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    ...period expires or cancellation. Main goal: Develop an efficient bot that offers a complete user management system, payment collections, free trial, channel access control and basic subscription functionalities. Final remarks: We value pleasant viewing and an intuitive interface in the bot to provide the best experience for users. The freelancer must follow the guidelines provided, maintain the security of user information and ensure proper functionality of all payment API integrations. If you have experience developing bots for Telegram and relevant skills for this project, please get in touch with previous examples of similar work. We look forward to collaborating with a talented freelancer on this endeavor! -Example 1: This is a bot that I

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    ...was successfully completed. The website should also allow the user to connect their Metamask wallet to increase security and facilitate transactions. Another feature I'm interested in adding is the ability to launch new tokens directly on the platform. This way, users could launch their own tokens, and we could provide a sort of "launchpad" for new projects. I also plan on charging a fee for each token launch transaction. The p2pix project on GitHub () could serve as a useful reference for the type of functionality I'm looking for. Additionally, it will be necessary to develop an administrative panel to manage transactions and token launches. Security and reliability are extremely important, as we will be dealing with financial transactions and cryp...

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    ...with will allow customers to follow up their deliveries and get precise estimates of arrival time 7. Fleet management: Develop a fleet management system to monitor and control vehicles used in the could include tracking mileage, preventive maintenance, recording of insurance and fuel control information 8. Security and Responsibility: establish clear and security guidelines for deliverers, including training requirements, security equipment and emergency , make sure that it complies with local transit and transport regulations 9. Escalability and Flexibility: Planne the architecture of the platform in a scalable way so that it can handle an increase in the number of users, deliveries and deliveries. It also takes account of the possibility

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    In order to streamline the classification and ranking of students in the Network and Computer Security class to the results of the Group Work for the subjects of Programming Languages and Algorithms and Data Structures, you were asked to develop an application that collects the following information of each student: • Name • Gender • Email contact • Date of birth • Final Note Functionalities: 1) Collection of information a) Reading and storing in array the information related to n students. 2) Listings: a) Production of a list with data related to the class b) Production of a list of students approved for the course (Final grade> = 10) c) Production of a list of students who failed the course (Final grade <8) d) Production of a list of students s...

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    Trophy icon Construir uma LOGOMARCA Encerrado left

    We are creating a platform for the student to resolve issues online. Quizz format. The questions are evidence from military academies. Brand Name: QCMILITAR Colors: Green (mandatory), Black, White, Gray QCMILITAR was born from the idea of ​​creating a portal for auxiliary candidates who are studying for military competitions in the Navy, Air Force, Army, Police and Security Forces. There are several portals on the internet, however, our differential is that we will be focused on military public tenders. The platform's concept is that the candidate can resolve issues directly on the screen just by applying a few filters. Use your creativity!

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    ...to a HOST computer using BLE. Steps: 1 - Get the UUID of a Cellular phone (iOS or Android) ex. (F651C4C7-B4BC-4656-B246-AF8B709EF297) 2 - In a app with a form, ask the user to write their name and his security number (In Brazil, CPF) 3 - Get this 3 informations (UUID+Name+Number) and send by BLE to a host computer 4 - Receive this information in the host computer 5 - Show us this information in a node.js program. Details 1 - We need a SDK in native language for both IOS and Android that make this devices to work as beacon (BLE-Bluetooth) and them send Name, CPF (Brazilian security code like XXX.XXX.XXX-XX) and UUID (localBeaconUUID = “F651C4C7-B4BC-4656-B246-AF8B709EF297”) from the device to be receive in a host computer. This information must be encry...

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    Pentest para website Encerrado left

    Preciso de alguém com experiência em cyber security para realizar um pentest em meu website.

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    Oni investimentos Encerrado left

    Desenvolver plataforma de investimentos com seguintes itens:1. Sistema de Depósitos de Investimentos com gateways de pagamento suportados, incluindo Transferência Bancária e Bitcoins. 2. Sistema de Afiliados ao cliente com Unilevel até 16 níveis, com ajuste dinâmico do painel de administração para porcentagem. 3. Sistema...Notícias 9. Estatísticas ao vivo no front-end e no painel do administrador. 10. Envie multas e bônus a um usuário ou ao grupo de usuários diretamente. 11. Lista completa de estatísticas e seção de relatórios para o usuário e também para o administrador. 12. Opção de Bloquear contas de usuário na seção a...

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    ...protecting them from potential security issues. SANITIZE: Data that is input (either by a user or automatically) must be sanitized. This lessens the possibility of XSS vulnerabilities and MITM attacks where posted data is subverted. VALIDATE: All data should be validated as much as possible. Even when you sanitize, remember that you don’t want someone putting in ‘dog’ when the only valid values are numbers. ESCAPE: Data that is output must be escaped properly, so it can't hijack admin screens. There are many esc_*() functions you can use to make sure you don't show people the wrong data. To help you with this, WordPress comes with a number of sanitization and escaping functions. You can read about those here: * * https://developer

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    Eu preciso de um novo site. Eu preciso que você projete e construa um site para o meu pequeno negócio que é de informática mais é focado em instalação e manutenção de câmeras CFTV, alarme e cerca elétrica e sistema linear.

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    Trophy icon Create Logo for Qualitec Brasil Encerrado left

    ...abaixo os textos que preciso no logitopo: Nome principal: Qualitec Brasil Texto secundário: Qualidade em Soluções -------------- I would like to create a logo for my company, we work with services and products in the area of residential, commercial and industrial electricity. Our services include executions of electrical projects of buildings, installation and maintenance in electric gates, security cameras, among others. I would like to receive the Logo design and also the design of a business card. I still have no idea of logo, but I think it could be something with an icon or maybe no icon. Here are the texts I need in logo: Main name: Qualitec Brasil Secondary text: Qualidade em Soluções...

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    Ola. Pretendo alguem que construa um projecto de uma aplicacao de farmacias online para mim. A aplicacao tem a vertente mobile e web e pode ser utilizado online e offline. A versao mobile tem de ser desenvolvido em android (java) e a versao web Seria melhor se usa-se os seguintes frameworks java: Ajax, hibernate, Maven, Spring security, facelets e css, Primefaces, Ireport e Jasper Reports. A aplicacao contempla as seguintes funcionalidades: 1. Deve ser capaz de estar online em algum servidor 2. Deve ser capaz de cadastrar usuarios nos seguintes moldes: 2.1 - Modo administrativo, tem acesso total a plataforma. Cadastra usuarios, categoria de medicamentos, medicamentos, farmacias, reports de vendas, cobrancas, encomendas, cadastrar creditos, servicos de pagamento...

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    site Euro Security Encerrado left

    Eu preciso de um novo site. Eu já tenho o projeto, eu só preciso de você para uma página para o meu pequeno negócio.

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    Me encontre alguns exemplos Segurança internacional e contra terrorismo

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    App Android Necessito desenhado e construído Quero projetar um app em que o antivírus realmente funcione

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    Temos um aplicativo Web em versão Alpha, escrito em Java, padrão Servlet. O objetivo deste projeto inicial é transformá-lo num beta, para que possa ser apresentado a um potencial cliente. Frameworks utilizados e que deverão ser mantidos no desenvolvimento, portanto, de conhecimento do desenvolvedor: - Primefaces; - Eclipselink; - Spring Security. O sistema está bastante adiantado, a maioria das funcionalidades está implementada, mas faltam finalizações, acertos de bugs, testes, e criação de algumas telas, principalmente cadastros. Caso este projeto dê certo, e a venda aconteça, o aplicativo vai precisar evoluir, e daremos preferência à continuidade com o mesmo pr...

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    app security Encerrado left

    Preciso criar um Aplicativo de Segurança: um aplicativo que sincronize com um botão externo, que assim que acionado esse botão o aplicativo dispara localização e nome da pessoa que acionou para todos que tem o aplicativo instalado. uma especie de botão de pânico, porém esse botão vai mandar um comando para o Aplicativo, podendo este botão estar em algum lugar escondido dentro de um estabelecimento. Obs: o alerta vai para todos que tem o Aplicativo dividido por Região.

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    ...etc.<br />* Experiencia en uso de repositorios (Git y similares)<br />* Conocimientos en metodologías ágiles de desarrollo.<br />Experiencia deseable con:<br />* Comprensión de PHP unit testing (Deseable)<br />* AWS (EC2, RDS, Elasticcashe, Cloudformation, etc ...)<br />* GCP (Compute, Storage and Databases, Networking, Big Data, Machine Learning, Management Tools, Developer Tools, Identity & Security)...

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    ...o Telecomunicaciones.<br />? Perfil Analista Programador/Programador Sénior J2EE<br />? Residente en las comarca de Barcelona o Baix Llobregat<br />? Experiencia mínima de 3 años<br />Conocimientos y experiencia requeridas:<br />? Java Enterprise Edition 5+: Servlets, JSP, JPA<br />? Uso extensivo de frameworks Java: o “Spring Web MVC” / “Struts 1”o “Spring Core”o “Spring Security”o Hibernate<br />? HTML y CSS<br />? JavaScript, JQuery y Ajax<br />? Rest / WebServices (JSON / XML)<br />? JUnit<br />? Maven / Ant<br />? Uso de patrones / estándares de diseño<br />? Modelado y diseño de Base de Datos E/R<br...

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    ... 4.4. Facilitadores 5. Introdução a Modelagem de Ameaças: Abordagem para análise de riscos em aplicações, tratando desde o desenvolvimento da análise a técnicas para identificar e quantificar os riscos envolvidos. 5.1. O Processo de Modelagem de Ameaças 6. As Vulnerabilidades do OWASP Top 10 2013: Apresenta, conceitua e discute cada uma das 10 vulnerabilidades mais comuns em Aplicações Web apresentadas no OWASP Top 10 2013. 6.1. A1: Injeção 6.2. A2: Quebra de Autenticação e Gerenciamento de Sessão 6.3. A3: Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) 6.4. A4: Referência Insegura e Direta a Objetos 6.5. A5: Configuração Incor...

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    Criação de apostila com, no mínimo 60 laudas (60 páginas A4) em português - Brasil para SDL - Security Development Lifecycle com a seguinte ementa: 1. Introdução ao Desenvolvimento Seguro: Apresenta e discute os conceitos primordiais de segurança da informação e como eles são aplicados para garantir a manutenção de um nível aceitável de risco. 1.1. Definições 1.2. Conceito de Risco e Técnicas Básicas para Administração 2. Por que segurança em desenvolvimento?: Serão discutidos os motivadores e como é esperado o retorno sobre o investimento em segurança em desenvolvimento de software. 2.1. ...

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    F5 Networks - Configuração de Application Security Manager em cliente localmente, necessario configuração local no cliente, solidos conhecimentos de F5 ASM, certificação é um diferencial, informar referencias.

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    Basicamente possuímos um problema de integração com 2 aparelhos. O primeiro é um DVR da Giga Security que precisamos (Iniciar a gravação de um vídeo, Parar a gravação do video, Listar os vídeos que estão salvos no HD do DVR, Copiar os vídeos do DVR para um outro lugar, apagar o Vídeo do DVR), após contato com a Giga Security, a mesma informou que não possui API/SDK para integrações com terceiros e nem dão suporte a esse tipo de solicitação. O outro problema está na integração com um leitor biométrico da CIS, em que o driver e SDK estão com o link quebrado no site oficial do fabricante e o mesmo ainda n&a...

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    Instalação de Windows 98, 2000, XP, 7  e 8, Server 2003, 2008 e 2012.<br />Instalação de Terminal Server licenciamentos.<br />Configuração de Backup e Restore.<br />Instalação de XenServer – Citrix – e Ambientes.<br />Instalação e Configuração de Trend micro, OfficeScan, Kaspersky, AVG, Microsoft Essentials, F-Security.<br />Elaboração de Documentação de rede.<br /> 

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    Desenvolvimento Web Encerrado left

    Projeto web em Java para um aplicativo de cadastro de peças para metalúrgica. Serão necessários dois usuários (Atendente e Gerente). O usuário Atendente deve possuir acesso ao cadastro de peças (Nome, Peso, Tamanho, Material). Após cadastrada a peça ela deverá ser direcionada para o Gerente, que informará o custo e tempo necessário para fabricação da peça. Requisitos: Java IDE Eclipse, Banco de dados Oracle11g XE, Plataforma Java EE, JSF, EJB, JPA, Hibernate e Spring Security.

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    ...check box so that the passenger can choose one of them and complete the request, the script in addition to requesting taxi through the web has webservices function and both are adversely affected due to this bug. I'll send the script and you can take tests, I'll want to see the system working before paying, you can put on any server or webhosting, for obvious reasons, do not have to be mine. Points to consider: This is a short draft budget. high bids will be discarded for lack of resources. If you can solve many other projects like this will come, we will need other features and reports in the system, as well as someone who can solve system security issues, you can support the project. // Portugues Tenho um script clone do uber, o mesmo ...

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    ...visuais e material gráfico. 2 - Landing pages, blogs, sites institucionais, corporativos e pessoais totalmente responsivos e dinâmicos. 3 - Desenvolvimento de desktop softwares, web based softwares, games e aplicativos mobile. 4 - Hospedagem, manutenção de sites e registro de domínio. 5 - Auditoria e otimização, SEM, consultoria Google Adsense e Adwords. 6 - Criação e execução de campanhas, list building e análise de conversão. 7 - Design de lojas virtuais com cadastro de produtos, integração de meios de pagamento e frete, implantação de módulos e extensões. 8 - Venda de antivírus, internet security, gestão de aces...

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    ...também trabalhamos com Arquitetos. Precisamos dos materiais de impressão que utilizaremos no dia a dia da empresa, tais como as pastas, papel timbrado de proposta da empresa, cartão, etc. Aguardo retorno dos orçamentos e obrigada desde já. Renata Barros _____________________________________________ Dear, Dear, AutHomação company realize Residential Automation Projects and Eletronic Security. The company is starting now and we need the visual identity to reflect an image of seriousness, commitment and quality, but also of modernity that are pillars of the company we are building. we have the logo in high resolution Our customers are demanding people with the design and realize the small details, sometimes we treat ...

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    Pequenos trabalhos de manutenção de uma loja em magento, procuramos um freelancer que esteja disponível para alterações e manutenções pontuais. Neste momento em particular precisamos de fazer a atualização do "New magento security patch" É fundamental que o freelancer fale portugues.

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    ...Segurança: Firewall ConfigServer Security & Firewal Proteção do diretórioAntivirus Regras Básicas Mod Security Clamav Observação : É considerado concluido as tarefas somente quando os serviços solicitados forem feitos e todos os sites (contas) estiverem no ar funcionando no servidor novo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All service should be done by remote access through my machine. Goal is to record a video so I can see and do in the next time. I want to migrate my account the current server to a new server. Both servers have CentOS 64bit installed. 3 will migrate the old server to the new accounts. Will be only th...

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    ...browsing filters which help users to search or browse for any item - Member Area: acccess to member area is easy and with user friendyl interface - Facility to contact seller (very important, see website!): classified ad script allows buyers to contact to sellers for queries about ads that sellers have posted - Photo upload option: sellers can upload photos while posting classified ads. 2. Security Features: - Secure Registration and Login - Form validations - Captcha Entry to protect from spam and hacking attempts - Block users - Word filters 3. Admin Options: - Approval to Registration: admin approves the registration by any user - List approvals: list of classified ads is approved by admin - Customize the design of application: easy to customize the complete d...

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    Quebrar Captcha Encerrado left

    Nossa aplicação faz consulta à sites e alguns tem o código de segurança Captcha para prosseguimento. Necessito de uma ferramenta para quebrar o captcha desses sites para prosseguir com a pesquisa. Our application is consulting the sites and some have the Captcha security code to continue. I need a tool to break the captcha these sites to continue the search. Site: tks, Vanderlei

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    Projetar logo para empresa de rastreamento de veículos chamada USS Brasil - Universal Security System Brasil.

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    ...be used in this article: recuperar hd, programa para recuperar hd, recuperação de hd The article contains 5 parts: Please make a table list first: list the following 4 different methods Pros and Cons; Software 3. Online Service 4. HD recovery Store Part 1: Top 8 programa para recuperar hd Please finish a table that list each program's Price, recover time, Data Security, Recovery Successful Rate, Recover File Types In this part, you are required to write the following 8 programs one by one and write an introduction of each product, make screenshot of the each program. Requirement: You need to introduce each product and list each one's Pros and Cons and make screenshot of the each program. Here is an format example:

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    Ecotourism Portal Encerrado left

    ...mode of operation to , but adapted to our needs, and with a different look (we have the look already). Almost all functions are already defined. We must have all rights to the software. Must be constructed accordingly to W3C – HTML 5, with clean code, according to the rules of good programming, and well commented. Must be delivered together with the complete and open code, with security settings and software manuals. The given price must include small additional features that may occur to both parts in the development process. Payment will be phased, only after each functional part completed, complete code provided and tested (by Milestones). Last payment (last Milestone) will be done after thorough testing in our server with all the code. The only payment made before th...

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    Upgrade from TLS 1.2 to TLS 1.3 and open SSL for Ubuntu Nginx Server - We are currently using Ubuntu 16.04 - We have an Nginx Server ...application running some external libraries may need to be re-installed. - We have our developer who would be assisting you regarding the dependencies and the server changes will have to be done in her virtual presence. - The timeline for this project is immediate Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience with Ubuntu and Nginx server administration - In-depth knowledge of TLS protocols and security - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve compatibility issues with applications during the upgrade process - Familiarity with Ubuntu 16.04 and TLS 1.3 implementation - Efficient and effective communication skills to ensure a smooth and timely upgra...

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    ...a time-sensitive project. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in blockchain development, specifically with the USDT platform. Specific Requirements: - Proficiency in USDT blockchain platform development - Strong understanding of blockchain technology and its applications - Ability to develop smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) - Experience in implementing security measures and addressing vulnerabilities in blockchain systems - Familiarity with integrating blockchain solutions into existing systems and platforms Deadline: Although there is no specific deadline for the project, we are looking for a developer who can complete the project as soon as possible. Timely delivery is crucial for this project. Skills and Experience: - Expert-level exp...

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    Website for Webdesign agency 6 dias left

    Hello, we need a website for our web design agency. Website will be given in GERMAN and ENGLISH. The user will have the option to select which language they want. In that case we will use pre-given text. Not any translation tool. I already bought the theme "Haptic" We need multi-pages design of the theme. Home, Services, About Us, Contact, (Imprint & Data security will be page on footer) Services are: Web Development, E- Commerce Development, App Development, Software Development, Explainer Videos In the footer also needed sitemap with each service and all other pages. Instagram, Facebook, X, LinkedIn links are required Logo is in the attachment. You will develop the website on your server

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    I am looking for a developer to create a platform where users can register, have a profile, and receive payments in form of tips from the site visitors. There is gonna be a list with working places in the UK and when you choose a wo...the website first and have a profile. The project requires integration of the bank transfer payment method. User Profile Customization: - Users should have the ability to customize their profiles according to their preferences and needs. Security Level: - The project requires advanced levels of security for user registration and payments. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing user registration and payment systems - Proficiency in integrating bank transfer payment method - Strong knowledge of user profile customization and ...

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    ...and profile information. Security: Ensure the accounts are created securely, adhering to Gmail's policies to prevent potential suspensions. Skills Required: Email Marketing Expertise: Proficiency in creating and managing email accounts tailored for marketing purposes. Attention to Detail: Precise attention to account creation details to meet our requirements. Security Measures: Knowledge of security measures to ensure account longevity and compliance with Gmail policies. Deliverables: Upon successful completion of the project, the freelancer is expected to deliver: A spreadsheet containing login credentials for each Gmail account. A summary report confirms the created accounts' age, verification status, and diversity. Any necessary recovery information...

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    I am looking for a developer who has experience in building a hybrid SSO portal that combines custom-built and third-party integration. The portal needs to connect with Microsoft 365, Google, and Zoho apps. It should be built like a SAAS platform. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Pr...building a hybrid SSO portal that combines custom-built and third-party integration. The portal needs to connect with Microsoft 365, Google, and Zoho apps. It should be built like a SAAS platform. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in building custom-built and third-party SSO integrations - Experience with Microsoft 365, Google, and Zoho app integrations - Knowledge of SSO protocols and security measures - Ability to handle a large number of users accessing the SSO portal - Experience in SAAS de...

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    system admin 6 dias left

    System Admin ...Linux operating system to assist us with server maintenance tasks. Specifically, we need assistance with: - Regular server updates and patches - Performance monitoring and optimization - Troubleshooting and resolving server issues - Managing server backups and data restoration Ideally, the candidate should have: - Strong knowledge and experience in Linux administration - Proficiency in server security measures and best practices - Familiarity with data management tools and techniques Please note that there are specific software or applications that need to be maintained, and we will provide the necessary details to the chosen candidate. If you are experienced in Linux system administration and have a strong background in server maintenance, we would love to hear...

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    I am looking for an experienced Ubuntu server support specialist to assist me with ongoing issues on my 20.04 LTS server. Main Goal: Troubleshooting server issues Specific Requirements: - Proficiency in Ubuntu server 20.04 LTS - Strong troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve ongoing server issues - Knowledge of server configuration settings to optimize performance and security - Ability to diagnose and fix software installation issues Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience providing support for Ubuntu servers - Familiarity with common server issues and their resolutions - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills - Excellent communication skills to effectively communicate and explain technical concepts If you have the necessary skills and experience to pro...

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    ...on submitted requests. Implement secure release mechanisms with limitable links to ensure data privacy and security. Customize workflows based on department heads' preferences to streamline request management. Test and debug the application to ensure it performs reliably and efficiently. Collaborate with the team to gather and incorporate feedback to improve the application. Document the codebase and provide necessary technical documentation. Stay up-to-date with Python development best practices and industry trends. Qualifications: Proven experience as a Python Developer with a strong portfolio of relevant projects. Proficiency in Python and its associated libraries/frameworks for web development (e.g., Django, Flask). Familiarity with front-end technologies (HTML, ...

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    ...viewing of all financial activities. 4. User Account Management • Secure Registration/Login: Robust system for account creation and access. • Profile Customization: Users can edit their profiles and view game history. • Account Verification: KYC process for financial security. 5. User Interface and Experience • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive interface optimised for user engagement. • Cross-Platform Support: Ensure compatibility across various devices and OS. • High-Quality Graphics and Sound: Engaging visuals and audio effects. 6. Security and Legal Compliance • Data Protection: Adherence to data protection laws. • Cheating Prevention: Systems to ensure fair gameplay. • Regulatory Compliance: Abide by online gaming and financia...

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    ...looking for a web developer to create an informational website for a doctor. The main purpose of the website is to provide medical information to visitors. Specific features or functionalities for the website include: - Blog/News Section: This will allow the doctor to share articles and updates with visitors. - Online Chat/Support: Visitors should be able to chat with a representative for any questions or support they may need. - Patient Portal/Online Booking: The website should have a portal for patients to book appointments online. Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Proficiency in web development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. - Experience in creating informational websites with features like blogs and online booking systems. - Knowledge...

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    We are seeking highly skilled and experienced Angular and Laravel developers to join our dynamic team for 6 months. The ideal candidates will have a proven track record of success in developing and delivering high-quality web applications. Angular Developer Responsibilities: ~ Design, develop, and maintain complex Angular applications ~ Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless integration of Angular components ~ Implement best practices for Angular development, including code quality, performance, and security ~ Stay up-to-date with the latest Angular advancements and technologies Laravel Developer Responsibilities: ~ Design, develop, and maintain robust Laravel applications ~ Implement RESTful APIs and microservices for scalable and maintainable appli...

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    Project Title: Malware Removal Description: I am in need of a skilled professional to remove ransomware from my system and ensure the security of my data. Requirements: - Expertise in removing ransomware - Ability to recover crucial data - Experience in dealing with isolated malware incidents

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