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An animated but informative video. - An Animated Marketing Video for Kickstarter/IndieGoGo etc An animated music video - An animated video An animated video 17 minutes long about multi vitamin supplement, audio attached - An animation clip with B/W or elementary sketch cartoons depicting my story, revolving around commodities and trading. An animation for a change - an animation in 3dmax about 45 seconds - open to bidding An animation of a script - An Animator An Animator - An animator to develop a musical program an animator to help make a short film - an annual membership site where you pick a 15min. time frame for some future event. An annual report - An apartment Desgin An apartment app - An app An app - An app about minecraft PE An app and database - An App Developed An App developed - An App Developer with TapJoy Knowledge, Database, PHP & Design Skills An app developper in Cambodia - an app for Android, Google Play Store, Iphone - open to bidding An app for AppStore & PlayMarket - An app for iOS - a game of taking pictures - open to bidding an app for iOS and Android - an app for iPhones and Android phone an app for iPhones and Android phone - open to bidding - An app for pictures An app for pictures - open to bidding - an app in swift3 an app in the beauty sector/ with design/ website - An app like Talabat An App Like Tinder System - An App made An app made - An app similar to 'Hailo' (taxi app) An app similar to 'Hailo' (taxi app) - repost - An app that connects two random people An app that could predict the diagnosis - An app that repeats text using your own voice for the ipod touch/iphone An app that repeats text using your own voice for the ipod touch/iphone(repost) - An app to be built An app to be developed - An App To Help You Cheat On Your Spouse .... An app to insert a csv file into a DBase - An app website made an app where a small business can advertise its specific products and its subscribers/users/customers can track the location of the small business' vehicle from their mobile devices. - an app with two versions (take away and grocery shopping) - open to bidding An app with web view and push notification - an apple mascot An Apple watch app - An application for a Post Doc Fellowship (Banting-Canada) An application for Android (and maybe ipad/iphone) - An application for creating fake members for Telegram An application for creating fake members for Telegram -- 2 - An application for silent app. an application for student feedback, quiz and for lecturer - an application Onebip - open to bidding An Application Plan - An Application to Auto-Fill New Records in Spreadsheet An Application To Avoid Online Bank Robbery - An application which can check my youtube videos if they are up An application which can locate my resources location and give them a option to login and logout. in login mode they should be visible to customer of particular locality. Also an interface where user can access our resource and get there booking done alon - An approach for ECG based Cardiac abnormality detection through the Scope of Cross Wavelet Transform An Approach For Software Effort Estimation Using Fuzzy Numbers And Genetic Algorithm - an Arabic designer needed An Arabic E-Commerce - An architect for a project in Sandton An Architect of 10 to 15 years experience - An arctile describing career advises needed an arduino based kettle (with temp reader and 2 servos) - An Art Review Essay for A Japanese Gallery An Art Writer.... - an article (academic writing) an article about - an article about hepatitisC An article about High-end Jewelers. - An article about the environment An article about the environment - An article for icanbecreative An article for My Site - An article on "Politicization in budgeting is influenced by several Actors. Explain the Actors involved clearly" an article on a product - An article on the history of the bicycle An article on the possibility of a world without slave trade and colonialism - an article tittled child protection in Nigeria an article to be publishedn in the newspeper on the theme educating the girlchild the role of the ghana education service - An article writer needed An article writer on any given subject. - An Articles On Pinterest/Facebook/Etsy/Twitter an Articles writer for urgent article writting needed - An Artist impression of a new building which is currently under construction An artist is needed - An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok An artist to draw for project of a childrens bbok - An artist to take a drawing a create a doll figure from my sample An artist to take my drawing and turn it into my logo. - An artists An artists impression of a restaurant conversion - An ASP.NET Web Form that Prints Itself with no dialog An ASP.NET, C#, Ajax, and Javascript developer - An assignment an assignment - An assignment on "Mechanical Behavior of Materials" An assignment on accounting - An assignment solution on paper - Repost - open to bidding An assignment to be written - An assistant for research An assistant for research - open to bidding - An astronaut on a space-walk An asynchronous module or handler completed while an asynchronous operation was still pending - An Auction Bidding website made An auction needs to be built - An audio switch box An Audio to A Word Doc - An augmented reality interior designing app An Aussie editor for a humorous, politically incorrect Aussie novel - repost - An Auto Parts Logotype An Auto SMS website - An Autocad project An Autocad project - an automatic add to cart service for a webstore an automatic add to cart service for a webstore - open to bidding - An Automotive Website An Automotive Website - open to bidding - An awesome developer to enhance my Wordpress site An Awesome Finance/Investment writer for our team - An cheap illustrator with imagination An classic osCmax (osCommerce) site+ modify the product attributes - an device that can detect electromagnetic field (EMF) strength an device that can detect electromagnetic field (EMF) strength - An e commerce website with only 5 pages An E Flyer for Facebook - An E-commerce portal for online shopping An e-commerce project - An e-commerce website for custom made clothings and accessories An E-commerce website for my Toy Store - An E-store An e-wallet accepts Libyan issued [credit, debit, ATM] cards - An easy desktop application An easy ecommerce website - An easy job An easy job for an experienced Flash Programmer - An easy Photoshop logo
An easy PHP Bug Fix - An easy task An easy task - repost - An easy website building job An easy website transfer w/ scripts - An eBay Reseller to Sell My Items on eBay An eBay Reseller to Sell My Items on eBay - repost - An ebook about supplements/multi-vitamins An ebook app - An ebook like we discussed An ebook manipulation - An ebook on school bullying An eBook on self-development of 10 pages. - an ecomerce site an eCommerce Web Development & Web Design company - An ecommerce website An ecommerce website - An Ecommerce website with Ruby on Rails An Ecommerce website with Ruby on Rails - repost - An editor An editor - An editor for Kindle novel an editor for my first novel that i plan to publish entitled 'the living list' - An editor to review my Master's Thesis Project An editor to review part of my Bachelor Thesis - an educational website similar to zomato but it will list coaching institutes,once the site will be build ,the data entry will be done by me an educational website similar to zomato but it will list coaching institutes,once the site will be build ,the data entry will be done by me - open to bidding - An efficient RSA public key encryption scheme. An efficient teacher deployment system - An Electrical engineer who can run Altium software an electrical engineer with experience and interest in renewable energy - An electronic newspaper An electronic teaching portfolio... - An Email & Phone Marketing Expert to Sell Premium Domain Names for High Commission An email and phone no scraper is needed - An email subscription form that registers users on my Amazon SES mailing list An email template design - An Emoji icon app for iphone/ipad and android An emotional article - An Energy Savings Company Logo An engaging biography/profile for my website - An engineer to evaluate a proposed excavation (driveway) on a neighbouring property An engineer to look at my 2 car garage - An engineered and stamped drawing An engineering application - AN English learning curriculum. AN English learning curriculum. - open to bidding - An English voice required -- 2nd time An English writer for writing article on TESOL/TEFL - An entire website an entity relationship model - An erotic photo web site An erotica story - an essay an essay - An essay about Obama care - 6 pages an Essay about peer-to-peer Freenet project - an essay in italian about clothing an essay like the last one you did - an essay on the adverse conditions of the weather and their effects on man's activity An essay on the topic of eyewitness reliability - An essay: Effects of computer impact on teenagers An estimating tool for our sales and customer service staff - An event logo an event management app using android, mongodb, and node js with a good knowledge on git. - An Event Website An Event-Drive Gashapon Interface for Android - An Exam Software for teachers... An Examination of the Equipment or Technology Required to Secure an Organisation’s Data - An excel expert who can design a macro for me in excel An excel formula - an excel sheet and two page report An Excel Spread Sheet to calculate optimal resource for job scheduling - An Excellent Article Rewriter Needed an excellent article writer - AN EXCELLENT PACKAGING/PRODUCT LABEL DESIGNER REQUIRED An Excellent website - An exciting release about a music video An Exciting Save the date Video Invite - An exercise about the conditions that govern the use of the auxiliary "have" in British English - repost An Exhibition - an existing vb6 program enhancement An existing web app and I need to extend the functionality - AN EXPERIENCE TALLY ACCOUNTANT YOUNG LADY ONLY An experience web developer for a Digital Marketing agency - an experienced developer needed to wrapp me website into native app An Experienced eBay seller to sell our items - An experienced marketing individual having worked in or working in the Marine Oil & Gas Market World Wide. An experienced moodle developer and user who is used to the technical side of moodle - to upgrade & update the software versions of a recently designed medical education course - An experienced SEO professional An Experienced SEO Writer - An experienced writer, someone to write my story an experienced, local, freelancer graphic designer - An expert educational technology consultant – IT background An expert English/German translator needed - An expert in dataming to do test in any robotic dataset An expert in dataming to do testing in any robotic dataset - An expert in selling on Amazon An expert in spectrophotometry and laser technology - an expert on photoshop design an expert on photoshop design - An expert to decrypt 30 Ioncube php files needed An expert to find out why my website's traffic decreased by 85% in one night. - An Expert Wordpress Plugin coder/developer Needed ASAP! - repost An expert writer needed to rewrite 20 articles - An extension for Joomleague 3.0 An extension for the standard ASP.NET 4.0 Menu - An extremely simple Twitter posting app An extremely skillful php developer wanted - An game that could get shared on app store An GERMAN Simple one-click system proof - reading / selection job - An hour job! Correct some Mistakes of a 12 page brochure An hour job! Correct some Mistakes of a 12 page brochure - repost - An HTML expert to tweak/customize m my Tumblr Theme an HTML extension on ads with graphics - AN I PHONE APP an I-phone app: a Greek Orthodox Ecclesiastical Holiday Reminder, Alarm Clock, Calendar with musical Holiday Hymns, Hourly chimes bells and more links - An id hacked. Need it retrieved. Asap An ID site where people can look up their "account" with an Identification number and see the status of their account (example processing, completed, waitlisted ect.). - An IEEE 802.11 MAC Software Defined Radio Implementation for Experimental Wireless Communications and Networking Research . An illistrator for the cover of my book - An illustration An illustration book - An illustration of a character done An illustration of a couple dancing tango (me and my girlfriend) - an Illustration that can speak for a story an illustration that may be minipulated - an illustrator an illustrator - An illustrator for a book - repost an illustrator for a book that I am writing - An illustrator for a children's book. An Illustrator for a children's book....babies thru age six ish... - An illustrator for my childrens story an illustrator for several children's books - An Illustrator to draw some tshirt images for me An illustrator to fix a commission - An illustrator/ digital artist to create beautiful images for print for a luxury scarf brand. an illustratrator and calligrapher - An image for an invitation An image for branding a group of products - An image retouched An image sample for the 2D animation discussed - An Immigrant's Tale: The Source of My Inspiration An implementation of Asterisk-based chan_dongle functionality in Android 4.x operating system's environment - An Inconvenient Truth Like Animations for Science-related An Incredible WordPress Website - An independent sales rep, with an artistic background