ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI that allows clients to create conversational agents, improve chat support, enhance automated content creation, and more. By hiring a ChatGPT Specialist, clients can realize the true potential of this groundbreaking AI to solve various business problems and develop intelligent applications. Here's some projects that our expert ChatGPT Specialists made real:

  • Implementation of streaming FastAPI applications integrated with OpenAI API
  • Development of GPT-SMS solutions with an Admin Panel
  • Expert assistance in cutting-edge AI projects
  • Creation of custom chatbots employing ChatGPT expertise
  • Integration of ChatGPT API into website development projects
  • Prompt engineering environment setup using ChatGPT technology
  • Building advanced virtual assistants using AI capabilities
  • Boosting business productivity by implementing ChatGPT solutions in various use cases

All these projects demonstrate the versatility and practicality of the ChatGPT model in delivering tailor-made AI solutions across diverse industries. By posting your own project and hiring a skilled ChatGPT Specialist from, you can take advantage of these breakthrough technologies and revolutionize your business processes.

What are you waiting for? Join thousands of satisfied clients who have already leveraged the full potential of ChatGPT through talented freelancers on our platform. Post your project on today and hire the right ChatGPT Specialist that suits your needs!

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    I need an experienced developer to create a hybrid AI Management System (AIMS) that merges advanced AI technology with user-friendly features that comply with industry standards. Key Functionalities: - Natural Language Processing: The system should be able to understand and respond to natural language input effectively. - ISO/IEC 42001 Compliance: Ensure the system adheres to the requirements stipulated by the ISO/IEC 42001 standard for asset management. - ChatGPT Integration: Integrate ChatGPT for enhanced user interaction, providing a more engaging and personalized experience for our users. User Interface Design: - Modern and Sleek Design: Our AIMS should have a sophisticated, modern, and sleek interface. This is crucial for the user experience, as we want our system to be intuitive an...

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    I’m looking for someone that ai seo blogs can humanize and run it through ai detectors and get a good score

    €102 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a freelancer to rewrite my documents using ChatGPT 4o, with the goal of generating more engaging content. Key Responsibilities: - Rewriting a list of documents - Generating engaging content - Ensuring high quality and clear readability Requirements: - Proficient in using ChatGPT - Possess a ChatGPT plus account Your goal will be to take the provided documents and rewrite them in a way that enhances their engagement and overall quality.

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    I'm in need of an AI-based solutions that can generate unique, eclectic imagery themed to rock music to be presented on the platform, YouTube. Like this first Audio Release from us - Here's a breakdown of what I am aiming for: • AI-generated pictures aligned with rock music genre for about 7 Audio Releases on Youtube • Unique fusion of different styles and themes • Optimized for YouTube in 4K Ideal candidates should be able to demonstrate: • Experience with AI-based image generation • Understanding of and passion for rock music • Proven track record with creating engaging visuals for digital platforms, particularly YouTube. Here are the 7 Candidates ...sometimes we need one moving picture per Song sometimes 2 or more if the Song is longer the...

    €100 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled professional who can fine-tune GPT models, create embeddings, and deploy AI solutions. Your expertise in Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) is paramount in this instance. Key Responsibilities: - Fine-tune GPT models: Your primary goal here would be to customize responses for specific domains. This means making the model more aligned with the industry it's intended for. - Create embeddings: Your ability to generate embeddings of the processed data will be crucial for the efficient functioning of the AI. - Deploy AI solutions: Your experience with deployment will be instrumental in integrating the AI into our current systems. The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Strong expertise in fine-tuning GPT models, particularly in customizing respon...

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    ChatGPT and Excel Integration 4 dias left

    I need a developer to integrate ChatGPT with Google Sheets to improve my workflow. The job is very easy but I do not have time for it. Currently, I am using a paid ChatGPT Plus account where I use this GPT add-on: I input a prompt and then receive an answer which I manually has to copy to Google Sheet. This approach is not good enough because I will have thousands of rows. I tried several Google Sheet ChatGPT extensions but none of them did work because most of them do not have access to web browsing (which is critical) and those which did have the access seemed to be using either old ChatGPT or different AI model giving me false answers. Your job is this: Find me a ChatGPT Extension that will allow me to send a prompt (which requires web browsing) and receive a response. If no exten...

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    Implementoría, como agencia de crecimiento, es la sinergia perfecta entre consultoría estratégica y mentoría transformadora, diseñada para catalizar el desarrollo integral de tu negocio. Nuestro proyecto consiste en un enfoque holístico que integra estrategias empresariales robustas, implementación técnica precisa y desarrollo humano profundo. Trabajamos contigo para identificar oportunidades de mejora, diseñar planes de acción personalizados y asegurar la ejecución efectiva de cada estrategia, mientras te brindamos el apoyo y la motivación necesarios para superar cualquier desafío. En la práctica, implementoría abarca una serie de etapas clave: análisis y diagnóstico det...

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    I'm looking for a talented freelancer to help me replace the AI image creator on an existing SaaS platform with a AI chat generator. The user will have the same experience however it will display questions created by admin and the user will enter text to complete the prompt and then display the chat response. Simple task if you know what your doing. Ideal candidates should have: - Proficiency in programming and working with SaaS platforms - Experience with ai chat generator development - Knowledge of user experience and user engagement principles - Strong problem-solving and testing skills. Please include relevant project samples in your proposal.

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    I am seeking a competent freelancer to streamline and automate several aspects of my business operations. Proficiency in Wordpress, zapier, google sheets, quickbooks online, gravity forms, WP Mail SMTP, memberpress, google calendar, chat gpt, trello or asana, twilio is essential. The key tasks include: 1. Streamlining Booking and Quotes: I'd like this process to be more efficient, perhaps with a user-friendly and automated system installed on my Wordpress site. 2. Customer Correspondence: An automated but personal system for engaging with customers. 3. CRM Integration: Accurately syncing data across all platforms ensuring seamless information flow. 4. Integrating Payment Systems: Though I have not stated a specific preference, I require an efficient and reliable payment syst...

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    50 ofertas bot testing -- 2 3 dias left

    I'm seeking an experienced developer who's capable of finalizing the 10 bot templates/workflows I already have on The templates need to be customized for my industry ( I will provide the input, key word etc , if you tell me what you need). They need to be fully tested and operational for handover and delivering what they are supposed to. Examples of existing workflows: (1) Identify trending SEO keywords and create google sheet (template in place but not customized and functioning yet) and create 3 articles/blogs with those key words (to be created). The rest are very similar. Connections to chatGPT, Google sheets and other applications are already established. It only requires testing that the output is correct and workflows are working.

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    Gpt ai work 2 dias left

    send me just 1 sample by folowing the tutorial videos d= result & prompt ........toturial fixed 35 dollar about 130 writings EX . its for 1 writing is its for 1 writing is >

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer to create a CV maker web page for my customers. The main features I'm looking for are: - **Customizable Templates**: The tool must allow users to personalize their CVs according to their needs and preferences. - **Personal Information Upload**: Users should be able to input and upload their personal information and work history seamlessly. - **ChatGPT Integration**: An important aspect of this project is the integration of ChatGPT. This feature will help users craft meaningful and impactful content for their CVs. - **Payment Gateway Integration**: Users should be able to make payments through my preferred gateway. The key requirements are: - **Strict Template Usage**: The tool should use a single existing template that I already have. - **Time...

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    I need a Python developer to optimize my existing Python code for a Flask application that integrates with OpenAI's ChatGPT. The primary goal of this optimization is to significantly increase the response speed of the application, Add some features (you can fined it in attachments) Key Requirements: - Proficient in Python, specifically Flask - Experience in code performance optimization - Familiarity with integrating external APIs like OpenAI's ChatGPT - Understanding of server-side resource management Application Criteria: - I'm looking for a freelancer who can demonstrate a strong track record of Python development, particularly in optimizing code for performance. - Please provide specific examples of similar projects you've worked on and their outcomes in your appl...

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    I need an AI chat bot with default mode is realistic (not bot sounding) and also offers text mode The AI will be friendly and is to converse with as a friend, not to write articles, coding or maths problems. He will swear and be "cool" and funny like chatting with a friend. It should have very little restrictions. Will need a web version, android app and iphone app. Interface shall be very simple but professional and responsive. Free limited accounts, however the app/site will require the users to hold a certain amount of our tokens to access site. The user will have to be logged in on pc and login via web3 to confirm/sign that they own a particular address which holds tokens. Once they confirm this they will have unlimited access to the site/app as long as they hold the toke...

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