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Basem Youssif - basement fix Basement floor plan - BaseTwits for Youth baseball Bash script that collect simple informations to be sent to a url - BASH controlling processes Bash CSV mysql - Bash Script Bash Script - Bash Script - cPanel Backup Bash script - fast - Bash Script Expert Required Bash Script Expert. - Bash Script for MySQL bash script for postfix install - bash script needed bash script needed -- 2 - Bash script to download and monitor other scripts BASH script to find and move files based on wildcards in a list. - Bash script to restream video with vlc or ffmpeg - -- 2 Bash script to restream video with vlc or ffmpeg - -- 3 - Bash Script: Kill Process by Time Bash script: Need changes to processkill script to match partial string in a process rather than exact match - Bash Scripting - Copy Files from Amazon S3 and Server Bash Scripting - Plowshare Modules Development - Bash Shell Script Bash shell script - bash sripting urgenly Bash to bourne shell script change - Bash/Shell Assignment Linux Bash/Shell Script - modify plain text documents (AWK/SED/DIFF) - basic Basic API using Ruby On Rails - Basic Statistics and Maths questions Basic web site - Basic "Fantasy Football" style database needed Basic ''Blog'' Page to be generated by E-Mail submissions - basic .net project Basic .NET web-app needed - Basic 14 page web site using ASP/CSS Basic 14 Page Website Setup - Basic 2D Animation - Assets Available Basic 2D animation for ~400mins - Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis Basic 2D autoCAD drafting on a flexible basis - Basic 2D Video Game basic 3 d floor layout for a frozen yogart retail outlet - Basic 30 page website Basic 30 page website -- 2 - Basic 3D modeling and animation Basic 3D Modeling for 3D printing - Basic 4 Page Wordpress Website - Jewellery Industry Basic 4 pages shopping cart, no payment gateway PHP/MYSQL - Basic 5 page website design with no sales basic 5 page website for service company - Basic 5-6 Page Static Website Basic 5-6 Page Static Website Design - Basic 8 screen html site Basic A.S.R for Urdu on Sphinx-4 - Basic account system - plan only- Paper works basic accountancy - basic accounting question Basic Accounting quiz on Business transactions - Basic Accounting Work Basic accounting work - Basic adjustments to an already created Java Web Service Basic Adjustments to Finish Website Off - Basic Administration - open to bidding Basic Administration - repost 2 - Basic Advertising Page using Slidedeck/Word Press. basic advertising website for a shop 5 pages - Basic Agoda XML connection setup Basic Air Hockey Game - Basic Ajax, ASP and SQL Server Project Basic Algebra (Maths) Blackboard help in myMathLab - Basic and Easy Real Estate and Insurance Website Basic and Lightweight SIP demo/test client - Basic Android App Basic Android App - basic android app - no design involved just functionality of app Basic Android App - Soft Key Protector - Basic Android Application Basic Android Application - Basic Android Application- XML Parsing Basic android application/s - Basic Android Game. Images and documentation ready. Basic Android Graphics Development - Basic Android TCP connection program Basic Android Training 1hr-2hrs - Basic Animation for Mobile App UI Basic animation for scientific short video - Basic App Development Basic App for a Facebook Fan Page to collect customers info - Basic app. to enter stock level and write result to MSSQL db Basic App: Lock/Encrypt Folder (AES, Drag Drop) - Basic ARM assembly code Basic Array Reader - Basic ASP and MySql Work Basic ASP Form(s) - Basic Assembly Overflow Project Basic Asset Database with Check in/out form function (SQL/Access) - Basic Auction Site Basic Auction site - Basic Autoblog creator needed for 40 autoblogs Basic autocad design - Basic B2B eCommerce website basic back end admin for html site - Basic Banner Needed for an Existing Site Basic Bash scripts + custom Linux build - Basic Bigcommerce Features & Tweaks Basic billboard design. We have the logo/font. Just rearrangement needed. - Basic BlackJack Game in C++ Basic Blackjack program in Dev C++ - basic blog/discussion forum/ image upload Basic blogger needed to generate leads - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry Basic book keeping/ Data Entry - Basic book keeping/ Data Entry job Basic book keeping/ Data Entry job - Basic Bookkeeping and BAS Returns Basic Bookkeeping and BAS Returns - Basic Brochure Site for Frame Shop Basic Brochure Site for Janitorial Service - Basic Business Articles Basic Business Card - Basic Business Website Basic Business Website - basic button pushing registry with counting system basic button pushing registry with counting system - Basic C program Basic c program - Basic C Programming for Teensy Basic C programming Homework 8 Exercises - Basic c# program creation Basic C# Programing - basic C++ HTTP file server Basic C++ implementation of undirected graph via an adjacency list and adjacency matrix. - Basic C++ programming Basic c++ programming assignment - Basic C++ Windows App
Basic Cache Simulation Software in Java - Basic Calculation App Basic calculation for orders - Basic Calendar Program Needed Basic Calendar Reminder App Coded in Swift - Basic Car Sales Static Website With back end - Homepage Design already done Basic Car Site Solution - Basic cash register. Basic casino - Basic changes and additions to an existing Wordpress website. Basic changes and integrating payment processor - Basic Changes to Shopify template BASIC CHANGES TO THEME - Basic Chat application Basic Chat Functionality - Basic chemistry questions basic chemistry simple project - Basic circuit design and soldering, plus sourcing parts Basic circuit design and soldering, plus sourcing parts - Basic clean & Modern website for PA hire needed Basic clean flashsite in AS3 - Basic Clock In Example with Data Sync - Has to be completed in VB2010 basic Clock-In Sytem with FingerPrint Scaner - Basic CMS - PHP page building script basic cms - wysiwyg - Basic CMS to include back-end encryption for submitted files Basic CMS web design and development with shopping cart - Basic coding basic coding - Basic College Prolog Problem --3 Basic colour change to logos - basic company website basic company website - Basic Computer Information Basic computer job monthly pay possible - Basic computer programming questions Basic computer science assignment - Basic config for ADSL service with Cisco 800 series Basic Config Generation Tool (search and replace) - Basic Contact Form basic contact form ASP/flash - Basic Content Management Website Basic Content Management Website - repost - Basic Copy & Paste Job Basic copy editing of a novel - Basic Corporate website Basic Corporate Website - Not Too Animated - Basic CRM Customer Relationship Manager Basic CRM Implementation - basic cs114 c++ project basic css help me positioning - Basic CSS editing Basic CSS Editing Needed - Basic CSS voor joomla site Basic CSS Work - Basic Custom SDK For Android and iOS Basic Custom SDK For Android Apps - Basic customization on WordPress website Basic Customizations of vtiger CRM - Basic dashboard for referral app Basic data analysis project (MySQL, one table, a few reports) - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - BASIC DATA ENTRY BASIC DATA ENTRY - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - Basic Data Entry Basic Data Entry - basic data entry Basic Data Entry - Basic data entry - for randhirarora (as per previous communications) Basic data entry - INDIAN/ASIAN only - Basic data entry and download Basic Data Entry Assistants - No Experience Required - Basic Data Entry For Web Database Basic Data Entry For Web Database - Basic Data Entry into Access 2007 Form basic data entry into an MS Excel file - Basic Data Entry Project Basic Data Entry Project - Basic Data Entry Work BASIC DATA ENTRY WORK (SIMPLE TASK) - Basic Data Management Quiz System Basic data manipulation with formulas or VBA - Basic Data Scraping / Excel Work Basic Data Scraping / Excel Work - Repost - Basic database Basic database and frontend - Basic Date Entry Job Basic Dating Site - Basic Design and PHP Coding Basic Design and Template Modification - Basic Design Program Required Basic design required - simple logo - Basic Detail Basic Development - Basic DirectShow Audio Capture Basic DirectX 11 Game Engine with C++ - Basic Domain and IP Info with PERL basic - Basic Drupal 7 website (front page). Basic Drupal and HTML Editing - basic e-commerce Basic e-Commerce Insurance Website - Basic e-commerce website basic e-commerce Website - Basic Ebay API integration Basic Ebay API URL Call String (ISBN) - Basic eCommerce Application Basic Ecommerce Form - Basic Ecommerce store Basic eCommerce Website - Basic Edit of HTML Basic Edit Of Wordpress Template - Basic editing of 25 photographs Basic editing of 25 photographs(repost) - Basic Edits/changes to based Deals Site Basic Educational Android application - basic email address retrieval script Basic email app - Basic embedded system Basic embeded systems MCU program - Basic English Assignment Basic English course 1 - Basic ERD, Relational Model and 3 SQL quieries Basic ERD, Relational Model and 3 SQL quieries - Bidding Open Again - basic excel and access project Basic Excel Data Base work - Basic Excel Homeworks-urgent Basic Excel Job - copy and paste into one sheet - Basic Excel Work for A Managament Student/Grad Basic Excel+Statistics assignment - Basic Facebook App Needed Basic facebook app/html iframe - Basic facebook research #urgent basic Facebook/Twitter Class For RB - Basic Filemaker 12 Survey Database for iPad Basic FileMaker CRM database - Basic financial accounting android app Basic financial Accounting questions - Basic Firewall Basic Firewall configuration - Basic Flash Animation ASAP