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Add image Instead of Embed Code - add image to email on add image to header - add image to template Add Image to Video - Add image with link to Popup-Window Add image zoom to OpenCart 1.5.4 website - add images and new page on my website Add images and prices for hire section of website - add images into my website into the correct listings -- 3 add images into my website into the correct listings -- 4 - add images to banner add images to banner design! - Add images to Mobiles. Read full description before giving bid Add images to MS Access form - Add images to tiltviewer .swf file Add images to web pages - add images, inventory and product descriptions to store 1600 items Add images, logo to html page - Add in 2 lines of code into existing APK file for $5. Code and instruction given -- 2 Add in 5 .net pages to company website - Add In App Purchase to remove advertising for Existing iOS Game Add in app purchase, fix some bugs - Add in for Business Contact Manager, Outlook Add in for MS Access dialer - Add in php to html forms add in products to magenta website - Add In-App Notification for my app Add In-App notification to an iPhone PhoneGap App - Add In-App Purchase, Mysql to IOS APP - Needed Quickly Add In-App Purchases to existing iOS Application - Add inapp purchase in current iPhone/iPad app Add inapp purchase in Mac OS X application - Add indicator (filter) to buy sell condition in Amibroker AFL Add indicator and extra setting to my EA. - Add Infinite Scroll to ajax Wordpress theme Add infinite scroll to custom wordpress site - Add info from text document to html document. Add info into my WIX site - Add information from 58 business card to Google Address book Add Information from 90 Business Cards to Google Address Book - Add Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin Add Payment Module to existing Wordpress Plugin - Add Inset Border to thumbnails on page Add inside app purchase meny in Xcode and help me arrange it in iTunes. - Add Instant Messaging Functionality to a C#/.NET Peer-to-Peer Windows Application add instant messenger program to membership website - Add interactive map and make some changes on wordpress multilingual site Add interactive Map and Reponsive Slider to an HTML Website (Using existing code) - Add international characters and modify an OpenType font Add international characters to an OpenType font - Add Interstitial ad to simple android add intertitial admob on Xcode - Add Inventory to our yahoo store Add Inventory to Volusion Website - add invoicing and billing to kayako fusion add invoicing and billings to kayako fusion - Add IP env_report function to Perl Order Form Suite Add IP filtering to PHP login Script - Add iPad views to existing iPhone app Add iPad views to existing iPhone app - Add IPTC info to Images From Database(repost) Add IPTC info to Images From Database(repost) (766058) - Add Item Quantity To Paypal Forms WP Plugin Add Item to Cart (without checkout or payment) - Add Items To Amazon add items to an exsiting project - Add items to online store -- 2 Add items to online store -- 2d - add items to website using wordpress Add items to Windows menu list, when copying/moving file - add java certificate Add Java Expanable Menu - Add javascript countdown to my page Add Javascript delay to menu on hover (Joomla) - Add javascript slider to Scorm moduleduplicate javascript (flipbook) slider in scorm Add JavaScript SWF Video to WebPage - Add javascript to WordPress post Add JavaScript to write to SQL Server database - Add job posting plugin to wordpress site. Add job postings to wordpress site - Add Joomla extension to Joomla Add Joomla Extensions - Add jpg signature to a pdf Add jpg signature to a pdf(repost) - Add JQuery cursor trail blur effect on a Wordpress page $30 - $250 AUD Add jQuery date picker to form - Add jQuery plugin to an Existing Joomla website Add jQuery plugin to website - Add jquery to existing Bootstrap navbar form. Add JQuery to form - add js arrows to ready image slider add js arrows to ready image slider -- 2 - Add just translation module to a ready website Add Jw player to my website - Add Keyword, Data Source, Priority tools to tt-rss add keywords and description to about 35 pages - Add Kissmetrics tracking code to website Add kit process section - Add landing page and customize menu Add Landing page and some other pages wo Wordpress site with KLEO - add language on wordpress website Add language pages - Add languages to joomla site Add Languages To News Website - Add Latest Product Category in Visual Composer on Home page add latest property list on the home page content - add layer/overlay marker on google maps Add layers to PSD template in Adobe Photoshop. - Add Leaderboard API to Flash Game Add leaderboard functionality to wordpress site - Add letters to logo Add levels + landscape orientation to game - add light box pop up like this one Add light box to 2 web pages - Add LightBox to CreLoaded 6.2 B2B Add lightbox to Creloaded 6.3 - Add like button and fans to our Facebook page. Add Like button in my website - add limited licenses feature to Expert adviser in MT4 Add limits to existing EA - add link for people to submit application and store in Database Add link front-end site and create the Back-end - Add link to mpg file - see attached Add link to NSIS LICENSE PAGE - Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 2 Add linked buttons to slider images of wordpress website -- 3 - Add Links and Dimensions to Excel Add links and lightbox - add links to header of wordpress site Add links to html - add links to page - repost add links to page - repost 2 - Add links to word press and shopping cart Add links to wordpress-template - Add Listing View / Date&Time Picker Module Add listing, search and display pages to website - add listings to google maps without using a postcard verification - open to bidding Add listings to local listings on Google - Add live chat facility to my website Add Live Chat function - Add Live streaming and web conferencing in current site Add live streaming capabilities and rtmp server to a website - add livezilla website chat to cakephp
add LLVM/Clang support - Add Local SMS API to woocommerce in wordpress Add local storage to existing Phonegap Application - add lock to open source software add lock to open source software - open to bidding - Add logic to a script -- 6 Add logic to a script -- 7 - Add Login and Signup for React.js APP Add Login and Signup for React.js APP -- 2 - Add login option in mobile theme Add login page and show menu based in user - Add login with databases to my site Add Login with Facebook - add logo Add logo + custom menu to wordpress theme - Add logo in banner Add logo in header - Add logo to eight product images Add logo to existing video - Add logo to MailChip header add logo to main menu - Add logo to stock image photos add logo to the web - Add logo watermarks and some dynamic text to images for website Add logo with link in the header of website - Add Long/Lat Option in admin for when Google cannot find street address Add lookbook gallery with scroll bar to my website - Add macros/vba/formulas to spreadsheet and tweak the design. -- 2 Add Made up Profiles to my Website - Add Magento products and attributes Add Magento Products get $20 - Add Mailchimp Form To Website Add mailchimp integration to a custom plugin - Add Main Navigation Menu to Vb Forum Header, NEED ASAP Add maintenance page. AngularJS/JSP/Struts/MSSqlServer (Job Card Categories) - Add manufacturer's name and link on bestseller module Add manufacturing module to Unicenta open POS - Add Margin Lines and Images to a Visual Studio Addin Add Marina to my Zajra Logo - Add Martingale System into my EA (HELP) Add martingale to EA - Add Math Quiz To Kid's iPad App and Desktop Game Add Mathematical Calculation / formula to HTML - Add me 500 facebook friends Add me 500 facebook friends - Add me fast and you like hit points. Add me Fast COINS - - Add Me please for Work Add me to a Flyer - add member info to database Add member login & admin function on existent site - Add members to site 1 Add members to site 2 - Add Membership profiles and custom photo gallery to .net CMS site Add membership subscription to my web app - add menu bar nd stuff in ticket system Add menu bar to the bottom of app screen - Add menu structure in Wordpress website Add menu templates to restaurant web site - Add Merchant Solutions to site Add merchants to a daily deal aggregator web site - Add Meta tags and header tags modules for Oscommerce V1.1 Add Meta Tags and SEO to oscommerce site - Add Metatags on about 25 pages Add metatags, title and SEO friendly urls to exited script - add microformats to site Add microPDF417 to quaggaJS - Add missing alt tags and replace inline CSS on my site Add missing blog part to site - Add MLS (RETS) to website Add MMOs to a game listing site - Add Mobile Menu in my website quickly Add mobile menu to existing custom wordpress theme - Add mobile Specifications and Images to 100 Mobiles Add Mobile Specifications with Price and Images - Add modals windows to mvc project Add modbus function 17 to code for previous project - Add Modifications to Websites ASAP Add modified file to website and make signup offer fill - Add module styles to YouJoomla Template Youevents Add module to a flash as3 project - Add modules for T-shirt sizes add modules on joomla - Add money SMM SHop add money to a compiled opensim instance and also freeswitch write out how this was achived - add ads to my html5 game at! Add more 1000 words - Add more columns to "Email Campaign Statistics" page of Interspire Email Marketeer 6.1.4 -- 2 Add more conditions to the update stock script - Add more facebook likes add more facebook real fans and promote facebook page - Add more features to a custom built PHP based application add more features to already developed tool - add more fields in simple PHP form and sent in email - 26/11/2016 11:34 EST Add more fields in the HTML/PHP form - Add more functionality to an existing Rails App Add more functionality to existing WordPress CMS website (WorldPay/PayPal integration) - Add More Images to Site Add More Info Button on Prestashop Website Short Description - Add more payment options for Buy/Sell php script Add more photos to site - Add more Tabs in Navigation Bar Add more Tabs in Navigation Bar - Add most popular banner to pricing table - wordpress Add mosule cass suffix joomla 2.5 template - Add Movie and Music Playlist to Flash Site Add Movie and Music to Flash Page - Add Mp3 player to website easy project Add mp3 to flash intro - for BADDY - Add mtr (ping/traceroute tool) and Curl to BusyBox for Windows Add Multi API intergration to existing PHP app - Add Multi Server Support Feature to Our Site Add Multi source Rss Reader to existing app - Add multi-store multi-currency to website Add multi-threading to basic program. - Add multilinguage to joomla website with our current fixed main menu template add Multilingual plug-in for WordPress - add multiplayer to my game Add multiple image crop & checkout functionality to Google site - Add multiple file upload field to Zurmo Add multiple friends - Add multiple product inquiry function (request quote list) to the customized products page Add Multiple Products to Cart (project) BigCommerce - Add MultiThreading for Program , C# Add multithreading to a 50 lines Python Script - Add Music player to 2 flash sites Add Music Player to HTML Site - Add music to my wordpress website with a simple play/stop icon on the menu bar add music to our website, create favicon - Add MX record to CentOS server Add my spcial video player on a black background html with the 3 videos i will give you - Add my business address to the chekout of my Website Add my business to google my business without postcard verification - Add my extension on chrome webstory Add my flash header to Wordpress ASAP! - Add my logo to an Adobe After Effects template Add my Logo to around 80-100 PDF file - ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost ADD My PRODUCT TO AMAZON WISHLIST - repost 2 - ADD MY SITE TO GOOGLE Add my site to google news - Add My Website to Google Analytics. Set it up for me. Add my website to google console .. need it in next hour,,.. - Add Myspace Codes To My Site