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    Preciso de um site que faça captura de posições dos pilotos e estatisticas do speedway virtual da bet365. Site exemplo: Obs: Somente para speedway virtual

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    Criar uma extensão para o chrome baseado na corretora iqoption 1. A extensão vai apresentar os gráficos iguais ao da corretora iqoption ( O gráfico deve ser criado através da API iqoption ) 2. Estrategias e Botões Todas as estratégias vão consumir dados de uma api ( API Pronta ) Todos os resultados das estratégias vão consumir dados de uma api ( API Pronta ) Ao ativar uma determinada estratégia, ela vai ser apresentada no gráfico, e seus resultados vão aparecer no gráfico. O usuário pode ativar e desativar qualquer estratégia. Rank de Top estratégias Estratégias funcionam em 3 timeframes ( 1M - 5M - 15M ) todas essas informações vem da api ( API ...

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    I need you to provide me a snippet of code in node.js that connects to a graphql websocket in wss:// protocol that is protected by cloudflare and returns error 403 - Forbidden when connecting via Node.JS, but not via browser.

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    Telegram script 6 dias left

    I want to scrap members from telegram group for which I am not admin and that want to add the groups into my Telegram channel. Let me know if you already have a solution. looking in python only.

    €6 - €19
    €6 - €19
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    Website scraper 6 dias left

    Looking. An expert cider who can scrape few website to collect few columns of for expert level candidates

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    Opening market odds alert on nowgoal5 To be more specific, I need an alert which inform me via web site and telegram when nowgoal5 releases their odds (dropping odds) .

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    We have a python based scraping script which worked very well on RDP servers earlier, but recently it is not working. We want someone to fix the script and make it working without any issues.

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    I have a spreadsheet that contains names for products. If the names of these products match a product on amazon, then I want the link imported. The problem is that the names of products aren't the same so you need to find a way to match the product names in the spreadsheet and the ones on amazon. And if the product is not on amazon then highlight the product in the spreadsheet. I want this done by a program

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    This project consists of a Google Sheets document that uses dozens of variables, some preset and some pulled from live sources, to calculate the profitability of ASIC mining Bitcoin. A freelancer is wanted who is proficient in Microsoft Excel (which translates over to Google Sheets) and preferably has some knowledge of what Bitcoin is. You will be joining a team of 4-5 people collaborating through Discord to create this sheet. Time is of the absolute essence here, so prioritizing this project will generate big incentives for you ($$$).

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    I need research and information pulled from websites to build and email address. I am looking for 500-1000 leads a week Please quote on 500 leads for price Data Entry, Data Mining, Leads, Research, Web Scraping 100USD - 300USD ?

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    I will discuss more in private chat.

    €7 - €18
    €7 - €18
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    I required a VBA based excel which would be capable of data scraping from the website.

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    I have need contact lists. Please contact if you have experience. I need 1k contacts. More details will share in chat.

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    I need investors, flippers, and wholesale real estate companies in the US, I need to generate a list of 10K+ The fields I need for each company are: *Company name *URL *Email *State *Search phrase (the combination from the list I provided) Full Address Phone * = Must I have a list of phrases for you to use, it's a combination of phrases and cities in this sheet, a total of 1968 combinations: If you know how to scrape google and generate this info for me - please explain in your application how to plan to do that - Which technology and method, if it's JS, python script, phantombuster, or any other method. Btw, this is how a former freelancer did this task for me (for 1K companies), you are welcome to use it too:

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    I am building lead generation platform. My team has already setup the company collection. I am now looking for someone expert in scrapping emails for a company domain across the web and share a list. Similar services include and I am more interested in talking with people who have existing solutions Let talk :)

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    I want a script to collect data about numbers and give me an alert at some points.

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    abbiamo una lista di aziende, sono 820 per ognuna bisognera' fare alcuni semplici controlli e riportare i dati richiesti all'interno di un file excel è un lavoro che necessita di pazienza, ma non è complesso SOLO PERSONE ITALIANE

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    I need a tool to scrap the phone numbers on the web page. The tool should be able to perform the following functions: 1) Pick the phone numbers from the web page shown above and do the following: a. Arrange them with comma separation b. Arrange in a column in excel sheet in one column. c. Replace first 3 digits 254 with (0) Zero 2) The outcome from the above screen should be as follows: Separation by commas: 0105343433,0782936715,782860229 etc In Excel sheet: 0105343433 0782936715 782860229 Comment The tool should be very easy to use. The whole exercise of extracting the phone numbers into the output required should take very short time.. The attachment has a screenhot of the exact webpage. Comments 1) The columns on which the phone numbers are displayed on the web page are very ma...

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    I need to web crawl e-commerce website to extract the top 100 products in each category and put the results in an excel file. Web Crawling can be done using Python but it need to be executable (exe) file. I will need the source code at the end of the project. The python script need to run in the background without any interruption. It is ok to show a command prompt while the script is running.

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    Hi I have a limited budget for this project ($30 fixed). The plugin is written in php using html DOM. Task ------- 1.) Add URL Input function to fetch from source site category page (example: ) to plugin while using the already build in function to input the data into the DB. 2.) Add drop down function to select the amount of episode to fetch (able to select up to 1,000) 3.) An option to choose fetching start point (example: Episode 1 or 5 ) 4.) Final a fetch button to start the process. *NOTE: Create this on another page inside the plugin.

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    Description: Developers are being sought for a search and scrapping project for a cosmetic website (GUCCI) to register the products in their different presentations, with their respective characteristics, in a database. Nothing visual should be developed for this project, since it should be executed via the console, which will automatically lead to future execution. The description of everything that is required is specified in the attached document. Operating system: linux Language: python Database: mysql

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    SERPApi to Google Sheets 6 dias left

    Hi, We are looking for development to connect to Google Sheets and customize it to fit our needs. You should have experience Parsing data, as well as with Google Sheets. Message for more details.

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    Web Scraping 6 dias left

    Web scrap data for 70.000 search terms (python, selenium) Ip rotation is required and should be provided by Freelancer Deliverable: -70.000 search terms scrapped -Scraping script Milestones: Milestone 1 (1 day): prove your capability with 5.000 search terms within 1 day, Milestone 2: scrap remaining 65.000 search terms Follow-up Project: We will have 5-10 follow-up projects on this topic + several other topics. Important: -Good communication / fast response / constant updates -Being on time; no delays; if delay is >10% of estimated project time, project will be cancelled -Honest and respectful work Provide proposal with code to show you have read the project details: 25012022 Since we are growing strongly, we are looking to establish a long term relationships with new Freelancer...

    €140 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for a passionate Python Selenium Expert Scraping experience is a Must Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence is a Big Plus

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for an passionate Python Selenium Expert Scraping experience is a Must Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence is a Big Plus

    €36 (Avg Bid)
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    1000 Emails Extraction! 6 dias left

    Hello Everyone, This would be a quick task depending on the tools and software you use The task is very simple, I will share you a link with 1000+ Linkedin profiles in the TECH industry, and you need to extract their emails, first name, last name, company, and their positions. Ideally, if you use a Bulk email extractors, then this would be a 10-15min task. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me. Provided good work, we'll use your services on a weekly basis for all our client Thanks

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    Finding Alexa Rank - 3 6 dias left

    Hi, I am looking for a freelancer who can find Alexa ranking about 1.2 lakhs. The above link allows 500 websites. So, multiple tabs can be opened. It is a fixed budget project of Rs. 600.

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    Finding Alexa Rank - 2 6 dias left

    Hi, I am looking for a freelancer who can find Alexa ranking about 1.2 lakhs. The above link allows 500 websites. So, multiple tabs can be opened. It is a fixed budget project of Rs. 600.

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    scrape a website -- 5 6 dias left

    we are looking for someone who can scrape one website for us.

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    Finding Alexa Rank 6 dias left

    Hi, I am looking for a freelancer who can find Alexa ranking about 1.2 lakhs. The above link allows 500 websites. So, multiple tabs can be opened. It is a fixed budget project of Rs. 600.

    €9 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I need a scrapping expert who can scrap data from a website which outputs xml, and extract specific fields and save it in a csv file. The site has scrapping limits, so i need a proxy feature, so that i can bypass the limitations with proxy. let me know if you can do it

    €334 (Avg Bid)
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    Top Experience in Python programming. Top Expertise on web data scraping and pdf/images data web scraping. Top Expertise on bypassing captchas. We pay 400 - 500 dlls x scraper. More depending on complexity. Top Confidentiality Python Linux Web Scraping / PDF scraping Software Architecture Machine Learning (ML)

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    Web scraping de pagos 6 dias left

    Necesito datos de pagina web del Estado para proceder a brindar servicios (anteriomente ya ejecutado y es viable) en los siguientes pasos: 1 Login (usuarios y contraseñas obtenidos desde nube), pasar las imágenes en código por integrar y automatizar con información proporcionada (4 pasos o clicks). 2 Obtener código "Numero de pago" de página e integrarlo a la pagina web a través de la nube de acuerdo a la solicitud (incorporar caducidad). 3 Obtener datos de la condición actual del pago con la misma clave, usuario, e información de la nube (pueden ser en días posteriores). 4 Que se visualice las solicitudes vigentes y segun la necesidad de cada usuario en la pagina web o links temporales de acceso.

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    I am engaged in cryptocurrency work. I'm currently employing one programmer, who is coding in JS, helping to make scripts to engage with website APIs. I would like another employee, ideally one proficient in automation. If you prove to mesh with the team and are capable, this could be a full-time employment opportunity (if that's desired). Programming language is less important; JS works for scripting some things, and Python with Selenium would work for others. Tasks would range from such things as automating a Discord (online chat) bot to web scraping API data. My perfect candidate is a strong programmer with an interest in cryptocurrencies. No prior experience is needed; I can teach and help to explain to any interested candidates. There is a slight preference for back-end d...

    €10 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Scrape a blockchain wallet 2 dias left

    1. Provide sample data from this ERC-721 wallet containing aprox 2000 items: 0x74a6452891a0f8aa283bfe47e3967260f8b96f60 in the 5 categories: ID#, Spectacular, Attribute, Frame, Name 2. Present the easiest solution for me to scrape this wallet myself once per week outputting the data in the format I require

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    2 inscrições

    Hi. As the title indicates, I'm looking for a database of all companies in Portugal, updated at least in 2021, if more recent the better. I look for data like NIF, Name, Address, Telephone, Email, CAE, Creation Date... Please indicate price, number of registrations, and demo. Start your answer with "Olá" and I will pay special attention. Thanks

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    My webpage is too slow, Is becoming frustrating to work there. Need help make my site faster.

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    Python Scrapper Update FIX 5 dias left

    we created a Python application that retrieves/scraps particular information we need from an Instagram account that has a web-based platform and another app for different info, but we can discuss it later assuming we choose to work with you. For some reason, we accounted issues that the app doesn't retrieve the new and fresh information every time this particular Instagram web-based account is updated with new data. We believe that the system has some sort of glitch or needs updating according to the web data and the Instagram account. We do have the files so you do not need to develop the app from scratch. all we need from you is to fix the glitch and maybe update a few things. I can also create a live video for you so you can see in detail what we created and how the app works.

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    I want script to get data from fields are Category, sub category, products name, weight, price, brand, barcode number, ingredients etc. I will share template and url with you. It could be a long term project if achieve successfully. If you think you can do that write " scraper for Amazon" in the top of your bid to be considered. Without reading description and required fields don't bid otherwise I will complain.

    €19 - €158
    €19 - €158
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    The project is for one of the top NGO foundations in India where we want to fetch CSR-related data about companies from a website to an excel sheet. The website contains around 4000 plus rows of data. The

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    I want someone to develop a list of all four plex (a building with 4 separate living spaces) properties along with the owners of these properties and their contact info (Phone Number and email address). Purchase price and details about the building also would be a nice to have but not required. See attached excel template. I would like the list to contain all four plex properties in Calgary, Alberta Canada only. It could include properties with more than units as well. Potential data sources are , (tax assessments), , etc. Successful bidder should be able research where to best find the data.

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    I am looking to have a website containing affiliate links from skimlinks. Essentially I ama looking to build a site that does the work for customers and tracks items that come in stock such as PS5 for example. It will of course show in stock items on the website but I would also like a bot to share notifications to telegram and email for example. I can provide information for a site that does similar

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    Good morning, I need to scrape the data in the table from the site , with automatic refresh at 1 minute intervals. I have a regular subscription from the site for automatic login and the project is for personal use and therefore not for commercial use. The data to be imported are the post-login data and not the homepage data. Once the data has been imported, I then have to process them with personal formulas. I await your interest in the project. Thank you!

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    Web scrapping data 5 dias left

    Need to fetched data for around 33 thousands rows in an excel format.

    €257 (Avg Bid)
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    Write content scrapping script to import content from one website to Prestashop 1.7.

    €100 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi I have a small issue updating one line in a google sheet i need someone to update please

    €12 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I want a script to get finance data from a web site each day and store them in db anyone can help Thanks

    €150 (Avg Bid)
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    Required Experience-2+yrs Primary Skill Set: Python, Django Desired Skill Set: -Proven-deep-expertise with Python programming. Experience with web application development using Python is preferred. -Strong command over caching and multithreading in Python -Experience in using version control (preferably Git) in projects. -Basic understanding of web technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XPath, JSON, etc.) -Experience in working with frameworks like Django, Dash, Flask, Fast-API etc. -Experience with building APIs and services using REST, SOAP etc. -Experience with any RDBMS and strong SQL knowledge. -Strong understanding of data models such as JSON and must be in a position to create a new structure and format. -Usage of development tools GIT, JIRA etc. -Excellent English language (writt...

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    1. Extracting necessary data from an existing WP booking plugin with Webhook provided by that plugin and storing data into the database of WP 2. Creating online classrooms using APIs provided by online classroom software depending on each appointment. 3. Storing subscription APIs returned by online classroom software into the database. 4. I have created more than 95% custom field/meta key with Toolset that was a plugin like ACF or Metabox plugin, and the tables, mostly, you don't need to create tables again, most of the meta values you just need to store the values one by one, but there are still some values fewer than 10% that you may need to calculate initially. 5. You need to use and to receive subscription messages with API 6. Some front-end, like lecture/lesson views, I will pr...

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    I have 1 project for email scraping. I would prefer to work with someone who is good at scrapping emails Will be for a few different niches. I can do it myself using scrapebox however I would prefer to work with someone who is up to date let me know what software you are using in the application.

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