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App Testers in Brasilia ! - App testing in 2 phone App testing in iran - App that activates the phone vibrator at pre-specified time or at random time App that activates the phone vibrator at pre-specified time or at random time for android - App that can hide SMS and calls app that can make phone calls over the internet (Voip) - App that creates 3d head models from multiple pictures App that creates an income statment from a google doc or excel spreadsheet - App that gives you options for your text App that helps predict future stock price - App that process data and give stats and graphs - repost App that put's the phone on silence - App that saves youtube or facebook videos to iPhone. App that Scrape Data from Zillow for a list of addresses in excel. Produce the output in excel format. - App that tracks GPS location and uploads data and photos App that tracks info through texting - App thats connects with website (login) App the shows differences between documents - APP tipo Rede Social (Mini Facebook) APP Tipo Uber - APP TO APP Calling & APP TO PHONE Calling App to archive batch of Twitter URLs to Archive.Today website - App to block screen and buttons of phone/tablet App to block screen and buttons of phone/tablet -- 2 - App to change the DNS Host in wndows/ firefox / Chrome / I phone / Android (See PubDNS.org) App to change the DNS settings for ANDROID Phone (See PubDNS.org) - App to communicate with 1000 person client base App to communicate with 1000 person client base -- 2 - App to convert .swf to avi App to convert Excel to XML - app to create comics + micro website App to create Excel report by importing multiple XML files. - App to demonstrate product details with small game feature app to detect any activation of the camera or the microphone - App to download 2checkout.com Sales & Customer Info App to download audio files - one area for free files, and one that require purchase - APP to fill a form and get status App to find a local handyman or contractor - App to get stock price from remote website App to get the information from sellers and store it to database - APP to interface CJ.com API App to interface with Medical Practice Management Software - App to log Time/GPS/User fields to online SQL database APP TO LOGIN TO WEBSITE AND FOLLOW A PROFILE - App to monitor/change Startup programs app to monster websites - App to play only videos App to play only videos - open to bidding - App to read out data from a website and sending messages app to recive accident details and quick responce in 108 emergency services - App to retrieve facebook group posts App to retrieve facebook group posts -- 2 - App to scan food label ingredients App to scrape reservation site for available days - app to send character string to bluetooth device App to send customer via text message and customer can respond questions in the app and then submit. Customer info is then saved in a company database - App to show certain webpage APP to show images - App to Subscribe to Asynchronous Call Status Updates App to substitute restaurant\'s menus - App to track clicks from 3rd party buy link App to track clicks from 3rd party buy link - repost - app to VST Plugin App to watch employers Desktops with internet - App Translation App translation - APP Translation -- 1570 words in English to Greek APP Translation -- 1570 words in English to Indonesian - APP Translation -1000 words in English to Thai APP Translation -1000 words in English to Traditional Chinese(Taiwan) - App translation in French / German -- 2 App translation in Indonesian / Malay - App translations IT,FR,PT - ca 440 words app tributario Colombiano - App UI and Web Designer Monthly Basis App UI and Web Designer Monthly Basis -2 - App UI design needed with Approximately 15 screens App UI Design project 1 - App UI/ UX redesgin App UI/Layout Design in Photoshop and Invision - App Update App Update - App update app update - App update with new name and database App update with new name and database - App updates and redesign App updates with SDK\'s - App upgrades App upgrsdes - APP User guide,Translate from English to Spanish App User Interface - APP using Titanium on VMWare App using Youtube Caption API Integration - App video demo App Video Demo 2 - App videos da hora $30 App videos da hora $30 - ongoing work - App waits for keypress, then - if a browser is open - notes current url, and redirects user to another URL using previous URL as a GET variable app walkie talkie Ui Redesign (easy work ) to some one that really knows - app web project App web radio Windows Phone - App website de login y 5 telas de consulta. app website design - App which logs movement and connects gmail app which make a photo into a character - App will be cloned and translated App will tell you if you are bugged - App wireframe design app wireframe design - APP with API Communicate via TCP / IP Socket protocol written in C#. APP with API Communicate via TCP / IP Socket protocol written in C#. - open to bidding - App with directory for android and apple App with directory for android and apple - open to bidding - App with kivy App with launch screen + scroll paper function - App with smilies App with touch function - App with transparent background fo MAC Desktop