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    there is someone with many domains who is copying my website through cloudflare somehow..and he uses cloudflare too..figure out how to block him and how he did it

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    3D Model sets Are ready need to (see storyboard): 1. implement video that would film in green screen studio. (keying) 2. Render the Video. (HD or 4k please give a price per each option) 3. Edit the video

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    I need a very simple app to present my neural network that detects Arabic Alphabet i don't need a database. The idea i want is a game that shows an image and allows the user to draw (not type) the letters of that image separately. when the user presses the submit button it will send the letters as images to the neural network. then the recognized letters will be compared with the one saved an...

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    Please check the attached pdf for the project details.

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    We are looking for an expert who can implement the complete Ivanti Service Manager (previously heat) system for our organization.

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    Hi, I need assistance with my Market place site, Upon uploading the pictures in Div outcome is not correct. I would like the pictures not to be stretch and must resize according to the Div. Please check the attached pictures.

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    a design portion and an implementation portion. For the design portion, you must generate documentation describing your program. You might consider including things such as detailed explanations of your various functions and algorithms, how information is stored and is modified, and/or justifications of your design decisions. Diagrams are also an effective

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    We are Saudi Based IT company requires Complete service cloud implementation catering for more than 100 customers and more than 1000 cases a month. Features require are Web2ticket, email2ticket and customer interaction. Implementation of Salesforce to gather Customer Satisfaction.

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    Sorting algorithm to be done using CUDA.

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    Java code that performs multi-threaded block matrix multiplication.

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    Need to create a service now change and task in that change, have code which does that but we need to create multiple change using loop, which is currently happening with one change

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    Implement a clustering algorithm and apply it on certain datasets and also validate it

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    I need a freelancer who will help my genetic algorithm project. GA will be coded with C and further recoded in CUDA C in order to work with a GPU.

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    Implement number of algorithms on Python

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    Applying case study to practical world doing business

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    CRM implementation Encerrado left

    I want to choose the right CRM for my company and to implent it

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    Algorithm development using Pseudocode & Dynamic Programming

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    Cyber security, Intrusion detection, IDS, IPS, Anomaly attack. using snort program to make IDS&IPS

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    A site I support is failing to re-draw google maps tiles (provided by mapbox) when the user zooms or scrolls. I would like someone to identify the root cause. My assumption is that the event is getting stuck or a conflict has occurred, but there are no console messages to identify why this is occurring, and my main JS engineer is currently on leave. I would like the investigation asap. You wi...

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    1. Design similar interactive graphic as shown in website - [fazer login para ver a URL] 2. ...[fazer login para ver a URL] 2. Picture of the mattress will be provided 3. Inner layer has to be designed or capture from any website according to my requirement 4, Implementation on to eCommerce Shopify website 5. Unlimited revision

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    I need to simulate a vanet senario which has knn classifier involved

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    Implementation of Q-Factor (Knowledge of reinforcement learning is necessary ) • We have one small network, that has consisted on 5 nodes and one sink (It will collect the data from the whole network through multi-hop communication). • We have already coded some work (In Python 3.0) and work is related to reinforcement learning (Q-learning) which

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    I want a colorful logo of a block, the name of it is gonna be "On Block" & "On Block Network)

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    I have an algorithm and a sample, I just need someone to code it to me in a similar fashion and apply it to some specified datasets. It is a clustering algorithm. It's quite simple.

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    Docker Matrix ([fazer login para ver a URL]) is fully operational in our AWS cluster, works great, now need someone to add extra features to the original code. Requirements: 1-Python flask/async/redis 2-Develop 16 features to be added to the original docker matrix as listed in JIRA 3-Perform end to end test with front end team Environment: AWS ALB/ECS/ECR, docker, JIRA, Gitlab, Jenkins

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    I have an algorithm and a sample, I just need someone to code it to me in a similar fashion and apply it to some specified datasets. It is a clustering algorithm. It's quite simple.

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    I need help, I have a search paper in encryption in smartphones security Required: Explanation of the idea + how to do the implementation the encryption + the English level professional deadline 3 days , Time is sensitive Note: I do not accept ready solution from the internet. Thank you

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    Securing the Block Encerrado left

    Need security not only cyber But need secure data for insuring delivery on time and professional. Cars,trucks, motorcycles, bikes drones...

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    I want Matlab simulation file of the proposed converter in the scientific paper that I uploaded and also design a digital controller for that proposed converter. I want the exact output.

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    Odoo Implementation Encerrado left

    Implementasi ~7 module odoo untuk kebutuhan perusahaan. Sistem pembayaran by project.

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    ...implementing a genetic algorithm on a weighted directed graph. Ideally, the algorithm should work faster than the Dijkstra's algorithm. But for the first approximation, the speed of the genetic algorithm should be comparable to the speed of the Dijkstra's algorithm. The graph must be specified as a list of adjacent vertices. Implementation on ...

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    Hi, I need to create a GUI in Matlab for my code. My code reads data from excel. I want both options of importing data from excel or insert manually and show the results. Regards Sh

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    The brightness measurement with help of PMODALS sensor ([fazer login para ver a URL] ) should be realized. For this purpose, the Basys 3 FPGA board should be used. Furthermore, an 8051 microcontroller IP core([fazer login para ver a URL]) is to be used, which takes over the control. The result of the brightness should be displayed on 7-segment displays. At lower or exceeded a threshold value (for ...

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    i use ssh panel for create user ssh and select expired. problem is when user expired,user always login with pam authentication

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    Hello Muhammad, I am currently preparing for a coding interview that is going to provide some algorithmic challenges and i have to be well prepared. The algorithms are going to be about arrays, hashtables and maybe graphs and trees. I am actually looking for someone who can help me understand how to solve these things in an optimal way. I don't want someone to provide me prepared algorithms ...

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    We are looking to find an expert in using and implementing proxies on a scraper working with nodejs Our proxies are from Luminati Proxy Service

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    i have a debian server, i want you to help me implement torrents traffic block on the server, while allowing other traffic. on ports via iptables any other best method. need to give me the details of your implementation of method.

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    predictive algorithm Encerrado left

    I have a large amount of data which i wish to create a predictive algorithm with. It requires a mathematician or data scientist. The data will be updated weekly and the algorithm must update at the same rate.

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    implement a genetic algorithm to solve the travelling-salesman problem. Using 3 crossovers - i have code with two only i want to add one more

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    I want to know how to implement HTTP - MQTT architecture in NodeJS environment. The scenario: 1) HTTP post request is received from third party server (Google Smart Home Server) 2) This request is converted to MQTT and sent to remote device. 3) Wait for MQTT response from device or timeout (4 seconds). 4) Once the MQTT response is received, convert the response to HTTP and send as a response to r...

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    Requirements to the program: Creation of the program that will block USB-devices in order to prevent reading / writing. Program must have a user friendly graphical interface and some sort of security so users cannot disable the program. - full blocking of USB-devices (reading and writing) - blocking for writing to USB-devices - white list of

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    We have multiple CSV files that need to be imported into our Houzez theme. We need it programmed to import automatically daily using this plugin. Its easy but takes time. 1. Here is the documentation for the plugin. [fazer login para ver a URL] 2. Info from theme about the import: [fazer login para ver a URL] 3. Here is a sample of the CSV files we have ( we have 5 files): Download from Go...

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    I need experts to enhance compression algorithm

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    I will provide HTML you need to integrate into wordpress

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    Distance Vector Algorithm Idea: p2p network that has sets of nodes and undirected costs in form (node1,node2,cost) and every node has routing table that consists of destination node, cost and outgoing link. Program (requirements): - Read from a text file multiple entries of form (node1, node2, cost) - Calculate distance-vector algorithm with periodic

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    ...application that will search a person's email, find contact information from email signature blocks and update the person's Google contacts with information found in the signature block. The application would give the user the choice of updating fields from the found information with the existing information. The application would have a subscription fee, a

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    Using openNLP create search engine based on reviews dataset.

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