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    ...information in the file. * The columns of the table should reflect the data type, depending on the content within the text file. So your code should have automatic data type detection base on the column content. * Write a converter which reverses the process, converts the SQLite table to a text file with a separator character of user choice * Conversion

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    We have developed a product based on Texas Instruments AFE4400 detection of SPO2 and Pulse rate. Able to detect parameters SPO2 and Pulse rate, but there is a fluctuation and artifact problems in SPO2 and Pulse rate detection . So want help to refine SPO2 and Pulse rate parameters according to medical standards.

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    Face authentication Encerrado left

    Looking for Registration and Login page. Users will register using their face and UserId. Later the same Userid and Face detection should be used to authenticate the user to login to the system.

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    1) project tittle : network based malware detection system 2) program language used : java (netbeans) 3) scope of project: enhancement of hostbased malware detection system where this system involve client and server 4) main function or steps : multiple client able to connect to the single server, report produce on the server and shutting down client

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    Detecting of traffic signs using Mask RCNN in Mathematica

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    I want to create a mobile/tablets detection webpage.. So when a visitor opens the webpage .. it should appear his "mobile model" and the "mobile image " as well.

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    ...application where the app UI is designed to support access to camera and supports automatic detection and processing of QR Codes. The QR code processing feature is enabled as part of the latest native camera, however, with this application we need to filter the QC code to the specific set we provide for testing, and app does not process other random QC codes

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    Our project is based in...batch, we want to do object detection in real-time. 2. Take the checkpoints files and write a script to freeze the graph. 3. Write a script to optimize the graph for inference. 4. Write a script to convert to TFLite format. 5. Write a simple script to load the model in TFLite format and load an image to test object detection.

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    GPS Tracking Encerrado left

    ...track humans via hardware transmitting location data to server and it getting received by the phone apps. for vehicles, we need to get the following data on mobile: *Acc detection *Mileage statistics *Historical Track Playback *Real time tracking; *GEO Fence; *Remove/Power Off Alarm; *Overspeed alram; *Vibration alarm; *ACC On/Off alarm; *Air

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    Face recognition Encerrado left

    I want connect wireless camera to the mobile app using opencv. I'm using opencv for face detection and recognition.

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    I would like a URL Shortner Script Built that has the ...can be shortened Charges for number of time a shortened Url is used Material UI template for responsiveness as simple as google Detailed Analytics & Statistics API DDOS prevention High scalability The developer should be able to make updates to the script and track them via github private repo

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    ...that are in a bus. The data collected from the thermal camera, should be able to send data across a network using the LORA Wireless Protocol, and communicate with a provided server. An algorithm should be designed to help with the detection of the human traffic, and be developed in python. We are looking for 1-2 developers who can take on the job

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    I need to install an Information Rights Management (IRM) software on my corporate network. We are a co...the company network; - There should be a record of file transfers per user. I would like to know what options there are in the open source and paid market from Data Loss Prevention Software. At the moment we have no solution. What do you suggest?

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    Use deep learning to detect eye contact in human-laptop interaction

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    ONVIF/RTSP Encerrado left

    ...Hi3518EV200 2. Implement perimeter fencing/area selection for motion detection 3. Implement dual band wifi driver 2.4G+5G replacing 2.4G Firmware is mostly written in C, base OS is Linux. Busybox knowledge is helpful. Original SDK from SoC manufacturer is available. Also firmware source code is available. If you can do full scope or partial work - that will

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    Copy-move forgery should be detected using deep learning approach in digital images which is capable of detecting scaled,rotated or any kind of tempered images.

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    Want to develop a mobile application for face detection

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    ...credit card online 5. Recommend the Checkpoint - Zero file protection and cloud protection tool on our servers by contacting us 6. Adding additional cyber services such as intrusion testing etc ... 7. Adding IT services, and consulting - Referring to a contact form 8. Blog 9. Ability to edit page changes Add and download items. 10. We will provide

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    ...document and experiments using orange for machine learning Based on performance for the ppt other parts of the project would be awarded (it may run for a month ) first part of project Presentation due in 24hrs Title: Machine learning for detecting bugs in code in open source projects Objective Detect security bugs in code commits in an open source

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    Used two Anomaly detection algorithms i.e. Local Outlier factor and isolated forest algorithm to detect the anomaly in the given data set to detect the fraud.

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    ...cancer diagnosis. If a large dataset is available, it is possible to have recommendation methodologies that automatically can classify the set of medical images and lesions detection, giving a high probability to those cases where intervention is necessary. These methodologies will bring us a high impact to the clinical field. Such automation is crucial

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    The attached schematic is built using 2 photodiodes which need to be able to detect IR at around 1.5um and 1.6um, we need to know what kind of filter and amplifier to use to get the output of the photodiode, the output is processed by the micro controller from the two photodiodes and their ratio calculated and if above a certain threshold the micro

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    Need edge detection code in matlav

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    we need a system for vein detection using image processing mainly applying filtering using NIR light as a [fazer login para ver a URL] infrared radiation for biometric applications is a very new and exciting concept that promises to deliver high-end applications in numerous fields including security and medicine. While a few devices have already been implemented,

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    We recently learned from some customers that there are security breaches on our website. We would like to receive an expert opinion that will initially detect security breaches on our website and then we will understand how to close those security breaches.

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    cyber security (Malware, Cloud Security, Intrusion Detection System)

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    ...mechanisms conform to best practices. Syntax Checking: This checks the email addresses and ensures that it conforms to IETF standards using a complete syntactical email validation engine. Fake Email Pattern Detection: This checks the email address against a powerful built-in fake email pattern detector algorithm. The fake email pattern detector is capable

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    Its and deep learning project. It should detect the Known face and should send the notification if unknown face is detected, using raspberry pi.

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    ...for research on different methods of Fall Prevention for Seniors, with a brief explanation of what the article entails. (at least 10) Here is an example: Granacher, U., Gollhofer, A., & Hortobagyi, T. (2013). The Importance of Trunk Muscle Strength for Balance, Functional Performance, and Fall Prevention in Seniors: A Systematic review. Sports Medicine

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    Spreadsheet Parser Encerrado left

    ...such can solve this problem. However if it’s a must and we will maintain templates we need to make this template engine as generic as we can so we don’t have to change the code and make add new template as easy as possible. Machine Learning We will provide xlsx files along with it’s CSV equivalent also we are ok with both supervised and unsupervised

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    Logo Design Encerrado left

    I need someone to create a logo for a consulting company doing trai...consulting company doing training in security, training, and protection. The name is SPIT911. The logo needs to have: - company name so SPIT911 -the words: SECURITY PROTECTION INTRUSION The logo needs to reflect the activity of the company which is protection and security training.

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    Raspberry Pi Opencv Encerrado left

    I'm looking for an img file for raspebbry pi 3 b + with installed and running opencv to do face detection

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    Hi I need help in MATLAB using Machine Learning urgently. To teach me how to code and clear my doubts. Please contact me if you can help. Details of my project is attached please take a look. (I couldn't upload the Voice Database as the file is too large. I will send it to you if you are helping me.) From the folder need to complete Task 1 and Task

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    My scope is using Machine Learning. Methods I am using is Continuous Wavelet Transform(CWT) and Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD). It is all to be coded in MATLAB. What I would need is clearing of doubts and step by step coaching to complete my project. Project description and scope is attached. And also attached my Task 1 and Task 2. Basically I would

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    I'm looking for software engineer fo...looking for software engineer for one of my project. The use case is to check for defective ceramic tiles for a tiles manufacturing factory. We have the SDK for the defect detection software. Will need the software engineer to work on the sdk, come out with a display GUI and integrate with other 3rd party system.

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    Need to work on chrome extension which consists search option in it and should scan the words of web pages.

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    A big threat to any business today is Ransomware. There are many ways ransomware ends up in the network of a business, but mostly it still comes down to opening the wrong files in email attachments and being tricked. We want an easy to digest beginners guide that any company can give out to all their employees so they can learn the necessary basic steps how to avoid becoming infected. We are go...

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    Dear Python expert, Using the below tensorflow face detection library, I need a python script which can parse through a folder of images and detect faces (inference) [fazer login para ver a URL] Following are the requirements. 1) Parse through a folder which can have 20,000+ image files 2) Detect faces and draw the bounding

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    Trophy icon Draw Down Detection - Logo Encerrado left

    Design a logo for the company Draw Down Detection. This company offers a SENSOR which detects Gunpowder. That means they are a technology company, but the goal is to detect weapons or ammunition prior to entering. You may choose to build a logo with that in mind. I would like to see a D in black with a gun pointing down as the center. NOT ALL OF YOU

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    affiliates fruad detection system for affliate system

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    i m looking for the fraud detection techique and build for affiliate market place

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    tools for detection Encerrado left

    ...together with traditional machine learning (no neural networks  and deep learning).  Moreover, in order to have an impact, advanced programming abilities,  such as python using numpy, scipy, pandas, and rdflib to interact with  triple stores, or equivalently in Java/Matlab are strongly advised.  Finally, as human users will be the ultimate recipients

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    opencv letter detection This project is for Chunguang

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    I actually need your matlab crack detection code length , width estimation with results and i tried pating you by clicking i want this but some transactions problem is happening plzz contact me asap so i can get that code

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    I'm looking for a strong deep learning engineer who is proficient in state of the art computer vision techniques. We have a need for developing object detection and semantic segmentation algorithms from aerial/ satellite images. The engineer should be highly proficient in these techniques. Required Skills: -Ph.D. or equivalent experience in a

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    ...plagiarism percentage. Students upload their documents and our website can immediately analyze the content and check it for plagiarism. After completion of the plagiarism detection, it must generate a report to inform the user about the percentage of plagiarism and original sources of plagiarize content. User interface allows document submission

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    ...All these figures are supposed to include factory overhead. Prepare a quality cost summary on an annual basis (i.e., put the expenses in proper quality cost categories: Prevention Costs, Appraisal Costs, Internal Costs and External Failure Costs). Also, by looking at the total in each quality cost category, briefly discuss what the company should

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    Hi. I would like to control the camera in Cesium 3d tile in FPS game. There are some many collision detection and response algorithm. Your task is to implement with JavaScript in CesiumJS. One of the useful OpenSource is Irrlicht 1.8.4. If you do not know about CesiumJs, 3D Graphics, do not bid. Thanks.

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