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It must be addressed seo. Here is an example: http://www.topumzuege.ch/umzug/Umzugsfirma-B%C3%BClach http://www.topumzuege.ch/umzug/Umzugsunternehmen-B%C3%BClach - Automatically clean our twilo account Automatically Collect Result from HKJC website into Excel - Automatically convert size, act position metatrader Automatically Convert WebGL/ThreeJS to Unity3D Project - Automatically Create Bit.ly code for URLs Automatically create bookmarks of pdf documents - Automatically creating and exporting graphs and tables from excel Automatically creating folders / files on a website - Automatically delete rows in several Excel-files according to user choice ("batch mode") Automatically delete rows in several Excel-files according to user choice ("batch mode") - Automatically edit specific section out and forward emails Automatically Email Customers who owe us money - Automatically fill a web form with excel data using VBA automatically fill an html calendar with specific RSS feed - Automatically filling web forms using Watir (Ruby) Automatically find peaks and troughs in a financial chart - Automatically generated Google XML sitemap ASP.NET Automatically Generated Watermark - Automatically import items from wholesalers to Virtuemart Automatically import many csv files int txt format without headers into one content type of Drupal 7 - automatically logging into a secure server automatically logging into facebook using PHP cURL - Automatically place an order on Aliexpress via Wordpress - Woocommerce Automatically place an order on Aliexpress via Wordpress - Woocommerce - open to bidding - Automatically Post to SCUTTLE websites Automatically post website content to facebook page - Automatically pull job information from LinkedIn site Automatically purchase specific items on Ebay using multiple accounts - automatically resize site to monitor size automatically resizing column - automatically scraping -- 2 Automatically seach multiple databases for outlying variables - Automatically send URLs to archive.org to be stored - ongoing work Automatically set featured image - Automatically Synching a Field in Outlook with a Field in FileMaker Pro Automatically take information an online directory and put it into an excel sheet - Automatically UDID Activation System from WooCommerce into Apple Developer Portal - Repost - open to bidding Automatically UDID Activation System from WordPress into Apple Developer Portal - Paypal Payment - Automatically upload blog posts from csv to db Automatically upload blog posts from csv to db - repost - AutomaticBookPublication Automatice Create Subdomain - Automaticly fill out form etc.(NEED TO USE API FOR DECATPCHA) automaticly form filler from excel to website(www.garagevraag.nl) - Automating a manual task (desktop or web)... 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