Projects Directory : A native English Writer -- 5 - A powerpoint presentation which can visually engage. Story telling presentation.

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A native English Writer -- 5 - A Native Proofreader Needed (Fresher) -- 2 A native proofreader required - A natural way to browse freelance projects A Natural Website - A need a quick and easy web page design A need a quick change in my website contents - A need some fixes on a new web site. a need someone to make an ecommerce website for me - A network blog site a network design for an enterprise - A network/Server Application Using Linear Programing and Fuzzy Logic A networked, two-player, (human versus human) game of top trumps - A new 4TF indicator a new 5 Spanish article to write - A new Asterisk installation. A new attractive dating site! - A new captcha data entry job A New Card Logo - A New company Logo with a tag line for MY FLOOR A new company Logo. - A NEW CRYPTOCURRENCY AND AN OPEN LEDGER & BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY PROJECT OF A FULLY DECENTRALIZED AND DISTRIBUTED PLATFORM FOR A SPECIAL USE! -- 2 A New Custom Coded EASY TO USE, PRO, RESPONSIVE and SUPER FAST Website - A new design for a popular website A new design for a website - A NEW E-Cover of my ebook! a new earning data entry project - a new fb page needs more likes A new feature in a domain regd site - A new game in space. A new game must be tested - A new idea for app A new idea for app - repost - A new job for you a new job to write - a new Litecoin miner for windows a new little modifications - a new logo a new logo - A new Logo for a gymnastics facility A new logo for a honey brand - A new logo for my projects persona. A new logo for our online marble mosaic tile company - A new logo/symbol A new logotype - A new mobile app A new Mobile case design - A new opening theatre A new original WP theme - A new private project for amalgamltd #7 A new private project for amalgamltd #78 - A new project for Mercy Matthews A new project for mohds2 only - A new recording project a new recruitment website OR someone to design website printouts/ideas - a new site a new site - A new stab A New Start for Wilberforce Wolfe - children's story - A new Turn A New turnkey eCommerce Website - A new visual theme for an iOS/Android game A new way of Cooking - A new webcoder project A new webiste - A new website A new website - a new website a new website - A new website and modification to 2 current website created by praveen458 A new website based on Wordpress that needs some work. - A new website for a restaurant A new website for a wedding exhibition brand - A new website needs to be launch, need creative freelancer to develop new web A new website plus Logo for Sausages and Grill - A new website. a new website. - A New Wordpress Website A new wordpress website - A newly set up website need SEO. Goal: first page in google - open to bidding A newlywed welcome home from Aus! - A News Feed A news letter email page with a folder display - A Newsletter done. It is bimonthly - ongoing work A newsletter template created - A nice easy job – 3 sites A nice feedback - A Nice Website A Nice website - A NIOS II Code A nitch market industry flyer - A Non real stock market! A non-fiction book converted from MS Word into InDesign - A none sense logic A normal app for iphone - A novel : 3K word test - $15 - Inspirational Christian Romance genre... A novel about a struggling entrepreneur - A Novel, The Drive: My Pain, Your Stain A NOVEL-E-book-E-commerce-SmartPHONE-E-BOOK-AUDIOBOOK-AMAZON.COM - A number of projects and on-going work A number of projects for kamran1994 - A nutritionist A nutritionist to hold short informative talks - A one minute math race game for the iPad and/or iPhone... a one minute of motion graphics - A one page Research Proposal (ASAP!) A one page Research Proposal (ASAP!) - A one screen drag and drop game for Android programmed in Java/xml A one sided e-flyer designed asap - A online data entry application A online data entry application - Repost - A online movie theater a online pg hostel service only for students - A online streaming app for my website A Online Travel Agency - A order tracking web application software - repost A organisation website with mobile apps - a Package Design for *PEANUTS* -- 2 a package designed for my product to go on store shelves. - A page index.php a page like 9gag - a page website A Page with 7 needed features - A painter/illustrator A Painting - A painting of a woman (nude) on bedroom wall. :) A painting of an outdoor setting with 4-5 people in it. - A paper a paper - A paper for college class A paper for computer science - a paper needs to be written a paper of 2000 words - A paper regarding Content Management Systems (Joomla) A paper relevant to hydrogeology and rock fractures needs editing - A Paper Written # 2-4 seminar A Paper Written # 2-5 book - a parent manual typed onto database from paper copy a parental control android app - A part time assistant to do remote computer work A part time bookeeper - A part time job A part time job - a part time job a part time job - a part time job for enhancing myself as an perfect individual -- 2 a part time job for pocket money based on data entry - a part time online job
a part time online job - A part-time job. A PART-TIME JOB—WHO HAS THE SLICKDEALS PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNT - A partner for a TV animation (Africa) production A partner for creating a succsessful website - A Passion For Friendship Erotic/Romance Novel A Passionate Accountant Looking to Help Redefine the Fine Art Industry - A patio extension AUTO CAD design A pattern and prototype made of a newly designed Athletic Pant - A payment linker A payment processor - A pc game A PC website + responsive mobile design mock up template for Leon travel agency - A pdf transformed into an identical word template a pdf urdu file 100 pages translation into english - A pencil type product with designs to attract high schoolers, a logo, a brochure A Penny Auction Site Development - a perl program (urgent) -- 2 A Perl Scrip - A person for giving presentation A person from ARAb Countries - A person is required with forum profile creation experience A person of ordinary skill in affiliate - a person to do some field competitive research on baby wear brands. A person to draw a portrait of my face. - A person to the house work -- 2 A person to update a website regularly as to the developments of a trial that I am working on - A person who can help with Magento A person who can make machine drawing - A person who lives in Nigeria A person who searches for Remote Control Toys blogs and sites to insert my blog post into them or links - A Personal Assistant A personal assistant - A personal assistant driver A Personal Assistant for my online clothing store - A personal chef for a weekend a personal chef for houses - A Personal Letter A personal letter - A personal PR agent to help me become a thought leader in the Tech space a personal speech about my life - A personal website developer A personal website for a celebrity (Arabic & English) - A personalized Wordpress CMS with portal for multiple users. a personel administration system - A Pharmacist Required to Write Articles for a PTCB Website-$1 per 100 words. a pharmacist to write 200 drugs cautions and contra indications - A phone app to display a forum A phone app' that interacts with your clothing accessorie and glows when you are near someone with matching criteria. - A Photo Ads PHP website A photo album app - A photo of a building on S Cleveland Street in Amarillo TX A photo of an intimidating Mexican gangster with an attractive female Mexican gangster holding him from the side. - A photo sharing app developed A photo sharing site. - a photograph A photograph edited - A photographer A photographer - a photographer a photographer - a photographer / freelancer A Photographer and a cameraman/camerawoman - a photographer for a funeral A photographer for a half day womenswear shoot - A photographer for an hour or so (no more than 3 hours - including travel time) A Photographer for clothing brand in seoul, south korea - A photographer in NYC for small adult birthday party the evening of Friday August 8th, for two hours. -- 2 A photographer is required from Johannesburg on urgent basis - A photographer to photograph our completed projects A photographer to photograph our completed projects - A Photographers A Photographers - A photography website A photography website made - A photoshop expert / a animation movie expert A photoshop expert to make a jpeg into a editable psd that looks scanned - A photosop plugin A PHP & Wordpress Developer Programmer - A PHP Bot with Proxy A PHP bug fix, quick! - A PHP Database Tool(repost) A php develop a Website - A PHP discordly code fix A PHP dude - A PHP game web based (Noughts and Crosses) A PHP Guru / Team Wanted To Get A Web App - A PHP programmer A PhP programmer - A php script fixed to work with a different site. A php script for a blog/articles website - A PHP script to open IMAP account and forward new mails, mark read a php script to receive mail and re-send it - a php telnet class to interact with a quescom GW A PHP utility function - A PHP, MySQL & Flash script. Cookie stuffer A PHP-CSS-MYSQL Application Integrated with Joomla - A physical 3d model mold A Physical B&W picture (35mm) converted to a quality JPG or equivelent - a picture added to a flyer a picture added to a flyer - open to bidding - a picture mood board with deeplink to websites a picture of a dogs butt - A picture of my mom and dad photoshopped a picture of mybhusband and I! - a picture transfered from photio to online art A picture website needed - A pig picture for my website a pilot made for a childrens book I wrote - A pivot animation - using Pivot Animatior A pivot animation - using Pivot Animatior - open to bidding - A plan for create a mobile app by Touch develop and make slides with report A Plan to Hire Translators for a Project Someday - A platform for a courier business A platform for an online academy - A Platform Where Users Schedule Appointments for Service a platform which gets people cook in home and people want home-made meal together. - A plitical Party V.I.P. A plug in to Excel connected to a web server and database - A plugin for The Bat! e-mail client to support fortune (Unix) cookies. A plugin for The Bat! e-mail client to support fortune (Unix) cookies. (for Thomas Gatliff) - A png file made into vector graphic \"illustrator\" A POC using MongoDB - A Point Of Sale Solution A Point Of Sale Solution - open to bidding - A polo shirt design for a diving club A Poltical Science Journal - A Popular Global News Tweet Hub A popunder that works in Crome, IE and Firefox - A portal for student help by Team Gyan Pratibha - open to bidding A portal for student help by TeamGyanPratibha - A portrait A portrait - A possible writing project for Rakheegupta only A Post Card - a poster A poster - A Poster for my short film A poster for my website - A power point presentation comparing two company reverse logistic solution A power point presentation done with infographics - a powerpoint of Condoms a powerpoint of Condoms -- 2 - A Powerpoint presentation made to look more professional and appealing A powerpoint presentation of 10 to 12 slides for a 1 hour interview presentation. - A powerpoint presentation which can visually engage. Story telling presentation.