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Embedded software is a term used to describe software components that are integrated into a device or system. This type of software is often paired with hardware components like processors and sensors and is used for a variety of purposes in various devices such as automobiles, medical equipment and smart appliances. An Embedded Software Developer almost always comes from an electrical or software engineering background, having expertise in embedded operating systems, microprocessors, digital signal processing and real-time programming. They are responsible for developing, testing, debugging and integrating software for devices, systems and machines.

Here's some projects that our expert Embedded Software Developer made real:

  • Designing architectures and protocols for communication between devices
  • Developing code to enable secure and reliable data transmission over networks
  • Developing user interfaces for embedded systems featuring touchscreen displays or buttons
  • Creating new drivers or porting existing ones to different embedded platforms
  • Integrating embedded components such as sensors, microcontrollers, processors into applications
  • Debugging existing code and finding solutions to guarantee scalability and reliability of the systems

Embedded software has an important role in modern society. Devices would not be able to function properly if it weren’t for the innovative minds of embedded software developers. Our professional developers have experience in many different areas such as robotics, mechatronics and drone technology, so you can rest assured your unique project will be delivered with the utmost expertise. No matter how complex or challenging the problem is - our dedicated developers can find a solution.

Don't hesitate - post a project on today and hire an expert Embedded Software Developer to breathe life into your project!

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    I'm looking to set up a copy trading bot between two different IQoption accounts. The purpose of this bot is to allow manual trade execution on the master account, with the same trades instantly copied to the user account. Key Requirements: - Setting up a copy trading bot that connects a master and user IQoption account. - Real-time trade copying from the master account to the user account. - The bot should enable manual trade execution on the master account, with the same trades being copied to the user account instantly. Ideal Skills: - Previous experience in setting up copy trading bots. - Proficiency in working with IQoption accounts and their API. - Strong understanding of real-time data processing and trade execution. - Ability to implement secure and reliable trade copying me...

    €115 (Avg Bid)
    €115 Média
    53 ofertas

    Hello All, I have universal motor control project working on evaluation board for TMS320F2800137 microcontroller. Eval board uses F2800137PM which 64 pin and custom board uses F2800137RHB which is 32pin package. Freelancers who have experience working with C2000 series microcontrollers with CCS should apply. Additionally you can DM me with your past work on these microcontrollers. Project is very specific and if your past work is not relevant, you will not be awarded with the project. Relevant Links: Thanks.

    €234 (Avg Bid)
    €234 Média
    4 ofertas

    I'm in need of a skilled developer to assist me in a time-sensitive project: the development of a BLE Tag scanner with specific requirements. Key requirements include: - Real-time scanning: The system must provide live updates and tracking of the BLE Tag's. - Limited range: The BLE scanner must have a short-range capability, specifically less than 5 meters. - Battery efficiency: It's essential that the system is designed to be energy-efficient. Additionally, I'm looking to integrate this BLE Tag scanner with a Bluetooth headset. The headset should be able to connect within a very short range (less than 1 meter). Time is of the essence for this project, so I'm looking for a professional who can commit to completing it ASAP. Ideal skills and experience for this...

    €101 (Avg Bid)
    €101 Média
    11 ofertas

    I'm looking for an experienced professional who can assist in the development of a bidirectional charging system for an electric car, specifically to enable the selling of excess electricity back to the grid. Key Requirements: - V2G 15118-20 CP TLS CCS to hybrid inverter SW & HW, ideally design the HW, minimum: write the SW for ESP32S3 or RPI4, our wallbox (we designed ourselves) already does PWM 5% to do com to OBC via CP; CCS should then give out DC on whatever the EV allows, and inverter (ideally design it yourself) should pass on DC>AC power to grid according to VDE-AR-N 4105. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in developing bidirectional charging systems - Strong knowledge of electric vehicle systems - Familiarity with the CCS standard - Ability to...

    €2090 (Avg Bid)
    €2090 Média
    24 ofertas
    Teach me PX4 firmware 1 dia left

    I would like to know every thing about px4, how create module, drivers, custom mavlink mess, customize firmware and how communicate with qgroundcontrol.

    €39 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €39 / hr Média
    20 ofertas

    Looking for a highly experienced engineer (10+ years experience) with a proven track record in developing complex systems that integrate software and hardware components. Any experience with radar systems development is beneficial. This consulting role involves advising and possibly collaborating on the development of a complex system that integrates software and hardware components. The consultant will be expected to provide expert guidance that can span any phase starting from planning and through any phase of the entire development process, from initial concept to final implementation. This can include participating in in-depth consulting sessions to discuss system architecture, component selection, integration challenges, and potential solutions. The work will require a deep und...

    €22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €22 / hr Média
    12 ofertas

    I need a cloud-based web application that will allow me to monitor real-time statuses and energy consumptions of my industrial machinery. Key Functionalities: - Real-time equipment status monitoring: I need to be able to log into the application and see the current status of all the machinery in my facility. This could include things like whether a machine is turned on, idle or in use. - Energy consumption tracking: It's important for me to monitor the energy consumption of each machine as well. This could help me identify inefficiencies or even predict maintenance needs based on usage patterns. Experience and Skills Needed: - Proficiency with AWS (Amazon Web Services): Since I prefer AWS as the cloud platform for this project, it's crucial that the freelancer has experience ...

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €8 / hr Média
    12 ofertas

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