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A ray of hope... Helping Unpriviliged kids - A ready French companies database A ready French companies database -- 2 - A Real Estate Company website with Content Management System -- 2 A Real Estate company website. - A real life novel about the way it was going up in the 40's and the great adventures (very funny) that my friend Mickey and I had back then. I need a writer that can put to words the way it was. I believe this could be a best seller and possible a movie. A real magneto expert - A REAL video sharing script needed - not a worthless youtube clone A Real way to earn Money - A realistic model of a parking lot polulated with cars and video sequences A realistic model of a parking lot populated with cars. Rendering of video sequences - a really great wanelo saving job A really nice website that sets my surgical website far above all competitors - A reasonable Data Entry Work. A reasonable Data Entry Work. - open to bidding - A record label logo a recorded interview transcribied - A reddit HTML copy A Reddit Traffic and Facebook Groups Expert - A refresh of our existing logo A Reggio Emilia Curriculum Approach (Early Childhood Studies) - A Reicarnação A Reinforcement Learning -Q-learning,SARSA, Learn from Demonstration (LfD) JAVA implementation - A reliable Joomla + Virtuemart expert for a long-term collaboration. A Reliable Leads Provider - A rendering of a billboard A rendering of a new real estate development - a repo system like this A report - A report about the underperformance of students in mathematics globally A report about the underperformance of students in mathematics globally - A Report List. Front and Back end using database system A report need to be done by using AMPLDev Programm - A report on a A 4 sheet of paper A report on Amazon DynamoDB database. - A Report on Machine Learning & Data Mining A report on Marketing management - A report that highlights Operations mangement in TESCO - repost A report that shows year-to-year sales by customers - A REPUTABLE OIL & GAS REFINERY A request for analytical search on self-employment (Freelance) market - A Research Company requires the services of a competent graduate-level researcher to conduct a case study research on a specified company. A Research Essay - a research paer and a ppt slides of 14-16 with voice notes related to technology with 100% plagarism A Research Paper - A research paper and powerpoint in nutrition field 2 A research paper in British Literature for educational purposes - A research project required. A Research Project Specific to Canada - A Researcher And Reviewer Wanted A researcher in computer science - a resource to help me develop an online scheduling software A Resourceful, Quality & Native-Speaking English Ghost Writer - A responsive Landing Page design and development A responsive landing page quickly - A responsive website (simple content management system) A responsive website and logo design - A Restaurant design A Restaurant design - A Restful Application A Restful Application - repost - A retail management solution A retail management solution - open to bidding - A review being written A review being written - open to bidding - A review page with full Tripadvisor API Integration A Review Website - A REWARD SITE A rewards program for my wordpress themed website - A RISKLESS, LONG TERM BUSINESS A river logo - A robotic car controlled by dcs motors and sensors a robotic car controlled by sensors and a dcs motors - A romantic themed illustration similar to those you did for me A Rommater Wimdu Combination Site Design - A routine that will set the FontStrikeThrough Property of individual ListItems in a listview when checked off.(repost) A Routing-Driven Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based Key Management Scheme for Heterogeneous Sensor Networks. - A RUSH : ACTIONS SCRIPT 2, SEARCH, ADD COUNT TO FIELD & SORT 2 DIM ARRAYS A russelogo - A Sales & Inventories Analysis & Prediction Prototype for Restaurant A sales and marketing personnel - A Sales Marketer & an Integration Marketer A Sales Person - A sales video animation A sales/landing page within an existing website - A salesperson to generate leads and appointments a salesperson to sell my business product to other business owners b2b - A sample ebook for iPad/iPhone A sample Excel VBA - a sample project of mine A sample project to hire longterm native writers - A SAT-based Model Checking Technique for Safety Assertions Applicable to Modern Automotive Industry A satellite design in solidworks - A Scheduling Problem: A Schematic and PCB Design layout for an automotive test light - A school Rate site, Classifieds,Social Network, search. A school Rate site, Classifieds,Social Network, search. - repost - A scientific papaer A scientific project - A Screen Scraper A Screen scraper to extract email from outlook web access (OWA) - a scrip install in my server A Script - A Script for downloading webpage a script for email redirection - A script like inboxdollars A script made - A script that do a Mysql query (every 45 minutes) based on data RSS feeds a script that does what radio buttons do but a little more detailed - A script to disable XSS (Same Origin Policy) restrictions A SCRIPT TO ENTER UNIQUE NUMBER IN DATABASE - a script to scrape phone numbers from a website A script to scrape web profile - A Script(code) from Mozilla Console to invite all friends to like a facebook page A script/function - A Search Box A search Button in PHP - a search function of a database A search in php and a booking of a bet. - open to bidding - A seasoned Englich langauge editor/writer with the ability to translate social and economic statistical data into clear, logical prose. A seasoned professional grant writer - A secure Paypal payment in PHP A Secure peer to peer conference call program - A Selection of Animated Banners(repost) A selection of articles on UK personal finance products - A sell sheet/ Product Data sheet a sellable product design for my prototype - A senior android developer who can do blue tooth programming A senior DotNetNuke Developer - A SEO Related Jobs A SEO specialist for the Dutch market - A series of 600 words blogs, no photos required, in english - Start with ONE blog to test A series of A3 pdf drawings drafted as .dwg drawings with marked-up amends - a series of cartoon projects involving merlyn and dragons. A series of cartoonish iconic art pictures - A series of keyline illustrations A series of labels with neon primary colours - A series of unique sketches to accompany short stories A series of video shooting in macadamia plantations of Brooklet,Lismore and Alstonville,NSW - A server on minecraft A Server side login system - A services contract for b2c e-commerce platforms - ongoing work A services oriented website based on Jommla with CSS manupilation. - a set of banners for google ad campaign a set of basic python projects - A set of matching graphics for some marketing material and new web site
A set of matching graphics for some marketing material and new web site. - A set of three Prezis each of which when zoomed out become a hand-out A set of three Prezis each of which when zoomed out become a hand-out - open to bidding - A shadow sculpture A shadow sculpture - repost - a shirt to make a logo on A shoe manufacturer to produce a prototype - a shopify website a shopify website for a wholesale candle company - A Shopping Cart Website development A shopping cart website with customized features - a shopping mall's multi floor plan A Shopping Mall/Hall Image - a short 1-2 mins worth of advertisement for our product - open to bidding a short 1minute animation - A short 90 second animated info graphic A short academic article - A short animation A short animation - A short article about Royal Mail A short article for a activity on our web site. - A short children's story about a pencil - Illustration needed a short comic strip (10 or so panes in all) - A Short Documentary in India -- 2 A short erotic story and a quick check up an Amazon's sales page - a short film for graduation collection work a short film for youtube non profit - A short funny little book - repost 2 a short graphic presentation - a short Machinima film - repost A short Memoir & Analysis writing - A short report on - A multiple linear regression approach to find the relationship between the mileage per gallon of a car with price and foreignness. A short report on - A multiple linear regression approach to find the relationship between the mileage per gallon of a car with price and foreignness. - Repost - a short story - comedy A short story about misunderstood love (700-1000 words) (17 years old - high school student level english) - A short term sales associate for assisted living in westchester county a short text translation ENG to GERMAN 2 - A short video animation A Short Video Clip for Website - A short writing project for Carol Ena Santos ! A short writing project for CMaureen only! - a side job A side ways walking animation - a silent pdf exploit a silhouette picture i designed but i need it redone symetrically - A similar site of A similar site to Ebay - A similar website a similar wedding site - A simple C++ project A simple C++ project - A simple 1-2 pages website a simple 1x3 cycler - A Simple 2D multiplayer pool game in Java a simple 3 model of our product - a simple 4 page drupal garden site - repost A simple 4 Page Wordpress website - A simple adjust on Wordpress theme A simple admin dash board - A simple algorithm for pointcloud data processing A simple alternative to cloud based Cash registry for Ipad/Android - A Simple And Unique App Idea Needed A simple and unique design that no one has seen before. - A simple android app coded for personal use. a simple android app develop - A simple android application with just 2 interfaces A simple Android apps - A simple android project a simple android shootting practice game, - A simple app for ios and android mobs / tablets A simple app for IOS/Android - A simple application A simple application - A simple Arduino program A simple ASP page(repost) - A simple audio pitch and rate control interface A simple audio recording engine for android - A simple BigData exercise A simple Birthday App - A simple bot to generate simple html pages A simple BOX price calculator app - a simple but cool blackjack flash game A simple but cute proposal animation - A simple C programing project A simple C programing project - A Simple C++ program that utilizes a good design process A Simple C++ program that utilizes a good design process - A simple calendar with authentication A simple camera Mobile App - A simple checklist style application for iPhone and android systems A Simple Children's animation Video - A simple coat hanger design A simple coat hanger design - A simple controller design and implementation based on Reinforcement Learning A Simple Controller for Software De ned Networking (SDN) - A simple CRUD app that makes RESTful calls A simple Cryptography Engine - A simple data entrY A simple Data Entry in excel which is required only one day - A simple database with GUI A Simple Dating App similar to Tinder for all mobile platforms - a simple design work for a ios app A Simple Designer in WPF - A simple drawing a simple drawing - A Simple EA (MQL4) - open to bidding A simple EA based on Bollinger Bands - A simple email processor, v2 A Simple Email Server write in java - a simple ExpertAdvisor A simple expression parser - A simple facebook viral application A simple FB app - A simple fix for backbone/node.js/mongodb single page app A Simple fix for this game/index.php/sell the index.php section - a simple flash shootout game - quick draw A Simple Flash Site - A simple form integration to Saleforce A simple fortran code - a simple game for social network a simple game for social network - A simple geocoder - 100$ A simple GIF animation - A simple Health/Weight tracking app A simple hedging EA - A Simple HTML Opt In Page Created Today A Simple HTML or ASP form to write to a new Textfile - A simple information form with 10-11 fields a simple informational website - A simple IOS/Android app A simple iPad app. - A simple iphone application , with simple ui , touch buttons , 3 flash animations and playing mp3 files. A simple iphone application needed!!! - A Simple Java GUI A simple Java GUI - A simple Java Web-service A simple java work(repost) - A simple job portal A simple job to resize our leaflet. I have ai file - A simple landing page + referral/sharing page A Simple Landing Page Coding (PSD TO HTML) - A simple location detect app A simple location detect App for ios - a simple logging service built on top of a message queue
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