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    Flash Page Flipper Encerrado left

    ...toolbars and I must be able to set a php variable link. Example; onClick=doPopup, url =[login to view URL] The page flipper at flipping book .com uses an external xml file to determine the pages to be loaded. I need a similar editable xml file or text file to define the variables. I have included some examples in a zip file. ##

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    ...graphics futures like in hardwood solitaire (<[login to view URL]>) 2) I need a card deck Component that will store all the cards stock with animated card flipping. 3) I need a docking site for cards so I could easily unlimited drop unlimited cards into the dock site. The cards component MUST work smoothly as they work in hardwood

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    casino banner ads Encerrado left

    This project is to design 4 flash or animated ads. The Ads don’t really need to be a certain size since they will be placed on a landing page for a casino. We currently have a few flash banner ads here <[login to view URL]> Our competition has some nice ads located here [that we copied just for information purposes] <http://www

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    ...retail, to real estate to private sector organizations. the comp you design should appeal to the demographic that reads the followin magazines Inc Smart money Wired Billboard Red herring Investors business journal Entrepreneurmag Robb report entertainment weekly the ad comp you design should speak to the savvy middle American investor who has a spare

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    ...worry. Just treat it like AVI. * Refer the address [[login to view URL]][1] Frame by frame navigation : It must use `Double Buffering(Flipping)` like ACDsee slide show with 'Read ahead' option. because Flipping : The player will gonna play very heavy sources. 'AVI' - 1920*1080, Non-Compression, True color - many time is necessary in Loading.

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    AVI player Encerrado left

    - Gamma control (property like DirectX's GammaRamp) - Frame search * when Frame search mode, must use 'Double Buffering(flipping)' like ACDsee(slide show) 'Read ahead(decode next image in advance)' - 1x normal speed play : sound is not necessary. - Full screen mode - File format : AVI and AVS(AVIsynth format) ## Deliverables Submission

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    €26 - €88
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    online animation Encerrado left

    ...audio of the duck flipping through the pages and writing) after 5 minutes the duck speaks (audio file supplied) and then continues to flip pages and write, after 10 minutes the duck speaks (audio file supplied) and then continues to flip pages and write, after 20 minutes the duck speaks (audio file supplied) and then continues to flip pages and write, after

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    ...Images can be opened by using Image Database in which user can see the Thumbnail view of images in Database.**** Zoomed preview.**** Rotation at 90, 180,270 or custom**** Image flipping; horizontal or vertical axis** **Intensity histogram.**** Image Information.**** Redo/Undo on all operations. ****GUI DEVELOPMENT FOR THE FOLLOWING MODULES: **** Calibration

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    ...Carleton Sheets, and even [login to view URL] I am looking to have a training session workbook and binder. I will need to cover the following subject areas: - Flipping Properties - Landlording - Finding Properties - Lease Options - Mobile Homes - Developing Land / New Home Construction - Finding Partners - Finding Funding Etc.

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    ...screen in the application, but also do other directdraw blitting at the same time. I can render a video to a picture box or form, but this only works smoothly when no page flipping is used. I require sample source code/demo application that achieves this. The solution should be able to at least render a 320X200 video at full or near full speed

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    ...to turn the pages back and forward). I also must be able to update the content on each of the book's pages, and add or remove pages. To the best of my knowledge, this would probably be done first in a 3D software package, exported to Flash and then the interactivity added. In the Nokia video (see link above), they have many pages turning all

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    I am enclosing the source for a VB game I found on the Web and that I will be working on. If runs in full screen in exclusive mode and is therefore quite a pain to debug (it locks the screen and VB is no longer visible) If possible, I would like to have a conditional compiler constant that allows the selection between the two modes: #const FULL_SCREEN=TRUE

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    ...meeting. Viewing the Application - The user can flip through their contact list, viewing each person inside and the associated meetings on each page. This is similar to flipping through a note book. - The user can also view a report of all the ratings for all the people in their black book, which is displayed in a table with their names and then

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    ...definitely not C#, and also, not using MFC). The final product must look exactly like the screenshot I have provided with this bid. You can test the existing control on the life web site. Follow these instructions: 1) go to <[login to view URL]> 2) Click on the Member button and login with username 'rac' and password 'rac'. 3) You will see a single

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    ...adjusted to reflect this. 90 degrees would be equivient to clicking the rotate image. 180 would be like clicking the flip image. 270 would be like clicking the rotate then flipping the image. The purpose of this is to use it for various domino games or games where sometimes the image has to be rotated or flipped or both. The active x control should be

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    ...of differnt dimensions from a directory 2. The ability to load external thumbnails from a directory 3. Nice transistions possibly a page flipping effect. This gallery is to showcase a fashion catalouge, the design shoud be clean and professional. The catalouge will contain about 20 - 30 high resolution images. We wil prepare all the files for the

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    Design a "2D in 3D" sprite system using Visual Basic 6 and the DirectX8 Type Library for Visual Basic 6. The goal is to write a library of high level routines (that hide the low level stuff) that allow the graphic manipulation of graphic surfaces, sprites, etc. in DirectX8. The goal is NOT to write a game engine. Just the basic inits, surface creation

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    ...and forth from Bin to disk(drawing area) *Stack Order on right will be a strip of thumbnails that will show the z sorting of drawings on disk and determines the flipping order. *Flipping Macros can be set up for altering the order of a flip Eg. 1-3-1-2 for inbetweening. I am building a complete mockup of the app in Flash. It will show everything

    €438 - €4379
    €438 - €4379
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    logo design Encerrado left

    ...types of merchants. We are looking for a clean, simple logo design using these criteria: The main image is a penguin (cartoonish looking) with big eyes who is wearing a banker's visor type of hat. We would like the penguin to either be counting money (like a banker) or perhaps flipping a coin--anything that shows the connection between the penguin

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    ...for product lines, thumbs with pricing, pix upload/conversion. I do not need EStore or online shopping. Catalogs Page for scanning in full pages of printed catalogs. Forward/Back buttons for flipping through pages. Find a Tradesman Page. A list of trades people eg Plumber, Electrician, Builder etc with work description and maybe photos of completed

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    ...Project. I want a graphic design made in characture form of a SmartAss "PimP" Should be approx. 40pixW X 90pixH Prefer PSD & GIF but possibly flash. This pimp will be white, but dressed as any normal flashy pimp, with brim hat & feather, gold medalian necklass & watch. etc. The static design should show him flipping a coin in the air while leaning

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    ...delivered will: * Be developed in VB.NET * Use no third-party tools; strictly .NET if possible. * Mimic the functionality including the moving in and out of cards and the flipping. This is a must! * Important -- there is a slight drop-shadow when the card is maximized -- this must also be developed! Also notice the drop shadow changing as the card

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    coin flipping code Encerrado left

    I need a VB program to calculate coin flipping randomly. First, I need a input box that ask a user to enter the number of flips. Then using randomize in the code to generate numbers between 1 and 2. I need it coded using the (for/loop). I need a box that displays heads and one that diplays tails and how many times each comes up. I also need an exit

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    DirectX 8 slide show Encerrado left

    ...file 1. use only DirectX 8 (Never use DX7 & directdraw) 2. use 'swapchain' 3. Never use texture (I don't wanna 3D tweaking code. just simple 2D fullscreen surface flipping code.) 4. 640*480 bmp slide (in 1600*1200 screen)- over 24 fps this is my sample code. all you have to do is correct this code, and it can working in fullscreen mode

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    Small Animated GIF Encerrado left

    I need a small animated gif with a transparent background. We sell a two headed US quarter, and I would like an animated gif to show a US quarter flipping or spinning to reavel that both sides are Heads. Image should use a real quarter, not a drawing of a quarter. Image would also have a tag line in a small font to show our company name

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    ...a flash .swf movie from them. The flash movie will need to look like an animated "photo album" with the description on the left page and the photo on the right, with page "flipping" corners. I don't know much about the flash file structure, so the bidder should already have a working knowledge of how it is done. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional

    €150 (Avg Bid)
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    This program randomly flips a coin however many times you want it to. Repeated for however many experiments. Imagine that every time the coin was heads, a counter would move up (+1). Every time a tails was flipped the counter would move down (-1). This program keeps track of how many times that counter would change signs. That is--however many times it passes zero. Various statistics can be displa...

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    Making a story for a game where a book opens and the player can turn the pages, all the other code is in place, but need to make it appear to be flipping the pages. Must be as realistic as possible - i.e. BookFlip from [login to view URL] ## Deliverables A sample executeable OR screenshot would be nice. ## Deadline information As soon as possible.

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    ...application similar to the SMS logo designer service offered by lycos (see their site for an example). Application must give basic image manipulation tools such as rotation, flipping, inversion etc. Preference will be given to offers which include items such as text to bitmap conversion, fine degree rotation (ie. rotation angles less than 90 degrees).

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