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    I need MATLAB Code / Simulink witch determine Yak-52 stability derivates ( longitudinal + lateral). Especially i need aileron stability derivates.

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    Need help in the project related to event study methodology and portfolio sorting. More details will be shared over a chat

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    Hello I would like to know if there is someone who can provide me with a strategy or EA to pass a prop firm account. that would be really helpful thank you :)

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    Cryptographic cipher dev 5 dias left

    Hi , I need someone to build a full app in cryptographic and create custom signature font and provide ability to decode other cipher . Dev must have 1 year exp in cryptophic alogarthim

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    I need a wavelet filter (preferably in Matlab, but Python can also be used) that can generate a good scalogram for a set of ECGs. In first example, the T wave is not captured by the filter that I used. In the second example, the wavelet filter captures all waves and it is perfect. I need something similar to the second example. You have some ECG tracings attached as well.

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    Xsanguinate 5 dias left

    Would like to input every MLB boxscore for last 4 years into a database, and extract out of that a starting pitcher to umpire correlation. I believe I have found an avenue to create the database. Just not sure how to extract the starting pitcher to home plate umpire correlation. Looking to create a comprehensive statistical analysis of how a pitcher performs relative to specific home plate umpires.

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    Need someone good expert in matlab and math

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    I am looking for the person who can handle OpenCV core functions

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    Meta trader expert 5 dias left

    Program an expert to open position at certain time with TP & SL & time as properties, and open opposite position if the first reached SL

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    Need someone good expert in matlab and math

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    Register point clouds from different sources, one from drone and other from lidar. Look at below link . Looking for a python/C++ developer to implement based on below link or direct and well known process apply icp on both point clouds.

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    using dynamic programming, Calculating time complexity Sorting algorithm, graph theory ,finite space machine.

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    We have a set of experimental parameters on which we have to predict an output variable. To optimize this problem we need an optimization code in MATLAB so that it could predict the global variable for the problem.

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    Using a one year multivariate dataset consisting of eight columns, develop a LSTM model along with Hilbert Huan Transform (using Empirical Mode Decomposition) in making one day prediction. That is, by using datasets of 365 days, we use the data of 364 days to train, test & validate model and then predict the generation (first column) for 365th day ( i.e for 31 Dec 2019 having 96 datapoints). Compare actual versus predicted using data, matplot and calculating Mean Absolute Error, RMSE etc for the same. Condition: Project to be completed within two days , codes will be made using jupyter note book, codes explained and payment made after completion only.

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    Crypto algorithm trading software, such as Grid bot.

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    deadline 8/7 design a drowsiness detection system to prevent these accidents. Your system will be able to detect that a person’s eyes are closed for a few seconds. You will build this system by using Python, which will alert the driver when he feels sleepy. The dataset consists of 2900 images which include both normal and yawning images. You may find the dataset in ACG OneDrive/link. You will have to feed the images of drivers into a Deep Learning model which will classify whether the person’s eyes are “Open” or “Closed”. The steps of the approach follows: Step 1 – Take image as input from a camera. Step 2 – Detect the face in the image and create a Region of Interest. Step 3 – Detect the eyes from Region of Interest and feed it to the ...

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    I need an expert to create a crypto trading bot. I'll provide all details on the chat.

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    Outline: In this challenge you will develop an algorithm to estimate cortical thickness map from a raw T1-weighted image. Cortical thickness map is the thickness of the gray matter of the brain at every point. It is defined as the distance between the white matter surface and the pial surface Tips: • Use nibabel libraries to load nifti image into python • You will probably want to segment the white matter first. This will give you the starting point for your thickness estimation algorithm. • Once you have the white matter segmentation, decide how you will go about estimating thickness. Something like the following: o Find a vector orthogonal to the white matter surface o Cast the vector outwards o Use some heuristic to decide where the vector meets the pial surface (cortica...

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    Math teacher 4 dias left

    Hello, I hope you are well. I am a PhD scholar and tutoring online mathematics for the last 10 years. Mostly, I have worked with companies but now I want to start my career as a freelancer math teacher. In this regard I am ready to give math classes only in USD 2 for a complete month 5days per week. If anyone is interested in taking classes and wants to undesrand the maths concepts in easy way please contact. My subjects are: Calculus, algebra, geometry, advance functions, IB, O/A level math, GCSE/ IGCSE math, SAT and ACT. Thanks and regards.

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    my project is to buy a MATLAB script of quadrotor fuzzy PID control

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    I have one strategy that is hard to implement, at least for me because I'm not very familiar with computer science. It requires strong math knowledge. I'm looking for someone who is familiar with crypto trading, python and data science. Could you implement AI based strategy when input for neural network is tens of indicators calculated for each candles updates (5m) and network can auto-learn from past candles and correct itself? And all this should be using SVM algorithm like described in following documents. You can write your custom code or even better - use freqtrade or any other good framework to save your time and concentrate on algorithm itself. 1) 2) 3) If you read this carefully and think you can afford it - write "I'm in" in the beginning of your...

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    Need some expert in languages automata and competition. More details will be shared in chat.

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    Trading algo 3 dias left

    I am looking for a back-end developer of trading robots. We have a microservice architecture on rabbitmq and a data collector from exchanges. At the moment we are looking for a person who can implement trading bots using algorithms.

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    We are looking for Freelance Trainer , who can teach Machine Learning Course.

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    I need an offline software where in I can backtest option strategies with adjustments without manual intervention This is for Indices (Nifty and BankNifty)

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    I want to know the strategies we can use for algo trading along with the adjustments,SL additional parameters for consistency. Profit % is not criteria, but consistency is what I am looking for.

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    Buenas, necesitaría desarrollar una aplicación que le solicite al usuario ingresar, por pantalla, números enteros positivos de no más de 3 dígitos, y que pueda informar lo siguiente: *Si cada número ingresado es o no un número feliz (la definición de número feliz está en Google) *Así sea feliz o no, poder ver todos los cálculos de los cuadrados de los dígitos realizados, tal como se mostró para los ejemplos de los números 23 y 73 (si es feliz, terminar viendo que se arriba a 1 y, en caso de ser infeliz, mostrar con qué número se está formando un bucle). *Mostrar el ranking de los 3 números felices más grandes ingresados. *Informar porcentaje de n&uacut...

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    Algorithms 2 dias left

    Paper instructions Please try numerical excerise to see the claim is true

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    need person have experiance on cryptographic signatures

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    I want help with a pseudocode for a hybrid genetic and bfgs algorithm i have, i want it to be coded in python and be able to plot the graph of convergence

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    Server app for figure motion. 2 dias left

    Need a server app , that serves a webpage that renders a standing skeletal person making arm motions. The pitch, yaw and roll timestamped samples will be uploaded as a csv file or entered on the page. The app or script will read the csv file and create arm motion on the webpage. There will be 4 views of person on the page : front/back and 2 sides Control buttons: Play, Pause, Reset, Go Deliverables : 1.) Source Code/Scripts and install steps 2.) Sample input csv file Platform : Either Debian/Ubuntu or Android Full details on request.

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    develop me in Mathematics, Numerical methods, excel

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    Machine Learning tutor 2 dias left

    I am looking for a tutor to help me understand some ML tasks ( codes + concepts). image-processing + NLP

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    For 5G development we use the UFMC technology and the whole project was simulation based team and me done the simulation on the MATLAB using code .

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    I need the help of an expert who has good machine learning skills and techniques, analysis with python(Jupyther notebook) and also has experience with report and writing successfully urgently

    €20 - €33
    €20 - €33
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    predicting 1 dia left

    i need this in 2 hrs emergency

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    I need the Robotics and OpenCV expert for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

    €7 - €66
    €7 - €66
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    Need C++ cuda expert 1 dia left

    Hi I need someone who is good with c++ algorithms and knows about cuda. More details will be provided by message. Need it soon. I will not pay more than the budget.

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    I need the Robotics and OpenCV expert for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed.

    €7 - €66
    €7 - €66
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    Logiciel de restauration 1 dia left

    Bonjour, Je recherche quelqu'un qui saura me développer un logiciel de restauration avec des menus (burgers, pizzas...etc) sauces et boissons mais qui me permettra de facturer le client différemment de ce qui sera enregistré dans mon historique.

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    Speech recognition -- 2 1 dia left

    Speech recognition program with transformer based deep neural networks. The code is done, it needs some adjustments.

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    Data Science Tutor 1 dia left

    formulate problems in tensor form and fluently manipulate tensors; efficiently run vectorized code; apply matrix decomposition to practical problems; represent problems as objective functions and apply optimisation to solve them; formulate and understand problems with stochastic elements; understand the principles of Bayesian inference and apply it to simple problems; create effective, clear, and precise visualisations of scientific data; understand the effects of sampling and noise on time series; process, filter, summarise and plot time series and array data. recognise risks in the safety and correctness of numerical operations.

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    I have two indicators. First the Futures RSI Dashboard. Gives me signals which Currency Future is weak/strong on 3 time frames, For example EUR is above 50 on 3 time frames it will show green on dashboard and USD is below 50 it will show red. Then at the bottom it will show EURUSD is a Buy. Firstly i need the values changed on this dashboard. So instead of 50, it has to be above 55 for bullish. And below 45 of bearish. The RSI value is already connected to the futures. But not to below 45 and over 55 futures value. Then the second indictor is a custom 3 mtf Ichimoku cloud, with 3 mtf trailing stops and 3 mtf volatility lines. Completely below every cloud and line it means bearish. When price is completely above clouds and lines it means bullish. All i need done is the dashboard and my ...

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    powerful GPU to run it on needs the trained model and to predict

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    doing coding 9 horas left

    there are few questions that were unsolved in our database and need solutions before publishing the book. they need to be solved and need a neat and clear explanation of each. They are in c++.

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