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    ...Imaging Components does not work with XP and even though it works with Visual Basic, alot of the quality is lost when viewing the image when using the components. Attached are 2 images for example that are sharp when viewing them using the Windows Imaging. Must be just as sharp with the OCX. ## Deliverables 1) The complete OCX and the source code for the

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    Hello, I need a small script developed that will display my dedicated server's time on my website. The script must be dynamic in that the server time is constantly updated to reflect the server's exact time on the website. I'm guessing that it's going to require some Java/Active X applet in order to accomplish this. I'm running Windows 2000 server and the applet would be...

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    Need single ASP.NET page written in C# that will display data read from Microsoft SQL Server stored procedure and display. Detailed instructions are in the include file. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the...

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    This is an XML project involving loading, saving, and displaying. I only need functions/procedures created, not a whole program. Should go very fast for someone familiar with XML as it is a very simple XML file. Please note, my non-action ratio is bad because it counts it as a non-action when you accept multiple bids on one project. I've actually only

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    This software will work with a custom-built usb joystick and will display avi files based on the movement of the joystick. The joystick controls are three rotating knobs and two (two position) buttons. The software will detect changes in the controls and display predefined avi files in a single screen. I need to be able to change what avi files are to be played when what controls are moved. The en...

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    We need a fully coded VB6 program or routine that will display a cylnder of a given length, diameter, with the ability to input text that will be rotated around the cylnders diameter. We mark drills with a laser marker on a 4th axis and need to see a representation of the text around diameter on the screen before marking. The text is not rotated in the fashion of a clock's numbers but around ...

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    ...lists, explicit constructors and constant member functions if required. Test your program by entering two binary numbers from the keyboard, adding them, subtracting them and displaying the answer. Adding and subtracting should take place digit by digit. Use functions of the string class to accomplish this. Your function should be able to accommodate number

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    Program should interface with a custom-made USB joystick(which has two knobs, 3 buttons and one other sensor) and display an playing AVI based on the controls' [login to view URL] AVI files will need to be easily interchangeable by my company, not the end user. A device driver for the joystick will probably need to be created ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program...

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    Need to display a proper title in an new generated explorer windows, when displays an pdf file. The window title always is the filename, not a proper given title. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ...

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    I am displaying data in a table & would like some creative ideas on other data visualization possibilities. The data will be in HTML format. I can send you the prototype when bid is accepted. There are three levels possible for each table entry: good, warning, and bad. I have chosen to represent them with red, yellow and green. I am certainly open to

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    ...of file3 The images are on the hard drive and may be of slightly different sizes. Each image should also be able to display some specific text below it. These text elements are available to us as calculated or queried variables. So essentially we have the images and the corresponding text below it. All we need to do is to size the images correctly for

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    Simple project. I need a perl script that display 1 to 10 images in sequence from a SSI call within an html page. simulating an animated gif. I have installed Matt Wright's script (~10 perl lines) "nph-anim" and it works perfectly in Netscape. However it doesn't work with IE. So I need another script that works with any browser. Here is the page that

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    THe project involes a Java GUI that allows a user to view and search an XML file. The project should be created as an application. The applcation should be an executable. The application must allow for two user types. The first user type must be allowed to view the xml data. The user must also be allowed to search the xml data by the different fields or a free text search. The results do not need ...

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    I am having trouble with displaying links from a form properly. From a form I enter values that are sparated by commas, which are url's. I want each url to display in a in a list. For example the entry looks like this: [login to view URL],[login to view URL],[login to view URL] I want the list to display like this Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 With: Link 1 having the hyperlink

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    I have a PHP script that displays the contents of a mySQL table. It is currently set up to display the contents in alphabetical order with A-Z links. I need the script modified to only show 15 records at a time with a [login to view URL] type of menu. I also need the SQL query edited to exclude a particular genre. Just to clarify I need the A-Z listings to remain but when a particular alphabetic l...

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    I need a solution with an ActiveX component/Applet (J++ or C++) which can retrieve an image from a SQL server database and put in on a Html page. The connection to the database is with ODBC, no JDBC connection. Parameters: - background color - foreground color - Imagelabel text - Imagelabel XPos - Imagelabel YPos - Tablename - Imagecolumn name - Image width to be displayed - Image height to be dis...

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    I am trying to display a float data type field in SQL Server named "fkV" on a webpage using ASP. My code returns this error: "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14' Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Select' " Here is my ASP code: DIM mySQLmk, objRSmk mySQLmk = "SELECT * FROM tblBsh_Cross_Reference WHERE fkV = " & strkV2 &...

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    I code for displaying 4 columns with 500 checkboxes in each. I want a label for each row. ## Deliverables A form with 500 rows, 5 rows. The first row should say label and the number. The other rows should be checkboxes. At the top of the screen should be a submit button. After the submit is checked, the values of all checkboxes should be saved to

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    Hello, I wish to display the filesize next to each file printed in the array below Please note - the 2 array symbols are now an astrisk to allow me to send this email here at rent a coder.... I tried $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'}hoping to do just that but had no luck? I would be gratefull if one of you pro's could help me add this tid bit to my view sub below, so that I may learn what I wa...

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