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Create simple CSV call log parser - Create simple Easy Function Keys software suite Create Simple eBook Covers - CREATE SIMPLE FB LANDING PAGE FOR KIDS FITNESS COMPANY Create Simple FireFox Extension - Create simple full screen camera stream using Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam Create simple functional Rubik's game prototype in Unreal Engine 4 - Create simple GUI for fastcopy - repost Create Simple GUI RE: - Create simple html pages and PHP Scripts from Template Create simple html pages and PHP Scripts from Template 2nd - Create simple informational website for Android app - copywriting text, image and theme selection Create simple input application (access, website) - Create Simple iPhone application that performs a basic multiplication function. Create Simple iPhone Game - Create Simple Learning Management Software Create simple library cocoa framework and import into my project - Create simple map implementation Create Simple Marketing Banners for Popular Brands - Create simple MVC5 .net project for demonstration purpose Create Simple Myspace Account - Create simple overlay content over a PNG map Create simple packaging design - Create simple PHP script Create simple php script - Create simple program that plays a browser based game. Create Simple Programmer Generator - create simple resume form Create Simple Retrieval Website - Create simple SEND-MAIL script (nothing fancy!) Create Simple Sentences - Create Simple Sports Logo create simple spread sheet for the LG VX9800 - Create simple translator application Create simple Twilio app - Create simple volume chart in Ensign software (ESPL) -- 2 Create simple voting webpage - Create simple webpage in wordpress Create simple webpage that controls servo (arduino) - Create simple website for selling social media services Create Simple Website Form - Create simple Windows keyboard driver Create simple Windows Media Player Log - create simple wordpress theme Create Simple Wordpress Theme (from another site) - Create simplified vector artwork from bitmap images Create simplified vector of provided image for 2" pin - create single field form with the use of mail chimp API Create Single HTML page - Create single sign on for 3 different applications Create Single Sign On Integration between WordPress & Forum - create site - open to bidding Create Site - real estate ads - Create site from .PSD Create site from .PSD (DANG) - Create site liked on the RentaCoder but some other. Create site liked on the RentaCoder but some other.(repost) - Create site similar to - OS code okay Create site similar to CPAlead - Create Site/Blog.. Create Site/Script For Freelance Writers - Create sitemaps for website with 1 million + dynamic pages create sites from a wordpress theme - Create skin for a control (telerik) Create skin for IPB forum according to website design - Create slider images for website Create Slider Menu - create slideshow with admin to manage slides Create slideshow with audio and post video and adds - Create Small Android apps - push notification Create small AngularJS demo - Create small c# or java tool reanding imei of Iphone via USB Create Small CMS for XML based flash slideshow - Create small graphic images of toys/food Create small house level from 3ds - Create small PHP script to stock control Create small PHP script to stock control calling from CSV file - Create small website Create small website - Create Smart Phone Security App Create Smart Phone Security App(repost) - Create SMS Bot Create SMS Competition App so reciepeint pays small rate for competition entry. - Create SniperForex EA Create SniperForex EA With TradeCopier - Create social engagement Create social engagement and real following - Create Social Media autopost accounts for Wordpress! SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS NEEDED! create social media banners - Create Social Media presence Create Social Media Presence and Blogging for POS System Company - create social network Create social network (private project) - Create Social Networking Site like Facebook,Twitter etc. Create Social Networking site using dolphin boonex platform - Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms - Repost - Create Software Algorithm to Cut-out objects in digital pictures - repost Create software and apps and some change in platform - Create software for outdoor small architecture using 3d files Create software for Pawn Shop - create software program and accompanying mobile web based app create software program for wedding planners - Create software to remove duplicate emails, tidy formatting and other tasks create software to retrieve data from the internet - Create sofware for Web-data - Very urgent. Create soical media - Create solution in Magento to insert, upgrade, delete product in ecormerce site Create solution to change the base priority of processes with access denied - Create some activity on an existing website Create Some Ad Banner For My Company - Create some banners of existing logos Create some banners/buttons for a website - Create some classes in C++ Create some classes in C++ - Create some easy heuristics algorithms - open to bidding Create some ebooks on Australian horse racing / sports betting - Create some FX assets in Maya for an online catalog. -- 2 Create some gif animated weather icons - Create some icons Create some Icons (EPS and converted in to a Font style) - Create some Javascript with's API Create some Javascript with's API - repost - create some modules in woocommerce. Create some more graphics for me - Create some PHP class to use DB on PHP Create some php page for my site - Create some report and workbook from database in Access Create some reporting on Google Analytics - create some sliders in wordpress site Create some Software - Create some video graphics (indians only) Create Some Videos - Create something like, or Create something Like for live streaming - Create sound effects for my video game create sound effects to an android game - Create Spam Patrol Logo Create SpamAssassin plugin - Create Specific Virtuemart 2.x Report Plugin Create specification document for mobile app development - Create Split payment and complete the website I have Create Split Screen in final cut& pro - Create spreadsheet & data entry Create spreadsheet > realtor email addresses - Create spreadsheet from website tables Create Spreadsheet of Bitcoin Reporters - Create Sprite from Graphics - Quick Project ASAP
Create Sprite image and format on a Wordpress home page - create SQL queries Create SQL queries that are date based - create squarespace website as like my psd - home page created in today night Create Squarespace website that is a copy of my website - create ssl csr decoder Create SSL for our website - Create Standalone PHP script to create wordpress post create standalone scrolling RSS feeder gadget - Create Static Form on PHotoshop Create Static Google SiteMap for - Create Stationary Design - open to bidding Create Stationary Fit out for Office - Create sticker set for a bike from attached pictures Create Stickers - Create Storage Box Diecut and design Create (v2.0) Website (Front End Design / Creative Design) - Create Storyboard Video with Animated Graphics Create storyboard views and connect outlets. - create structured .csv file from webpage of 700 professional listings Create structured data for Magento website - Create stylish Text for a T-Shirt Create stylized floor plan from the technical drawing - Create subdomain for my site for 301 redirect - open to bidding create subdomain for WHM /VPS - Create Subscription Site create subscription website for video on demand and linear streams - Create Sunflower Images Right Now Create sunglass e comerse online store website OPEN CART - Create survey - NOTE: need native Dutch speaker! create survey -- 2 - Create SVG links?? - open to bidding Create svg logo from design - Create Switch In Wordpress for Admin to Turn On/Off HTML Element Create Sylenth1 Presets - Create t-shirt imprint designs in vector format Create T-Shirt Mockups - Create Table Dynamic SQL Create Table Export for Existing Ebay/AERS API - Create table within word dynamically with vba with data from xml file - repost Create Table/Relations from Entity Relationship Diagram - Create Tables, Parse Data, and Load into PostgreSQL DB Create Tablet-Based Catalog from InDesign - Create Targeted Listing of Real Estate Agents in Australia Create targeted traffic & sales for our chat room software - cReate TCP mail client Create TCP/IP PHP server to get data into mySQL database - Create Technical Specifications for my jewellery designs ready to send to manufacturer. Create Tee Shirt Design - Create Template based on our Cycling Club Jersey Create Template Design for Tear Drop Banner - Create template for Joomla 3.1 + adsmanager extension Create Template for joomla and modify existing logo for page head. - Create Template from Design Already Created Create Template from Existing PSD File - Create Template Wordpress Create template Wordpress - Create create templetes - Create test cases in SOAP UI Create Test cases using SOAPUI - Create text + audio and gather images for English vocab lessons. Create text / graphic - Create text/web mining application Create textbased game using the MEAN stack - Create Thank You page for contact forms to help in Google AdWords tracking Create Thankyou page on 4 Contact forms and paste code - Create the base of a web software as a service (SAS) Codeigniter Create the basic layout for a Prestashop site - Create the copyright and structure of a landing page Create the corporate presentation of a shipping (maritime) company - Create the game that will be on everyones phone! Create the Game: Chaos Ball - Create the list of doctors - SN Create the Logo - Create the next generation of social media applications Create the next hit iPhone game! - Create the same website and time reporting system 2 Create the same website and time reporting system 3 - Create the template for our static site builder create the TF-IDF matrix, creating training data set - Create the WordPress Site (7 Pages inlcuding a FAQ page w/Dropdowns) Create the World\'s first oBook - Create Theme for Wordpress and Prestashop -.-.- Crear Theme para Wordpress y Prestashop Create theme from Template provided - create thin and fat version of a woman profile picture - very high quality - repost Create ThinkOrSwim scripts for trading-system rules/logic - Create this PNG logo in vector format and add textual elements Create this program - Create three buttoms in my listbingo joomla site Create three buttoms in my listbingo joomla site - open to bidding - Create three professional PPT Presentations (Content provided - English & Spanish) Create Three Profiles On My Website(SUPER EASY) - Create Thumbnail Carousel Slider Create Thumbnail for Radio Stations and Video Playlist - Create thumbnails of website create thumbnails/featured image for posts wordpress - Create Timers with Alarms Create TimeSheet Report From CSV File - Create titles for images Create titles, calculate prices - Create Tool to convert Outlook message to specific XML Format Create tool to generate CODES based on algorithm (will provide samples) - Create top quality videos to submit online Create top users sort field in admin - Create tracker for members create tracker to my own site - create traffic to my site, post on forums and blogs in Australia. Create traffic to my webpage - create transaction by api Create transcoding virtual machine - Create Transparent Background Create Transparent Background for 5 Images - Create Travel Planner with Java Aglets Create Travel Search Engine - Create tripples in triple store and run few queries in SPARQL Create Trivia games for Android - create tumblr skin for site. Create Tumblr Theme - Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers Create TV Shows and Celebrity Wallpapers - repost - Create Twitter Accounts + Upload Images Create Twitter Accounts + Upload Images - create twitter search and send script create twitter search and send script -- 2 - Create two 3d plane carriers Create two 45 second video animation about tracking mobile phone for my website - Create two basic racket programs implementing turing machine Create two basic rooms for my extremely simplistic game in Game Maker Studio - Create two different Exception Classes in Java - open to bidding Create two different types of programming conditions using if-else statements and loops. - Create two flash pages Create two Flash polling widgets for a children's book site - Create two Infographics. Create two interactive web visualisations (e.g. using D3) based on a provided dataset (CSV) - Create two Modules for Mambo Server Create two money-making affiliate sites - Create two pages on an existing site and add content provided by my client Create two pairs of dice objects - Create two run Animation Create two scrappers and a website - Create two simple PHP function Create Two Simple Web Pages - Create two Twitter Wall Visualizations w/ separate Backend Admin for each Create Two types of custom Category Page - Create two webpages (no header or footer needed) Create Two Webpages based on an existing template - Create two wordpress sites
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