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add html link fields to website, categorize them , couple small fixes (wordpress) - Add html Template to dating software and customize fields Add HTML template to script - Add html/css pages to OpenCart Add HTML5 dynamic ads - add to my website Add human American accent voice into the videos - Add hyperlinks to flash Add Hyperlinks to listview - for rajtuhin1 - Add iAds to my app Add iAds to one app and publish three - Add ICMP to Linux Port of Client / Server Code Add ICMPv6 functions to Existing Library - add icon to Buddypress menu add icon to favourite list - Add icons on home page - For SRIHARSHA Add icons to a website - Add IDX to existing website and setup help also move hosting add IDX to real estate site - add illustrations to small book Add IM feature to footer bar for online friends - Add Image Crop/Selection Handle to Existing Java Project add image crossfading on joomla specific pages - add image into homepage Add Image Into Wordpress Home Page - Add Image to Javascript Rotating Banner Add Image to Javascript Rotating Banner - repost - Add Image to Video add image to video - Add Image Verification to Form Add image zoom to OpenCart 1.5.4 website - Add Images and move Box add images and new page on my website - add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - open to bidding add images into my website into the correct listings - Repost - open to bidding - Add Images to Articles add images to articles - you must be always online - Add images to joomla articles Add Images To Magento Products - Add images to site Add images to slideshow - online admin - Add images to WikiMedia online manual Add Images to Woo commerce items - Add improvements to My OMR project Add improvements to the Hotel web app. - add in ads to my mobile game Add in anchor links to table of contents - Add in Banner Management & Field Types add in bitcoin payment option - Add in function for existing wordpress template Add in functionality to existing web form w/php & mysql - Add in slideshow functionality for each collection add in text to speech - Add In-App Purchase Add In-App Purchase and Ads to App - Add In-App Purchases to Existing Project (Buttons & UserDefaults Ready) Add In-App Purchases to HTML5 App - Add inapp purchase in current iPhone/iPad app Add inapp purchase in Mac OS X application - Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL - Add Infinite Scroll to Ajax Loaded (Wordpress) Category Query Add Infinite Scroll to Ajax Loaded (Wordpress) Category Query -- 2 - Add info button funciton to existing app add info for excel - Add information about sites to directory add information and updates to an existing wordpress website once or twice a month - Add Information to a website from existing website Add Information to business card - Add inputboxes to wordpress backend Add Inputs to CSVtoTXT - Add Instagram Feed and Scroller add instagram feed to magento website - Add integration add integration of bitcoin payment process to my website - Add Interactivity to my website Add interface between website and Parse database via API - Add internationalization to a laravel site Add internet radio extension to - add intro music to audio Add intro to podcast MP3 file - Add Invite Friends Function Add Invite Friends to my Facebook app - add ionic 2 pdf viewer Add iOS 6 and iPhone 5 support to existing app Q - add ip rotation to my c# software Add IP Timer function on my website! - Add iPanel Indicator To My Forex EA Add iPhone and iPad Retina support to iOS app - Add IPTC info to Images From Excel Database Add IPv6 Next Header to Java Program - Add Item to Cart (without checkout or payment) Add item to Etsy - add items to an exsiting project Add Items to Array, send email. - Add items to online store -- 2 Add items to online store -- 2d - Add items to Website based on apurchased wordpress theme Add items to website using Opencart Admin - Add Jasper Reports and Spring Security with LDAP authentification to an existing Spring Roo project Add Jasper Reports and Spring Security with LDAP authentification to an existing Spring Roo project - Add javascript booking widget to resort website Add JavaScript Calculations to Drupal Content Entry Forms - Add JavaScript interaction add javascript into wordpress page - Add Javascript to our Flash Player Add javascript to our website - Add jfreechart graphs to data from csv, Json and xml Add Jingle chan to asterisk2billing - Add jomsocial custom fields . Add Jomsocial Groups Custom fields - Add Joomla Rotating Header Image Add Joomla Single-Sign-On (SSO) into InvoicePlane - Add jQuery (No Refresh) & PHP Print Image (With Graph) for Forum Share Add Jquery 1.4.3 to Current Drupal Install - Add jQuery Form to HTML Page Add JQuery functions to existing HTML design - Add jquery popup screen, Fixing existing HTML page Add JQuery Slide Out Effect to HTML Page & Set it for Mobile - Add JQuery to keep track of multi-selected checkboxes in css popup panel -- 2 Add JQuery tooltip bubble to Product attribute description on Wordpress - add js arrows to ready image slider -- 2 Add JS Copy PAste Function to multiple Elements Firefox - Add Jw player to my website Add jwplayer flash player to my website - Add keyword to product titles & descriptions Add Keyword, Data Source, Priority tools to tt-rss - Add Keywords\Tags for Videos in CMS Add Kinect Features into Existing Flash Game - Add labels to the buttons inside my app Add labels to woocomerce products - Add language in magento add language on websites - add language translator to wordpress Add languages and CMS to a site - PLEASE DONT BID - add last post from WP to my website add latest blog posts + images to frontpage of magento site - Add layer on video Add layer to Megento Menu - Add Leadbolt ads to my html5 android app with phonegap or Intel XDK Add Leadbolt ads to my html5 android app with phonegap or Intel XDK -- 2 - Add left sidebar to my woocommerce product page Add Legs to a Photo - add licensing info into db for already completed project Add Licesing to a Delphi Application - Add Lightbox form to Joomla webpage Add Lightbox Gallery to Website - Add lighting and texture effects to a 3d model using python scripti
Add lighting and texture effects to a 3d model using python scripting in blender - Add Likes in FB Add Likes in FB (1555651) - Add Line of Text to EPS File Add lines of code for 600 html slides. - Add link to a browser bar Add link to a SWF Object - Add Link to pdf from image on WordPress Add Link to pdf from image on WordPress. - ADD LINKEDIN LOGIN & REPAIR SEARCH FILTERS Add LinkedIn Connections - Add Links from to my webstore add links html edit - add links to header of wordpress site Add links to html - Add links to page add links to page - Add links to web pages Add links to web pages(repost) - add listing add listing - Add listings tab Add listings to a local town discount site - Add Listings to Real Estate Portals Add listings to Real Estate Website - Add Live Exchnage API to eCommerce Site (Core PHP) Add live feed of my Facebook, twitter and Instagram to my big cartel store - Add live video platform to a real estate site Add live video streaming capability to existing IOS and Android APP - Add Loading Animation to customized WP Dashboard Add loading bar to website - Add location feature to website in angular js Add location info and telephone info to a contact us page on my opencart - Add Log scales to perl chart code Add Log-In page and form page to Dreamweaver site - Add logic to Community Builder profile page. Add logic to contact form depending on user selection - Add Login Feature to MVC Application Add Login Feature to MVC Application -- 2 - Add login sliding with Social Media add login system to our website - Add login with Facebook & Twitter Add login with Facebook & Twitter and more - add logo Add logo + custom menu to wordpress theme - Add Logo Display Plugin Add Logo Feature to Magento Site - Add logo to Action Bar Add Logo to AfterEffects Template - add logo to jersey Add Logo to Joomla Site - Add logo to Pligg site Add logo to poster---have AI files of logo and poster - Add logo to wordpress site Add logo to Wordpress theme - add logos to my website Add logos to PDF Files - Add Mac OS X 64bit Support to libvidcap Add Macros to Excel Spreadsheet / Dashboard - Add magento product page reviews form and review list Add Magento Products - Add mail function in coming soon page Add mail Function Urgent - Add MailChimp signup form to mywebsite Add MailChimp Subsciber Form To Web Page - Add manipulation graphs to existing PERL project Add manual post to facebook pages - Add Map and Locations to WordPress site Add map and Make Sub manu very quickly - Joomla 2.5 - Add Markers to an existing Leaflet map Add markers to existing google map using json data source. - Add mass Child vb Add Mass content for Joomla website - Add max_execution_time = 60 to PHP.INI Add maximum 5000 products to a webshop - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add me Fast COINS - Add Me Fast Point - Add me over s.k.y.p.e: superburki_ank Add Me please for Work - Add Megaupload cgi script to current upload form add member info to database - Add members to my website add members to our myspace profile - Add Membership Plugin Intergraded With Paypal Subscription On My DJ Wordpress Website Add Membership Plugin Intergraded With Paypal Subscription On My DJ Wordpress Website -- 2 - Add menu and content to Open Realty site(repost)(repost) Add Menu and Options to Unity 2D mobile game - add menu in Joomla Template Add Menu Item to Eudora - Add menu to outlook express and outlook Add menu to website - Add meta data to a blog Add Meta Data to search results - Add Meta Tags, Title, Description to 11 subdomains Add Meta Title,Description,Keywords - Add Method to Android Live Wallpaper- request 3 add methods to to fraction class - add minecraft games to my website Add mini job application to existing website - Add missing functionality to a project -- 2 Add missing functions to a php web application - Add Mmy Website Logo Display Plugin(URGENT) Add mneus and categories and dummy products to woocommerce - Add mobile menu to existing custom wordpress theme Add Mobile Menu To Responsive Wordpress Theme - Add mobile Specifications and Images to 100 Mobiles Add Mobile Specifications with Price and Images - Add Modal Pop-Up login to Joomla website Add Modal Video Players to Site - add modifications to php ajax chat room script Add modifications to the current websites and some other edits - Add module positions Add module styles to YouJoomla Template Youevents - Add modules to a .net application Add modules and improve Joomla template - add modules to oscommerce website add modules to script php mysql - add monitoring of the exchange Add monitter widget to - add more cateory in currently Wordpress theme Add more character for product name on oscommerce 2.3.1 - Add more customer interaction and followers on INSTAGRAM! Add more Detail and depth to the colored drawing - Add more feature to my keylogger.. Add More Feature to my Site - Add more features to existing add in Add More Features to Existing iPhone Social App - Add more fields to my page Add more fields to Opencart address book & autocomplete on checkout page - Add more functionality to reader app Add More Functions - add more items Add more language features to my Monologue for ''Mice and Men'' - Add more payment options for Buy/Sell php script Add more photos to site - add more storage to aws website Add More Stuff To My Exam - Add More Unique Content to Published Webpages Add more user roles with permissions on visichat platform - Add Mouse Over Effect On SVG Image Add mouse wheel support to a VB6 UserControl - Add Mp3 Audio Playlist + Simple Shopping Cart to Wordpress Website. add mp3 button and player on flashtemplate - Add MS Outlook "invites" functionality to form submissions add msn contact - Add MSRP to PJSIP