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a reasonable money offering job - a recorded interview transcribied a recorder software like 'COOLEDIT' anybody interesting? - A Reddit Traffic and Facebook Groups Expert A redesign of logo. - A Reggio Emilia Curriculum Approach (Early Childhood Studies) A registering flash game website - A Reinforcement Learning -Q-learning,SARSA, Learn from Demonstration (LfD) JAVA implementation A relational database with scripts - A Reliable Leads Provider A reliable web designer with solid drupal, css, jScript and photoshop skills.s - A rendering of a new real estate development A renovation of our exisiting website, profile structure and backend database - A report A report - A report about the underperformance of students in mathematics globally A report about: "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE" - A report need to be done by using AMPLDev Programm A report need to be done by using AMPLDev Programme - A report on Amazon DynamoDB database. A REPORT ON ASIAN/AFRICAN DIET TECHNICS ON WEIGHT LOSS - A report on Marketing management a report on networking - A report that shows year-to-year sales by customers A report to analyze a real requirement specification - A request for analytical search on self-employment (Freelance) market A request from an inquisitive new developer - A Research Essay a research essay - A Research Paper A research paper - A research paper in British Literature for educational purposes A research paper in French - A research project required. A Research Project Specific to Canada - A Researcher And Reviewer Wanted A researcher in computer science - a resource to help me develop an online scheduling software A Resourceful, Quality & Native-Speaking English Ghost Writer - A responsive Landing Page design and development A responsive landing page quickly - A responsive website (simple content management system) A responsive website and logo design - A restaurant app to order online A Restaurant Delivery Android/IPhone app. - A RESTful API in Python for an invetory db A RESTful API in Python for an invetory db -- 2 - A retail company dealing with gift items needs to be in the first 3 google searches in 2 months. A retail ecommerce website that provides search capability and management portal - A review and planning event online A review app like Zomato - A Review on Research Methodologies in Software Engineering Management [n1] A Review on Research Methodologies in Software Engineering Management [n1] - A revolution a revolutionary backpack design - A ringgroup in Elastix wont answer properly A ringgroup in Elastix wont answer properly - open to bidding - a robot to solve captcha a robot which can explore a maze - A role of Scrum master from Home A Romance eBook - a roulette game web site with a social networking component a round detailed coin - a rugby pool site A Run-time Stack and Quick Sorting a Linked List - A Sacrifice on Paper A safe, functional FireGPG replacement for Firefox 11+ - A sales letter a sales letter for direct response - A Sales Rep required in the UK to visit retail shops and sell our products A Sales Rep to help my get my product into a retail store - A salesman or saleswoman A salesman to sell my products - A Sample application A Sample application - repost - a sample ios based app, $50 a sample letter of informing our superintendant of our Apartment building of . - A sample webservice A sample with SSO - A scalable database for persistent, binary byte trees with shared nodes A scale design for an en suite and walk in wardrobe - A school assessment task A School Assignment to be solved - A science fiction graphic novel. A science fiction graphic novel. - repost - A scoring system for counting how many times a ball hits a target a Scrabble game for ios, android, facebook application - A screenplay writer A screenplay writer, sci-fi action - a script email extractor from linkedin A script err - A script for Twitter -- 2 a script for twitter rsvp - a script of student of fortune a script of student of fortune - open to bidding - A script that is compatible with TamperMonkey(Google Chrome) that displays the lowest listed marketprice value of the item upon clicking a single button on the page A script that modifies predefined folders permissions on times given - a script to generate quiz with certification a script to get collection items at will from a flash based bingo game - A script to set a custom field to be featured image in Wordpress site a script to test if many office documents will open, or are corrupt. - A scuba diving and travel website A Scuba Diving, web researcher with excellent written and spoken English wanted. You are able to find information on the web You can find and collect the right information You can re-write content in great English You are passionate about Scuba Diving Yo - a search engin ! A search engine - A search page so users can find their representative based on state or country - open to bidding a search portal - a second office365 public sharepoint site for file sharing A second project for this talented developer - A secure website for classified advertisements a secured self destructing scheme in cloud computing - A Selection of Poems A selection of webscraping tools - A seller is required -- 2 A seller required for sale - A Sense of Place Publishing. I have been building a website with free web builder Yola but am struggling. I need the site to look good and be functional for taking orders and regular updates of new product. A sentence creating program that creates random sentences that are grammatically and semantically correct - a seo writer is needed very urgently A SEO-OPTIM AUTO INSURANCE WEBSITE - A series of articles about freedom of speech legislation in the Gulf region a series of articles for SEO related to Wills - A Series of Dental Educational videos website A series of Dutch Ads to be rewritten based on SEM best practices - A series of leisure clothing with an italian flare: T-shirts, pants and windbreakers (3 of each) A Series of Marketing Lectures in Taiwan - a serious marketing a serious, intelligent marketing specialist - A service based product which can be used by different of users A service booking website, use existing script to modify/customize it. - A set of 10 icons A set of 15 icons (private project) - A Set of Custom Isometric building/landmark Icons for our 3D map A set of drawings for a planning application for a two storey extension to a house in the UK - A set of prespecified tasks A Set of Rewritres- 1 - A set toward our future a set up studio for a coking show - a sharing app A Sharing Website - A Shooting Game! - repost a shop banner for selling jewelleries - A shopify website on a theme A shopping and design submission site - A shopping cart with design and lot of feature and options A Shopping Hall - A shopping search engine need A Shopping Service Website - A short 2-3 minute video
A short 2.5 mins pre-wedding video. Direction and photos already confirmed - A short academic article A short adult commercial - A short animation A short animation - A short article about Royal Mail A short article for a activity on our web site. - A short children's story about a pencil - Illustration needed a short comic strip (10 or so panes in all) - A Short Documentary in India -- 2 A SHORT DOOdle animation - A short film animation - Repost a short film for graduation collection work - a short funny book A short funny little book - repost 2 - a short Machinima film a short Machinima film - repost - a short realtor bio a short report (3 to 5 pages) on "Underwater Acoustic Contemporary Research" - A short story a short story - A short summary introduction to different system in a human body. A short summary of an article - A short video A short video - A short WordPress fixation A short write up about our values as a business. We want to be clear on what we want people to know about us. - A shorthand typist -- 2 A shot glass CAD Design - A Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool A Signatre Assignment for Spanish 121 - A similar Pinterest site based on Wordpress + Potential App A similar platform and website to indichino - A similar Website for Casino A Similar website like in the description - A simpe website building project a simpel landingpage in php - A simple (text chat and forum) Website A simple , neat professional website - A simple 20 page report on lucid dreaming A simple 20 page report on vegetarian and non-vegetarian (chicken) recipe for soups/broths - A Simple 30 page Fictional Book A Simple 30 page report on Tips on how to build confidence in a child - A Simple \"ASPX to HTML work\" A simple \"Think positive app for iPhone\" - a simple affiliate + MLM(combine) intergrate with joomla a simple affiliate tracking software. - A simple and minimalistic game for Android A simple and short Business plan to be written - a simple android app a simple android app - A simple Android App to track movement using GPS A simple android app. - A Simple android game to be ported to iOS platform A simple Android integration with a function - a simple animation in flash A simple animation of a cat - I have vector artwork for you to work with - A simple app where you record video with a song in the background a simple app with c++ - a simple application on mongoDb a simple application on MongoDb or sqlite - A Simple Assignment For Artificial Inteligence Subject A Simple Assignment in SalesForce - A Simple Background Player A Simple Backlink Script for OpenCart - A Simple BlackBerry SPIN WHEEL GAME - repost A simple blog - A Simple Business Listing Site With PHP A Simple Business Mobile App with Corona SDK - A simple but nice website A simple but smart logo for a new business - A simple C# program A Simple C# Windows App - A simple C++ shop A Simple C/C++ Program - A simple catchy logo for an online shop (Instagram) page. A Simple CFD Analysis of a Diffuser - A simple clien-server application a simple client-server system of remote backup - A simple company logo A simple company Logo - A simple Courier or postal Service Website A Simple Courier Service Website - A simple custom theme for Shopify A simple customer management system - a simple data file editor a simple data typing job for shotr duration - A simple decoder for morse code files A Simple Demo Creator Needed ($300) - A Simple Dialog Box A simple diary app for iPhone for demonstration purposes - a simple E-commerce homework ill pay only 30$ A simple e-commerce project - A Simple eCommerce Website A simple ecommerce website to sell few types of product. - a simple essay A simple essay (fewer than 2k words) - A Simple Facebook Application A simple Facebook application - A Simple File Transfer Protocol A simple file-system based team blog - A simple flash drawing widget A Simple Flash Game - A Simple Font Explorer Program A Simple Font-List Program - A Simple Game A Simple Game - A simple game in java A simple game in unity - a simple gift site using amazon A Simple GIS Desktop Application - A simple high school OOP exercise made in Java A simple high school OOP exercise made in Java - A simple HTML theme for a Tumblr blog A simple HTML to Wordpress conversion - A simple interactive Android App for a comic book a simple interactive system between managers and clients - A simple iphone & android event App (CMS backend) a simple iPhone ap for reminders - a simple Iphone game app A simple iphone, ipad, android app - A simple Java J2ME application (similar to a dictionary) A simple java or c program - a simple javascript development (just a few lines) A Simple Javascript for Shopify Authentication - A simple job.log into a blog - repost A simple job.log into a blog - repost 2 - a simple landing page. - open to bidding a simple landing page. - open to bidding - A simple login form using sessions in C# SQL a simple login page - A simple logo A simple logo - A Simple Logo Designing A simple logo for 'fair trade' - A simple looking website where users can send an email to a mailing list for free or charged a simple lotto game - A simple mechanical engineering problem A simple medical app - A Simple MIPS Disassembler A simple mobile app - a simple mouse over slider, graphics slides will be provided A simple MP3 player to integrate into my web template - A Simple Ninjatrader Strategy a simple node.js website - A simple online database solution. A simple online job - A simple online platform