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    Precisando de um logotipo desenhado?

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    Quero testar um parceiro para gerenciar os anuncios pagos da Quantum com foco em geracao de leads para nossa equipe comercial. Dando certo o trabalho tera uma contrato com fee mensal. O foco é claro: aumentar a geracao de lead pra minha equipe comercial entregas as metas de vendas estipuladas.

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    ...our sales team and general Rosenberger Group LinkedIn account Case Study: Content for Rosenberger Create engaging social media posts for one of our sales representatives and use the same topic for a general social media post for our Rosenberger Group LinkedIn channel. (A total of two posts will do - if we use your posts, we will pay you for them, of course!) Topics could be megatrends such as quantum computing, IIoT, eVtols... Please show us how you work and research. Please send us a quote for eight posts for our sales team plus four posts for our company LinkedIn channel + one edit round per month and one to two meetings, to start our cooperation. Please provide us with a quote detailing how much time you need to complete the work....

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    I am searching for a talented graphic designer with experience in vehicle wraps. I need a design for my mobile veterinary van - a teal-based color sche...Key points for the design: - There should be an illustration of a vet with a dog. - Include the text: 'Talk to me about once a year tick and flea prevention'. I also want to feature the services I offer, so potential clients can see what's on off at a glance. Services being; Health checks, Vaccinations, Desexing, Heartworm prevention, Once off yearly flea and tick prevention, - A Bravecto Quantum logo needs to be visible somewhere on the wrap. Effective experience in van wrap design and a good understanding of incorporating brand identity into design are advantages. I look forward to seeing your creative skills ...

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    I am seeking an A-Level physics tutor who specialises in Quantum Physics. The ideal candidate will have experience in tutoring students in this area and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the topic. Key Requirements: - Expertise in A-Level Quantum Physics - Proven record in academic tutoring - Availability for twice weekly sessions Your role will be to guide me through the principles of Quantum Physics, explaining complex notions in a clear and concise manner, and providing additional resources where necessary. I expect structured and informative sessions tailored to my learning speed and style.

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    Trophy icon Futuristic Logo Design Urgently Needed Encerrado left

    ...for our new quantum cryptography project named "TANIA". This logo will be a central part of our branding and marketing efforts, symbolizing our commitment to cutting-edge security and technology. Design Requirements: 1. **Logo Name:** The logo must incorporate the name "TANIA". The name should be easily readable and stand out as the primary element of the logo. 2. **Symbol Integration:** Incorporate a stylized key into the letter 'T' of TANIA. This key should not only represent the traditional concept of encryption and security but also blend seamlessly with the modern and technological feel of quantum cryptography. (see picture attached) 3. **Style and Theme:** The overall style of the logo should be modern and sleek, reflecting the advan...

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    As a dedicated researcher, I'm looking to engage a scientifically skilled volunteer with keen expertise in Physics, particularly Lighting. I need a devoted mind who can contribute substantially to my PhD project (150 pages). I need help proof reading and going through details...of Lighting and how it applies to Physics - Commit to meet milestones within the assigned timescale, which is within a month. This project is an excellent opportunity for individuals with a background in Physics or related disciplines to apply and further develop their knowledge and skills in a high-level research context. In-depth familiarity with three main categories of Physics such as Quantum Physics, Classical Mechanics and Thermodynamics will be considered highly advantageous. I look forwar...

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    I'm currently studying at an advanced level in quantum physics and am looking for an experienced tutor who can guide me through unchartered territories. The specific topics I need to cover are not defined yet, hence flexibility and depth of knowledge will be key. Ideal candidate: - Degree in Physics or related field - Extensive experience in advanced quantum physics - Expertise in various quantum physics topics - Proven record of effective tutoring Please note, the deadline for this project is flexible as I'm focusing on comprehensive understanding rather than fast-paced learning. Your availability and commitment to the project will be important. Let's help me dive deeper into the world of quantum physics.

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    I am seeking a professional who can write an in-depth theoretical analysis essay on Law and Economics. The focus of the essay should be on the impact of economic efficiency on legal rules. Key requirements: - The essay should be a complete in-depth theoretical analysis. - You should have a background in both law and econom...economic efficiency. Your answer should address, but need not be limited to, materials covered in this module. Your answer should consider: (i) (ii) (iii) the choice between an injunction and monetary relief; the choice between different forms of monetary relief (damages for pecuniary loss; release-fee awards (a.k.a. ‘negotiating damages’) and accounts of profits); and the determination of the quantum of a release-fee award, if that form of relief w...

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    I'm working on a paper that involves implementing a passivated carrier selective contacts silicon-based solar cell in Silvaco TCAD Atlas. My goal is tofirst implemet the paper and then optimize the ...passivated carrier selective contacts silicon-based solar cell in Silvaco TCAD Atlas. My goal is tofirst implemet the paper and then optimize the efficiency of this solar cell. I need someone who can help with analyzing the current-voltage (I-V) characteristics, quantum efficiency, and power conversion efficiency of the solar cell. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in using Silvaco TCAD Atlas - Background in solar cell technology - Experience in optimizing solar cell efficiency - Ability to analyze current-voltage characteristics, quantum efficiency, and power ...

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    ...chart of round robin scheduling. However, the chart needs to consider the following parameters: - Number of Processes - Arrival time - Burst time - Wait time (I/O) - Second burst time - Time quantum The aforementioned factors should reflect on the Gantt Chart with respect to every process scheduling. Expertise in C language and operating systems is important for task completion. The major aim is to improve system performance and resource allocation, thus in-depth knowledge in thread scheduling is required. The sample output should resemble: Enter the number of processes: 3 Enter the time quantum: 3 Enter arrival time, CPU burst tine, 1/0 burst time, and second CPU burst time for each process: Process 1: Arrival time: 0 CPU burst time: 6 i/0 burst time: 10 Seco...

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    Fixes and Optimize the code for faster execution

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    I'm in search of a talented and experienced individual who can assist in developing a Quantum Machine Learning model with a particular focus on optimizing computational time. Key Requirements: - Proficient in Quantum Machine Learning: You should have prior experience in developing ML models using quantum computing techniques. - Python Programming: Solid understanding and experience with Python are essential as you'll be implementing the model predominantly using this language. - Numerical Data Handling: The model will be working specifically with numerical data, so prior experience in this area is a plus. The primary aim of this project is to reduce the computational time of the Quantum Machine Learning model. Your expertise in this area is crucial, ...

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    ...requirements of the latest Android version (version 13). 5) App Icon Design: Design a new app icon that adopts a contemporary, minimalistic style. Dashboard Redesign: Revise the dashboard layout to enhance its simplicity and user-friendliness, with a focus on maintaining a professional look. 6) Prompt Completion: Ensure that the redesign is completed promptly. Additional Note: For testing on non-Samsung Quantum phones, adjust the device file from /dev/qrandom to /dev/random. The ideal candidate will have: Proven experience in Android app development 1) Android Development Proficiency: Expertise in Android app development, well-versed in Android SDK and lifecycle management. 2) Programming Languages: Proficiency in Java and Kotlin, capable of adapting and enhancing existing co...

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    I'm seeking a proficient designer to create a versatile logo for usage on various plat...designer to create a versatile logo for usage on various platforms including, but not limited to, websites, business cards, and social media. Given that I've not specified a color scheme or thematic preference, I encourage creativity in your interpretations. Details: - Design must be adaptable for diverse platforms - Open to all color and style suggestions - Creating a logo for your perfume brand "Quantum-Scent" in both English and Arabic Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in logo design - Knowledge of versatile design styles - Excellent color theory understanding - Demonstrated adaptability in design - Key eye for detail and originality - Ability for iterati...

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    I'm currently studying at an advanced level in quantum physics and am looking for an experienced tutor who can guide me through unchartered territories. The specific topics I need to cover are not defined yet, hence flexibility and depth of knowledge will be key. Ideal candidate: - Degree in Physics or related field - Extensive experience in advanced quantum physics - Expertise in various quantum physics topics - Proven record of effective tutoring Please note, the deadline for this project is flexible as I'm focusing on comprehensive understanding rather than fast-paced learning. Your availability and commitment to the project will be important. Let's help me dive deeper into the world of quantum physics.

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    ...resources more accessible and informative, with the addition of helpful hints and appropriate subtopics to each question. Details: - You will be provided with the questions in an organized tabular format. - You will add meaningful hints and suitable subtopics for each question, adhering to the JEE syllabus norms. - You should have extensive knowledge of all sub-disciplines of JEE Physics, including Quantum mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Astrophysics. Ideal Skills: - Expert level comprehension of JEE Physics - Previous experience in educational content creation or tutoring - Meticulous attention to detail - Excellent organizational skills - Strong written communication skills. Your role will be instrumental in aiding JEE aspirants through their study journey, making understand...

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    Physics Paper Review Encerrado left

    ...improve my paper. The paper primarily focuses on the fields of Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetism. Your expertise in these areas is crucial to ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the content. The primary goal of the review is to: - Identify any errors, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies within the paper. - Provide valuable suggestions and feedback for enhancing the quality, clarity, and impact of the content. Despite the need for thorough review, the review does not require any specific formatting style. Your main task will be to focus on the content itself and its adherence to the physics principles covered. Ideal candidates should have: - A strong academic background in physics, with a profound understanding of Quantum Mechanics and Electromagnetism. - Previou...

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    I'm seeking an expert knowledgeable in both Physics (with a specific interest in Quantum Physics) and Electronics. This is the key expertise required to aid me in understanding some complex physics concepts. Key responsibilities: - Explaining and simplifying complex quantum physics concepts - Providing expert knowledge on electronics and circuit design Ideal freelancer: - Must possess a deep understanding of advanced Physics, preferably Quantum Physics - Demonstrated experience in Electronics, particularly Circuit Design - Exceptional communication and teaching skills to simplify complex concepts This exciting project can help nurture your teaching abilities while honing your expertise in Quantum Physics and Electronics.

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    Simulate electron confinement that could occur in the nanopores created from anodizing aluminum foil, and placing the foil in an oscillating dc-bias electric field orthogonal to the plane of the foil, and an oscillating magnetic field orthogonal to the plane of the foil. Develop model of nanopore likely to occur from anodization of alumin...oscillating magnetic field orthogonal to the plane of the foil. Develop model of nanopore likely to occur from anodization of aluminum foil Develop model of nanopore in electromagnetic fields Simulate and provide means for optimization of fields Bonus - develop model for parametrizing the anodizing for optimizing characteristics of nanopores nanotechnology, simulation of electron behavior in quantum wells, simulation of electromagne...

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    ...smooth transition between different cryptocurrencies. - Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) Integration: The software should be capable of supporting CBDCs transactions. - Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Transactions: To support transactions among individual investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. - Crypto Trading Platform: For buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. - Wallet Creation with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Security: Wallets must have the highest level of security, backed by QKD to guarantee user funds are safe. The software should cater to individual investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, financial institutions, and businesses. It needs to be compatible across all platforms including web browsers, mobile devices (iOS and Android), and desktop computers (Window...

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    I am seeking a highly experienced developer to create a quantum encrypted crypto wallet, cbdc exchange, and p2p transactions. The core feature of this wallet will be its ability to securely make transactions with cryptocurrencies. The wallet needs its functionality to be accessible both as an app and a website. The app should be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, thus requiring proficiency in cross-platform app development. Key quantum encryption technologies for integration include: - Quantum Key Distribution (QKD): To ensure secure encryption keys are used. - Quantum Side-Channel Attacks Protection: To ensure robust defense mechanisms against potential quantum attacks. - Quantum Secure Direct Communication (QSDC): To allow...

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    ...experienced Python developer with advanced knowledge in quantum encryption and the Qiskit library for a project that involves implementing quantum encryption, integrating the Qiskit library, and developing algorithms. Key responsibilities include: - Implementing quantum encryption to ensure secure data transmission. - Integrating the Qiskit library to leverage its capabilities for quantum computing. - Developing cutting-edge algorithms to enhance the project's efficiency and security. requirements are: 1- create multiple python code for the below: A- encrypt a file with rsa and calculate the needed time and resources. B- encrypt a file with ecc and calculate the needed time and resources. C- decrypt the encrypted files using two quantum algorith...

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    ...experience, we are looking to integrate multiplayer functionality using Photon Quantum. Position Overview: We are seeking a seasoned Unity developer with experience in Photon Quantum to join our team and assist with the implementation of multiplayer functionality in our game. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Unity game development, a deep understanding of networking concepts, and hands-on experience with Photon Quantum. Real time quantum sample will be provided. - Responsibilities: Collaborate with the game development team to understand project requirements and objectives. Implement multiplayer functionality using Photon Quantum, including real-time synchronization of game states, player interactions, and networked

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    I'm currently in search of a python developer who has hands-on experience implementing quantum algorithms with Qiskit. I anticipate this project to be a little complex, so a solid understanding of quantum computing concepts and algorithms is absolutely necessary for this role. - Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous work with Qiskit. - Strong understanding of quantum computing and the Qiskit library. - Proven experience with implementing quantum algorithms. In your application, please make sure to mention: - Your past work with Qiskit. - Your experience with implementing quantum algorithms specifically. Take this opportunity to join us if you love a challenge, and understand the ins and outs of the Qiskit. I look forward to hearing fr...

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    I need someone to calculate and show me simply the difference between different computer systems: 1) standard 32 bit computer 2) standard 64 bit computer 3) 32 qubit quantum computer 4) standard 256 bit super computer 5) standard 1024 bit super computer 6) a hypothetical system that uses hex instead of bits I will give 2 simple calculations and i simply need to understand how many combinations ie how long it would take to perform simple calculations for each of the 6 systems. Will lead to more work

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    ...children online and have excellent testimonials. We can send an info pack to interested clients. Your ad should have a strong Call to Action that will drive parents to complete the Enquiry form on our website. You can find ideas for the content by searching the net with the key words: MIDBRAIN ACTIVATION that will bring up companies that promote similar programs: 1) Seeing without eyes 2) Quantum Speed Reading. We plan to place the ads on Florida Newspapers The key message to convey is the fun and educational activities for children. A successful copy should be able to: - Effectively communicate the benefits and joy of our children activities - Connect and resonate with parents - Encourage them to discover more about our offerings resulting in

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    Trophy icon Logo design - 28/03/2024 08:15 EDT Encerrado left

    Quantum Leap is a tuition company providing science lessons to teenagers. Please you design us a logo that is modern yet simple. Something that is professional yet striking. Please use illustrator or corel draw (vector based) No photoshop

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    I am searching for a skille...experience in constructing intricate scientific equipment - Detailed knowledge of collision of particles and quantum entanglement. Requirements: - The collider must exhibit capabilities in demonstrating collisions of particles and quantum entanglement events. - It should be sturdy with moderate precision capabilities allowing detailed investigations. - This project entails only the construction of the mini collider. Lab set up and subsequent particle analyses fall outside of this job's scope. Remember, the primary aim of this project is to propel my ongoing particle research work. I anticipate a functional and reliable mini hadron collider that can underline the fascinating aspects of quantum physics. Thanks in advance for your int...

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    Abstract: Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) stands as a promising avenue for secure communication, leveraging principles of quantum mechanics to establish secure cryptographic keys. However, QKD protocols are susceptible to errors induced by various noise sources inherent in quantum systems. This article delves into the application of error correction techniques to bolster the security and reliability of QKD protocols. Through a technical exploration of error correction methodologies such as syndrome decoding and cascade concatenation, this paper elucidates their role in mitigating errors and enhancing the robustness of QKD systems against eavesdropping attacks. Introduction: Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) has emerged as a revolutionary cryptographic paradigm, exp...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Arab physicist with a strong understanding of theoretical astrophysics, specifically in relation to black holes. This project requires sufficient knowledge and experience in the following areas: - Theoretical Astrophysics: A solid foundation is needed in incorporating principles from quantum mechanics and general relativity to study the physical properties of black holes. - Creative Science Communication: The project involves translating intricate scientific concepts into understandable terms in Arabic. - Interpretation Skills: Ideally, you can help me comprehend the theoretical aspects of black holes, and relay these concepts in an easily digestible manner. The successful freelancer will ideally be an Arabic-speaking scientist with a robust backgro...

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    ...for talented individuals to create an engaging and dynamic video presentation for Quantum Emperor, the unparalleled trading tool that's revolutionizing the GBPUSD pair trading on the MQL5 marketplace. Inspiration Video: Dive into the essence of what makes Quantum Emperor extraordinary by drawing inspiration from this video: Capture the spirit, the innovation, and the success stories that Quantum Emperor embodies. Your Mission: Craft a compelling video that takes viewers through an awe-inspiring journey, highlighting Quantum Emperor's exceptional features, groundbreaking strategies, and the real success stories of our community. From the initial awe of the Quantum Emperor Logo to the triumph of turning $10,000 into a staggering $135,000,000...

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    ...toy to accompany it. I’m in need of a talented professional capable of designing a custom LED sphere similar to an existing design, which can be found here: However, it is important to note that I prefer the sphere to be designed with LED strips rather than individual LEDs to simplify the construction process. I want to educate people on quantum computing, but please do not be intimidated - the rules are simple. I want it to be possible to hit two spheres together and change their state. This means the spheres should be able to detect accelerometer impacts. The spheres should also be sturdy enough to survive such impacts. Perhaps we can cast them in rubber, similar to a light-up bouncy ball. Key Objectives: - Dimension: Compact with

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    I'm needing an expert in Hyperbolic Geometry, preferably with a grounding in astrophysics, quantum mechanics, and particle physics, for my project revolving around the Real Projective Plane. Key Requirements: • Deep Understanding of Hyperbolic Geometry: Your knowledge in this area should allow us to dive deep into real-world applications, presenting a clear picture of how these theories are used practically. • Interest in Projective Plane: You should be fascinated with the Projective Geometry environment and starting up on research based on duality in projective geometry needs to be your forte. I'm particularly interested in individuals who are able to contextualize their knowledge, and those who can bring forth new ideas to the table. Communication skills...

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    ...skills Expected to be completed by Jul 31, 2027 Request details and possible pay Darknet artificial intelligence s a web-based platform that allows users to buy and sell crypto new ai cryptocurrencies and games and markets in darknet ai built features. Which will coincide with further ai for robotics involves in depth research in building ai , darknet ai or meta trained ai for could include quantum computing or thermodynamics computing advanced please apply within the skills limit These includes also sora like open ai as well a it’s training and aswell for humaioid robots company meta ai game meta health care and visual / sound effects company. Also this could operate a separate health research field with meta healthcare. The ability to work personally in teams is also ...

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    I'm seeking an expert in quantum computing to create a unique forex trading algorithm focused on using quantum algorithms to add a modern touch to the forex trading landscape. The successful candidate will have an in-depth understanding of quantum algorithms and their application. Key Duties: - Develop a quantum algorithm with forex trading in mind - Test the functionality and accuracy of the algorithm in a forex market setting Desired skills and experience: - Strong understanding of quantum algorithms - Background in forex trading system development - Previous experience in developing trading algorithms - Ability to troubleshoot and correct errors in algorithms. My goalset is to acheive: 1. 200 trade opportunities daily across all pairs 2. 80% mi...

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    Dapp for etherium Encerrado left

    Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) And staking protokoll Cross-Chain Quantum Trading Bot

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    I'm creating an homage to Robin Williams, using the famed 'port in' and 'port out' effects from the Quantum Leap series. Key skills and experience needed: - Expert knowledge in video editing and special effects - Familiarity with lightning, morphing, and disappearing effects The final video length is right around 3 minutes. but there's only 3 or 4 specific shots that he'll port out and in to.

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    I'm seeking a detail-oriented freelancer to meticulously proofread one non-fiction book of around 30,000 words. The core content revolves around the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics, and hence, the ideal candidate would have a basic understanding or interest in these subjects. Key responsibilities will include: - Spotting and correcting grammatical, punctuation and typographical errors. - Checking the text for readability, style and agreement with editorial policies. - Comparing typeset proofs against the original manuscript to ensure text match. -Checking for plagiarism since I used Chat GBT to help me express what I want to convey and you may need to reframe some sentences or paragraphs. Please let me know where you suggest changes in this regard as I need to make sure ...

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    I urgently need access to Turnitin for the purpose of submitting academic papers. - Quantum of Work: The project involves submitting 3 academic papers. - Timeline: I need this done as soon as possible; this is an urgent requirement. - Ideal Freelancer: It would be advantageous if the freelancers who apply have previous experience with academic work and have an understanding of submission processes on Turnitin.

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    I'm working on an experiment using a BB84 simulator, and I'm stuck on two fronts - understanding the theory behind it and applying the quantum key distribution theory to my experiment's results. Here are the areas where I need assistance: 1. Understanding BB84 Theory: I need an expert who can explain the theory behind BB84 in a digestible and accessible way. 2. Analysis Help: I'm battling with how to apply quantum key distribution theory to interpret my results. The type of data I'm working with is error rates. It's been a challenge to interpret this and I need some guidance. A solid background in Quantum Information and knowledge about the BB84 protocol is essential for this job. Previous experience explaining complex topics in physi...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Python programmer with a strong grounding in Quantum Physics. This project doesn't involve any game development. Only those with significant experience in implementing complex physical models and theories should apply. Skills Required: - Strong proficiency in Python programming - Average knowledge of Quantum Physics - Demonstrated experience in creating and manipulating physics-based models and simulations - Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills Please, provide brief explanations of similar projects you've completed, as well as your approach to problem-solving regarding complex physics issues. Key topics being the ising model, the curie temperature and the effects of temperature and size Instructions to be followed

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    ...Intelligence (AI), Nano Technology and Quantum Computing, with a focus on application in the Medical and Healthcare field. The main objectives of this project consist of: - Artificial Intelligence development - Nano Technology research - Quantum Computing implementation Here's what I'm looking at specifically in the Medical and Healthcare field: 1. Disease Diagnosis: I want the AI system to utilize quantum computing and nanotechnology to enhance the diagnosis process of diseases, providing early and precise results. 2. Drug Discovery: The system should also aid in drug discovery by predicting drug reactions and effectiveness using advanced AI algorithms fed with quantum computing capabilities. Ideal Candidate Profile: - Extensive experience...

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    €151 - €452
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    I need a skilled programmer to help me edit a Quantum PLC program. Though the programming language to be supported by the editor has not been specifically mentioned, a freelancer with a good grasp of multiple languages including C++, Python, JavaScript will have an edge. Freelancers should highlight the following in their applications: - Relevant Experience: Past experience with Quantum PLC or PLC programming in general will be highly beneficial. The Quantum PLC program editor must have the following features: - Code auto-completion: The editor should be able to predict and automatically complete lines of code to increase efficiency. - Step-by-step Debugging: A critical feature of the editor should be the ability to debug code on a step-by-step basis, finding and f...

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    You are to implement a simple uni-pr...the input file. 2) Your program should accept any valid input file 3) There will be at most 100 processes. 4) Lower numbers imply higher priority, with the highest priority a 0 and the lowest priority a 9. Your scheduler should be a preemptive priority scheduler with round-robin as a secondary scheduling criteria. The best solution will allow the user to vary the time quantum but a default of 2 should be used for quantum. Include enough output of your program to show processes being dispatched, preempted, completed, etc. At the end of the simulation, output the turnaround time for each process as well as average turnaround time. Provide an electronic version of your program source on Blackboard. I may also ask you to demonstrate p...

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    I am looking for an expert in the computing physics field, well-versed in all areas including Mechanics, Electromagnetism, and Quantum Mechanics. Deadline: 1 days

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    More details: What programming language should be used for building the Quantum Neural Network? Python What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Detailed project proposals What level of experience in Qiskit is required for this project? Intermediate

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    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer who can artfully craft a logo for my web development company, QuantumWeb Innovations, with inspiration drawn from elements of physics. My vision for this logo includes: - Emphasis on creativity and uniqueness, which should reflect the agile and innovative nature of my business. - A color scheme that leans towards cool shades, such as blues and greens. It would be a huge advantage if the designer has: - A strong understanding of or interest in physics. - Exceptional creative thinking skills. - Familiarity with the tech or web development industry. The end product should resonate with the essence of physics, math, and cosmos, and cast a light on the innovative approach our web development business brings to the field.

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    Trophy icon QuantumSecure Systems Logo Creation Encerrado left

    I am on the lookout for a talented graphic designer to create a modern and sleek, yet bold and dynamic logo for my company, QuantumSecure Systems. My company is specialized in quantum cryptography and cybersecurity. We provide unbreakable encryption solutions, safeguarding sensitive data from even the most advanced cyber threats. With QuantumSecure, our consumers' digital assets remain secure in an increasingly interconnected and data-driven world. Key aspects I'd like to convey through the logo include: -Innovation -Professionalism -Reliability The ideal logo would incorporate: - Abstract shapes - Technology symbols - Possibly letters or initials of my company - I'm also open to any other relevant elements or symbols that match my brand identity F...

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    As a non-scientist, comprehending Quantum mechanics is a little challenging for me. Hence, I'm looking for a physicist who can read a book containing these concepts and summarize the ideas in a simple, easy-to-understand way for me. Key tasks include: - Reading the specified book thoroughly. - Drawing up a straightforward summary focused mainly on Quantum mechanics. - Making sure the generated summary is simple enough for someone outside the physics area to grasp with ease. The ideal bidder should have a robust understanding of Quantum mechanics, excellent summarization skills, and the ability to communicate scientific ideas to non-scientists. Do note that I don't require an in-depth analysis with examples, just a basic summary would be apt.

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    Artigos da Comunidade dos Principais quantum