Diretório de Projetos : A - A Cartoonist for a Female Superhero Comic Book

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A - a a - a a - a business card a business consulting company logo - a drafting to scale of building frame and components a drafting to scale of building frame and components - a logo design for a business in the name of majestic maid A Logo design for my product - A Private Investigator letter head A Project for sethomondi2010 only - A translator - open to bidding - repost A tuned circuit - A "Did you Know" type video for our companies story a "hand drawn" 3D map of a few city blocks - A % body fat, lean body mass, goal weight and goal date calculator for men & women A & A Cleaning Services - A ''2D - 3D'' Program A ''2D - 3D'' Program(repost) - A 'sign-up' subscription service website A 'steak' fancy dress costume - a .dll file for .chm file A .dll file to send keyboard keys to a simulator (windows based) that can be callled in lua - A / B Split Test A 01:40 Minute title card for a short film - A 1 PAGE paper due tonight A 1 PAGE paper due tonight - open to bidding - a 10 minute power point presentation A 10 minute video of myself making a presentation - A 10 seconds animation for a wedding movie A 10,000 guide about my diet. - A 1000 word essay A 1000 word essay on communication - A 13 page Wordpress website for Charity cource A 130 second Marketing Animation - A 1500 words Business Plan A 1500-words Chinese History Assignment - A 2 minute product analysis segment A 2 minutes Html editing - a 2-3 minute marketing video a 2-3 minute promotional video - A 20 page Report on Fitness A 20 Pages Report - A 2000 word literature Review on \"Information Seeking Habits Of Students\" A 2000 word political studies essay - a 22 page full color comic book A 225 word essay about the Greeks religious beliefs - A 2D android game A 2D animated short, comedy film - A 2D image being modelled into 3D A 2D image being modelled into 3D - open to bidding - A 3 fold, 6 page, ID card size, product brochure a 3 folded brochure - A 3 sec intro to a youtube channel a 3 volume graphic novel, original, illustrated - A 30 minute 3d cartoon A 30 minute speech titled "The Long Beach Oil Field, a Primer for Wattenberg" - A 30*20 feet banner for a Bags/Travel Luggage Store A 30*30cm PCB with rows of CL6807's or ZXLD1362's 60v - A 360 degree rotating .gif type image, based upon some still photos of an object. a 360 degree virtual tour in flash - A 3D animation modeling A 3D animation of building,human, car for a property problem that i am working on is needed to complete the project - a 3D cartoon map of cambridge city centre, a 3d character design - a 3D designer and 3D printer a 3D designer and 3D printer - repost - A 3D home design using software that a DIYer can afford and use A 3D home design using software that a DIYer can afford and use - ongoing work - A 3d mockup of a structure(s) A 3d model creating, from which I can produce a rubber mould - A 3D Model that can be used to 3D print on Shapeways A 3D Model Urgently - A 3D render of an ocean surface A 3d render of candle box - A 3D Tank game based on XNA 4.0 a 3d tech file of a zip pull design so that it can be manufactured - needs to include dimensions etc - A 4 hour interview on skype - $60. Easy Work. A 4 minute music animated children's video - A 40 mins transcript of an interview to be written in an Q&A article - open to bidding A 40 page report on Improving Productivity - A 45 second Wedding Video Intro a 45-60 second company promo video - a 5 minute task ; read description a 5 page - web portal site coded in Drupal 7 - A 5 years girl A 5*30cm PCB row of CL6807s - a 500 word PR piece about a new apartment development that we are selling A 500 words Engineering Assignment - A 6 page website a 60 second 2D/3D animation work for a short movie - a 6502 programmer a 6502 programmer - repost - A 7k words report [TAM in banking sector] -- 4 A 8-page undergrad research paper - A 9gag script with partner program A 9gag website in french - a ActiveX OCX For SIP A Add-on Project (Formatting issue) - A affiliate marketing website a affiliate teacher - A and B octet IP randomizer needed A and h project - A animated mascot for webpage and facebook cover page a animated music video - a app a app - A app to deliver the talk time A app to deliver the talk time - open to bidding - a art design for a rap group a arte de vender e investir em arte - A audio Recording Project : US Male Audio Specialist Required A audio visual Warehouse Management System - A awesome t-shirt design! A awesome trailer opener for my videos - A babyshower speech writer a Bachelar degree final report - a background for who wants to be a millionaire A background graphic design for vape juice bottles - A band (2 people or more) A band (pt. 2) - A Banner Advert a banner advert - A banner for company's profile on youtube a banner for cougarbait.net - a banner for website A banner for website and Facebook page - A base map that fits 11x17 layout A basic Grocery shopping app ! - A Basic Calculator A basic calculator in C# - A basic financial growth model A basic foundation website - a basic iphone app A basic Iphone/ Android game app similar to the popular app 'Bruh' - A basic phone application using flashbuilder, MXML, Flex A basic photo-edit function on a webpage - A basic room booking web application to be used in a university to manage rooms and resources booing an example being a website like http://www.schoolbooking.com/ developed in asp.net mvc A Basic Ruby MetaProgramming Program (Only Writing a Class) - a basic website A basic website (User portfolio) - A basic Wordpress website set up on a fast reliable hosting service A basic, good looking website to cater for a niche market - A BBS System A Bears Head design based upon a drawing attached with intentions of being a logo - A beautiful sun
A beautiful views in your open eyes - A Beginners Guide to Guns & Shooting A beginners guide to meal prep ebook - A Beta B2C Portal for hiring agents online A BetFair Bot needed - A better salary A Better Shot App - A Bible App for Iphone/Ipad A Bible Application in Twi/Hymnal and also sabbath school - A big Forex website A big form of Jquery - A big Web Form of Web elements & Jquery -- 2 A big web site development - A Billing system A billionaire gets rich from a tie - A Biostatistician needed for time curves and regression analysis A biostatistician who knows RevMan software - a bit of Ajax integration A bit of code tidying, change layout from tables to css, and setup emailing list to be automated - A Bitcoin based game A Bitcoin Exchange - A black & white illustration A black and white drawing of a champagne bottle popping (cork popped, bubbles) - A block diagram for a Taser Gun and a washing machine. - repost A blog - A blog article written to debate 'Employee Engagement' A Blog article: 900-1000 words: Adult related - A Blog Marketing Expert A blog on garden related items? - A blog section added to website A blog section added to website - open to bidding - A Blog With The Ability To Have It Updated A blog writer - a blogger for two articles A blogger needed to write on linux/android/open source - A Bloons smilar type of game Mobile Phone Application A blue print of a location - A Bohol Brochure - repost A Boiler Selector for used in Magento - A book about mr A book about my life - A book cover A book cover - A book cover illustrated A book cover illustration - A book for marketing our website a book for the new baby - A book named "THE BIBLE, UFOS AND MORE" a book of 250 pages max. - a book professionally edited A Book promoting website useing Joomla - A book to be translated from English to Spanish A book to support training seminars - a book written a book written - a ghost writer - A booking widget for an accommodation website. A bookingsite in WP - A bookstore website (architecture and programming)(repost) A bookstore website (architecture and programming)(update 2) - A bot for a social media site A Bot for a website - A bot to invoke a website and scrape the information A bot to post real estate ads to a website or websites - a box a box design in adobe AI - A Brake tester A Branch Manager for Real State Company - A Brand Manual for Skincare Products ASTATUDE A brand name - a brand to be re-imaged - open to bidding A branded radio player app. - A brief literature review in a topic in Data Mining A Brief presentation on performance Management - A Broadcast based key agreement scheme using set reconciliation for Wireless Body Area Networks A brochure - A brochure in Illustrator needs to be changed and titles need to be redesigned.(repost) a brochure need to be written - A browser like program that runs inside of a kiosk application A bsp compiler (.3ds -> BSP) retaining all texture and UVW data. - A Building for all Animals A building project design using autocad - A bunch of photos edited A bunch of product descriptions - A burger cookbook A bus add design - a Business card and a Brochure Design A business card and logo designed for a new company - A Business desktop Software app and cloud SAAS A Business desktop Software app and cloud SAAS - repost - a business directory with coupon and evens a business directory with rating system and map - A business Logo A business Logo - a business logo a business logo - a business logo for a powerwashing company A business logo for a small business using rich purple and charcoal colours - A Business Partner A business partner for my company Mya Therapy - a business plan a business plan - A Business Plan for Freelance Website A Business Plan for Freelance Website - A business plan writer A business plan writer who can write in Spanish and English - A business report on fast food industry(Pizza Hut) Global point of view. Business environment analysis. A Business Research for Mexico - a business website needs to be designed Urgently a business woman someday.. - A buyer needed for a Christaian book script on an expository on Psalm 121. A c Assignment - a C# developer A C# GUI for saving a collection of data in xml file - A c++ class to handle strings A c++ college homework - A C++ Program - open to bidding A C++ Program for a Gas Station - A c++ Project a c++ project - a C2C website psd to Html responsive - open to bidding a C2C website psd to Html responsive - A CAD drawing of an existing product a CAD file looked at and improved where needed. I also need to have a explanation notes - a Calc or Excel coder A Calculating App - a calendar with C++ A Calendar with VC 2008 - A Caller ID interface program 2 A Caller Identification app - A cameraman to video a Dancefestival in Durban A cameraman with own equipment a DSLR cannon camera - a candle sticker file made up -- 2 A Cantonese speaking video editor - A car insurance quote site in wordpress a car logo - A card game developed for IOS and Android A card game developer - a caricature of four friends A caricature of myself in vector art for youtube/social media - A cartoon Animation Short a cartoon animator to create an animation template for a website - A cartoon image for a Digital Campaign A cartoon image of me with some words next to the image - A cartoon style logo for our karate school A cartoon type graphic for web - actual talent required - A Cartoonist for a Female Superhero Comic Book