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Add Ajax search function to intranet ASPX page - Add Ajax/Jquery calls on saving Grade data in an MIS Add AJAX/JQuery functionality to an existing login modal for OSCommerce (Bootstrap Version) - Add Alert To A Page on my Website add Alert to an indicator (mq4 - Metatrader4) - add alerts Add alerts to Custom MT4 indicator - Add all Facebook friends to group add all files with .txt in two directories in a combobox - Add Alt and Title Text Add ALT Attribute to images for key terms on 3 sites - ADD Amazon check out on my site Add Amazon Checkout Method to my site - add amazon S3 upload functionality to existing java code add amazon S3 upload functionality to existing java code / 2 - Add an 'online test' to a pre-existing WIX website. Add an abstract and a conclusion &polish the essay at academic writing style &complete the content and organization - add an address to the header Add an Adobe Edge Animation to CS CART PAGE - add an aoption to a source code Add an API Functionality to Simple Rails App - add an award recognition to our website Add an awesome design to our pitchdeck - Add an email box to my oscommerce site Add an Email Confirmation to Shopping Cart - Add an exit survey Add an expiry date in opencart - Add an extra section to my website Add an FTP account on a windows 2008 R2 Server - Add an image adjusting function to matlab application. Add an image as css background - Add an information element to a wordpress site Add an init script for supervisor and have it control UWSGI - Add an NRL Jersey to a pig - URGENT Add an OCR SCAN LINE AND QR code on the page AND A VERIFYER APPLICATION - Add an opencart extension for me ! Add an opt in form & setup mailchimp autoresponder - Add an Overlay div on Event Start Add an overlay to 30 second video. - Add an Update Script to my current web app Add an Update Script to my current web app - Add Analytics Tag Add Analytics Tag/message submission system - ADD AND CONFIGURE TWO PLUGINS Add and connect database to new joomla site on Virtualmin - Add and develop two products properties in NopCommerce Solution add and display new information in listing - Add and Fix some Website Functionality Add and fix the functionality on the website - Add and remove events to Google Calendar and Yahoo Calendar - repost Add and remove features from my site - add and style a wordpress menu - very small quick job Add and style text to existing website HTML pages - Add Android Licensing to Eclipse Webview Project Add android native module in existing Titanium app - Add animated intro and sound to Joomla site Add animated text effects to 1 video - Add animation to logo Add animation to my real video of drive-thru location - Add annotation (text or lineshapes) to DarkroomJS plugin -- 2 Add annotation to 7 images. - Add another flv to swf file with start buttons Add another gondola in a picture - Add another payment method Add another PHP sort function - Add api and change layout of website add api broker into c# application autobot - Add API links to Wordpress eCommerce Site Add API or Elastic Search to UI - Add APIs in three tabs and minor bug fixing. Add APN to existing iOS application. - Add applications on to Huawei E586 mifi add appnext to android app - Add approx. 1000 Products to E-commerce Website - Woocommerce Add Approximately 1400 Hi Res Photos to Existing Products on Volusion Platform, Add Approximately 200 new products. - Add Arabic text to a Illustrator Design Add Arabic to the following Template - Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products - Repost - open to bidding Add around 150 configurable products on Magento Store - ADD ARTICLE/NEWS SECTION TO WEB SITE Add Articles as Blog Posts to WordPress Blog - Add as Friend and Likes on facebook album for us Add as2 to the existing flash file - Add Associated Product In Magento Add Associated Product In Magento NOW - Add attachment forwarding to msgcatcher project Add attachment function to PHP Mail script - Add Attribute to Product Page Add Attributes and Functionality to Magento Website - add auctions too my website Add Audacity Features - Add Audio Player + Misc HTML Job Add audio player to APK in xcode 8 - Add audio to flash animation Add Audio to Flash Banner - Add auth endpoint with web client integration on public Github project Add Auth user name to linephone for Android - Add author link to Joomla library component Add author link to Joomla library page - Add to Photography website Add to Photography website - repost - Add auto parts to eBay Motors store Add auto populate list to BreezingForms - Add auto-zoom and selection of marker based on PHP $_GET[id'] passed to map.php Add Autoblog Plugin To Wordpress - Add Automatic Functions in our CMS Add Automatic Functions in our CMS - Only for VR26 - Add Autoresponder Code to Registration Process Add Autosize to print functionality (C# DLL) - add aweber automatic signup function to the script add aweber automatic signup functionality to the script - Add back button to articles - Wordpress Add back end features to web site. - Add backend functionality to a specialist job site Add backend functionality to a specialist job site -- 2 - Add Background Image (About 50 Files) Add Background Image (About 85 Files) -- 2 - Add background music Add background music - Add background to photos - open to bidding Add background to wordpress site - add balance add balance autosmo user: someonexx - Add banner and category item to magento homepage Add Banner and Info to a 2 page website - add banner to header in volusion Add banner to HTML - Add Banners and Graphics to Phpbbs Add banners for website - Add banners to video (after effects, premeire) Add banners/boxes to template monster oscommerce template - Add Bars, Clubs, Restaurants to my site Add basic "Property Manager" functionality to PHP site - Add Basic Realtime form validations to CFM templates Add basic rent transaction and feedback functionality - Add Beacon to Android app Add Beaglebone Black to existing PCB - add bidding to oxyclassifieds add bidding to oxyclassifieds - open voor bieden - Add bitcoin and litecoin payment a wordpress site with Pricerr Add bitcoin and litecoin payment a wordpress site with Pricerr - repost - Add bitcoins deposit and auto / manual withdraw to my bitcoin website Add Black Office 2007 Theme colors to TBXOffice2007Theme.Pas - Add block on top of Magento Theme Add block to application $500 ( 5 days ) - add blog feature and store feature to drag and drop website builder
Add blog feature to existing property listing custom PHP script, plus minor fixes. - Add blog module for my open cart site, with FB commenting option add blog on ecommerce website - Add blog to a wordpress website Add Blog to Amazon Webstore - add blog to magento website add blog to menu - Add Blog to website Add Blog to website - Add blue text box to existing HTML add bluetooth - Add boat search to existing site Add Bocce Court Image to 2 Yard Photos - Add booking tab to my homepage on a child theme for wordpress Add booking tab to my homepage on child theme for wordpress - add bootstrap in two little sites now add bootstrap Jquery to a projectusing C# and MVC - - Add Box Sizes to THE7 Add box to homepage.with link to infopage - Add brochure links to websites Add Browse Button in Admin - add bulk lister to auction site add bulk lister to auction website - Add business listing Add business listings to website - Add button Add button (image) to CakePHP layout - add button in usermin theme bootstrapt 3 add button in usermin theme bootstrapt 3- trabajo en ejecución - Add Button To Facebook App Add button to Flash CS4 application - Add buttons for print reports and customer informations in Virtuemart Add Buttons on Prestashop's CMS - Add buy & wishlist button to wordpress theme - repost Add Buy form to existing shopping cart - Add cache to Java proxy server Add caching to an existing Android app - Add Calendar Output for Codeigniter Script Add calendar recurrence of fullCalendar plugin for lukeyan - Add call function JS in animation Flash add call statisics to a plugin - Add candle close confirmation Add candle close confirmation to existing EA - add captcha add captcha - Add captcha field Add CAPTCHA field on Contact Us page to Stop Spam - Add CAPTCHA protection to WordPress form Add CAPTCHA security to my enquiry form - Add Captcha to CGI Form - repost Add Captcha to Contact Form - Add CAPTCHA To Existing PHP Form Add CAPTCHA To Existing PHP Form & Fix - Add captcha to forms add CAPTCHA to forms - add captcha to my website Add CAPTCHA to one page of my php site - Add CAPTCHA to two form on Drupal Website Add Captcha to two HTML forms - Add Captcha to Yahoo Store Contact Page -- 2 Add captcha verification in my website - Add car data into my website now.. Add car data into my website now.. -- 2 - Add cart and online quote to existing site Add cart and option image on product tabs - add catagory to my site Add categories and archives pages to existing WP theme - Add categories to gallery script Add categories to Magento - Add category option in the website Add category option in the website -- 2 - Add CCAvenue Payment Gateway using php code - 16/04/2017 11:20 EDT Add CCAvenue to Prestashop v1.4.3 - Add CGI captcha plugin and upload capability to my cgi form Add chained select boxes search to existing website - Add changes to PHP backend and iOS app add changes to wordpress template - Add Charity icon - 3 areas add charity icon for charity listings ( 1-area only) - Add chat functionality android app + (XMPP server ) Add chat & payment features in babysitting app. - Add Chat to my Facebook *** for techcity only *** ADD chat to my website - add check in jqury to my website Add check on date available for product to existing checkout - Add Checkboxes Column next to Product Rows - Create a "Run Cleanup Macro" to delete checked products Add checkboxes to existing web form - add Chinese language functionality on a 5 page static website Add Chinese Language Pack for CRE Loaded B2B Pro template - Add ChromeCast Receiver html to existing html code Add Chronopost official extension to our 1.9.1 Magento - Add City Names to Approx 200 Header.JPG image files Add City names to Logo - Add classified ads from website A to website B (Word press) - second project Add Classified Ads program features to existing web site - Add Click Tags to an Edge Animate project add click through to existing banners - Add CLICKS and IMPRESSIONS functionality to AffiliateWP Add clicktag / button to html5 banner - Add client side image resizing Add Client Tags interface to functional Phonegap Push enabled App - Add Cloud Services to CloudList. Add Cloud Storage to an Android App - Add CMS or some type of content management to a website - repost Add CMS page on product page Prestashop 1.6 - Add code / Convert HTML tp PHP Add code / Convert HTML tp PHP 2 - Add Code Signing Authenticode to VB6 Apps Add Code Signing Authenticode to VB6 Apps - Add code to existing software Add code to existing website - Add Code to my Website Add code to my website for Mylivechat & Intouchcrm (linuxfreak1985) - Add code to Wordpress Website for BXSlider on Home Page add code to WP Direct blog - Add Coding to E-Commerce Website Add Coding to Websites - Add color and sizes Add Color and Text To Illustrations - Add Color To Drawing Add Color To Drawing - Add Color/Size Option in Opencart Site Add Colors to each Row depending on outcome #. - Add Colour versions of the bore cover images you made for me. Add colour, texture and furniture - Add column to website and cms admin Add columns and data in Excel sheet - Add command on Linux server /etc/ Add CommandBar to Office AddIn Project SharpDeveloper - Add Commenting to my website with contact form Add comments / deals sections - Add comments section to my existing htlm5 adult website Add comments to a c++ program - Add Community News, Change design, add content pages. Add Comodo Trust Logo to WooCommerce's Cart and Checkout pages - Add company sign mockup to image of house Add Company to Wikipedia - add components to my code Add Composite Products plugin to woocommerce site and customize - Add conditions to the ea we work HEDGIUM last version you send me. Add Conditions/filters To Wordpress Quoting System - Add Contact form Add contact form - Add Contact Form to site Add Contact form to site (discussed) - Add Contact form to Wordpress revolution slider