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a PPT file from English to Cambodian - A pre listing package that needs help A pre wedding photographer in london - A presentation a presentation - A Presentation on Toilet Etiquette A presentation over. Are american's public school resegregating? - A Press Release in English A Press Release in English - open to bidding - A pretty simple project for a simple website. A Pretty Simple Website with jQuery - A price list of our company services A price List to go in our Hair Salon Window - A printing websight A Priortiy Queue C++ - A Private Project A private project - A private project for KZM A private project for KZM #3 - A private project for tomal2514 A private project for VC The Guru - a pro a pro functional 5 page - web PORTAL site coded in Drupal 7 - A problem solver a problem to be solved regarding i2c with raspberry pi 2 - A producer to make my music a hit A Product Announcement - A product designer A product Designer and Prototype Maker - a product template A product that allows precision marking of points - A professional acro dancer thats a girl in toronto, ontario -- 3 A professional and creative animator to develop a number of video ideas into effective and entertaining animations - A professional creative Facebook page A Professional Custom Real Estate Squeeze Page - A professional eye catching logo for a new laser cutting company A Professional Facebook Header Design - A professional Logo a professional logo - A professional logo needed - very urgent A Professional Logo needed for website and t-shirts and other products - A professional photographer required at north-east Indiana A professional photographer that is able to come to photograph me at a warehouse in Cape Town - URGENT - A professional social networking and dating website A professional sound engineer to design my studio. - A professional web design & development company proposal A professional web design (USA, Canada) - A professional website of an it company. A professional website to act as a portfolio for my creations and accomplishments - A Professional Writer - FR12116 A professional writer is here - a proffesional writer to go over my book and co-write to improve A Proffetional PowerPoint Presentation - A profitable Scalping EA is needed A Profitable Website for Sale - A program code for Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) A program designed for a hemp trading corporation (connects the operations to finance department which includes electronic weighing feature) - a program for the police a program for the police - open to bidding - A program project a program similar to ( - a program that can play a puzzle for me (robot) or bot a program that can play a puzzle for me (robot) or bot - A program that I can just input numbers into and what comes out is a report that is correct for each set of numbers. A program that illustrates the likely spread of chance events over a period of time and how past performance does not influence future chances - A program that will automatically add a product and size to my cart from websites a program that will compare 2 .txt files and remove dups - A Program that will log in on Facebook a program that will test the teperature equalities under set conditions - A PROGRAM TO CONVERT EXCEL DATA FILES TO TXT FILES A program to convert WMF / EMF to SW - a program to illustrate the client- server communication A program to improve your computers performance - A program to prevent screen recording during a teamviewer meeting. A program to pull product information from online sites and file it in a MS Excel database - A program to view files with highlighted text A program using structures and Linked Lists to maintain a small student database - A program/spider to collect US Business Email Adresses a programe related to a ros - A programmer A programmer - A programmer for a click and point PC game a programmer for Game Script. - A programmer to create Prestashop modules a programmer to design a site - A programmer with good experience! Constant cooperation. A programmer with skill in game-design. The hire is for making a prototype. - A project A project - a project based on asp a Project based on JSP Playframework - A project for academic integrity A project for adayonline - A Project for ArleMedina A project for ArmyMon only - A project for chxbs only a project for CierraGayle - A Project for devas1979 a project for developerhunk - A project for evenstar55 only A Project for EVERYONE - A project for guitar548 A project for guru004 only - A project for J! A project for Jain - A project for KPRIT Solutions - responsive wordpress theme A project for Krivcheva only - A project for manig4 only A project for manvillar only - A project for mrmallick144 A Project for Mutnganga! - A project for PascaleN only A project for php4world - a project for radu A Project for Rajat - A project for shamsulislam A project for Sharon121530 only - A project for slavi1967 only a project for smiljanic97 only - A project for Temur a project for the 'loss of control' in the criminal law. - A project for Visrta A project for Vitalisierend only - a project for yoou A project for YOSIF - A project for zdrenga a project for Zdrenga - A project involving a network design and report needs to be completed A project involving a network design and report needs to be completed - A Project manager for long term VERY interesting work A project manager or engineering manger or construction manager or maintenance manager jobjob - A project on A Project on Embedded Systems - A PROJECT ON RISK MANAGEMENT A project on selenium webdriver framework ? - a project relate to ITN a project related to big data systems - A project that is based on Advertisement Design, Covers and Packaging and Photoshop - open to bidding A project that is very urgent and need experience - A project to meet new businessmen & women. A project to open a Borneo-Malaysian restaurant in Madrid, Spain - A project you've done for another A Project! - a promosing job A promoter - A Promotional Poster A promotional video - A proofreader for crochet toy patterns
A Proofreader who can get my articles accepted by Contant Content - a proposal essay a proposal for a capital grant - A proposal to redesign a website A PROPOSAL TO SUBMIT TO SUBMIT TO A PRIVATE INVESTOR FOR FUNDING - A prototype app A prototype app similar to QUORA app - A prototype performing speech comparison using Java A prototype software - a psd design A psd design coded into an HTML email - A psychology research paper A psychology research paper - repost - A Pump System and Water Pipeline Simulation Final -- 2 A Pump System and Water Pipeline Smln - A Python developer is needed to complete a django project. -- 2 A Python developer is needed to complete a django project. -- 3 - A python programmer required for upgrading website A Python Programming Test - A QR code Billing System A QR Code Scanner for iPhone 5++ - A Quality Article Writer $1.5 For 500 words A quality box to package a dress - A Quality Writer Needed A Quality Writer needed at $1.25/ 500 Words - A question about cache A question about mangement - a question to be solved A questionnaire game with login function and points recorded from the user that i monitor - A Quick Admob (interstitial + banner) intergration will be made A quick After-effect project - A quick black and white sketch required A quick blog Page - A quick easy job for somebody good with woodpress A Quick Edit - A Quick Help for AWBS Hosting Script A Quick High Quality Aricle - A quick logo A quick logo - A Quick Project - Photoshopper needed A quick project - writing & marketing - A quick sketch for my environment game A quick skype meeting to establish if you are the right person for a future job - A quick wordpress done for me A quick wordpress installation to my domain. - A quiz for a website A quiz for a website -- 2 - A quote for a website and application for a mobile (multy platforms) A quote for a website and application for a mobile (multy platforms) - open to bidding - a radio that has a wake up alarm and it alerts you daily of what you need to do ad can be programmed to speak - respond A radio transmitter and a receiver - A range of feature additions to existing Ruby on Rails web application A Range Of High Quality Articles Needed - a or copy i want A rar client for mac like Winrar - A Re-Posting...I need a five minute-ish power point presentation done in the next day or two. I would like to include a minute or two of video. I have or will be creating the material quickly. I will need to put the show onto a thumb drive and plug int A re-skined website - A ready-made Flash website to develop A readymade static website already hosted having age 6 months or more - A Real Estate website A Real Estate Website - A Real Time Chat Application for Wordpress/Buddypress . A real time IM app (iOS) with calendar and GPS integrated - A realestate website A realestate website Theme customization - A really Good Graphic Designer WANTED A Really Good Outbound Telemarketer To Help our Small Company Grow Larger - A really Unique Beat Selling Website A really Unique Beat Selling Website - repost - A Recommendation System A recommendation system - A recruitment two sided marketplace similar to model A recruitment two sided marketplace similar to model - A reflective essay A Reflective Research Report on Level 3 Business Management Subject - Undergraduate Level - A regular user experience throughout the website. A Regular Writer Needed to Rewrite 5 Health Articles Everyday In Time - A Reliable Gumtree Poster. A reliable INDIAN writer for writing Articles - A rendered 3D image - open to bidding A rendering of a billboard - a repo system like this A report - A report about the underperformance of students in mathematics globally A report about: "CORPORATE GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE" - A report need to be done by using AMPLDev Programm A report need to be done by using AMPLDev Programme - A report on Amazon DynamoDB database. A REPORT ON ASIAN/AFRICAN DIET TECHNICS ON WEIGHT LOSS - a report on networking a report on noise induced hearing loss - A report to be copyedited A report to be designed from a basic Word text document to something of graphic design quality - A request of logo design for previous project A request project - a research following exact guidlines provided and example A Research for living in ukraine - A research paper A research paper - A research paper of music A research paper on Margaret Sanger. A high school paper - A Research Project Specific to Sweden A Research Project Specific to the UK - A researcher required A researcher who can recruit up to five respondents and lead a discussion for half an hour - A responsive 10 page web page design A responsive and elegant website is needed - A Responsive Single Web Page -- Open Again A responsive site / API interface, Process Payments and have admin portal for management - A responsive website like A responsive website that is form-based, preferably built on a CMS - A Restaurant Online Order System A restaurant review website similar to - A resume template done in CorelDraw X6 or Microsoft Publisher 2010 A resume template done in CorelDraw X6 or Microsoft Publisher 2010 - A revamped website, rebranding - open to bidding a revamping of 75 page children's book - A review of the marketing strategy of an organisation and its effectiveness (Based on study of 1 Organisation) -- 2 A review of the marketing strategy of an organization and its effectiveness. - a revision of a research paper A Revision of an Adobe AIR app (educational app for kids), Source code is available - a rig for my model - open to bidding a rig for my model -- 2 - A ROBOT MEASURING ROOM SIZE a robot thingy logo - a Roku device consultor expert A role of Scrum master from Home - a roulette game web site with a social networking component A roulette website - a rugby pool site A Run-time Stack and Quick Sorting a Linked List - A safe, functional FireGPG replacement for Firefox 11+ a Safety app. - A sales letter a sales letter for direct response - A Sales Rep to help my get my product into a retail store A Sales Representative - A salesman with B2B experience (ideally in e-commerce) in US A SalesPage Design - a sample BCS custom connector for training A sample BetFair Bot needed - A sample of 3d works done in 2013 A sample of a Moodle Platform - A sante / Looking for some experts a SAS programmer - A SBIR Grant written