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    ...would like to talk with you about our project if you are interested. We are searching people to work for a long time (couple of days per week during months ), helping us to build our project. You will be part of the team (even if you are a freelancer) in terms of ideas or insights. Software stack: PHP (symfony) / MySQL-MariaDB / React.js. For information

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    Looking for a freelancer for future AWS work. For immediate needs, provide a backup solution for an AWS Owncloud instance and expand current EBS volume

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    A Gnu Radio Flowgraph (parameter based) for LimeSDR is needed: TX Side: TCP/IP Source -> CCSDS encoding (formatting-scrambling) -> BPSK/QPSK modulation -> Sink (Osmocom or other) RX Side: Source (Osmocom or other) -> BPSK/QPSK demodulation (carrier +clock recovery- Costas loop included) ->CCSDS decoding (descrambling included)->TCP/IP Sink "LimeSDR

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    We are looking to build interface for GNU Mailman using Ruby on Rails to create mailing list to discuss a popular technology or answer questions about a product or send a newsletter to customers. Here is the summary of the project: Customization of Mailman to create a Group using Ruby on Rails and functionality we want to have from RoR Application

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    Need some help with PLP tools I need to understand the process... THanks My max budget is $10

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    Legit traffic are blocked by iptables or some modules installed on ubuntu. I need someone to look into it and whitelist the IP addresses, you need to team viewer in. Feb 10 08:20:42 austmss3cx kernel: [26777.695101] iptables[DOS]: IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=56:00:01:3b:03:9b:fe:00:01:3b:03:9b:08:00 SRC=[login to view URL] DST=[login to view URL] LEN=484 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=112 ID=21003 PROTO=UDP SPT=...

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    I need guidance/counselling on how to build a frequency-hopping receiver using GNU Radio as the software platform and RTL-2832U (with R820T Tuner) Dongle as the hardware platform using a laptop with Ubuntu OS.

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    Hi ! I want to and fast blockchain based on the HASHGRAPH technology ( [login to view URL] ) THIS IS NOT AN NEW FRESH ICO so we get rich fast ! No ! This is a real ethical project to have a real crypto currency that would make a better world and will bring the banking cartels far away from us making us a good free live !

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    I need a person who meets all of the following criteria: - Knows the GNU/Linux environment and the FLOSS/Unix-like scenes inside out. - Can program in C and Bash, and has experience writing operating system utilities, specially in the context of distributions and package management. - Fluent in English, Spanish and French; comfortable in translating

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    Obtaining BER-SNR curve by using NRZ-M BP LRZ and BİPHASE LZ techniques in GNU Radio

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    -Probablity of generating zero is respectiveliy 0.2, 0.5, 0.8 -By using NRZ-M, BP LRZ, Biphase LZ techniques -Channel must be AWGN -BER- SNR curve range must be in 0-40 dB

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    *Probability of generating zero is respectively 0.2, 0.5, 0.8 *By using NRZ-M, BP LRZ, Biphase L techniquies *Channel must be AWGN *BER-SNR curve range must be in 0-40dB

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    ...Ubuntu 16.04, PHP 7.1, MySql latest version etc. without anything breaking . We also have a few node and memchaced servers that also need upgrading. The server is running on "2.6.38-8-virtual" kernel and below are other details Linux backupserver 2.6.38-8-virtual #42-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 11 04:06:34 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux The

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     Solving Circuits with Kirchoff Laws. You are to display appropriately labelled voltages and currents for the circuit to STDOUT. It is assumed that the user of this program is familiar with the circuit given in the exercise so don’t try to display it. Given that the goal of this exercise is to use the gsl, you are expected to use as many functions as possible in the gsl to compute a solut...

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    I need flowgraph in gnu radio companion which does the following: (1) Generate the phase difference of sine wave and send out the two sine waves and the phase difference of the two waves simultaneously with using only of a single HACKRF. (2) Receive the above sine waves and generate the phase difference of the received waves. Then take the difference

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    We need a team to develop a system based on an open source gnu/linux-based firmware for wireless routers. The first step of the work is a proof-of-concept to make sure the developer has enough knowledge in this area. So, we choose two candidate and ask both developers to do these two tasks in one week: 1- Review DD-WRT ([login to view URL])

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    Translate a software written in GNU C ++ to QT5 C ++ It is a mail server written in C ++ (GNU) for linux it must compile it under QT5 windows (ideally windows and linux). The project is "erisemail" (open source) at [login to view URL]

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    Help installing Gnu Cobol on my win10 or xp

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    GNU Radio Companion 3.7.11 program to generate two sine wave with different frequency and transmit the signal. And program to receive the two signals and find the phase difference of the two, taking x reading per second and have it saved in a text file.

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    ...WebMail no remote admin; NB 1: You can use spamAssassin or other open source project for spam/virus filter and GNU TLS to secure server. 3. Code must be 100% C++ or Qt5C++ or C# (I don't accept any other langage); 4. You can store data in a local file or use mysql (not ODBC); NB 2: Code will be compiled under windows. VS2015 (for C# or C++)

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    Bonjour, J'ai trouvé un logiciel gnu (espagnol) c# pour prestashop que je souhaite compiler avec visual studio: [login to view URL] J'ai essayé moi même mais je suis bloqué après l'étape de génération des dll. Je souhaite donc trouver quelqu'un pour me le transformer en exe, le faire fonctionner tout simplement

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    Hi We are a small startup and want to develop a Management Information System (MIS) on the basis of GNU R Shiny. In a first step we have planned to produce an interface for a windows PC. The data-base is expected to be an excel- /csv-file and may be extended to an SQL data server. Depending on the needs of our customers we will, in a second step

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    Hello, I need someone skilled and knowledgeable in open source software licenses: A)Apache License v2 B)GNU v3 The source code I want to use: one is licensed GNU v3 and the other is licensed Apache License v2 These two source codes are to make an object: "app for mobile". I am going to publish the modified apps, and I want to know what are

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    Hi, I need 2 tasks: 1) Create a Visual Studio project file for the source files of dmidecode_211, so they can be compiled with Visual Studio (I'm using Visual Studio 2015) [login to view URL] 2) As you can see, the application accepts several parameters to display the system

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    I own a small clinic, I want to install GNU Health on my main Ubuntu desktop, which will work as the server. Also, I need to configure a VPN so you can only connect to database if you're into the VPN. After GNU Health is installed and VPN set-up, I need to connect up to 3 clients to GNU Health, this is pretty straight-forward as once server is

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    Just ascertaining how much it would cost to setup an instance of mastodon on a vps. Would also like to speak about periodic maintenance afterwards.

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    I need to design a cognative radio using the GNU radio companion toolkit. The hardware i have is 2 each of the following: Raspberry Pi 3, RTL-SDR dongle, eRA connect2-pi transceiver. In the scenario, rather than avoiding Primary users, the radio is trying to avoid large amounts of noise/interference as the current infrastructure is rendered useless

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    ...copy/past but writen from scratch be you; 4. Code must be 100% GNU C++ or Qt C++ (I prefer Qt5, so server will multi-OSs); 5. This Web-based Administration ([login to view URL]) and this Web-based Client ([login to view URL]) must be: a. Written in php and valid HTML/CSS (Ajax, Boost, CodeIgniter are permitted);

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    Magnet + Electrostatic Simulation / Analysis using free Finite Elements Solver Software FEMM + Octave (Matlab Clone) + Lua Script Software used in this Project: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] You will be doing Optimization following this approach: [login to view URL] I am only looking for

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    2 ofertas the client/time from i.e monthly/yearly I would like the program to be written with a template system to keep the php code and HTML code seperated as much as possible. **THERE IS NO SITE DESIGN** as part of this project. Provide a very basic, generic layout. **THESE ARE NOT THE ONLY REQUIREMENTS ONLY A BREIF SUMMARY!! PLEASE SEE

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    I need someone with GNU radio companion experience where he can help me with ongoing projects. Currently I have one very simple project

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    REQUISITOS- Dominio de CSS3, HTML5, AJAX y JSON- Dominio de PHP 5.4 o superior- Conocimiento de Base de Datos MariaDB (MySQL)- Conocimientos del sistema de control de versiones GIT- Conocimientos de Framework MVC- Indispensable el conocimiento del Sistema Operativo GNU/Linux- ENTRE OTROS LENGUAJE DE PROGRAMACION------ VIVIR EN SAN JUAN DE LURIGANCHO

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    I need to move data from Quicken to GNU Cash. I don't think you have to know Quicken for this as I can create the QIF files from Quicken easily on my own. Basically just need some instruction in GNU Cash; need help getting acquainted with it. We can use Skype and Teamviewer or other similar programs for communicating.

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    4 ofertas with Open Smart are welcomed. The purpouse of this setup is to test Nagios capabilities and continue with further customization of it. User Interface customization, MySql - XML integration, remote monitoring servers coordination, etc. If possible, we want to do this further customization with the same programer that starts this job. Our

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    We need to have a GNU radio receiver built that can receiver and decode DVB-S2 from a satellite receiver of ours.

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    I have a project based on "GNU Radio". If you have prior experience in GNU Radio then only bid.

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    I need someone expert in HackRF and GNU Radio Someone worked before with it. [login to view URL]

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    Resolver un examen básico de programación en matlab/gnu-octave

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    ...development site on your server to monitor progress. 10. Your bid should include setting up/install, debugging and roll out on a 3rd party hosting account. This is a professional project that needs professional work hence the high minimum. Anything less than a complete clone with all the functionality will be unacceptable. please don't bid if your unsure about

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    I have a GNU project that needs some modifications and some testing the original designer has moved to another company. I need some one who can take the code and some features and test it.

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    modify the recursive descent parser (RDP) for generating SVM...important programming languages concepts such as type resolution, type promotion and polymorphism will be implemented. You will use the sample given program provided in the project description to test your implementation, run your generated code in SVM, and report the output from SVM.

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    this is very simple project. please someone who are familiar with wsn and open MPI. If he is a c/c++ Professional. can do it for two days. Thanks.

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    This is small student repayment system for final year diploma student. This should be build on php/mysql platform. System consist following features. 1. Student module i. New student registration ii. Student login iii. Student can update student information like telephone no and address. iv. View list of payment that has been made. v. E-Statement -

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    ...level Marketing so we need a software for [login to view URL] want this software using PHP and using MYSql at it will be online. ## Deliverables Rent A Coder requirements notice: As originally posted, this bid request does not have complete details. Should a dispute arise and this project go into arbitration "as is", the contract's vagueness might caus...

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    I made a new app using the code of another app called "Yaaic" with license GNU v3. The new app has many changes, improvements and new features with a new structure and new design and has another name, but uses the code "Yaaic". Other codes are used: 1)Yaaic and the new app use the ViewPagerIndicator widget written by Patrik Akerfeldt, Francisco Figueiredo

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    To develop a processing block for GNU Radio Companion To implement basic packet frame and handle transmission and reception of the packets.

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    Need to simulate wimax in gnu radio

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    2 ofertas Linux supporting PHP/MySQL, CGI/Perl. Your bid will be for the fully tested, bug free and completed project. You will get paid upon project completion. We would like a full clone of [login to view URL], all features and options that are currently on the web site except for the forum. You must make sure you fully understand the project and review all feature...

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    This project is for an order verification and electronic product delivery system written in PHP and MySQL. See attached files for details. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows

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    ...use GNU cash. I will not use QuickBooks. Reconcile one year. already 1/3 done. Other work available if the reconcile goes well( budgeting, auditing, a/p). I will email you the GNU cache file and the bank statements. please apply only if you know how to reconcile in GNU cash and understand split transactions and know how to pay invoices in GNU cash

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