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Visual Basic is a general-purpose programming language designed to develop graphical user interface (GUI) applications. Visual Basic programming is used to build a wide range of applications and run platforms on the Microsoft Windows operating system. Visual Basic can be used to create almost any application you imagine, from inventory systems to customized games. It is a powerful programming language with many features like the ability to use the libraries, classes and objects available in .Net languages, such as C# and J#. A Visual Basic Developer is an experienced professional who is able to develop applications using this Microsoft’s programming language.

Here's some projects that our expert Visual Basic Developer made real:

  • Built easy-to-use graphical user interfaces
  • Developed financial modeling simulations for data analysis
  • Automated processes for more efficient operations
  • Created flexible reports for tracking progress
  • Optimized existing software applications for better functionality

Visual Basic Developers are capable of creating various software purposes, actions and activities. With their advanced coding knowledge and experience, they can make an application or program easily accessible and very useful in a short period of time. Their communication skills also help them work closely with you throughout the entire project.

All these makes freelancers with expertise in Visual basic extremely useful in developing various computer programs. They are responsible for designing interfaces, writing codes, testing programs and fixing errors when needed. By hiring one of our expert Visual Basic Developers on, you can trust that your project will be delivered on time and with great quality. Put your project in front of qualified professionals now and get started! Make your ideal project come to life with us!

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    I'm on the hunt for a dedicated educator to guide me from the basics to advanced levels in Excel and Google Sheets. My journey will encompass mastering basic formulas/functions, delving into data analysis/visualization, and culminating with macros and automation. Let's break it down: **Teaching Content:** - Basic formulas and functions: Understanding and applying core formulas for daily tasks. - Data analysis and visualization: Interpreting data and crafting insightful visual reports. - Macros and automation: Simplifying repetitive tasks through automation. **Teaching Method:** - I prefer one-on-one coaching sessions, offering a tailored learning experience to address my unique questions and learning pace. **Frequency:** - Our educational rendezvous will occur twice a week, pr...

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    Must be based in Brisbane and can meet up. I am in dire need of a proficient Excel developer who can tackle a variety of tasks to enhance the functionality of my spreadsheets. My aim is threefold: 1. **Sophisticated Formulas and Functions** - Though I skipped detailing specific formulas or functions, my project will require in-depth knowledge and application of a wide range. Expertise in advanced functions is a must. 2. **VBA Macro Programming for Automation** - My primary focus here is on three critical areas: - **Data Entry Automation**: Streamlining the process of inputting information into the spreadsheet. - **Report Generation**: Crafting macros that can automatically generate comprehensive reports from the data. - **Data Validation and Cleaning**: Developing ...

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    I'm looking for an efficient freelancer who can quickly input data into Excel for me. The job is straightforward but requires a keen eye for detail and a fast typing speed. **Data to be Entered:** - Text **Formatting Requirements:** - The Excel sheets will be quite simple, requiring no special formatting. Just plain lists. **Task Overview:** - The job is strictly about typing data into Excel. No analysis, no complex formatting. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Microsoft Excel - Fast typing speed with high accuracy - Ability to complete tasks promptly - Experience in data entry with a focus on text information **What I'm Looking For:** A freelancer who can efficiently handle a straightforward Excel typing task without the need for complex data manipulation or ...

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    I'm in need of a data analyst proficient in using Power BI for data visualization. I will be providing the data in CSV file format. Your job will be to help me decipher this data by crafting meaningful and interactive visual reports within Power BI. The following are the key responsibilities and skills required for this project: - Strong experience in using Power BI - Ability to manage CSV file data input - Create clear and effective data visualizations - Excellent communication skills to explain the visuals Strong proficiency in data management and a background in data analysis would be an added advantage. In your bid, please include your previous experience in Power BI data visualization projects.

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    I am in need of a reliable and efficient freelancer who can promptly convert a PDF file comprised of both text and tables into an Excel format. Key Requirements: - Data from PDF needs to be systematically arranged in the Excel format, utilizing the rows and columns effectively. - I desire the project completion to be as soon as possible, displaying your proficiency and promptness. Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Proficiency in using PDF and Excel is a must. - Exemplary attention to detail to preserve the original data integrity in transition. - A track record of prompt delivery gives you an edge over others.

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    I am seeking an experienced PowerBI Developer who can effectively create new reports as well as modify existing ones. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and modify PowerBI reports based on data pulled from Excel spreadsheets. - Incorporate intermediate level dashboards with filters into the visualizations. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in PowerBI software, particularly in creating reports and visualizations. - Demonstrated experience working with Excel as a data source. - Ability to deliver intermediate level dashboards with a keen understanding of filters. This project will require advanced data interpretation skills and a high level of attention to detail. Freelancers with a proven track record of similar PowerBI projects are highly preferred.

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    I need a estimating tool in excel with preloaded prices for labor equipment mark up cost on all trades and a general contractor mark up etc in the usa pricing. What format would you like the preloaded price list and subcontractor price list to be in? Excel spreadsheet Do you require the price lists to be editable or protected for viewing only? Editable Which trades should the subcontractor price list include? All trades I need a estimating tool for estimating projects with all the subcontractor trades and prices of each and mark up of the general contractor price list

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    Financial Excel Wizard Needed 6 dias left

    I'm on the hunt for a seasoned freelancer who thrives in creating Excel templates for financial data reconciliation. My project revolves around intermediate financial data that requires more than a simple two-way match. I work in insurance and need help to develop a reconciliation report template I can use for accounts between our system and he supplier. Would need at least two columns to match policy number and dollar amount. Specific skills and experience desired: - Proficient in Excel, especially in handling intermediate to complex financial data. - Experience in creating custom formulas and potentially working with macros. - Ability to implement error detection mechanisms, a plus. - Skilled in integrating data visualization tools within Excel, highly regarded. Ideal functiona...

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    I'm in need of an Excel VBA specialist to create an easy-to-use workbook for data entry and validation purposes. This application will require the following features: - The ability to enter random rosters - Setting of pay parameters including different percent premiums for various shifts, such as afternoon (15% loading), night, Saturday, Sunday, Overtime and Public Holidays - Automated calculation of payroll based on the defined parameters and the entered roster The perfect candidate will have a solid understanding of Excel VBA programming, especially in creating automated calculations and formulas, as well as report generation. Familiarity with payroll calculations would be a great plus. This is a straightforward project for an adept Excel VBA coder. I look forward to seeing your b...

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    I require an Excel Workbook that can support a wide range of rosters involving various pay parameters. The Workbook should allow for the input of any given roster, and automate the assessments of pay based on a variety of specifics: - Premiums associated with hours of work which include daytime shifts, night shifts, weekends and public holidays. - Calculation of pay parameters such as the hourly rate, overtime rate, and special shift percentages ( afternoon, night and weekend loadings). The ideal freelancer for this task should possess a high level of competency in Excel, particularly in the areas of advanced VBA programming, functions and calculations. An attention to detail is imperative to ensure all factors of the pay parameters are applied correctly and implemented accurately.

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    I am seeking a talented freelancer to create a custom spreadsheet that is both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of data entry, calculations, and how to generate insightful reports and visualizations. Here are the specifics of what I'm looking for: - **Key Functionalities Needed:** - Efficient data entry capabilities for both numeric and text data. - Advanced formulas and functions for various calculations. - Dynamic reporting and visualization tools to make sense of the data entered. - **Data Types:** - The spreadsheet should be capable of handling numeric as well as text data efficiently. - **Design Preferences:** - The design should be simple and clean, ensuring ease of use without sacrificing functionali...

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    I'm currently in need of a Powershell script that reads data from an Excel 2019 spreadsheet and utilizes that data to create folders on OneDrive in a specified sequence. The sequence of folder creation will strictly adhere to the sequence laid out in the Excel spreadsheet. Furthermore, permissions of these newly created folders will also be determined by the corresponding data present in the spreadsheet rows. Ideal skills and experience for this project would include: - Proficiency in Powershell scripting - Experience with the 2019 version of Excel and its data management capabilities - Familiarity with the OneDrive API and its permissions setting mechanisms Clear understanding of these concepts is instrumental in the successful execution of this project.

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    More details: What type of work do you want to do from home? Data entry What software or tools do you expect to be used for data entry? Microsoft Excel How complex is the data entry work? Data sorting and basic formulas

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    Description: We are seeking a highly skilled Excel expert to join our team and assist in data analysis and reporting tasks. The ideal candidate will have a strong proficiency in Excel functions, formulas, and data visualization techniques. This role will involve working closely with our data team to extract insights from large datasets and create meaningful reports for decision-making purposes. Responsibilities: 1. Develop and maintain complex Excel spreadsheets for data analysis and reporting purposes. 2. Create custom formulas and functions to manipulate and analyze data effectively. 3. Design and implement data visualization techniques using Excel charts and graphs. 4. Cleanse and organize raw data to ensure accuracy and consistency. 5. Collaborate with team members to understand projec...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Excel expert. This task will require executing the following: - Data entry and formatting: The project involves migrating a substantial dataset from our existing software suite into Excel. These numerous records must be entered accurately and formatted appropriately for efficient use. - Creation of formulas and functions: To replicate the functionality of our software within Excel, you'll be asked to develop suitable formulas and functions. - Automation of data processing: Once data and functions are in place, you'll need to leverage Excel's automation capabilities to streamline the processing of this considerable dataset. The complexity of the software being replicated is moderate. The necessary Excel wizard should have a strong backg...

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    I'm seeking a freelancer with a strong background in Excel VBA and payroll systems to update my payroll macro file crucially. This project involves enhancing the calculation formulas to adhere to the California prevailing wage requirements which are intricate and multifaceted. We already have a macro file that take timesheet and calculates regular pay/OT vs DBT per CA law **Key Updates Required:** - **Modification of Calculation Formulas:** The updates will specifically include adjustments to incorporate: - Different hourly wage rates. - Fringe benefits calculations. - Varied rates per job classifications. - Distinct holiday pay rates per job type. - Overtime (OT) calculation enhancements. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Excel VBA programmin...

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    Excel Tax Sheet Overhaul 5 dias left

    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer to enhance my existing Excel sheets focused on tax expenditures and revenues. The major areas of improvement include: - **Updating Existing Formulas**: Ensure all formulas are correctly calculating the current data and adjust where necessary for accuracy. - **Generating Summary Reports**: Develop a feature within the sheet that allows for the automatic generation of summary reports, providing a clear overview of the data at a glance. This task requires a one-time update to the sheets, but with an emphasis on creating a template that I can easily replicate and use annually without further assistance. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Profound knowledge in Excel, including complex formulas and data analysis tools. - Experience in designin...

    €119 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an adept data entry specialist who can quickly and accurately transfer less than 1000 cells of information into an Excel spreadsheet. The job requires a keen eye for detail and basic Excel knowledge. You might not need to apply advanced functions like pivot tables or macros, as the level of formatting or data manipulation was not specified. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Excel - Excellent typing speed - Attention to detail - Basic data formatting in Excel

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    .NET API for sending wp messages 4 dias left

    VB.NET API for sending wp messages with the liveconnect API located at

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    I'm in need of an Excel pro to create a customized inventory and order spreadsheet for my business. Get ready to dive into the details, as this system is crucial to streamlining my operations. Key features I want to include are: - Inventory List: Have a clear overview of items in stock. - Par Levels: A systematic way to reorder items when stock drops to a certain level. - Cost of Stock On Hand: An overview of the financial value of my stock. - Automatic Order Generation: Let par levels trigger the order process automatically when current stock dwindles. Ideally, you're someone who doesn't just know how to handle Excel formulas, but can also create an intuitive layout that's clear, efficient, and user-friendly. Speed is of the essence, so if you're up for the ch...

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    As an HR manager monitoring 300 employees, I'm in need of an automated Excel sheet that works in tandem with a biometric fingerprint scanner to streamline our attendance process. Ideal features include: - Collection and recording of employees' time in and time out. - Calculation and recording of each employee's lateness in minutes. - Ability to export delays to integrate with our payroll sheet. This project requires experience with Excel automation and, preferably, familiarity with biometric attendance systems. Detailed understanding of attendance calculation and data exports is vital to ensure seamless integration with our current systems.

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    I'm seeking an expert Excel trainer to elevate the skills of my students, all at an intermediate proficiency level. The goal is to develop their capabilities in using Pivot Tables, mastering the VLOOKUP function, and effectively utilizing Excel's data analysis tools. This training will empower my team to handle our data processing and analysis more efficiently. What I'm looking for: - Significant experience in conducting Excel training sessions for groups. - Deep understanding of Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, and Excel's data analysis tools. - Ability to tailor the training approach to an intermediate skill level, ensuring clear understanding and practical application. - Engaging and practical training methods that cater to a larger group. - Strong communication skills to cle...

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    Excel Material & Quotes Manager 4 dias left

    I'm seeking an experienced freelancer to develop a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet tailored for managing material prices, generating bundled item quotes, and calculating material list and labor totals. This spreadsheet is crucial for streamlining my project management and quote generation process in a user-friendly manner. **Requirements:** - **Creating Material Bundles:** Custom functionality to bundle various materials into predefined sets for ease of quoting. - **Generating Quotes:** Ability to automatically generate quotes based on the bundled item lists which include price calculations for both material and labor efforts. - **Producing Material and Labor Totals:** Feature to produce comprehensive lists showing total material requirements and labor estimations derived from the...

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    Excel Formula Overhaul 4 dias left

    I'm seeking an Excel expert to revamp the formulas across 1 spreadsheet to enhance their functionalities and efficiency. The project involves refining existing formulas to ensure accuracy and speed in data processing. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Excel with a strong focus on formula creation and optimization. - Experience with a wide range of Excel functions, especially SUM, IF, and VLOOKUP, though specific formulas needing updates were not listed. - Ability to understand and improve upon current spreadsheet setups without explicit guidance on which formulas require updating. - Keen attention to detail to ensure no data integrity is lost during the update process. - Strong problem-solving skills to identify and rectify inefficiencies in the current formulas. **P...

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    Excel Automation Wizard Needed 4 dias left

    I'm in need of an expert to create a fully automated Excel program that I'll be using daily. This task is crucial for streamlining my daily operations and requires precision and expertise. **Essential Requirements:** - **Spreadsheet Automation:** The program should analyze data and generate reports without any manual intervention. I'm looking for a solution that significantly reduces my workload by handling these tasks effortlessly. - **Usage Frequency:** This Excel program is not a one-time affair but a daily tool crucial for my operations. Hence, reliability and efficiency are key. - **User Interaction:** The ideal program should operate with minimal user input. Once set up, I expect it to run seamlessly, only requiring me to review the outcomes. **Ideal Skills and Ex...

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer to develop a machine vision system designed primarily for inspection and quality control of packaged goods. The system aims to automate basic quality checks, focusing on presence/absence verification and color consistency across our product lines. This project requires a blend of innovative problem-solving and technical proficiency in the field of machine vision. **Key Project Requirements:** - Design and implement a machine vision system for automated inspection of packaged goods. - Develop algorithms capable of identifying product presence, absence, and verifying color accuracy. - Integrate the system seamlessly with our existing manufacturing processes. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in machine vision technology and tools. - Strong...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who excels in making Excel excel. My project centers on the automation of data analysis within Excel, requiring a keen eye for details and a strong grasp of intermediate data manipulation and analysis techniques. This automation will be an essential part of my daily operations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in my regular reporting endeavors. **Key Requirements:** - **Data Analysis Automation:** Your main task will be to set up a system that simplifies the process of data analysis within Excel, using intermediate techniques. - **Frequency:** The automation needs to run seamlessly on a daily basis, aiding in consistent report generation. - **Tools and Techniques:** Proficiency in Excel functions, formulas, and possibly VBA scripts for automation; experien...

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    My current project requires custom created eplan P8 macros for schematic symbols and terminal block. Required Skills: - Thorough understanding of ePlan P8 version 2.9 - Expertise in creating schematic symbols and Terminal block macros Key Attributes: - The macros should be compliant with specific company standards - Capability to incorporate detailed specifications inherent to my company standards We do project with 60plus of the same type of drives in them. I have attached example drive drawings with a spread sheet explaining the drawing references. Each drive has up to two motors attached, each motor has up to 2 pecs attached to them connected by a splitter(Junction Box) Each drive has a 24v bus system attached (3 wires) and also a ethernet bus. Each drive has a name, each motor ha...

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    VB.NET Custom Utility Design for Windows

    €4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a skilled professional who can proficiently develop a dynamic VBA code for a monthly performance report. Key Task: - Implement code in VBA, demonstrating your deep understanding of its syntax and structure. Report Details: - The report is specialized in performance test results. Familiarity with this data field is desired for the effective extrapolation of key insights. Data Calculation and Representation: - The code should be able to calculate and report percentage values. Knowledge of statistical reporting and mathematical functions within the VBA framework is a must. Your mastery of VBA, keen understanding of data particularly in performance test results, and ability to perform complex calculations are crucial for the success of this project.

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    I require someone knowledgeable in Excel to set up advanced sorting formulas, specifically for matching batches of cells containing both words and numbers. You'll need to show me how to adjust and utilize these formulas effectively. Furthermore, I need assistance in setting up a mail merge in Word, Email and, if possible, text messages. This merge include contact information and custom messages for each recipient, with the data to be extracted directly from the Excel spreadsheet. Experience with AI automatic replies is also required. The ideal candidate will have strong experience in Excel and experience with mail merge. Skills in data management and extraction will be valuable for this task, as well as understanding of AI responses. Fluency in English is necessary to ensure effect...

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    Fix Spreadsheet Blank Rows Issue 3 dias left

    I'm currently facing a perplexing challenge with a spreadsheet function (fx) that I've created, which extends over approximately 140 rows. The primary objective is to have this function smoothly generate results for each row without any hiccups. However, despite the function operating flawlessly as I drag it down from row 2 to row 140, it mysteriously returns completely empty cells in 20 specific, non-changing rows. The data manipulated by this function mainly comprises numbers. The issue is in col AA spreadsheet "ForeCast" **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in Excel or similar spreadsheet software - Strong understanding of functions/formulas, particularly with text manipulation - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to cell functions - Expe...

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    I'm in need of a specific system capable of recognizing cards in an online blackjack game, infinity particularly, and automatically note the card value into an Excel sheet. Here's a more comprehensive breakdown of what I require: - Card Recognition: The system should be able to accurately identify the different cards in the game. - Automatic Logging: Once a card is recognized, the system should automatically log this into an Excel sheet. Although I've not specified a preferred programming language, any language that can handle this task efficiently would be preferable. With regard to completion timelines, I'm looking to have this project delivered within a month. Ideal Skills and experience: - Proficiency in a programming language that's suitable for the task. ...

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    As a client seeking a reliable professional, my focus is on finding someone with intermediate level experience in macro programming. The exact daily tasks will be discussed at further length, though the freelancer should be prepared to handle routine operations, potentially including data entry, report generation, and data analysis. Preferred applications will include: - Detailed accounts of past experience in performing macro tasks of varying natures - Proof of intermediate level expertise in macro programming This project represents an opportunity for regular work and a potentially long-term relationship for the freelancer able to demonstrate the appropriate commitment to quality and timeliness.

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    Dynamic Spreadsheet Design Pro 2 dias left

    I'm in need of a proficient freelancer who excels in both Excel and Google Sheets, to help bring my data management to the next level. Combining aesthetics with functionality, I aim to create a custom workbook that is not only efficient but also pleasing to the eye. **Core Requirements:** - Mastery in applying advanced formulas and functions to manipulate data effectively. - A keen eye for formatting and design to make the workbook intuitive and user-friendly. - Experience in creating custom workbooks in both Excel and Google Sheets, ensuring seamless functionality across platforms. **Project Specifics:** - The workbook should consist of multiple tabs, each designated for different sections, to categorize data systematically. - It's imperative that the freelancer is adept at us...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Excel expert to create a system to simplify data entry related to product codes using automation. Key tasks: - Develop an automated text generator for product code entry. - This system should be able to categorize and enter data accurately to prevent any entry errors. - Additionally, understanding of product categorization and coding essential. Desired skills and experience: - Proficient in Excel - Experience with automation - Knowledge of product coding - Strong attention to detail Overall, the goal is to streamline my workflow by automating the specific task, minimizing the chance for human error.

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    Buscamos un desarrollador en VB.NET que nos pueda asistir con varios proyectos a largo plazo. Favor dejarnos saber si está disponible e interesado(a).

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    I require an experienced data analyst to cleanse my customer data which exists in the form of Excel files. The primary issues anticipated are incorrect entries that need to be identified and rectified. Ideal Skills: - High proficiency in Excel - Detail-oriented and meticulous in data cleanup - Previous experience in customer data cleansing Your role would be to: - Identify and correct inaccurate entries in the data files - Ensure the corrected data is consistent and reliable for usage I look forward to a meticulous and in-depth cleanup of this data to improve its usability.

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    PowerBI Dashboard Development 1 dia left

    I am looking for a proficient PowerBI developer to create a dynamic dashboard that effectively presents app usage data. Key Project Specifications: - Data Source: Integrate Excel spreadsheet as a source for data input. - Key Information: The project mainly revolves around app usage data. Detailed insights and numbers from the spreadsheet should be accurately reflected on the dashboard. - Data Integration: Implement daily batch processing for app usage data. It's important that the dashboard reflects the current data by processing and updating it daily. Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Strong proficiency with PowerBI and its related tools. - Experience with daily batch processing & data management from Excel spreadsheets. - Ability to present complex data in an easily understan...

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    I'm urgently in need of an Excel and PowerPoint professional to design and implement a P&L (Profit and Loss) Statement in Excel, and condense important aspects into a 2-slide PowerPoint presentation. *Your tasks will include*: - Creating a comprehensive P&L Statement in Excel that captures Revenue, Expenses, and Gross Profit - Deriving crucial information from this statement and developing a digestible 2-slide PowerPoint presentation. *What's missing*: Unfortunately, data to determine revenue, expenses, and gross profit have not been specified. Hence, you would be required to use your expertise to make well-informed estimations wherever necessary. A keen eye for detail is paramount. *Desirable Skills*: - Proficiency in Excel and PowerPoint - Profound knowledge i...

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    I need someone who is proficient in Excel dashboard creation and Power BI visualization. My organization currently uses manual tracking for training data via spreadsheets and we're looking to transition into a more efficient, visually attractive platform. Key tasks include: - Extracting the relevant data from our current spreadsheets - Infusing those data points into a comprehensive Excel dashboard - Creating visualizations in Power BI that can convey crucial information in an easily-digestible format A successful freelancer will: - Have extensive experience with Excel and Power BI - Be able to complete this project ASAP - Demonstrate an understanding of how training data is structured and how it can be optimized for visual presentations Your ability to work with precision an...

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    Excel Proforma Invoice Wizard 1 dia left

    I am in need of an Excel expert to create a vibrant Proforma Invoice template that is not only visually appealing but also fully functional with my specified data. Here is what I’m looking for: **Key Features:** - **Formulas and Calculations**: The Excel file should be equipped with formulas to automatically calculate totals, taxes, and any other relevant financial calculations. - **Customized Templates**: The template should be tailor-made for my business, incorporating specific fields and layout requirements. - **Data Visualization**: Incorporate charts or graphs for a clear visual representation of financial data. - **Proforma Invoice Creation**: A primary feature where all customer details, product details, quantity, pricing, notes, payment details, and company details can be i...

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    I'm in dire need of a freelancer who is well-versed in managing tasks across key Microsoft Office platforms. Specifically, I require: Excel Assistance: - Expertise in data analysis using complex data sets - Ability to implement and troubleshoot complex formulas and functions Outlook Management: - Streamlining of my email processes, ensuring that only the most important correspondences reach me - Efficient handling of my calendar, ensuring that all appointments, reminders, and tasks are well-organized and updated PowerPoint Presentations: - Enhancement of my presentations' design and layout for that professional touch - Creation of engaging animation and transition effects - Detailed content editing for a more focused and compelling narrative The ideal candidate should have d...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to create a multifunctional Excel spreadsheet designed to manage my employees more efficiently. The ideal candidate will possess strong skills in Excel, including formula creation, macro programming, and a basic understanding of encryption, although high-level security measures are not required at this stage. Requirements: - Develop an Excel spreadsheet where each employee has a separate tab including their basic contact information. - Include a section within each tab for tracking Paid Time Off (PTO) and sick time. This section needs to support both manual updates (which I can undertake as the owner) and the capability for automatic calculations or updates based on certain inputs. - A dedicated area for recording usernames and passwords related to each e...

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    I am seeking an experienced coder who can convert a byte array to hex string in Visual Basic 6. The length of the byte array is uncertain, hence, it could be up to 1024 bytes or more. Need to have skills with Runpe and PE, if you dont have skills, dont contact me. THank you

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    Programa de gestión para una empresa de alimentos. Se necesita mejorar el proceso de facturación y algunos detalles.

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    Trophy icon Excel Automation & Analysis Guru 18 horas left

    Entries submitted not related to the contest will be rejected. Need an excel file that is able to predict how much bread we need to tell our bread supplier to produce and deliver on a daily basis. The file needs to be able to be updated daily. There are two source data files. 1. past orders sold in store 2. future orders that have placed online We need to use a combination of the two files to predict what to tell our suppliers to produce and deliver. We also need option to be able to increase or decrease future orders by a %. Needs to be able to send the data in a clear view directly to the suppliers. (store view and a state view) A visual dashboard should also be created. The colour theme should be red, white background. Font can be white and black I'm in need of an Excel exper...

    €212 (Avg Bid)
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    Create MS Access Database 3 horas left

    Erstellung einer relationalen Datenbank in Microsoft Access. soll enthalten: Einrichtung von Tabellen für Mitarbeiterdaten, Stundenabrechnung und Auszahlungsinformationen. Festlegung der Beziehungen zwischen den Tabellen für eine effiziente Datenerfassung und -abfrage. Benutzeroberfläche: Gestaltung einer benutzerfreundlichen Oberfläche für die Dateneingabe und -abfrage. Implementierung von Formularen für die Eingabe von Mitarbeiterdaten, Stundenabrechnungen und Auszahlungsinformationen. Einrichtung von Berichtsformularen zur Anzeige von relevanten Daten. Funktionalitäten: Möglichkeit zur Erfassung neuer Mitarbeiterdaten einschließlich Personalinformationen und Gehaltsdetails. Erfassung von geleisteten Stunden pro Mitarbeiter mit Datum und ...

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    Hello, I have a list of details, using those you need to collect a lot of data from a specific website. I will show you how to scrape the details like Name, Email, and Phone numbers, you just need to follow the pattern..

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    Document Update Encerrado left

    Not so much of a project, but a relatively simple task for an experienced Microsoft Word geek. I have two Microsoft files. v1 was created and saved after 5mins in April this year. Unfortunately, it does not contain some final drafting that was lost when I clicked the wrong button at the time. v2 of the document is a simple cut-n-paste of the original with corrected 2nd bullet (highlighted) My Ask/Request Update to the original v1 document with the 2nd bullet replaced with (v2 Bullet 2) without changing the original Properties. OR the v2 document (as is, no change to document content) but showing the original document properties (last modified & created) see attached Word file called Document Properties. The final Word document - whichever approach (above) is taken needs to have h...

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