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Barter Website - Start Immediately - Barterpalace.Com/Peerflix Clone barterPOINT Iphone Social App - barwa financial district in doha Barwatch - The Pulse of Local Nightlife - BAS Preparation Services BAS Project Estimator - Basci Arena Simulation software basci market research - must be fluent in German - Base and Road from CAD Base and Sitemap Submission for Anode - Base Conversion base conversion - Base de Dados Access ou File Make Pro Base de Dados de Hotéis, Restaurantes, Academias, Empresas de Marketing e Comunicação do Rio de Janeiro - Base de datos Base de datos - Base de datos como tecdoc, recambios de automovil Base de Datos con codigo de barras y descripciones - Base de Datos de Hoteles Boutique en Argentina Base de datos de Hoteles Boutique en España - Base de datos Galerías de ARTE Contemporáneo Europeas Base de datos Hoteles - base de datos php mysql Base de datos productoras de eventos y centros de eventos - Base de monitoramento e controle Base de Rap - Base layer design Base line survey - Base Options Project - Opt. Base Options Project Extension - Base Ring Metal Plate Base SAS programming for business transactions analysis followed by a management report - Base24 Base32 Class in ObjectiveC - Base64 String Encoder/Decoder Base64 Tiff conversion to JPG - Baseball Articles Baseball Batting averages - Baseball Cap Logo Baseball caps - Baseball content creation Baseball Data - baseball game Baseball game assets and splash screen - Baseball League Baseball League - Baseball Math Game(repost) Baseball News Aggregator - Baseball Related Pin Designs baseball score app - Baseball Simulation Software Baseball Site needs 7 pages that the text can be updated by client via admin - Baseball Team Logo Baseball Team Logo - ongoing work - Baseball Website Baseball Website - Baseband 16-VSB Adaptive T/2 EQ with Trellis Encoding Basebord Entwicklung Steuerungsplattform - Basecamp clone basecamp clone - based home job Based in China PHP / Web Programmer Needed IN CHINA ONLY - Based on We have to implement bitcore wallet services and web application Based on cloud computing - Based on graphic content modification of an product picture in 3D/Headphones Based on IEEE Paper - Based on the health promotion leaflet / health promotion tool, produce a 3,000word Based on the info below, please let me know the time and cost that u would charge. Thanks - Baseerah New Website clone - Baseline Schedule BASELOADED TWEETERS FOLLOWERS NEEDED ASAP - Basement design north london UK Basement Finishing - bases de datos sql Bases para la Creación de un Servidor y Base de Datos para el Monitoreo de Instalaciones Fotovoltaicas - Bash based client/server & mysql back end Bash code script explanation - Bash scrip to kill if PID is using 100% cpu BASH Script - bash script Bash script - bash script cpu usage kill process Bash Script CSV > mySQL - Bash Script for FTP CHMOD bash script for gnome3 classic startup applications in debian 7.1 - Bash Script MTR (MUST BE MTR or Traceroute EXPERT) Bash Script MTR (MUST BE MTR or Traceroute EXPERT) -- 2 - Bash script that monitors the contents of a file, performs actions and updates the file BASH script that only executes on valid day - Bash Script to manipulate text/data Bash script to move MySQL tables from one db to another - Bash script to unlock windows machine Bash script to unlock windows machine -- 2 - Bash Scripting Bash scripting - Bash scripts -- 2 bash security installation script - Bash Shell Script Needed asap bash shell script or perl - Bash, python and Php Bash-Scripting (Trash controller) - Bash: csv file into Adwords Editor Format csv (120K records) bash: java: command not found - basic Data Entry pdf to excel convert Basic Data Entry Urgent - Basic Website Basic website - Basic 'free report' illustrations Basic (10 number character, 1 pattern only) OCR (Bengali to English) Android sdk - basic .png logo needed Basic / Low-budget Website Design - Basic 2 Corrections on homepage Basic 2 D Video Game - Basic 2D animation for ~400mins Basic 2D animation for ~400mins (NGO Project) - Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis - Basic 2D sprite/ 3D terrain engine Basic 2D Video Game - Basic 3-5 page Restaurant Website in English and Russian. Basic 3-colour skateboard graphic - Basic 3D Modeling basic 3d modeling - Basic 4 page website basic 4 page website - Basic 5 Page Website Basic 5 page website - Basic 5 Page Wordpress Website Basic 5 pages Business website design - Basic 7 page static website (S) Basic 7 Page Website - Basic Flash included - Basic Accommodation APP - repost basic accomodation and food establishment directory - Basic Accounting Module Basic Accounting module for small business - basic accounting software(repost) Basic Accounting Suite in PHP framework - Basic acting in a youtube video Basic actions on a pictures in OpenCV2.2 - basic admin interface to an existing site Basic Admin Page - Basic Adult Paysite Programming Basic Adult Themed Web Site Needed - Basic Adwords and other Campaigns Setup Basic Adwords Set Up - Just a 1 Hour Job - basic airline reservation system - in C basic airline reservation system - in C - Basic alignment in Magento Site
Basic altering of 3d clothes - Basic and simplified Betfair like website. Basic andoid application - Basic Android app Basic Android app - Basic android APP for Geotheme - repost Basic android app for mobile and tablet - Basic Android Application Basic Android Application - Basic Android Apps - repost Basic Android camera and sharing project - Basic Android Image Moving Game Basic Android Images Slideshow - Basic Android Widget Basic Android XML Project - Basic animation of logo Basic animation project for potentially popular iphone game - Basic APP for iOS and Android Basic app for ios and android - Basic Apple Game Basic Appliances E-commerce Website - Basic art website needs upgraded basic art work - Basic ASP order and contact us forms build Basic ASP Order Form - Basic Assignment agreement for transfer of intellectual property rights Basic Assistance Needed for Web Site Promotion - Basic Auction site for charity Basic Auction Website - Basic autocad design Basic Autocad drafting - basic back end admin for html site Basic Backend Admin for website - Basic Banner Needed for an Existing Site Basic Bash scripts + custom Linux build - basic bid/offer maker software Basic Bigcommerce Features & Tweaks - Basic Blackberry Audio Streaming App basic blackjack - BASIC BLOG SITE NEEDED Basic blog website using Laravel and MongoDB - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - repost Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - repost - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry-- Basic book-keeping, invoicing and payment due reminders - Basic Bottle Template Change Basic bouncing of jpeg and audio file to video - Basic Browser Control Bot - updated Basic browser games for children - Basic Business Forecasting in Excel (SES, Moving Averages, One-Step ahead) Basic Business Graphic Design Work. - Basic Business website Basic business website creation/design/set-up - Basic C - Files assignment Basic C and Shell Programming - Basic c program - open to bidding Basic C Programmer Needed - Basic C programming Homework 8 Exercises basic C programming project - Basic c# program creation Basic C# programming project - basic C++ HTTP file server Basic C++ Interpreter - Basic C++ programming Basic c++ programming assignment - Basic C++ software Basic C++ Windows App - Basic CAD program using OpenGL and MFC Basic Cafe Website - basic calculus question, in 12 hours Basic Calendar Form - Basic Car Pool Site Basic car racing game desing - Basic Cartoon flash video BASIC CARTOON SKETCH VERY EASY!!! - Basic Change in Layout Needed for a few forms Basic Change List to my Magento Template - Basic changes to open source program Basic Changes to OSCommerce Store - $200 Budget - Basic character design(For manga). Basic character design(For manga). - Basic Chemistry basic chemistry 1 - BASIC CHRISTMAS 2-4 COLOUR SEAMLESS PATTERNS Basic Chrome Extension - HTML5, Javascript, jQuery - Basic Classifed Website Basic Classified Ad Site - Basic Cleaning Website Basic Client Database using PHP - Basic Clothing Company Website (similar to another site clone) Basic Clothing Company Website (similar to another site exactly) - Basic CMS for product pages Basic CMS in drupal - Basic CMS website Basic CMS website - basic coding java basic coding on a forum with VBulletin software - basic colour correcting of photos, making backgrounds white and merging 3 photos into 1. basic comersus/asp website front end and minor changes - Basic Company Website Basic Company Website 5 Pages - Basic computer knowledge people needed Basic computer knowledge people needed - Basic computer science assignment Basic Computer science project - Basic config for ADSL service with Cisco 800 series Basic Config Generation Tool (search and replace) - basic contact form ASP/flash Basic Contact Form Fix (2 pages) - Basic Content Management Website Basic Content Management Website - repost - Basic Copy & Paste Basic Copy & Paste Job - Basic Corporate Website Basic Corporate website - Basic CRM & VOIP Intergration Basic CRM Application with Database Backend - basic CRUD php/mysql app on amazon basic cs114 c++ project - Basic CSS development needed Basic CSS Editing - basic CSS tweaking basic CSS tweaks - Basic custom clock app with alarm functionality Basic custom CMS with shopping cart - basic customisation of wordpress app Basic customisation on Magento for our upcoming e-com site - Basic cut and paste Basic cut and paste - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - Basic Data Entry
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