template Structure For Membership Web Site - Create Templates in HTML (Email) Create Templates in HTML (Email) - open to bidding - Create Test ASP Site and Make Some Changes create test automatically with multiple answers and publish in Word to print and the answer sheet separately - Create Tests Create Tests - Create text sync animation in After Effects [Russian] create text to speech system in english/urdu language using my voice as audio - Create TF2 Viral Video (sourcefilmmaker)
Create tff font from old book scan - Create the backend to control app Create the backend to control app - Create the Content of the Company Profile Create the content/webpages/images GetRightToGo need to full use all features. - Create the Functionality Layout for an App Create the game SCORE 4 in Fortran - Create the letter R Create the list of doctors - SN - Create the next hit iPhone game! Create the next leading communication tool using AI technology! - Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server Create the script which will create the bots and send it to the user from our server -- 10 - Create the tool (Using Script/bot/API connection) to automatically post event on few websites Create The Top Logo - Create Theme & Mods to current WeBid Auction Website create theme and functionality on worpress theme - Create theme template Create theme template for wordpress - create this Create this 3D Character Model - Create this simple WordPress Site create this theme - Create three designs for Thesis blog site Create three different behaviors - Create three Sharepoint users. Must be done today. Create three similar logo/graphics - Create thumbnail images for business card templates Create thumbnail images from .flv files Linux, Apache, PHP - Create Ticketing System: Web Application + Mobile App Create Ticketing Website Like or - Create tiny icon Create tiny native app (android + ios) - Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - repost Create TOC (Table of Contents) for ebook word (doc) file - repost 2 - Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost Create Tool to import excel spreadsheet into projects within Basecamp - Repost - open to bidding - Create topmost button like Assistive Touch Create topography CAD files from scanned contour PDF’s. - Create Tracking Cookie - open to bidding Create Tracking Cookie -- 2 - Create trafic to our website create trailer for our kids videos (a long term) - Create Transcript for 4 5 minute videos Create Transcript from 11 short Videos - Create Transparent Background PNG's - Part 2 Create transparent backgrounds on photos - Create Travel Website design in PHP Create Travel Wishes and Goals on Google Map - Create True Type font from a psd Create True Type font from a psd font. - Create tutorial on effect in Photoshop Create Tutorial only - Create twenty 4-second animations for a language experiment Create twenty 4-second animations for a language experiment - ongoing work - Create Twitter Bio Email Extractor Create Twitter Blue Badge - create twitter/facebook retrieving module Create two (2) designs for patches - Create two applications one for iPhone and one for iPad Create two applications one for iPhone and one for iPad -- RP - Create two checklists based on PDFs (ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001) Create two columns on a x-cart theme - Create two excel formulas - repost - Repost Create two excel tools - Create two HTML ad pages within FCKeditor Create two HTML elements for bootstrap site. - Create Two Logos Create two logos - Create two page "Interest List" website Create Two Page Joomla Site from a LIVE Site - create two publisher postcard templates - repost create two puzzle -images - Create Two similar Widgets Just like Custom Menu widgets in Wordpress theme Create two simple 3d STL models for printing - Create two static pages with bootstrap Create two static web pages with html and CSS - Create two web 2.0 style icons for web page (repost) Create two web enabled formats jpg and or gif - Create Two Yahoo Pipes Create two You Tube Videos that I can upload - create uber menu in wordpress with tabs function Create Ubuntu 9.10 package for GIS MySql - Create UI Screens using PRISM framework & WPF Create UI Screens using PRISM framework & WPF -- 2 - Create UML diagrams for my MVC structured website Create UML diagrams from an existing android app - Create unique checkboxes for wordpress theme Create unique children\'s illustrations - create unique social media content for a womens hygiene products company create unique social media content for a womens hygiene products company -- 2 - Create unity 3d farm cartoon Create Unity 3d game - Create universal HTML code for header/footer/etc in website Create Universal iPad/iPhone App from Mockup - create updates for our wordpress website (new company photos, content; links etc) Create UPI Android Application to used banking services - Create URL using a date-picker Create US & Canadian Office Furniture Dealer Spreadsheet - Create USB-DVD installer for Hardware OS create use case for mobile application - Create User Friendly Dashboard for Van Sales Scorecard Create User Friendly Recording Application for Offices - Create User Management Tool PHP/MySQL Create User Manual - Create User Statistics for Laravel like Youtube Create user stats, search menu - Create Users Manual for Modified osCommerce Site Create users on my clubs webpage using Excel - Create vacation rental ads Create valentine header and logo design for megamindworks - Create variations of my logo Create variations of Paper Football for our game! - Create VB.NET 1.1 Web service that can be accessed from remote domain via JS and return JSON Create application that displays a grid using an ObjectDataSource. - Create VB6 Function to return world population for input year date. Extrapolate from given data. Create VB6 grid to look like my sample - Create VCC for me from your Indian Bank Create VCC project from makefile - Create Vector Clip Art Drawings Create Vector Clip Art for my T-Shirt website - Create vector files from photos Create Vector files from psds - Create vector graphic Create vector graphic - Create Vector Image Create Vector Image - create vector image/logo from drawing Create Vector Images - Create Vector Logo from Drawings for Prionkor Create vector logo from jpg - Create vector shapes Create vector source file and iOS icon files for an existing design by 9pm EST (US) - Create vectors of those 3 images Create Vectors with 3mm Bleed from .psd Files - Create version mobile of magento website Create version of desktop browser plug-in for iPhone - Create very simple 3d Experience in iphone app from product data create very simple 3D models with buildingmaker - Create very simple unity3d game Create very simple website - Create Video Create Video - Create Video Create Video - Create video (software demonstration)