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Add logo to wordpress site - Add logos to footer add logos to my website - Add MA Filter in a existent Expert Advisor Add MA strategy to existing EA to make work together - add magento option Add Magento Plugin in WP - add mail function Add mail function in coming soon page - Add MailChimp signup form to mywebsite Add MailChimp Subsciber Form To Web Page - Add manual post to facebook pages Add manually products in Amazon - Add Map location and new contact details to our website Add map to Joomla Site - Add marketing attractive images to a blog Add Marketing strategy to my paper - Add massive data Add massive data -- 2 - Add MD5 Check to my php code Add MD5 Hash and Google +1 to facebook ''like'' wp plugin - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add me in to other photos - Repost Add me in to other photos - Repost - open to bidding - Add measurement specs to clothing techpack Add media button for galleries in Drupal no longer working - Add Member signup and recurring monthly subscription to php site - repost - Repost Add member stats + install newsletter script - Add members, viewers to my telegram channel Add membership and map view functions to existing site - add membership to my site (not spam) Add Membership to OpenCart shop - Add menu button to navigation area Add Menu Data to Website - Add menu to a wordpress template Add Menu to Child Page - Add merchants to a daily deal aggregator web site Add Message and Font type to html editor - Add Meta Tags and SEO to oscommerce site Add Meta Tags to existing website SEO - Add Metatags on about 25 pages Add metatags, title and SEO friendly urls to exited script - Add Microdata - Google Rich Snippets to my whole Website add microformats to site - Add missing "Discount Amount" into Admin "Add new order" Add missing alt tags and replace inline CSS on my site - Add mixpanel tracking event into my Django project template Add MLM code to existing website - Add Mobile Landing Page Image to Our Website Add Mobile Menu and Fix two box website no mobile responsive, simple and fast - Add Mobile Site compatiblity to existing wordpress site Add Mobile Specifications - Add modal functionality to existing login/registration system Add modal pop-up form - Add Modifications to live project Add modifications to my website - Add Module Position To Joomla Template. Add Module Positions - Add Module: "TELL THEIR FRIENDS WHAT THEY ARE UP TO" Add modules to a .net application - add modules to oscommerce website add modules to script php mysql - Add monitter widget to Add Monogramming Feature - Add more character for product name on oscommerce 2.3.1 Add more cheap or free parking spots to my database - Add More Detailed Registration Form to Joomla Site Add more details to article already written about iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus **ARTICLE DUE IN 5 HOURS** - Add more features in Add more features in my admin panel, cakephp - ADD MORE FEATURES TO IMAGE SEARCH VB SCRIPT Add more features to jsTree for my needs - add more functiolity the applications and write a mnual report for the use of the application add more function at my search result page - Add more functions to an angular.js directive - Angular professional needed add more functions to app - Add more module to my portal Add More Name / Addresses into Xcel Spreadsheet - Add more products ***Wezigners*** Add more products to our shopify store - add more to cd Add more to List - Add motion graphics sound effects to an animation, level audio (Voice, SFX, Music) Add motion graphics to action photo's - Add movies from admin script Add Moving Average of Indicator to Custom Indicator - Add MP3 Upload to Oscommerce Add Mp3's to website - Add Multi currency and currency admin to site Add Multi databases to one overall admin login for a Siberian CMS - Add multi tenancy with company hierarchy to our exising Moodle 2.9 Add multi thread to my exists code. - Add Multi-Vendor Functionality to Woocommerce Site add multifunctional filtering option - Add Multilingual Support to PefexCRM add multimedia blog to existing flash site - add multiple api account on sms php script ADD MULTIPLE AREA CODES TO HARVESTER FOR JAVA BABY - Add multiple image upload in admin web panel so in can interact with the app.. Add multiple images to oscommerce shopping cart - Add Multiple Products to Cart (project) BigCommerce Add Multiple Products to Cart (project) BigCommerce - Add multithreading to application add multithreading to application - Add Music Player to HTML Site Add music player to website and fetch soundcloud tracks (Soundcloud developer account neccessary!) - Add music to my wordpress website with a simple play/stop icon on the menu bar add music to our website, create favicon - Add MX record to CentOS server Add my spcial video player on a black background html with the 3 videos i will give you - Add my branding/logo into the banner of my Squarespace website Add my business address to the chekout of my Website - Add my design to Cre Loaded Oscommerce Add my extension on chrome webstory - Add my logo in the website, add the map and recreate a poicture Add my logo to a contractor / plumber image - Add my page on craiglist from USA ip address only. Add my personalized email to outlook - add my site to DMOZ Add my site to DMOZ listing - Add my website into your google merchant and adwords Add my website to Bing and Yahoo - add myspace friends Add MySpace Friends - No Skills Required - Add nail designs to the demo pictures Add Name & SKU to page in MAgento - Add Native Map Search to An App Listed in Apple App Store and Google Play Store Add Natural Logarithm to algorithm in Google Sheets - Add NBA Teams to Project Add need codes to user side - add new admin feature in jadujukebox add new admin feature in jadujukebox(repost) - Add new block to drupal website page Add new brushes to a drawing app for Android - Add new contact form 7 with javascript auto price calculations Add new Content (Copy+Paste) to Website! 1-2 hours of easy work - Add New Deleted Status Add new description tab at product page magento - add new domains to a magento installation Add new edited text to pre-existing site - Add new feature in an existing application Swift( in app purchase) Add new feature in an existing application Swift( in app purchase) - Add new feature to an existing iOS app Add New Feature to an existing site (Flash/Visual Basic/JavaScript) - Add New Feature To My store site Add new feature to my vb6 app - Add New Features and Bugs Fix on a PHP site
Add New Features and Change UI to existing App - Add New Features in Email Template Builder - Part 3 add new features in exist YuSic app - Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin Add new features to an already developed NodeBB plugin. - Add New Features to Classic ASP Script Add new features to CRELoaded 6.1 (derivation of OS Commerce) based e-commerce website - Add new features to existing mobile APP Add new features to existing mobile-friendly web app - Add New Features to Live Website Add new features to me iOS App - Add new features to our existing website Add new features to our joomla module - Add new features to the Ribosome Wordpress theme Add New Features to Twitter Who to Follow Widget - Add new field and one form only with custom texts Add New Field For Opencart - Add new fields to gift message in Prestashop checkout Add new fields to k2 in Joomla - add new forms to an existing site Add New forms to xCode project - add new function to existing wordpress site Add new function to image slider js - Add new functionality iOS app Add new functionality to a simple website which uses a combination of java and asp - Add new functionality to WP plugin Add new functionality/features to existing jQuery plugin - add new functions to existing web application Code igniter add new functions to ios app - Add new future on my soft 2 Add New future on online php software (No Indian) - Add new HTML / CSS to Rails app Add new html page to existing site and fix bugs and make sure site is fully functional - Add New language on website Add new Language to Drupal Website - Add new logo to my current flash website Add new logo to Wordpress Site. - Add new module in existing project codeigniter PHP ADD NEW MODULE TO EXISTING .NET Application (VB.Net) - Add new option to my website Add new options to a software writen in C# - Add new page to existing site from PSD Add new page to existing website. (Single Image) - Add new pages and insert youtube videos Joomla site Add new Pages and tabs to my wordpress blog - add new payment - CS-Cart Add New payment feature to website - Add new phpBB style and minor design implementation. Add new Piezoelectric Material to COMSOL - Add new products for website - data entry Add New Products to a Woocommerce Site from Another Website - Add New Project Task function in workflow when project task is completed. Add new quoting, sign up and payment system to 2 accountancy websites - Add new seaction Add New Search Criteria - PHP - add new shiping address in joomla virtumart Add new shopping car to website and redesign homepage ASAP - Add new tab to php page Add new Tab to website - Add new theme to Shopify add new theme to wordpress website - Add new User page : Convert PSD to HTML Add new user role and bidding feature to NOPCommerce - Add New Widget to Wordpress Site Add new window to existing code - on 9/27/2005 8:31:04 AM(repost) - add news filter for EA Add news filter to existing indicator - Add newsletter functionality to existing website Add Newsletter functionality to website - Add NFC to existing android project - jastp Add NHL Teams to Project - Add NOINDEX to uncreated pages on MediaWiki Add Nominet EPP to AWBS - Add notifications for mail Add notifications to an existing App & fixing some bugs - Add objects to excisting wordpress site. Add OCR (text recognition) business card reader to form on mobile website. - Add OKPAY payment processor to PHP Script Add Old Calculator Script To New Wordpress Website - add on add on add on add on an article - Add on features and customizations to existing website Add on features for shop - Add on for magento eCommerce site add on for motion - Add on installs for Zen-Cart Add On Integration - Add on page to existing website Add on pages to our current website with Mandarin contents - Add On to a Simple Database Project Add on to a WordPress site - upload, custom post types and advanced search - Add on to existing application Add on to existing website - Add on to site add on to slipper soaker - add on work for Book site Add on work for customized booking form - Add One Data Field to HTML Code Add one digit to all UPC numbers - add one function i a wordpress site Add one Functionality to Joomla component - Add one more payment processor to a oxyclassfieds script add one more select field in a Drupal module - Add one page to RS website Add one page to the website. - Add one star to php site Add One Step / Page Checkout plugin to Magento site - Add online order button to website - HTML Code Provided Add online ordering function to existing website** - Add online store to a wordpress website Add online store to existing website - Add Ons to a Struts Application Add Ons to a Struts Application(repost) - Add opacity layer to image Add open Card to my website - Add OpenCL functionality to an algorithm written for CPU/CUDA Add OpenDocument to Document Assembly Application - Add option for user input in an existing mobile application. -- 2 Add option for users to favorite other users - add option to oscommerce site add option to oscommerce site - repost - add options to existing EA - MT4 add options to GPS firmware - Add or create Distance widget for wordpress blog(repost) Add or edit macros to the following excel workbook to import price and description categories from Quickbooks - Add Order History to user account and fix other issues Add Order ID in Label - Magento - Add OsCommerce Modules / Contributions add oscommerce otpion to site - Add our apps to Windows App Store Add our Brand Names to product pages - Add our link in asp, asp .net, software resellers or HR software site in different countries Add our link in websites - Add our logo to the Worldpay payment pages Add our logos and brand name to existing video - Add our WRAP Header and Footer to a video Add out of stock message on prestashop - Add overture to competition finder Add owl carousel Slider 2.0 to my site - Add page and edit small things to website ADD PAGE AND FUNCTIONAL PLUGINS TO EXISTING WORDPRESS - Add Page Template for page within Site Add page template with sidebar to existing theme. - Add page to Joomla Component to assign bib numbers Add Page to Joomla site - Add page to Website