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    We are a short-term rental company , based in Lisbon Portugal, managing several Airbnb properties in town. We are currently looking for a Guest Support Specialist to provide remote assistance to Guests. - Assistance at check-in and check-out inquiries (access codes, accommodation doubts) - Information on rates and availability of available accommodations - Respond to guests phone calls/messages/emails - Escalate issues Must Have: - Laptop + headsets - Strong Internet connection - Solid Verbal and Written knowledge - English (Portuguese and French are valued); - Agility with Internet tools. - Experience in Tourism and/or Customer Support - Skill in handling booking platforms Airbnb, and PMS - Responsible, Available, Empathetic@ Pro-activ@, Creative@ - Multi-Tasking, strong

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    Boa tarde, Segue a proposta para o novo projecto. Funcionalidades/Tarefas a executar: - Base de dados p/ guardar ID's e IP's dos clientes p/ acesso remoto posterior; - Interface de admin para acesso aos clientes remoto com funcionalidade de obter, renomear, mover e apagar ficheiros; - Serviço para instalação no cliente para conseguir o acesso; - Setup instalação; - README file; - Videos com demonstrações de instalação/uso do projecto. Cumprimentos, Igor F. Machado

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    "Para um site que trabalha no setor da EdTech, procuramos um recurso com conhecimento dos seguintes idiomas nível madrelingua: - Espanhol - Português O requisito linguístico é essencial para atividades de controle dos conteúdos do site e de moderação. O trabalho é de frequência diária, em remote working e em constante contato com a equipe. Se exige precisão e seriedade. Outros detaljes serão fornecidos posteriormente."

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    We are looking for a Remote Junior Marketing Analyst: -The Junior Marketing Analyst has superior written and oral communication skills, and strong attention to detail. -The ability to work effectively in a fast-paced environment. -Learn quickly new and unfamiliar concepts and tasks. -You should feel comfortable achieving strict deadlines and managing competitive priorities. -The ability to build and maintain excellent interpersonal relationships and interact professionally and comfortably with a variety of personalities and communication styles. -Excellent persuasion and negotiation skills. Out of the box thinking and collaborative spirit. -Assist in other marketing areas as requested or assigned. -Written and spoken ***English 85% and Portuguese skills (native or bilingual, 95% t...

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    ...poder alterar o package name e re-publicar infinitamente. Pode haver algum painel de controle para alterar o endereço do apk de cada um dos 3 botões. Seria muito interessante se esse app tivesse todo o necessario para ser publicado na Play Store do Android TV, para poder funcionar na Mi Box e outros que usam Android TV. English: I need an Android app that has responsive interface with Tv Box remote control as well as Mobile Touch. The interface needs to be visually similar to the photo I attached to this project. As shown in the photo the main menu needs to have 3 buttons, when the user opens any button and the app downloads a specific apk without leaving the main menu, and then the app automatically installs the downloaded apk. Each button represents a different ...

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    Auxílio para protótipo em andamento para MVP. Possibilidade de futuros projetos. Ajustes em programação já pronta de um projeto de Smart Mirror em Linux, Raspberry Pi3 B+, baseado no Open Source Alguns módulos não estão atualizando e também precisamos instalar e fazer funcionar o módulo Google Assistant e Modulo MMM-Remote-Control. Todos os parâmetros e códigos são abertos no site acima mencionado. Necessário estar em SP, Zona Sul. Ou próximo metrô para deslocamento Faria Lima.

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    We have a server in our company with Windows Server 2012 installed, in which is installed SQL Server 2012. In a remote place, we have another server with Windows Server 2016 installed. We want our DB's storages in our master server mirrored in our slave storage (2016). For so, we are looking for a professional who can explain us in practice such proccess through a simple database storage here. The idea is to set just a table mirror. Both servers have fixed IPs and a VPN connecting both (from the slave to the master) is already running. If the other way round has to be used (from the master to the slave), another VPN connection will have to be setted up. Obviously, besides the demand, we are assuming that all the functionalities of our servers will remain as they are today. PS...

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    I'm about to launch a product and I need a professional that can help me to manage the community group in order to engage with the new members. Honestly, I have no idea how many hours will be needed per day and I don't believe there will be so much work per hour, so I would like to receive a proposal for 1 week of work based on flexible working hours. The website is about remote work, freelancer and digital nomad lifestyle, so it's important you understand about these topics.

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    It has a remote server with a configuration: Windows Server 2008 R2, Apache Tomcat 7.0 installed, Postgress installed and PostGis. What is needed to configure the database. I need the programmer to configure the database and .war files. Leaving the system openmaint ready for use.

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    Project for mrs1982 Encerrado left

    Olá bom dia, só hoje consegui ver sobre uma proposta para trabalhar em varios projetos. Descrição do Projeto Estou à procura de PHP (principalmente Lumen/Laravel) ou JS Developers (javascript Raw e Vue.js) principalmente para varios trabalhos em freelance (remote). Sou CTO de uma startup de Lisboa e temos varios projectos focados nestas tecnologias em particular. Procuro engenheiros de software, mais do que Designers ou web designers apenas com conhecimentos de CSS, HTML e jquery. Apenas de portugal e que possam passar facturas ou recibos verdes. Horas de trabalho: 40 Hr / week Podemos discutir quaisquer detalhes no chat.

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    Estou à procura de PHP (principalmente Lumen/Laravel) ou JS Developers (javascript Raw e Vue.js) principalmente para varios trabalhos em freelance (remote). Sou CTO de uma startup de Lisboa e temos varios projectos focados nestas tecnologias em particular. Procuro engenheiros de software, mais do que Designers ou web designers apenas com conhecimentos de CSS, HTML e jquery. Apenas de portugal e que possam passar facturas ou recibos verdes.

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    21 ofertas reproduce the same results, being in real-time videos. (I have the codes). The service will be divided into the following steps: 1- Understand the proposal, identify the entries, compile the codes and reproduce the same results of the study / article; 2- Make the adaptations and improvements (automate) in the codes (GUI and Videos RealTime); 3- The final codes should be compiled on a remote computer that access will be provided after completing the above two steps. The release of funds will be made available to Workana gradually (15% + 15% + 70%) for each stage completed via Workana. 100% payment / release from the project to the Freelancer when the three steps are completed. IMPORTANT: If you are interested in working, please request via chat / message the co...

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    Remote Master Encerrado left

    Personalizar / aprimorar um código escrito em Delphi 7 e Delphi XE6 para acesso remoto, tipo TeamViewer.

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    We need to connect our system with other system that use INFORMIX database. The work consist in to activate the PDO Informix in our PHP and to create routines that remote connect with Informix database and execute any query that my system need, like the PHP did with Mysql or Oracle. The work need have the documentation of the how to install the PDO INFORMIX in PHP. I need to access the Informix database remotely, I need to install the libraries into PHP for to access that, this the first step second step is to do the class that connect in the database and support to execute queries in database and return the results for I to use in foreach loop. Nós precisamos de uma rotina que ser conecte ao INFORMIX de outro sistema. O trabalho consiste em ativar o PDO INFORMIX no PHP a ...

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    ...componentes que ira usar no projeto, qual a voltagem da fonte para usa-lo, e uma bateria que dura bastante tempo. O projeto tem que der um custo baixo se possível e eficiência. the project is for student purposes. I want a program that control four stepper motors, 4 engines have to get together 20kg in total. The motors have to rotate 360 ° forward and backward. They will be controlled by remote control radio. I would like to know which components to use anger in the project, which the voltage source to use it, and a battery that lasts a long time. The project has to give a low cost if possible and efficiency....

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    Startup em São Paulo esta procurando um Senior node.js full stack posição remota ,trabalhe de casa . Por favor especificar o seu valor quando for aplicar e adicionar o seu Github. Obrigado.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> 

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    Implementar um algoritmo de eleição de coordenador em anel utilizando java. Os clientes estão em maquinas diferentes em uma rede,recebendo um processo, para isso utilizar protocolos de comunicação como Sockes, RPC ou RMI(Remote Method Invocation). Para esse algoritmo, Assume que os processos estão logicamente organizados em uma estrutura de anel. Um processo ao perceber a falha do coordenador inicia uma eleição circulando uma msg ELEICAO concatenando seu próprio identificador à mesma. Ao receber a msg de eleição cada processo adiciona seu identificador na msg e a repassa. Eventualmente a msg retornar ao processo que iniciou a eleição. A msg é transformada em COORDENADOR e ci...

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    ...Security & Firewal Proteção do diretórioAntivirus Regras Básicas Mod Security Clamav Observação : É considerado concluido as tarefas somente quando os serviços solicitados forem feitos e todos os sites (contas) estiverem no ar funcionando no servidor novo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All service should be done by remote access through my machine. Goal is to record a video so I can see and do in the next time. I want to migrate my account the current server to a new server. Both servers have CentOS 64bit installed. 3 will migrate the old server to the new accounts. Will be only these 4 sites that intend to migrate Being 2 mag...

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    ...virtual machine in the Google Cloud Computing, using the snapshot from another machine, which already has two disks. One disk with 10 GB, which is the operating system CentOS 6.6, with CPANEL. The other drive is the partition with the sites. Also clean up obsolete files. The current machine has 3.8 gig of ram. The new machine must have a minimum configuration (downgrade resources). Need to use remote access software like TeamViewer or even Google's tool, so I can keep up. Preferably, Teamviewer. O texto abaixo foi escrito em português do Brasil e traduzido para o Inglês pelo Google Translate. Ao final, colocarei o texto original, em português. Criar um nova maquina virtual no Google Cloud Computing, usando o snapshot de outra máquina, que j&aa...

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    Esse projeto já funciona e eu irei passar acesso ao remote desktop do windows para editar. Esse soap conecta em um banco mysql no lado do servidor e mostra os valores no lado do cliente. Mas eu preciso receber o valor da variável emp_código que muda para cada cliente E esse valor será utilizado na consulta sql no lado do servidor eu preciso trocar o valor fixo emp_codigo:=1000;  pelo valor recebido Aguardo Propostas!

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    Integration of two databases identical in sql server structure: 1 Local Server 1 Remote Server Replicator data from the local server to the remote Synchronizing on both sides Integração de duas bases de Datos identicas sql server em Estrutura: 1 Servidor Local 1 Servidor Remoto Replicacao de Dados do Servidor locales para o Remoto Sincronização nos dois Lados

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    Precisamos de um técnico TI para instalar 7 postos no Windows 7 + Microsoft Outlook + App de Remote control em São Paulo. A missão deve ser este mês e para um cliente de nossa agencia, precisamos de alguém extramente profissional. Interessados, enviar propostas!

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    ...forma personalizada - Realizamos a busca de sua BASE DE EMAILS - Realizamos o treinamento remoto, chat online ou vídeos - GEOLOCALIZAÇÃO de suas ABERTURAS ( Pais e Cidades ) - Backup diário de base de dados - Multi envios com diversos servidores de saída ####################### Perform 20 million shipments in a personalized way - conducted a search of his BASE OF EMAILS - We conduct remote training, online chat or videos - Geolocation their OPENINGS (Parents and Cities) - Daily backup of database - Multi items with different outgoing server ################# SMS MARKETING FULL REVENDA Seus clientes de forma simples e efetiva. - Envie SMS para até 50 destinatários de uma só vez. - Envie SMS em massa...

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    I need a very wordpress developer to do remote via anydesk The issue is, i have an old theme, and i was unable to update the footer.. so i went into the database and changed the configuration from options.. now the site is not taking any of the configuration from that particular options.. so i need someone who can understand why its not loading the configuration. its a very old theme, old php and everything was working until i did edit in wp_options.

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    I am looking for a skilled Swift developer who can fix a crash/error bug remotely. Nature of the bug: Crash/Error Functionality: No specific functionality is affected, it's a general issue. Deadline: The bug needs to be fixed within ...Crash/Error Functionality: No specific functionality is affected, it's a general issue. Deadline: The bug needs to be fixed within 24 hours. Note: No code will be provided you have to connect us Remotely and fix the bug on our system. We just provide you access to our system Requirements: - Strong experience in Swift development - Proficient in debugging and troubleshooting - Familiarity with remote bug fixing - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines If you have the necessary skills and can start immediately, please s...

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    Need .Net MVC C# developer who can able to create Scheduler and solve the "The remote server returned an error: (429) ." error URGENTLY

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    Wireguard app with tv remote support, premade where can add my api too. (DONT WANT NEW ONE BUILT)

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    We are seeking open-minded individuals/couples to participate in trial counselling sessions aimed at fostering personal growth and learning. Topics: Relationships, Intimacy and Sexuality (Breaking away from stigma on ...(Zoom) - Topics covered in the coaching sessions will revolve around life and relationships, as well as sexuality. - Participants should feel comfortable discussing these subjects and be willing to engage in open and honest conversations. - Price can be negotiated based on various circumstances. Please note that all coaching sessions will be conducted via video session, allowing for convenient remote participation. Strict confidentiality maintained at all times. We look forward to hearing from you and accompanying you on your path to self-discovery and personal de...

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    We are seeking highly skilled and experienced Angular and Laravel developers to join our dynamic team for 6 months. The ideal candidates will have a proven track ...problem-solving and debugging skills ~ Ability to work independently and as part of a team Benefits: ~ Competitive salary of 60,000-80,000/month ~ Opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects that make a real impact ~ Collaborative and supportive work environment ~ Chance to learn from and grow with experienced professionals Please note: ~ Full-time positions are available (9 hours a day) ~ Remote work is possible ~ Must available for 6 months If you are an experienced Angular or Laravel developer who is passionate about building innovative web applications, we encourage you to apply. We look forward to hearing...

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    SOPHO SSL VPN CLient SET UP 6 dias left

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with the setup of a SOPHO SSL VPN client on my Windows operating system. I require both a one-time setup and ongoing support for this VPN client. Skills and experience needed: - Experie...setup and ongoing support for this VPN client. Skills and experience needed: - Experience with setting up SOPHO SSL VPN clients on Windows operating systems - Knowledge of SSL VPN protocols, specifically OpenVPN, IPSec, and PPTP - Understanding of remote access setup for SSL VPNs The ideal freelancer will have experience in setting up SOPHO SSL VPN clients on Windows and will be able to provide ongoing support as needed. They should also be familiar with SSL VPN protocols such as OpenVPN, IPSec, and PPTP, and have the ability to set up remote acc...

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    I am looking for a Administrator who can help me with the CRC OpenShift web console remote browser access project. Here are the details of the project: Preferred Browser: Google Chrome - The remote access should be compatible with Google Chrome. Functionality: Full Functionality - I require full functionality for the remote browser access. Security Requirements: Not sure, need guidance - I am unsure about the specific security requirements or restrictions and would appreciate guidance from the developer. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in web development and browser compatibility. - Knowledge of OpenShift and web console is preferred. - Familiarity with remote browser access and security protocols. - Excellent problem-solving and communication sk...

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    RCM Operations Manager 6 dias left

    RCM Operations Manager Industry: Healthcare Description: Medical Management company which provides full service, and FTE based RCM services, as well as Medical Transcription, Virtual Medical Assistants, Virtual RCM Staffing, Virtual Administrative Staffing, Virtual Clinical Staff...Coding - CPC - Client Management - Entrepreneurial - Experience working with offshore teams - Ability to create reports to provide insights into the revenue cycle management of our clients, and coordinate with offshore teams to maximize efficiency. Hours Part time with full time potential Salary Market rates w/potential for bonuses and if you are the right fit, a revenue share potential. Location Remote, but may require travel to visit clients, as well as potential international travel to visit offsh...

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    Overview: Join a leading Australian winery and hospitality business as our Part-Time E-Commerce Specialist. This role is key to expanding our online presence and sales through our Shopify platform. While strategic guidance will be provided by a ensure a cohesive approach to online sales and marketing strategies. Qualifications: Strong experience in managing and growing e-commerce platforms, particularly background in digital marketing, including SEO, content marketing, and social media. Proficiency in analytics and data-driven decision-making. Excellent communication skills and ability to work collaboratively with a remote team. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the wine industry. Independent worker capable of executing strategies with minimal supervision.

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    O365 developer with Migration Experience As an Office 365 Migration Engineer, you will be using cutting edge technologies to streamline services to our clients. Join our team of Data and Cloud professionals and accomplish what others only dream of. Ability to obtain a Q Clearance. This is a remote position. • Experience with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Azure Information Protection (AIP). • Experience with Office 365 Modern Workplace migrations and implementation • Ability to perform health checks and assessments of on-premises systems prior to migrations • Collaborate with members of the development team and project managers to deliver solutions that surpass client expectations • Implement AIS cloud infrastructure solution offerings based on public ...

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    <Overview> Please collect product information on vehicles that have or will have the technologies described in the “Technology Description” section below. <Technology Description> This technology is a technology to automatically extend the operating time of a remote air conditioner for vehicle. When the driver who is present outside the vehicle remotely activates the air conditioner, the air conditioner in the car will operate for a certain period of time. At this time, even if the driver who is about to get into the vehicle is near the vehicle, the operation of the air conditioner will stop when the operating time of the air conditioner reaches a certain period of time. To solve these challenges, the technology extends the operating time of the air conditi...

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    Project Description: looking for personal use only to access computer looking for proposal and theory on how it works. NOT ACTUAL PROGRAM Remote Desktop Software Development Operating System: Windows Use: Personal and Business Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in remote desktop software development - Proficiency in Windows operating system - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for personal and business use - Expertise in implementing multi-monitor support for seamless remote desktop experience - Familiarity with security protocols and encryption for secure remote access - Excellent problem-solving skills to troubleshoot and debug any issues that may arise - Strong communication skills to understand client requirements and ...

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    I am seeking a skilled and experienced economics tutor who can provide remote Zoom tutoring sessions for my economics major nephew. he is currently attending high school. Specific topics I need assistance with include Macroeconomics. I anticipate needing 4-6 hours of tutoring per week. 2 hours per day and twice weekly. Ideally, the tutor should have a strong understanding of Macroeconomics and be able to explain complex concepts clearly and concisely. also provide students with case studies and PowerPoint. it will be a plus if you have course materials. Experience in teaching economics at an intermediate level is preferred. The tutor should be able to provide engaging and interactive sessions to help improve my understanding and grasp of the subject. Excellent communicat...

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    ...development environment on my pc 2. Implement the data flow from sensors, to a db and visualization on a web-based app, to control the actuator based on the pre-programmed threshold and voice command. 3. Hardware prototype will be based on ESP32 and connect to internet over WiFi. It will monitor parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, Soil Moisture level etc and upload those information to a remote server 4. Server side programming/Android app 5. Advanced Features such as voice control 6: Assistance with Project Documentation 7. IOT AI visionary documentation with links and images (a must) ** Simulator of the hardware setup can take place of the actual hardware setup Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in IoT and smart farming systems - Knowledge of temperature and soil ...

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    Remote Customer Service & Sales Specialist Needed For Online Sauna Retailer We are seeking an intermediate level specialist with experience in customer service and sales to join our team. As a remote specialist, you will be responsible for handling product information inquiries from our valued customers. Key Responsibilities: - Responding to customer inquiries regarding product information in a timely and professional manner - Providing accurate and detailed information about our sauna products, features, and pricing - Assisting customers in making informed purchasing decisions by addressing their questions and concerns Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in customer service and sales is required - Strong communication skills, both written and verbal - A...

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    40 ofertas for our suite of products. The role of Programmer Analyst will quote, write, modify, integrate and test software changes; identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions. Most importantly Sierra One is looking for self-motivated individuals who are excited to learn new skills and build best-in-class products. We're engineering a next-generation digital workshop with a remote-first, result-oriented, timeframe-based strategy; this means as long as you get your tasks done in the requested timeframe, we won't drag you into worthless meetings. This is an ideal position for a developer that is self-directed and mission-oriented. Qualifications Completed College or University with a Computer Science related degree/diploma. Candidates with 2 or...

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    We are looking for a freelance Business Development Specialist to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for acquiring new projects online and thereby expanding our client base. Note: This is a remote and freelance position with commission-based compensation. Will share more details over chat.

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    ...documents, contracts, and legal paperwork. - Version control and access permissions for document sharing. 11. **Task Management:** - Task assignment and tracking for property viewings, inspections, and client meetings. - Calendar integration for scheduling and reminders. 12. **Mobile Accessibility:** - Mobile-responsive design for on-the-go access to CRM features. - Mobile app for remote access and lead management. 13. **Telephony Integration:** - Integration with a business phone system to manage calls and track communications. - Click-to-call functionality for seamless outreach to leads and clients. - Call recording and logging for compliance and training purposes. 14. **Contact Management:** - Detailed contact profiles with fields for multiple ph...

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    Work from home 5 dias left

    ...entry tasks and high attention to detail - Strong computer skills and ability to navigate various software programs - Familiarity with specific software knowledge required for the project - Excellent time management and organizational skills - Ability to work independently and meet deadlines - Previous experience in data entry or similar roles is preferred Project Overview: - I am looking for a remote data entry specialist to work from home - The project requires specific software knowledge, so proficiency in using that software is a must - The workload is expected to be less than 20 hours per week - The ideal candidate should have a strong attention to detail and be able to accurately enter data into the system - The ability to work independently and meet deadlines is crucial ...

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    data entry -- 2 5 dias left

    Data Entry Specialist Needed for Typing Project in Microsoft Excel Skills and Experience Required: - Proficient in typing and data entry - Strong knowledg...Details: - The client is looking for a data entry specialist to type less than 50 pages of data into Microsoft Excel. - The data entry work will involve accurately inputting information into Excel spreadsheets. - The client will provide the necessary data and guidelines for the project. Benefits for Freelancers: - Opportunity to showcase your typing and data entry skills - Flexible work hours and remote work - Possibility of future projects with the client If you have the necessary skills and experience, and are available to start immediately, please submit your proposal with your relevant qualifications and a timeline for c...

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    Excel dashboard 5 dias left

    Project Title: Excel dashboard Description: - I need an Excel dashboard to track sales on defferent parameters and month and month tracker on different parameters - The dashboard should be interactive, allowing me to easily explore and analyze the data. - I prefer a combination of charts and tables in the dashboard format. - The ideal freelancer for this pr...the dashboard format. - The ideal freelancer for this project should have expertise in Excel and data visualization. - Experience in creating interactive dashboards with a combination of charts and tables is a plus. - Attention to detail and the ability to present complex data in a user-friendly manner are essential skills for this job. And VBA including is also added advantage Will connect on remote desktop and explain wh...

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    I am looking for a skilled professional to design a custom LED light for my medium-sized grow tower. The main purpose of the grow tower is vegetable cultivation. The specific features I need for the LED light are adjustable brightness and spectrum. Remote control I want to be able to adjust spectrum and light with software Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Experience in designing custom LED lights for plant growth - Knowledge of adjustable brightness and spectrum features - Understanding of the specific needs of vegetable cultivation in a grow tower environment. Use word “Lightning “ in your intro so I know you read the description

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can configure DATADOG to monitor mariadb, apache, php, and the system within 2 hours. Specific metrics or data points to be monitored for each system include: - CPU and Memory Usage - Disk Space Usage - Network Traffic - mariadb sqwl I have access to the servers where the systems are running. The expected timeframe for compl...CPU and Memory Usage - Disk Space Usage - Network Traffic - mariadb sqwl I have access to the servers where the systems are running. The expected timeframe for completing the configuration is within 2 hours. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Experience with DATADOG configuration and monitoring - Knowledge of mariadb, apache, php, and system monitoring - Proficiency in setting up remote access for monitoring...

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    Hourly 140 dollat for 120 hr 70 dollar for 60 hr right now have to do Mandatory: ??share pc screen with remote system? that freelencer provide or teemview ?and [Removed by Admin] simply just try the ai sites, diverse prompt try photoshop ai ,,,, mainly i want to find how to change character image to talking animation video if not know we can just try the below simply !! 0. pika ai 1. wonderdynapics .com 2.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with a project involving WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for my Raspberry Pi4. The main goal of the project is to be able to log into my Raspberry Pi4 using WiFi while simultaneously controlling a device through LAN with a static IP. However, I have encountered an issue where connecting the Ethernet cable results in losing remote access through WiFi. Network Setup: - I have both WiFi and Ethernet available for my Raspberry Pi4. Operating System: - My Raspberry Pi4 is running on Raspbian. Project Goal: - The end goal of this project is to have full control over an IoT device through WiFi while also being able to connect to the Raspberry Pi4 through Ethernet for other purposes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in working w...

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    The name of my company is POLICE-SEC KFT. my web address: , I would like to update my company's logo to a more modern one! Our main service is the installation and remote monitoring of alarm systems and camera systems. In our old logo, the colors blue and white dominated, perhaps these should be continued in our new logo... as well as the color of the Hungarian flag: red-white-green, which can appear if necessary.

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